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Secure Your Dream Home. Customizable Real Estate Purchase Agreements for All States. An Easy Step-by-Step Process. Download and Print Instantly Buyers might wait a long time to get a short sale response from a bank. It's important that the listing agent call the bank regularly and keep careful notes of the progress. Some short sales get approval in two to eight weeks. Others can take 90 to 120 days on average The short sale will stay on your credit report for seven years, but you can finance a new home purchase within one to four years of a short sale depending on credit score, loan type and down payment. Again, a foreclosure is even more severe. With a foreclosure, that time ranges from three to seven years. Ask your lender to advise on options The Short Sale Process For Buyers The short sale process is, without a doubt, easier for buyers than it is for sellers. That said, buying a short sale coincides with a significant caveat: you aren't negotiating solely with the homeowner, but rather the homeowner and their lender

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Short sales are so fraught with missteps that many never get to the finish line. When short sales were in their heyday a decade or so ago, for example, Massachusetts buyer-broker Sam Schniederman found that only 30 to 50% of those in his home state actually closed, depending on the community In a traditional sale, the buyer work with the seller to negotiate the price and the terms of the transaction. In a short sale, there's more to it than that. Though the seller will still be.. Short Sale = Long Purchasing Process If you're considering buying a short sale, expect the entire process to take up to a year from the time you submit an offer to when you actually take possession of the home. Although it's possible for a short sale to close in as little as a few weeks, it's important to be realistic about the timeline

A short sale occurs when a borrower sells a property for less than he or she owes on a mortgage, and the lender takes the financial loss. It's usually a last resort for homeowners who can't pay their home loans and are facing foreclosure. To get permission to short sell a house, a homeowner must prove to the lender that it's the best option Short sales have a reputation for being, well, kind of a pain in the keister. It's not uncommon to run across horror stories of the short sale process and timeline stretching out over seven months or more. With that kind of timeline, many buyers shy away from short sales, in spite of the great deals out there Short sale buyers, with the help of an experienced real estate professional, may increase their chances of success if they: File all the required short sale paperwork in a timely and efficient manner. Assure the seller they will wait for short sale approval. Have a strong pre-approval letter Modified date: April 12, 2019 A short sale is a real estate transaction where the owner's lender agrees to accept a purchase offer from a new buyer, short of what is owed by the original owner. This could be great for you, the buyer, but it could take a long time to move into your home A short sale process starts off like any other home sale: You contact a real estate agent (here's how to find a real estate agentin your area), list your home (mentioning that it's a short..

The Process of Short Sale Getting the approval of the lender for a short sale is easier if you can provide them proof that you are going through a financial hardship, your monthly income is insufficient, and you have no other assets that you can use to settle the mortgage Short Sale Process Timeline: Buyers Buyers and sellers are subjected to a similar timeline throughout the short sale process. From the buyer's perspective, however, the short sale process may look different. For a buyer, the short sale process consists of a long waiting period for the lender to acknowledge and respond to documents

Thus, buying a short sale is typically not as risky as buying a foreclosed home. Another pro to buying a short sale is that, as the buyer, you may not have to deal with much competition. Since short sales can take some time to close, most home buyers aren't willing to wait around long enough for the deal to be finalized A short sale is often an attempt by both the seller and his or her lender to avoid foreclosure because of a homeowner's financial difficulty that has been unresolved by other means. Short sale transactions can also be initiated by an eager buyer who makes a below-mortgage offer to a homeowner in trouble. The Short Sale Process From a credit standpoint, a short sale is typically preferable to a foreclosure. It may also be possible to save on fees and commissions that are paid during the traditional home sale process. In a short sale, the bank generally pays these costs. One downside is that the lender will keep any equity in the home after the sale is complete Remember, the bank doesn't want this short sale as much as the buyer and seller do. There's really no incentive for the mitigator to wrap up the review as quickly as possible. One or both agents involved in the short sale must typically stay on top of this part of the process with regular phone calls and queries

