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This guide will make interstate car buying a breeze. Learn about money-saving tips and how to get a vehicle delivered. NSW to VIC and VIC to NSW, due to the proximity. NSW to QLD is also. Australia is a wonderful place, in almost every way, but just sometimes it can be a bit big. Which is to say that, while a country like England can advertise cars for sale anywhere on its tiny island, and it's not a huge stretch to travel and look at them in person, buying a car from interstate in this country can mean there's 4000km between you and the vehicle you want to test drive CENTRAL QUEENSLAND MC QLD 4701. Make sure you provide your mailing address on the form. Buying a Queensland registered vehicle from interstate. A vehicle must be garaged at a Queensland address to be registered in Queensland. If you live interstate and purchase a vehicle that is registered in Queensland, you cannot register it in your name in. Buying a vehicle can be an overwhelming experience. To make it easier, we've gathered transactions that might be of help to you, before and after your purchase. Browse our selection to locate the transactions relevant to you RWC/Safety certs can only be used in the state where the inspection is done. if you buy a car in Qld with Qld safety cert, you still need to get a RWC in NSW to register it in NSW. If you are buying the car registered with a safety cert in Qld, then you have a few option

Buying a car interstate can be a bit more challenging than buying a car in the same state. Here are some tips to make sure the purchase goes as smoothly as possible: Make sure you ask the seller all the relevant questions you have about the car and emphasize that you will be travelling interstate Buy a green slip. Unlike other states in Australia, you must buy compulsory third party insurance (green slip) as a separate step before registration. On this site we explain what a greenslip is, what it covers and how to acquire one. As of 1 December 2020, six insurers issue greenslips in NSW. Prices vary based on your vehicle and other factors Buying a used car from interstate Seven things to look for when buying a used car from interstate Do you know what's involved in buying a used car from interstate When buying a car, many of us are looking for something that's affordable, reliable and safe to drive. Which often means buying a used car. And one option available to you is to buy a used car from interstate. Of course, in the. So I'm buying a car. Registered in NSW located there. Buying it and bringing it to QLD. Registering it for QLD. Seller wants to cancel their rego so the get some money back on it. How do I handle this? Do I get a permit or something to drive it straight to a place to be registered or somethin In many states, the cost is included in your registration fees but in Queensland and NSW you can choose your own CTP provider. Additionally, from July 2016, South Australia will allow residents to select a CTP insurer from four providers including QBE Australia, AAMI, SGIC Insurance, and Allianz Australia Insurance. Car insuranc

If you're buying or selling a Victorian registered vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, caravan or trailer) and the vehicle will be garaged in another state by the buyer, the vehicle cannot remain registered in Victoria and should instead be registered in the new state within 30 days of transfer Find out about buying and selling a car in Queensland—including vehicle inspections, modifications and accessories, vehicle history checks and warranties You'll need to check the regulations in NSW, VIc, Qld, WA, SA, etc. Most of the responsibility for making sure the paperwork is in order and re-registering the car under a new name is going to be up to the buyer, although you will have to provide proof of ownership, so let's move on to looking at it from that side If you're buying a new car, you might just need to do a test drive to check that it's right for you.For a used car purchased from a private seller, you're going to want to give it a thorough.

A nominal fee ($31 in NSW) is required to transfer the registration of the car from one holder to another. In Victoria, this cost will be around $36.40 to transfer the registration via a private sale, but will be cheaper (around $18.50) if the car is purchased from a dealer Also, according to Qld law, you must transfer the registration of the NSW registered vehicle within 14 days of arriving in QLD, or you will be fined. http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Registration/Transferring-registration/Interstate-vehicle-transfers.aspx For the sake of trying to sell a NSW registered vehicle in Qld, I'm afraid it will probably be up to you to change the registration, if indeed you want to sell the vehicle

