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BLAST DESIGN RULES OF THUMB (Given: Hole depth, Rock type, and Distance to structure) Electric Circuit Formulas . RESISTANCE OF SERIES . Total Cap Resistance = R. 1 +R. 2 +R. 3 +. R. n . Total Cap Resistance = Resistance of one cap X number of caps in circuit (if all caps are the same Blast design terminology and formulas Hole length (L) = BH + SD Charge length (C) = L - SL Blast volume (V) = B x S x BH x N Blasted tonnes (T) = V x Density of rock in t/m3 Volume of blasthole (Vb) = π x D2/4000 x L Mass of explosive per hole (kg) = Volume of hole length charged x Explosive densit Keywords: Blast design, Underground ring blasting, Underground mining, Underground production blasting, Fragmentation, Damage Synopsis rock mass, provided the user has the required input parameters for the corresponding models. both of these limited to calculations that only require the pattern approaches can be supplemented with the.

(Figure 8-7) Analysis of efficient blast design.. Efficient blast designs combined with the proper choice of explosive can produce better fragmentation with associated lower operating costs compared to blast designs and explosives used under adverse conditions blast and this wedge is widened to the full width of the drift in subsequent blasts, each blast being fired with detonators of suitable delay time. The apex angle is as near as possible to 600 (Figure 1) This type of cut is particularly suited to large size drifts, which have well laminated or fissured rocks. Hole placement shoul

This entry was posted in blasting, detonator, explosives, mining and tagged blast design, blast design formulas, blasting, explosives, mining. Bookmark the permalink . Post navigatio a blast design: the powder factor or. specific charge (kilograms of explosives. per cubic meter of blasted rock) and the. blasting holes for charging calculations. 34. 8.1. Parallel Cut an explosive blast is available for use by design engineers. The Eurocode EN 1991-1-7 [1] makes reference to the case of accidental loads and explosions, but it is mainly focused on impact actions, such as collisions from trucks, trains, ships, helicopters or any other vehicl Following symbols and definitions are given in relation to the equations discussed: D = Diameter (in inches) of the explosive in the borehole. B = Burden, the distance (in feet) from a charge to the nearest free face in the direction that displacement will most likely occur

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Designs editable Ring Blast pattern for Stope based on geological and geotechnical conditions of the Stope. The designer has the ability to generate chargin.. breaking in underground ore deposits, was designed. The blasting technology and its rational parameters of blast hole blasting in preparatory development operations using the recommended ampoule technology of dispersed column charge were tried in different mining geological conditions in the Irtysh, Belousov, Mirgalimsay, Aksay and Shalkiin fields This type of blast design is typically used for expanding a previously excavated drift to accommodate more space or to correct a poor blast. Therefore, they are generally shallow blasts along a length of a wall. This blast pattern is a variant of the fan cut but all of the holes are angled along the length of the wall that is to be excavated

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. CHAPTER 2 - BASIC THEORY AND ATTENUATION FORMULA 2.1 GROUND VIBRATION 2.1.1The Nature of Blast Related Ground Vibration When an explosive charge is detonated in a blasthole, the rock immediately surrounding the charge is fractured, split apart and may be displaced if the correct conditions exist. At a certai In: W. Hustrulid (Editor), Underground Mining Meth- ods Handbook, SME of AIME (1982) pp. 1580-1589. 2 Hagan, T.N., Blast design considerations for under- ground mining and construction operations. Proc. Design and Performance of Underground Excava- tions, ISRM/BGS, Cambridge (1984), pp. 255-262. 3 Anonymous, Explosives and Rock Blasting