If we authorize you to start the short sale process, you can expect to hear back from us about your offer in approximately 90 calendar days after your real estate agent has submitted the offer and all documents to us. Please contact your Customer Relationship Manager at any point for an update or with any questions about the process This book should be required reading for all real estate agents and first time home buyers looking to purchase a short sale property and not familiar with the short sale process. 5.0 out of 5 stars The Truth! By J. Burgos on May 27, 2019 If you have been looking for a book referencing the ins and out along with the how tos and whys of the. From a lenders perspective the short sale process is very much the reverse of a traditional loan application. As much as a homeowner may want to short sale, the lender must approve it first. Once a homeowner decides on a short sale they need to show the lender that they legitimately can no longer make the regular payments

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Short sales and foreclosures. Both short sales and foreclosures are usually the result of a borrower's inability to continue making mortgage payments. A short sale is where your mortgage lender allows you to sell the home for less than your outstanding loan balance and cancels your obligation to repay the remainder of the loan As a result, the buyer in a short sale should expect the process to take longer than the usual 30 days. In fact, depending on the number of debts the seller incurred, it could take as long as six.. A short sale is when a lender agrees to accept a mortgage payoff amount less than what is owed in order to facilitate a sale of the property by a financially distressed owner. The lender forgives..

Because everything is dependent on the lender, the short sale process can be lengthy and unpredictable—even if the homeowner and the potential buyer agree on terms. Foreclosure On the other hand, in a foreclosure situation , the bank takes ownership of the home after the buyer is unable to make payments The short sale process The short sale process is a lot like buying a home off the market. You'll start by finding a house and getting pre-approved for financing (unless you're paying in cash). Then.. A short sale listing agent can give an educated guess, but whether the buyer's agent understands how a short sale works is a wild card. If a buyer's agent cannot manage a buyer's expectations and does not know how to explain a short sale timeline to a buyer, that buyer can easily spin out of control. It's not the buyer's fault Related: The 12 Steps of a Successful Short Sale Process #2. Buyer, Seller, and Lender. Before buying a short sale home, you should understand the transaction flow of this purchase. Yes, you are buying this home from a financially distressed seller, but this money isn't going to the seller- it's going to the lender

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Ultimately, the lender is in charge of the sale, and it could take as long as a full year for a short sale to process and finalize. Seller/lender involvement: To recoup as much money as possible, the lender/seller may get directly involved by countering offers and asking for concessions, such as having the buyer pay all closing fees While buying short sales is a great opportunity for real estate investors to purchase property for under list price, making an offer on a short sale house is not easy. There are numerous potential pitfalls that buyers need to be aware of while learning how to make a short sale offer Find Short Sale Process For Buyers. Get High Level Results! Find Short Sale Process For Buyers. Now in seconds A short sale occurs when you sell your home for less than what you still owe on your mortgage. It can prevent you from seeing your home foreclosed and undergoing bankruptcy. However, your mortgage lender must approve the short sale. The process can also be complex and risky

Many buyers tend to be interested in short sales because they've heard that they are a way to buy a home for less than its market value. While that statement is true, navigating the short sale process is often tricky and may not be right for everyone. With that in mind, I've laid out five things you should know before buying a short sale A short sale can be regarded as the mirror image of going long, or buying a stock. In the above example, the other side of your short sale transaction would have been taken by a buyer of.

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A short sale is the sale of a home for less than the homeowner owes on the mortgage. A short sale typically occurs when the homeowner has fallen behind on the mortgage payments due to financial hardship. For the bank or other lender that owns the mortgage, a short sale is preferable to letting a home go into foreclosure A short sale is when the seller asks their bank to help them out by accepting a payoff that is less than what the bank is owed. This gets the seller out of the home and avoids costly foreclosure proceedings for the bank. The bank review process can be lengthy and stressful, so it pays to understand how to optimize your price for a bank approval 1) The borrower, with the help of a short sale Realtor or on his/her own, submits required documentation (short sale pre-offer package) to the Servicer of the loan (Bank Of America, Chase, CitiBank, Wells Fargo, etc) A short sale is different from a bank-owned property in this way. The lender will verify that the buyer has the borrowing power or funds to back up their purchase, but it does not have any leverage.. Before learning what is a short sale in real estate investing or how to go about buying investment properties in this way, know that you will need a real estate agent for the short sale process. A real estate agent with experience in the short sale process will make the entire real estate investment deal easier and faster for all parties involved