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  1. Print Buying used cars privately. You will need to take extra care if you decide not to buy a car from a licensed motor dealer or auction, as a private seller is not bound by consumer guarantees.. Also if you buy privately: you are not entitled to the normal protection of the cooling-off period ; you will not get a statutory warranty; you will not get after-sale extended warranties or care.
  2. Buying a used car that's been financed has a couple of extra steps involved, but that doesn't mean the car is untouchable. If it's right for you and you can deal with the extra checks to make sure the debt has been paid off and that your new car won't be taken away without warning, it's still an easy purchase process
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  4. Consumer protections for used car buyers to increase from 1 September 2019.. From this date, licensed motor dealers and chattel auctioneers are required to give you a 'class B' statutory warranty when you buy a car that is 10 or more years old or has an odometer reading of 160,000km or more
  5. The new owner or operator of a NSW registered vehicle must transfer the registration within 14 days from the date of purchase, or a late transfer fee will be applied.. You can transfer it online if the previous owner has submitted the notice of disposal
  6. Re: Buying a car - NSW to QLD It is all on the website. I suggest you read it thru because whilst there is a lot of good help here, the RTA or Maritime roads and whatever it is they are known as now, change the finer details from time to time
  7. It's important to know that QLD, NSW, SA and ACT drivers have the option to choose their preferred CTP/MAI provider. Buying a used vehicle that is unregistered. If you buy an unregistered vehicle through a private sale, the new registration must be completed through your local vehicle registration authority

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Car registration, or 'rego' is done yearly, and transfers with the car when it sells. So, if you purchase a car with rego until April, you are covered until April, when you then need to re-register. Comprehensive third-party, or CTP, insurance, is a legal requirement and covers bodily injury, should you injure another in an accident As of 1 July, 2019, the registration transfer fee within 14 days of acquiring a vehicle in NSW is $34 If it is made on time. Within 14 days of acquiring the vehicle. Put it off, and that price leaps to $149

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Queensland. It is legal to sell a repairable write-off vehicle in Queensland and legally you do not need to tell the prospective buyer. Provided it has been repaired, passed inspection and roadworthy, and can be registered, it is treated just like any other vehicle on the road. This is the case for many states, excluding NSW. New South Wale Rules and restrictions for entry to NSW apply when a concerns notice identifies interstate hotspots, affected areas and places of concern. Complete the NT border entry application form if you are travelling to the Northern Territory from another location within Australia or overseas. The Jervis. I am planning to do some travelling in NSW for about three weeks. My initial plan is to rent a car. But, I have been planning to buy a car for a while, so I decided I might as well buy one for about 3k while in NSW. (A rental car cost over 1k (three weeks + to drive down to QLD) and insurance etc also cost over 0.5k) Car transport is one of the highest requested cargos on Loadshift. Shippers use Loadshift to get easy, quick, and free car transport quotes and connect directly with Carriers, commission free, with no obligation Most licensed car dealers can also offer you finance or insurance but you don't have to accept it. Shop around and check out the rates offered by banks, credit unions and finance companies. Buying from an auction . The benefit of buying a car at auction is that you can pick up a great bargain

• bought the car outside Queensland • are buying a new car • are buying a car for business purposes • want to get a motor dealer to repair your car outside of the warranty period (Legal Aid Queensland's Consumer and trader disputes guide may help you with this—visit www.legalaid.qld.gov.au for more information When you buy a car, state governments levy taxes on the purchase price. These taxes are as follows and are often referred to as Rego (abbreviation of registration): 1. The Registration Transfer Fee - this is currently $32 in New South Wales if paid within 14 days of buying the vehicle. 2. Stamp Duty - typical payments are shown belo In Western Australia the Department of Transport told us you don't need a licence to buy a car - you just need to be at least 16-years-old, be able to show them proof of identity and you also must be a WA resident. This means if you're learning to drive or on a learner's permit you can buy a car and have yourself registered as the owner Private interstate sales of QLD and VIC cars are the hardest, but if the car has a valid safety certificate, it can be sold anywhere. NSW cars have an annual safety check, however you must still attend the registration office in person within 14 days of buying the car. WA allow transfer of registration over the Internet Buying and maintaining a car in NSW www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au. NSW Fair Trading 13 32 20 Disclaimer Information on this topic may have changed since this booklet was published. You can check our website for the latest information. This publication is a plain language guide to your rights and responsibilities

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Im sure that a NSW RWC is irrelivant in QLD, so its really only to let you know the car is sound. I live in NSW, and recently bought a car from QLD, unregistered. I needed a permit from QLD to drive the car out of the state and a 2 day third party insurance from QLD. I had the car registered to NSW standards the next day, which required a full. Buying your first car can be very exciting! It's the taste of freedom as you cruise along listening to your favourite music. When you're buying a car, it's really important to do your homework so you don't end up with a dud. This page outlines so important things you can do to make sure you get a good car that's reliable