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Therefore, effective blast design is paramount. The correct, or most effective blast design will always maximise fragmentation control; and will be developed based on the available data and research. Technique #2 - Underground blasting. In underground mining, blasting becomes one of the primary methods of rock excavation The most common method is pre-splitting which involves the formation of a crack coincident with the excavation boundary prior to firing the main blast. This crack serves as a vent for the explosive gases generated by the production blast holes. A theory of perimeter blast design based on static borehole pressure is described The electric power source used to initiate a blast may be a twist or push type generator blasting machine and a remote radio device, a condenser discharge machine, or an AC power line through a blasting switch. Never use batteries directly; only a blasting machine or blasting switch provides the current and time contro

Blast Design. Generates blast plan and according to the delay pattern structure, simulation. BLAst DESigner Software (BLADES) calculates blast plan parameters, explosives charge distribution, initiation timing and sequence, results in terms of rock breakage and fragment size distribution Drifts are the nerve centre of underground mining operations. They provide essential communication between the shafts and the stoping areas and have varying dimensions and inclinations. In view of their strategic importance in the overall safety, economy and productivity of mines, empirical guidelines to estimate the drift blast design. There is a cut blast, a slash blast, a perimeter blast, and a lifter blast. With this understanding, parts of the following guidelines are offered as independent modules that can be applied in part or in whole.When underground blasting operations are close to occupied or otherwise sensitive structures, the level of ground vibration and noise. Our SHOTPlus™ range of blast design and modelling software enable users to design, visualise and analyse blast initiation sequences across surface and underground mining, quarry and construction applications. SHOTPlus™ provides you the support and tools that you need to improve your productivity, safety and environmental performance SHOTPlus™ Underground is designed to meet the discrete needs of underground mining applications, delivering an improved interactive 3D environment and enhanced visualisation as well as Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) tools to allow engineers to identify the most efficient blast design to ensure the required outcome

Key words: Blast Load, Burster Slab, Conventional Weapons, Explosive Devices Cite this Article: C. Sashidhar and M. Nalini, Analysis and Design of The Underground Structure To Resist Blast Loads From Conventional Weapons. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, 8(3), 2017, pp. 185-192 Specific blast design applications using the Scaled Depth of Burial calculation may include the following: ditching and trenching, oil sands, frost or cap rock, short benches, shallow deck charges or stem charges, bench mining, coal seams and ideal for engineering new blasts in any soft, intermediate to hard geological formation This paper presents the design and analysis of an underground blast resistant shelter made up of high performance fiber reinforced cementitious composites (HPFRCC). This research focuses on an alternative section of cylindrical module of the shelter. The dynamic behavior of module under blast load is studied in finite element software Abaqus 6.12 Purpose. Development of a new method for calculation of drilling-and-blasting operations parameters during underground mining with application of emulsion explosives taking into account their. Burden is a very important and critical dimension when designing a blast. A burden is the distance from the face to the blast hole at the time the hole is fired. It is important to take true burdens into account when blasting! The formula shown above is a good calculation to run to determine a burden for your first test shot, with small.

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  1. Ring Blasting Design Modeling and Optimization María Rocha, Rocha Blast Engineers, Spain & Roberto Laredo, Real Miners Consulting S.L., Spain Benjamín Cebrián, Blast-Consult S.L., Spain Abstract Ring blasting designs have to achieve different goals in order to become efficient whether is done in up hole or downhole fashion
  2. ing application that allows underground
  3. ing process and cast blasting methods at various locations around Callide
  4. Blast design for underground long hole stope to safeguard surface industrial structures from blast induced vibration June 2018 Conference: Fragblast 12- 12th International Symposium on Rock.
  5. The blast design challenge is to effectively use this energy in the most efficient way to fragment rock in a controlled way. The great energy release of explosive can also cause less desirable effects, such as excessive ground vibration and concussion, overbreaking of the rock, and possible pre-compression failure of the adjacent explosive loads
  6. Design, Calculations, and Operational Guidelines 2019 Page 4 of 30 horizontal distance not less than six inches beyond the outer edges of the cooking surface. C. Compensating Hood - A hood that has an outside air-supply with air delivered below or within the hood. Where makeup air is diffused directly into the exhaust within the hoo