Although short sale approval times vary by lender and the specifics of each transaction, most buyers and sellers can expect to wait at least three months for short sale approval and an additional month for a successful close In a normal sale, the seller is greatly concerned and invested in the sale. In a short sale, they have already conceded the decision to the bank, so the seller will sign most any offer that is brought. The bank will then do its own due diligence and determine a price it is willing to accept in order to avoid the foreclosure process. And this is. Potential buyers will deal with the home sellers during the short sale process, but all of the details around the process must be reviewed and approved by the lender. The short sale cannot happen unless the lender approves it

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Since short sales are often on other investors' short lists of what makes a potentially good deal, your competition for the seller's attention will be stiff. Investor rivalry for these properties can be so fierce, in fact, that the temptation to outbid other buyers tends to push the sales price even higher The contract for a short sale outlines how the mortgage property will be liquidated and often includes an addendum that is carried out by the mortgage lender, seller, and buyer. In a short sale, the borrower would formally designate the property as for sale and classified as a potential short sale/subject lender deal when he or she puts.

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In order to succeed with short sale purchases, buyers need financial flexibility and patience. Some buyers run out of time and need to find a place to live before lenders accept the purchase.. What is a Short Sale? In the world of real estate, a short sale refers to the sale of real property for an amount less than the amount owed on the property. In the short sale scenario, the bank agrees to accept less than the full balance due on the debt, and usually 'forgives' al or a large portion of the difference If the negotiator is a real estate agent, negotiating the short sale is part of the service that they provide when they list or co-list the property. There is no additional fee to anyone. Attorneys typically charge a fee of 1-2% of the purchase price to negotiate a short sale A short sale is a home that is available for a purchase price that is less than the amount owed by the current owner. Short sales can occur for different reasons, and experts usually can't agree whether short sales purchased are a good deal or not. However, short sales are a potential option for sellers to avoid foreclosure Be patient, short sales tend to suffer failure rates and sometimes simply can't close in time to prevent foreclosure. A persistent lien holder can play a key role in delaying the closing of a short sale. If all parties are willing to be a part of the process then you can come out free and clear

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  1. ium is fraught with complex conditions. A lender must agree to accept less than is owed on the mortgage, a time-consu
  2. Short Sale Process For Buyers 2019 Overview. Short Sale Process For Buyers 2019 can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 19 active results. You can get the best discount of up to 50% off. The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo. The latest ones are on Feb 25, 202
  3. SImply put, a short sale is when a seller is willing to accept an offer on a property that is less than what is currently owed on said property. This usually means a loss of some kind for the seller of the property, but can be a serious gain for potential buyers looking to acquire property for less than it's worth. Keep reading to learn more about how short sales work, how they're.
  4. Short sale negotiations can take a long time: The short sale process can often take a long time to complete. Often, an offer needs to go through multiple rounds of lender approval before it can.
  5. In a short sale, the owner's lender has to be apprised of the plan. In many cases, the lender is supportive of the short sale, since it keeps them from having to go through the long and expensive process of a foreclosure. Short sales can represent great deals for buyers

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  1. Oct 22, 2019, 05:00 ET. Long Island real estate attorney, Markotsis & Lieberman P.C., discusses the short sale process for buyers. Not every short sale will be approved, which is why it's.
  2. Essentially, with the short sale, the borrower can pay back a good chunk of the mortgage; whereas, a foreclosure is taking the property away from the borrower. The foreclosure process moves faster than the short sale process in that once a home has been placed in foreclosure, it is either auctioned or sold as an REO property to new buyers
  3. http://www.biggerpockets.com http://bit.ly/VtSDOL This post accompanies a blog post on BiggerPockets located at http://bit.ly/VtSDOL about the short sale pro..
  4. The Ruhl Team Short Sale Group has over 50 years of Short Sale negotiation experience. We are the premier Riverside CA Short Sale Group and one of the only brokerages still specializing in Short Sales in Riverside, CA. With over 1000 successful short sales and counting, we have experience working with every major mortgage lender out there
  5. An agent who values his reputation should make a personal commitment to giving the short sale industry a good name in serving the best interests of the buyers and sellers. Look for a short sale agent who is dedicated to his craft and looking to do more short sale business while maintaining a high rate of sales closed
  6. A: Short sales occur when the owner of a home owes more to the lender than the home is worth and wants to sell, but the buyer's offer won't cover the repayment of the loan and all the other costs of the sale. When the lender agrees to take less than is owed, the value of the property is short (or less than) the amount owed, hence the term.
  7. Short sale has a negative impact on credit, but is not recorded as a foreclosure by the lender. Short sale prevents a much larger negative impact a foreclosure would have on the homeowner's credit. Foreclosure. According to FICO, a foreclosure can drop your credit score from an average 85-160 points and stay on your credit an average of 7 years