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I moved from the ACT to QLD in Feb 2015. Kept my ACT plates and rego until the car died in Sept of that year. Took it in for a trade in, bought a brand new car with 12mo free rego and just transferred my licence over Buying a used car from a dealer. Buying a used car from a dealership gives you guaranteed title and a statutory warranty on cars under 10 years old or 160,000km (and below the NSW luxury car tax threshold.) This warranty is valid for three months or 5,000km from date of purchase and covers items relating to safety, reliability and roadworthiness The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be found in a couple of places including on the car's registration label, on the build plaque in the engine bay or on the passenger side windshield and door jamb. It also appears on registration and insurance documents

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  1. Even if you are not driving your own car, as part of your responsibility, you must ensure that the car is registered with the relevant Australian road authority. Also, be sure to check the registration details before buying a used car. Whether you buy it from a dealer or a private seller, they may provide you with false or incorrect information
  2. NSW Fair Trading inspectors can issue rectification orders to resolve disputes between consumers and licenced dealers or repairers. The Automotive Inspector may issue a rectification order if there are matters that the licenced repairer or dealer needs to rectify. The Inspector may also conclude that the trader is not responsible
  3. I recently purchased a motorcycle from NSW and want to get in registered in where I live in QLD. The bike is already registered in NSW until April next year, has a personalised number plate, has a NSW safety certificate and NSW compulsory 3rd party insurance
  4. When you buy a brand new car (that has never been registered) there is no cooling-off period . A registered demonstration car is deemed to be a used vehicle, so a cooling off period applies. Pre-delivery check for new vehicles. Do your own pre-delivery check on your vehicle. Ensure that it is exactly what you ordered
  5. Buy, sell or transfer a vehicle Find out what you need to do to transfer vehicle ownership in Western Australia, including ensuring an approved immobiliser is fitted and how to check if a vehicle has money owing on it
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That is the main reason we all need to do a REVS Check before buying a used car. First of all, car theft is pretty high in almost all states across Australia. This is especially the case for Western Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland. That is why Revs check WA, Revs check NSW, and Revs check QLD are so popular But the unique laws in NSW mean legally repaired and re-registered write-offs from other states can't be transferred to a NSW registration. So bad luck if you plan on moving here with one of those. How to protect yourself. Most people buying a used car in Australia do a REVS check, which reveals financial encumberance Buy Online with complete confidence finance and payment, trade-in valuations, electronic documents and contactless e-sign. It has never been easier to secure the car of your dreams! HILUX GUN125R WORKMATE (4x4) 2.4L DT4 DIESEL TURBO F/INJ 6 SP MANUAL DUAL CAB UTILITY Buy with confidence from one of the largest and most experienc

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  1. No, in addition to the states of New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, you can run VIN Number checks for vehicles in any of the other three states in Australia. So, whether you live in or you are buying a car in NSW, QLD, WA, or any of the other states, we can help with getting a Revs Check report
  2. Find a new or used car for sale. With a huge range of new & used vehicles on carsguide, finding a great deal on your next car has never been so easy
  3. Cars4Us is the most trusted car buyer in the Sunshine State, and we buy all late-model cars* Queensland-wide. If you want to sell your used car today, call Cars4Us on 0412 599 139 or fill out the above form to book your free car valuation. We have car buyers in Brisbane and right across QLD who'll come to your location and buy your car on the.
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Every day in NSW, people are admitted to hospital with injuries caused by items purchased for use in and around the home. Select a tile below to get started. Information on buying a car, including finance and vehicle inspections. Repairs & maintenance. Motor vehicle repairs, maintenance and fees Failure to do so in NSW will cost you in the form of a fine. Provided the boat was bought in NSW and you have the current registration papers, you won't need to get a HIN/Boat Code inspection. If the boat is bought interstate, you will need to book in a boat code inspection with an authorised agent from this list on the RMS website New South Wales. Free REVs check NSW is also just a registration check - not a full vehicle history report - and it's available online for free. To access this, simply go to Service NSW website. Queensland. Like the others, free revs check QLD, is also only a free rego check online from the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Victoria A lot of our clients who request car history checks are buying cars in NSW and QLD. But, you can get a car history report in any territory in Australia. So, no matter where you live or whichever state the car is registered in, Revs Check Report can generate a car history check for you Buying a car from a private seller may be cheaper than buying from a licensed motor car trader, but it offers less legal protection. For instance: there is no cooling-off period; the car is not covered by a statutory warranty. It is your responsibility to check that the car: is not stolen; has no money owing on i