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BUILDING DESIGN FOR HOMELAND SECURITY Unit VI-2 Unit Objectives Explain the basic physics involved during an explosive blast event, whether by terrorism or technological accident. Explain building damage and personnel injury resulting from the blast effects upon a building Structural Design Calculations . Job Number: 160602 44 W:\Project File\Project Storage\2016\160602-25 Old Church Street\2.0.Calcs\CMS\cms croft\25 Old Church Street Subterranean Construction Method Statement .docx . Job Number: 160602 4 The design principals used to develop this kit include economy of price and labor as well as the human nature element that has been documented when civil social order breaks down. The American Safe R oom Blast R esistant Bomb/F allout Shelter S ystem facilitates a simple mechanism to construct a true steel-reinforced concrete underground.

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  1. Single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) response calculations are most common, but some blast design engineers prefer more robust, but more complicated and expensive, finite element analyses. Finite element modeling can provide a more accurate and detailed response simulation, but must only be used by persons with a high degree of knowledge in finite.
  2. imize damage to the rock, a smooth-wall blast may be used to create the final excavation surface. Hudson & Harrison (1997) The smooth-wall blast begins by creating a rough opening using a large bulk blast
  3. es. As a drill and blast process, it presents particular features that do not correspond with bench blasting in open pit or underground
  4. tunnel's face. The middle blast-holes are drilled to a depth of one-meter vertical to the tunnel's face. Besides, the holes closer to the floor and the walls are drilled inclined. The number of the blast holes and the amount of applied charge for excavating a complete cross-section differs depending on the blasting conditions and design
  5. e bench blasting. This research exa
  6. Paper presented February 201

Underground blast design and analysis. New features enhance the value of Aegis drill and blast tools to aid underground blast design and analysis. Maptek began selling Aegis in 2016 to complement existing underground design tools. New functionality in this easy-to-use underground drill and blast design and analysis product provides further. BLAST DESIGN Introduction This chapter is an introduction to blasting techniques based primarily on the Explosives and Blasting Procedures Manual (Dick et al., 1987) and the Blaster's Handbook (E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc., 1978). Blast design is not a precise science. Because of widely varying properties of rock, geologic structure. • Run advanced design and editing tools within a simple, modern, and intuitive interface. • Handle all mining sectors, open cut or underground, coal or metals. • Manipulate information using a powerful formula builder, instead of scripting. • Add structure to the planning process using graphical workflows tied into the entir Design of Underground Structures to Resist Nuclear Blast. Volume II: Final Report: Author(s): Merritt, J.L.; Newmark, N.M. Subject(s): Explosion tests strength: Abstract: This project was undertaken with the purpose of evaluating the experimental results from explosion tests involving underground structures

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Technology developer Maptek has announced it will offer Aegis underground drill & blast software as the newest addition to its mining solutions. Aegis is a powerful, award-winning tool with a rich and intuitive 3D environment for underground drill & blast design and analytics during underground explosions. 0.3 This standard is intended for the safety of normal structures on/in more or less homogeneous medium. It covers the criteria for safety of such struc- tures from cracking and also specifies the effective accelerations for their design in certain cases

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  1. ing applications, SHOTPlus Underground. The new software is designed for advanced underground blast design and.
  2. g and sequencing; Slashing design; Design a working plan from set parameters; Critically evaluating extraction method; Stope Design and Optimisation. Complex stope design.
  3. ated air compromises the quality of the air inside your shelter
  4. ing applications, SHOTPlus™ Underground. Since its original launch, SHOTPlus™ has grown to be the
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In fluid dynamics, a blast wave is the increased pressure and flow resulting from the deposition of a large amount of energy in a small, very localised volume. The flow field can be approximated as a lead shock wave, followed by a self-similar subsonic flow field.In simpler terms, a blast wave is an area of pressure expanding supersonically outward from an explosive core barrier pillar design based on sound engineering principles. An overburden blow out and stability analysis must be performed and included in the permit package. 3. When the overburden blow out and stability analysis indicates that the coal seam is the weakest point, the permit applicant may use the Empirical Formula