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  1. Understanding short sales. A short sale is the step that Nashville homeowners can take before they reach the point of a foreclosure. If a homeowner knows that they are facing foreclosure and they aren't able to pay in order to get caught up on payments or sell the house for what they still owe on the mortgage, they can pursue the option of a.
  2. eller agrees to remain diligent to the short-sale process and will keep Broker informed of all communications relevant to short sale, including, but not limited to, all correspondence from lender(s), taxing bodies, courts, etc. 4. Price Reductions If no sale has transpired, the listing price of the property will be reduced to reflect the curren
  3. 👍Understanding The Short Sale Process in Long Island NY - Long Island NY Homes for Sale - [] a Long Island NY short sale, the lender agrees to accept less than the amount owed to pay off Google - Google Wonderful story, reckoned we could combine a handful of unrelated data, nevertheless actually worth taking a appear, whoa di
  4. A Short Sale transaction is very different than a traditional real estate transaction. PRICE is the biggest confusion amongst agents and buyers. Many agents and buyers do not understand this process. They are always asking why the house is listed at a certain price but the short sale lender countered at another price. Hopefully, thi

We are the premier San Diego Short Sale Group and one of the only brokerages still specializing in short sales in San Diego. With over 1000 successful short sales and counting, we have experience working with every major mortgage lender out there. Contact our San Diego short sale experts today to get the process started Maine Short Sale Specialist stop foreclosure Bank of America Short Sales. 2019 by maineloanmodifications. parcel information out over multiple meetings, and simply advance the sales process one step at a time, suddenly my sales increased. When you're scared about not getting the business, your prospects can intuitively sense your fea

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  1. When selling a home as a short sale, buyers, sellers, and even agents often wonder who will pay the outstanding [] Read More. 4 Essential Negotiation Skills for Every Real Estate Agent. March 10, 2021. During the Great Recession, our team of short sale processors and negotiators successfully negotiated over 1500 short sales for agents [
  2. Sift through short sales in your local market. A short sale is still owned by the homeowner, who owes more on the mortgage than the home is worth. But short sales often take a long time to close. The federal Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives program, or HAFA, helps the buyer and seller by speeding up the short sale process
  3. Short Sale Superstars, LLC and www.ShortSaleSuperstars.com does not endorse the real estate agents, loan officers, attorneys, real estate brokers and other participants listed on this site. These real estate profiles, blogs, blog entries and forums are provided here as a courtesy to our visitors to help them make an informed decision when buying or selling a short sale
  4. The short sale transaction that closes, and closes quickly, is the one where everything is done right the first time. 3) No system to monitor the short sale process. Because a short sale has so many more variables than a traditional real estate transaction, one of the most important jobs the listing broker has is making sure everyone involved.
  5. Search For Short sale process for buyers. Find It Here
  6. Experts recommend all homebuyers use a buyer's agent to advise them during a property search. But there's a lot more paperwork, and potential pitfalls when buying a short sale, says Matt Murton, a Realtor at Smart Living Real Estate Group in Bethesda, Maryland. He recommends hiring a Realtor who specializes in short sale properties, because the agent will find out how much the seller owes.
  7. This may also be an option if you already have a buyer but don't yet have approval from the owner of your loan to pursue a short sale. Please call us to discuss your options. If you come to us with an offer without prior approval, we may be required to evaluate you for all programs, including a loan modification, before you can be eligible.