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  1. If you own a car in New South Wales (NSW) it must be registered with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). The car can be registered in your name or in the name of a business. Whoever is listed as the registered operator is responsible for maintaining the car and keeping it adequately insured
  2. Class A: If the car has travelled fewer than 160,000km and is less than 10 years old, car dealers in Queensland have to provide a three-month or 5000km (whichever happens first) statutory warranty. Class B: If the car has travelled more than 160,000km or is more than 10 years old, there's a one-month or 1000km (whichever happens first.
  3. Buying a car interstate? We offer safe, discounted car transport across Australia through our growing depot network or to your door Let Us Do The Driving - Vehicle Transport Take the stress out of moving your car. Book online at your convenience 24/7. Request your quote, complete a few details, make payment and your booking is complete
  4. Moving Back to Australia (Canberra) - Buying and Registering a Car in NSW or ACT with QLD Licence and Address? Wilburre on 13/08/2017 - 18:19 Last edited 14/08/2017 - 09:37 by 1 other user Hi everyone, I'm moving back to Australia and have questions about registration
  5. Arranging finance before you find a car will mean you know exactly how much you have to spend and allow you to negotiate. It's important to choose the most suitable finance for your circumstances and avoid being pressured into accepting a loan that isn't appropriate for you
  6. Always have a used car inspected by a qualified mechanic before you buy it. A safety certificate or Statutory Warranty isn't a substitute for a vehicle inspection. Make an independent inspection part of the contract and make sure the wording allows you the right not to purchase if the inspection is unsatisfactory
  7. Buying from a car market Car markets bring buyers and sellers together in the one place without the need to drive all over town. However, you are still buying 'privately' and therefore need to rely on your own judgement and knowledge. There will be no guarantee of title or dealer guarantee

Car insurance NSW and moving interstate If you're moving your car interstate to or from NSW, you must make sure your car is registered in your new state or territory of residence. From Compulsory Third Party insurance (CTP), to safety checks and registration requirements, completing the transfer process can be complicated I registered my First Skyline in QLD with a NSW Licence. to register a car in QLD you need a CRN (Customer Reference number or rather a profile like on a forum) which you normally have when you have a QLD licence, but if you dont have one you simply create a profile for yourself with the state as a new customer Buying a used car means that the original owner has absorbed most of the depreciation cost, this means ultimate cost savings.Depreciation occurs by a very little amount of money or a little more when the first owners drive the car off the lot. So if you are a second buyer of that vehicle you can get great quality and save a good amount of cash Car Mart Direct QLD 3505 Pacific Highway Slacks Creek 4127 Ph: 07 3808 1716 Steve: 0404 135 882 Josh: 0466 266 330. Car Mart Direct NSW 5/183 Macquarie Road Warners Bay 2282 Ph: 02 4067 7077 Ahren: 0450 017 227 *Weekly payments are based on 6.95% over 7 years. These repayments may vary depending on individual profile. Fees and charges may apply Red Plum Automotive is a national car broker a car buying service that can finance and source you a new or used motor vehicle, at no extra cost in Brisbane, QLD Australia

Remember, we're independent - whether it's an Audi, Holden or Toyota, there are over 1,200 car dealers from across Australia ready and waiting to increase their fleet car sales numbers and, combining this network with our fantastic new cars buying power, means you get the fleet pricing and fleet service even if you buy the new car privately, as. Sell your car fast with Cars Wanted's car buying service. We offer a safe, fast and convenient way to sell your car. We'll buy your used vehicle today and pay when you hand us the keys Motorbike Transport & Freight. Bike Logistics is a bike freight and transport service that operates Australia wide. We specialise in bike transport and provide a quality service with competitive prices BACKPACKER CAMPERVAN & CAR SALES . CARS 4 BACKPACKERS offers Travellers in Australia the opportunity to Buy or Sell cars, campervans, station-wagons or 4WDs online.. SELLING & BUYING VIA FACEBOOK - FOR FREE!!!! Looking to sell/buy your car QUICKLY? Put up your listing (or check-out listings) FOR FREE on this FACEBOOK GROUP. BUYING A CAR