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A blast shelter is a place where people can go to protect themselves from blasts and explosions, like those from bombs, or in hazardous worksites, such as on oil and gas refineries or petrochemical facilities.It differs from a fallout shelter, in that its main purpose is to protect from shock waves and overpressure instead of from radioactive precipitation, as a fallout shelter does This Blast Management Plan (BMP) forms part of a series of Environmental Management Plans for the Vale Integra Mine. It encompasses blast management across both the Integra Coal Open Cut and Integra Coal Underground Sites, collectively known as the Complex Technology developer Maptek has announced it will offer Aegis underground drill & blast software as the newest addition to its mining solutions. Aegis is a powerful, award-winning tool with a rich.

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Guidelines for the design and construction of underground portals in open pits - J.H. Graaf and T. Parrott a case study of the Gateway mine 424 Ground Support 2013, Perth, Australia 2. The stability of initial underground development due to blast damage and stress relief in this area include topography, blast design, and atmospheric conditions. Blasts may have to be redesigned or rescheduled for more favorable atmospheric conditions to minimize air waves. 6. Misfires Misfires happen when a loaded hole, portion of a loaded hole, or several loaded holes fail to detonate during a blast A design blast pressure may be defined in terms of just the peak pressure only if there is an understanding that the blast-load duration is long compared with the response time of the building's structural components. This is the case for some industrial explosions and for nuclear explosions some cases blast resistant building design methods, conflicts with aesthetical concerns, accessibility variations, fire fighting regulations and the construction budget restrictions. 3.1. Planning and layout . Much can be done at the planning stage of a new building to reduce potential threats and the associated risks o The blast design parameters used by the mine owners in ore bench blasting were obtained and later modified using Sharma, P.A and Langefors and Kihlstrom (1976)'s Swedish new method blasting.

our calculations as well. Much of the PCA publication is comprised of tables of coefficients for calculating moment and shear in two-way slabs. These tables should simplify the calculations. We will refer to the PCA Rectangular Concrete Tanks design manual as PCA-R, and the circular tank design manual as PCA-C design equations suitable for hand calculations, and where necessary, guidance for finite element analysis. 1.1 Project Objective The purpose of this guide is to develop design provisions to evaluate the integrity of buried pipe for a range of applied loads. The provisions contained in this guide apply to the following kind Design calculations establish minimum guidelines and requirements for generating electrical calculations on projects. Electrical calculations should be made for all SPU projects that include electrical components and should be filed in the project notebook. Design calculations may be made either manually or by SPU-approved computer programs Look for suppressor cutaways, x-rays, and design blueprints for some of the most popular suppressors out there and it will inspire you. 3. I suggest checking out silencertalk.com (if it's still around). Helpful terms to search for around the internet would be baffle stack, blast baffle design, and suppressor cores Determining dynamic modulus values for the ore using seismic sensors to measure P- and S-wave velocities, the aforementioned parameters will be utilised to set the design constraints to maximise recovery and minimise overbreak and dilution.New underground blasting software (AEGIS) will use thermodynamic break in conjunction with defined.

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10.5555/books books Thomas Telford Publishing 10.1680/dapoue.35652 Design and Performance of Underground Excavations: ISRM Symposium — Cambridge, U.K., 3-6 September 1984 Design and Performance of Underground Excavations: ISRM Symposium — Cambridge, U.K., 3-6 September 1984 E. T. Brown , and J. A. Hudson Department of Mineral Resources Engineering, Imperial College of Science and. NEWS SNIPPET. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Simple solutions to blast design with BME's Blast Calculator 12 March 2014, Johannesburg: Explosive's company BME has developed an innovative application which provides a quick and simple way of calculating a powder factor, checking charge mass per hole, estimating vibration at a point or even working out the cost of a blast