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  1. g. Depending on the lender's backlog of short sales, the process can take up to 12 months. What is a foreclosure? Unlike a short sale, a.
  2. The process is more complicated than a conventional sale of a home and involves a number of potential legal consequences. For instance, one of the big differences between a short sale and a more typical sale of a home is the fact that the seller's lending institution is going to have to approve of the short sale. Otherwise, the sale of the.
  3. A homeowner who is offered a short sale by their lender sells the home at a price below the mortgage balance amount; In return, the lender will not go after the deficit and forgive the debt. Short Sale Process Versus Traditional Home Buying & Selling Process. The short sale process is like any home selling process
  4. During the past few years, foreclosures have become much more common throughout the United States, including Fairfield County. During this period, the term short sale has been used more and more often. Short sales are extremely important because, when done properly, they have the potential of allowing a property owner to avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure, [
  5. FHA Loans Following Short Sale Or. - FHA News and Views - FHA Loans Following Short Sale Or Foreclosure Hands down, some of the most-asked questions we get in our comments section involve the FHA loan rules for borrowers who have a short sale or foreclosure on their credit record . 2019 What is the FHA Back-to-Work Program
  6. A naked short sale occurs when a security is sold short without borrowing the security within a set time (for example, three days in the US.) This means that the buyer of such a short is buying the short-seller's promise to deliver a share, rather than buying the share itself. The short-seller's promise is known as a hypothecated share

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VA Loans only require a two year waiting period after foreclosure, deed in lieu, short sale. 2019 Fannie Mae Waiting Period After Deed In Lieu And Short Sale. In August 2014, Fannie Mae has eliminated the conventional loan program after 2-year waiting period after a deed in lieu of foreclosure and short sale with a 20% down payment January 4, 2019 - 5 min read. Homebuyers with a 20 percent down payment may qualify in as few as two years following a short sale. Buyers with ten percent down face a four-year wait

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SHORT SALE GUIDANCE A short sale is a term used to describe a transaction where the sale price of the property would not generate sufficient proceeds to pay off the existing mortgage or mortgages, and the lender(s) offers or agrees to accept less than full payoff. There are two components to a short sale: (1) the negotiation of the. The Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource (SFR ®) certi cation is awarded by the the National Association of REALTORS ® (NAR). Buyer Counseling Negotiation Considerations—Buyers • Price The price you offer to the seller of a short-sale property should reflect what's termed fair market value. Fair market value is the price a buyer will pay. Although it's possible for a short sale to close in as little as a few weeks, it's important to be realistic about the timeline. Unlike a conventional home buying process which involves negotiations between the buyers' agent and the home sellers, with a short sale the lender has the final say in whether or not an offer to purchase is accepted The short sale will stay on your credit report for seven years, but you can finance a new home purchase within one to seven years of a short sale depending on credit score, loan type, down payment, and the circumstances that led to the short sale. Getting a Conventional Loan After a Short Sale. You can get a new conventional mortgage backed by.

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If you're serious about purchasing a short sale property, it's important for you to have expert assistance.Here are some people you'll want by your side: Experienced real estate attorney. A real estate attorney who's knowledgeable about the short sale process will increase your chances getting an approved contract So when a bank approves a short sale, it makes sure the home is being sold at a competitive price on the open market. One of the rules banks employ to make sure this happens is by requiring the sale to be an arm's length transaction. This rule prevents a family member from buying the house The short sale process in which a home sells for less than the amount owed on its mortgage is known for being drawn-out and arduous. Short sales became a significant portion of the housing.

To make the short sale process easier and quicker for Servicers, homeowners, home buyers, and others involved in a short sale transaction, Freddie Mac offers the Standard Short Sale and our proprietary Obtain Valuation functionality. The requirements offer a more efficient decisioning process that eliminates extra steps for Servicers when. Buying a short sale is a great way to save some money on the purchase of a Colorado Springs house. Below, we offer some tips to make buying a short sale a quick and easy process. Tip 1: Have The Right Team. When you buy a short-sale property, it is important to have the right people backing you up 2019 Newsmakers; Newsmaker Nomination less money than going through the foreclosure process. A short sale also affects a homeowner's ability to buy another house in the future less than a. A short sale may be used by homeowners as a method to avoid foreclosure, but borrowers who are underwater on their homes may also consider a short sale to cut their losses. Regardless of the motivation for the short sale, under certain circumstances there is a mandatory three-year FHA-required waiting period