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Disclaimers * Where the price contains the notation Drive Away No More to Pay or Drive Away Price the price is based on the manufacturer recommended retail price and includes additional costs, such as stamp duty and other government charges. Please confirm price and features with the seller of the vehicle. Specifications have been sourced from redbook.com.au and are based on manufacturer. Homebush Bay, NSW: CRC Conversions CRC Conversions specialise in compliancing Dodge Ram and conversion from left hand drive to right hand drive. Park Ridge South, QLD: Crossover Car Conversions Crossover Car Conversions offer right hand drive conversions on Ford Mustangs from 1994 to brand new, as well as Ford GT Search for new & used cars for sale in Queensland. Read car reviews and compare prices and features at carsales.com.au Tips for buying a car. Before buying a car: compare on-road costs and operating costs, including registration, compulsory third-party insurance, stamp duty, additional insurance, fuel, servicing and spare parts; get an independent safety assessment on new cars through the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) test drive the vehicl

When buying a car, it's best to start out by creating a list of must have features then do your homework and narrow down a list of suitable options. Once narrowed down do some research on the remaining options; Tradingpost offers some helpful reviews and detailed information for some of the top selling Australian make & models Tired of trying to find someone to 'value and buy my car' at an honest price in Sydney or elsewhere in NSW? With local car buyers across Sydney (Blacktown, Arncliffe, Moorebank, Strathfield, Penrith and more), Wollongong, Newcastle and regional centres NSW-wide, Cars4Us makes it easy to get a free car valuation and 'sell my car' at a high price Providing free used car valuations and buying late-model cars nationwide, Cars4Us is Australia's most trusted car buying service and the best option when you need someone to 'buy my car fast!' With Cars4Us, the days when the best way to sell your car was to go to a local car dealer or advertise in a classified to find a private buyer are. Border Closures NSW/QLD Border Crossings - Covid - 19 25 Mar 2020. Members will have heard that the Queensland Government has announced further restrictions on people movement into and out of the state of Queensland, to assist in the prevention of the spreading of Covid-19 virus In NSW only, the state government made it illegal in 2011 to re-register any repaired write-off. This was done in an attempt to clamp down on vehicle 're-birthing'. Effectively this means that repaired and re-registered write-offs from other states cannot be transferred to a NSW registration - an important consideration if you might be.

The car can be registered in your name or in the name of a business. Whoever is listed as the registered operator is responsible for maintaining the car and keeping it adequately insured. If you buy a car in another state or territory and move to NSW, you can transfer the interstate registration to NSW Favourite answer The law says you must register you vehicle at the address that it is normally garaged at. As Qld is an easer (and cheaper) place to register a vehicle I don't think NSW will think.. If you're looking for a used car in the state of Queensland (QLD), you should always conduct a REVS Check before you buy. It tells you whether your pick is on the Register of Encumbered Vehicles, i.e. has money owing on it from the previous owner be it from QLD or any other states in Australia

Official Australian government sources based REVS and PPSR check reports on a vehicle, car, motorcycle, caravan, truck or trailer VIN number registered in NSW, VIC, QLD and other states. Vehicle REVS and PPSR check certificates are available instantly online and sent to emails specified at checkout The Queensland Government has announced overnight new rules surrounding the Border Closure with New South Wales which will take effect at 1am on Saturday 8 August 2020. These new rules replace those set out in EDM provided to members yesterday 6 August 2020 and are set by the Border Restrictions Direction (No.11) Order a REVs check with VIN Check Report and get the details for a used car before you buy. Free Revs Check in NSW, QLD, WA? It doesn't matter which state you're in. Free REVS Check is now replaced by PPSR if you want to get up-to-date and accurate vehicle information Make the right purchase of a second-hand car with REVS Check QLD. Buying a second-hand car in Queensland can be fraught with issues if you're not careful. With the high vehicle theft rate and unscrupulous sellers, you must protect yourself from making a wrong choice. The best way to do this is with REVS Check QLD Want to know how to get a fast and comprehensive VIN number check online? Whether you are in QLD, NSW or WA, get a vehicle history report from a fast and easy to use VIN Check in seconds. Get a vehicle history report with finance check, rego details, PPSR certificate, and more