The purpose of this design was to exclude gas expansion as a direct source of rock fragmentation. Figure 1 illustrates the underground layout and deployment of seismic sensors. Three shock type accelerometers were installed close to the projection of the blast on the tunnel wall. Two of them were placed on the sidewall closest to the blast in. Raise: Underground opening driven upward from one level to a higher level or to the surface; a raise may be either vertical or inclined (compare winze). Ramp: Inclined underground opening that connects levels or production areas; ramps are inclined to allow the passage of motorized vehicles. Ramps usually are driven downward Coupling fragmentation and break analysis tools will enhance the drill & blast process and facilitate a feedback cycle for continuous improvement. Collaboration between Maptek and the developer of Aegis is set to close the loop on underground drill & blast design and measurement, boosting quality assurance and control in this key mining process

The next generation in underground blasting software - Aegis is the ultimate solution for providing interactive and automated underground drill and blast design. The multi-faceted system allows users to rapidly compare different scenarios and generate ring layouts, charging plans and blast designs to paper, or directly to compatible drill. The Orica SHOTPlus™ Underground blast design software (Visualisation) Orica the world's largest manufacturer of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems, has announced the release of its new blast design and modelling software for underground mining applications, SHOTPlus™ Underground. Since its original launch, SHOTPlus™ has grown to be the mining industry's leading.

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Blast Design & Analysis. Using Extreme Loading ® for Structures (ELS) software, structural engineers can design and analyze a structure subjected to blast loads with full 3-D nonlinear dynamic analysis. The results allow users to visualize in 3D how the building or different structural components inside the building will behave under the prescribed conditions This is our DEFCON 3 Standard single unit underground bunker floor plan, bomb shelter, and survival shelter. DEFCON 3 Standard units are 8′ x 24′ x 20′ and are 100% steel. DEFCON 3 units come standard with water filtration, NBC filter, blast valves, full bathroom, bullet resistant doors, 45 degree entrance, and many other standard features

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Design steps are involving: 1. Stability a. Uplift Check b. Check of Stresses on Soil 2. Strength a. Design of Critical Sections. Sketches Show the results when tank empty as well full. III. PRIMARY DATA OF UNDERGROUND RECTANGULAR WATER TANK Figure shows the primary data in STAAD Pro design for Rec. Water tan 4-4.24 Group Shelters: Blast -Resistant: Design Standards: Shielding. Blast-resistant and limited blast-resistant group shelters shall have a protection factor of at least one thousand (1,000) in the portion of the shelter to be occupied and shall comply with the provisions of Section 4-4.23 of this chapter

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Open Pit Drill & Blast Solution. DataBlast is a multi-user system covering the entire open pit drill and blast process from design to in-field operations. Electronically transfer data, respond to changes in real-time, and generate reconciliation reports. Identify trends and improve blasting performance over time Design and plan drill and blast patterns for surface and underground mining Contact Us Design and plan suitable blast patterns to ensures monthly production tonnage targets are met, factoring in safety, materials and costs associated while looking for ways to reduce costs and improve performance The blast-induced pressure wave in the soil surrounding an underground structure results in time-dependent loading (pressure or impulse force) of the underground structure. The current methodology for the designing underground structures subjected to explosive loads uses concepts and provisions of other specific codes, standards, and design manual The easiest way to mine valuable orebodies is through the use of explosives and well-planned blasting layouts that produce fragmentation profiles designed specifically for conveyance equipment in underground mines. The design of blasting patterns is specific to not only the explosives being used but also the rock or ore type being fragmented