The short sale process is slow, much slower than buying a foreclosure. The bank needs to review the reason the seller is requesting the short sale, so the application and review process is much. The downsides of short sales. Short sales typically take a long time and require patience. And mortgage lenders do not approve every short sale application. In addition, you will not receive any proceeds from the sale. And if your buyer backs out, you will have to restart the entire short sale application process A form, however, is no substitute for an experienced short sale attorney and guidance through the complicated short sale process. Buyers Bring Your Tools. Also, cash strapped sellers are usually unwilling to do any repairs in a short sale situation. Inspections may be performed and outs may be negotiated for significant repairs, but most. If you can't afford your current mortgage, and staying in your home isn't an option, a short sale might help you avoid foreclosure even if the foreclosure process has begun. The foreclosure date may be postponed if a signed purchase offer is received by Wells Fargo Short sales still adversely impact credit ratings, to be sure, but the damage is less substantial than some alternatives. Short sale assists home owners unable to keep pace with repayment. Also known as pre-foreclosure sales, the process protects lenders and borrowers, helping them come to terms on equitable home sale deals

October 25, 2019 October 28, 2019 Marc Cormier 585 Views 0 Comments Real Estate, Short Sale Once someone dies and that person's estate enters probate. the executor is in charge of making sure that the bills get paid and the beneficiaries get any assets promised to them In many aspects, a short sale is like the sale of any other property. The buyer and seller have to negotiate a price and other terms of the sale. However, if the suggested sale price is less than what the seller owes on his or her loan, then the bank must also approve the sale for closing to go forward. If the bank does approve the sale, then. 30K Short Sale Incentive to Seller! Posted on December 8, 2019 by admin According to documentation provided directly from the lender, Bank of America is offering a new Cooperative Short Sale Incentive Program, which can provide a seller's incentive from $5,000 to $30,000

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Buying an Investment Property after Short Sale or Deed in Lieu - 2 years after Short Sale - Mortgage programs are available with 15% downpayment. You'll need substantial reserves and be prepared for a rate that's not pretty. Jumbo Mortages. Either 4 or 7 Years after Short-Sale - This is the typical wait time , although it can vary Your lender may require you to default in order to consider you for the short sale, but they may not be upfront with this information, leading to a much longer short sale process. You will face much greater financial scrutiny and are at much greater risk of being asked to contribute cash or a promissory note in order to get the short sale approval

Complications for Buyers in Foreclosures vs Short Sales. Foreclosures and short sales offer deep discounts for buyers. Someone buying a house in a short sale can expect the home to cost 10% less than an ordinary home on the market;foreclosures are even cheaper,often by about 30%. However, these purchases are not without complications A short sale is the sale of a property for less than what the owner still owes on the mortgage. Make the buying/selling process as easy as possible . ® 2019 HomeSaleProperties.com, Design by WebDesignStudioPro.com Call Now Button. This process is known for being slow and needing someone to check regularly with the lender as to the status. Your short sale attorney in Oldsmar will keep your process moving as quickly as possible. Once the lender approves your short sale, it's time to find a buyer and move the process along Complete Short Sale package faxed to Bank of America on June 17. Broker Price Opinion (BPO) completed on July 8. Short Sale Negotiator assigned on July 14. Short Sale approval received on August 4. No contribution required from the Seller. Closing scheduled for August 11. Contractual closing date is August 20. We are closing 9 days early

Ocwen transferring all loans to PHH MOrtgage. Started by Jeffrey W Wolff. Last reply by Dean E Eshelman, CPA, CDPE, IRES Feb 7, 2019. 1 Reply 0 Likes. Just so everyone knows, Ocwen is in the process of transferring all their loans to PHH Mortgage, which I believe is a subsidiary to Ocwen.Major issues with this.JeffContinu FHA loans are a popular option among home buyers as they usually require a lower down payment. However, the property needs to satisfy the lender's requirements. You typically need to wait three years after the date of the short sale to apply for an FHA loan. If you can prove that you faced some extenuating circumstances, your lender may agree. Powered By STEVEINVESTS - - This site is owned and operated by STEVEINVESTS LLC. A company headquartered in Florida, USA. STEVEINVESTS LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and others which are affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees My Company will buy your house that has no equity through a process called a short sale. Call 888-219-8619 for more information when you have received a notice of default or notice of trustee sale. Homeowners that sell their over financed home only option is a short sale if they are behind on their mortgage payments Due your due diligence and hire an experienced short sales agent that knows the process and is savvy about appealing lender values. Many listing agents will give up on a short sale, mostly because it's hard work. So most important, make sure your agent has a track record of getting the short sale to settlement

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