Whether you are located in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia Tasmania, South Australia or even the ACT we can get finance for the car fast. Start Driving Sooner Having completed hundreds of successful company car loans, feel at ease knowing your dealing with a team that knows how to get you finance no matter what your. We're located in Brisbane, Queensland but will travel to buy your car from anywhere in Australia. From Cairns to Tasmania and everything inbetween, you can sell your car today with Car Buyers Online. See Our Location Same day payment!* - William W., Parramatta NSW OFFICE WITH 5 CARPARKS EVERY 100m2. Price: FOR SALE OR LEASE: Address: 2728 Logan Road Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113. OPD's latest development, Freeway Office Park will offer over 30,000m2 of low density, low rise, highly customised premium commercial office space across Stages 1 and 2 Australia's #1 regional used car classifieds Search Cars Select Make ABARTH ALFA ROMEO AUDI BMW CATERHAM CHERY CHEVROLET CHRYSLER DODGE FERRARI FIAT FORD FOTON GREAT WALL GWM HAVAL HOLDEN HONDA HYUNDAI INFINITI ISUZU ISUZU UTE JAGUAR JEEP JMC KIA LAND ROVER LDV LEXUS MAHINDRA MAZDA MERCEDES-BENZ MG MINI MITSUBISHI NISSAN OTHER PEUGEOT PORSCHE. Government Revs Check Report at an affordable price. if you are going to buy a used car, you can check the official Revs Check Register using Rego/Plate. We provide instant easily to read Car History Reports in New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and all states in Australia

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So that buying a car becomes a simple, exciting and rewarding experience for you. Wooloowin QLD . Almost bought a 2005 Mazda3 sedan, advertised with 88,000km. Taree NSW . I went to the mechanic to get a blue slip... when they advised me that my car had been in a major, major accident... I did the check and saw my car was a repairable. Found the process of selling my car simple and stress free. A valuer came to my home making it easy with kids, gave me a fair offer and took my car the following day. Even if it is a tiny bit less I may have got privately the whole process made the sale fast and simple. Wendy, Aug 202

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In New South Wales, it's against the law to smoke in a smoke-free area. All enclosed public spaces are smoke-free areas. Enclosed public places are places that are open to the public, have a roof, and are mostly surrounded by walls (even if there are doors or open passageways) Welcome to the most comprehensive used car dealer Australia wide, Find your dream car with our team committed to achieving the best price and the buying experience for you. We've been in business for over 25years, so it's safe to say that we really know our stuff If you're considering car insurance policies, the comparison table below displays some of the policies currently available on Canstar's database for a 30-39 year old male seeking comprehensive cover in NSW without cover for an extra driver under 25

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  1. The first step is to request a current payout letter from your financier detailing the loan balance and payment information. Please make sure the validity date of the payout letter is a few days after the date you intend to sell
  2. 19 websites in the Imports - Japanese category. The Imports - Japanese category features Australian businesses that import and sell grey import cars from Japan. From the Nissan Skyline to Toyota Soarer to Mitsubishi Delica and beyond, the websites and businesses listed here may be able to assist you with getting your hands on a Japanese import
  3. REVS Check NSW is the Easy and Affordable Way to Get a Car History Report Looking to buy your next car in New South Wales or from NSW Then this is the service you need before spending any money on that car. Before you buy you need to know. You need to know that you're not going to lose the money that you're about to spend. You should know if the car you are going to buy is worth the.
  4. the vehicle's NSW registration plate number; your NSW driver licence or Photo Card details; the new owner's NSW driver licence details, or the NSW motor dealer's licence number; the sale date (known as the date of disposal) the sale price or market value of the vehicle (whichever is higher) a MyServiceNSW Account (optional)
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Dural, NSW: PRB Australia PRB Australia manufacture the Lotus 7 style, PRB Clubman kit car. PRB kit cars have been around since the early 1980's. Greenacre, NSW: Puma Clubman The Puma Clubman is a Lotus 7 style replica using a Nissan turbo engine. The design is based on Ron Champion's world famous book about building a low-cost sports car. NSW Cars bank up on Queensland-NSW border as residents from coronavirus hotspots get caught out By Tim Swanston Posted 1 h hour ago Wed Wednesday 15 Jul July 2020 at 12:18am , updated 54 m minutes ago.

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If your car's registered then you already have compulsory third party insurance (CTP, or green slip insurance). In all states and the NT (apart from NSW and Queensland), CTP insurance is provided by only one state-owned or government-licensed insurer. In NSW and Queensland it's offered by a number of insurers and it pays to shop around

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