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Blast Design Ltd. Registered in the UK #3695656. 5 Hanover Yard, Noel Road Islington, London N1 8YA. T: +44 (0)20 7359 7422 E: studio@blast.co.uk. Sign up for our newsletter. With our years of experience we have been able to design and manufacture our own vault blast doors and blast hatches along with many of the accessories we offer and use when we build. We do not expect you nor do we want you to just take our word for it, we advise you to research any and all companies that you are considering Underground mine engineers benefit from Micromine Mining's integrated suite of CAD tools for carrying out mine layout design; drafting underground drives, rises, shafts, declines and inclines; and stope design and ring design, including drill fans, charging, stemming and volume calculations Since its original launch, the drill and blast software solution has been used in mining operations around the world. Following successful trials by the company's technical services teams, the new product is designed specifically for advanced underground blast design and complex blasting scenarios The design of grooved blast holes in models according to the actual grooved blast holes sizes on site is shown in Figure 4. According to the construction design of the main underground powerhouse, calculations of three groups of equivalent load are based on formulas.

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Soft-Blast is the home of JKSimBlast, the premier software system for blast design and analysis in Surface, Underground and Tunnel operations. With over 750 users in 60 countries, JKSimBlast is used in a wide range of mining, research and teaching applications by miners, explosives suppliers, contractors, consultants and universities The Safe Cell NBC air filtration system was designed in 2001 by American Safe Room's CEO, Len Henrikson. He drew upon his extensive background in designing radioactive waste compactors for the US Government and followed all of the critical specifications in the US Army Corps of Engineer's Technical Letter Number ETL 1110-3-498 - Design of Collective Protection Shelters to Resist Chemical. FINAL YEAR PROJECT UNDERGROUND BLAST DESIGN FOR GEMSTONES MINING; FOR EFFICIENT AND SAFE EXCAVATIONS. CASE STUDY; KASIGAU GEMSTONES MINES FINAL PROJECT PRESENTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF MINING, MATERIALS AND PETROLEUM ENGINEERING. PROJECT CODE: MMPE-PRO-20-06 Presented by IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT FOR THE AWARD OF BACHELORS DEGREE IN MINING AND MINERAL PROCESSING ENGINEERING DECEMBER 2020.

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Typical estimates of blast overpressure for a variety of off-shore installations and areas are listed in DNV-OS-A101 Safety Principles and Arrangements, table D1. Blast drag load Hand calculations of the blast drag load per unit length of the pipe can be calculated as follows: wher This report presents a new concept in perimeter control blasting for underground metal/nonmetal mine drifting applications focusing on the importance of the buffer holes in a blast design. The new blast design concept applies the understanding of radial damage that is caused by the buffer hole column charge. Buffer hole radial damage is defined by a practical damage limit applied to the rock. • Alternative design values for θ and μ are found in other blast design documents, including TM 5-1300 and Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities from ASCE. The user may select the User Defined option in the first component sub-category drop-down box under Response Criteria and the Distribution Design Standard - Underground System Page 4 of 68 1 Introduction 1.1 Prelude This Underground System Distribution Design Standard (Standard) contains the approved design process considerations and detailed standard arrangements for the design of Underground System assets within TasNetworks' electrical network

We take pride in bomb shelter design, as we design bomb shelter plans that suit your climate and terrain. Your needs and desires come first when it comes to building a bomb shelter. So for instance let's say you want an underground concrete bomb shelter but you have no idea how large you want it or what you need inside it, such as vault blast. AC 150/5300-13 CHG 11 3/28/07 viii Table Page 1-1. Increases in airport design standards associated with an upgrade in the first component (aircraft approach category) of the airport reference code.... Pillar design formulas can give realistic, conservative estimates of pillar sizes for use in feasibility studies or initial longwall panel design. Two recent, successful examples of preliminary design with pillar formulas were reported at Kerr- McGee's Galatia Mine in Illinois (Doney, 1990) and at Wolf Creek Collieries in Kentucky (Cole et al. underground blast design and analysis. 2DRing can design and analyse blasts with holes arranged in planes, with each plane at any orientation, including longhole and sub-level stoping, narrow vein, drawbells, horodiam. 2DRing has several methods for creating blast holes Blast Design. Blast design is becoming a regular requirement in a number of buildings and no longer restricted to underground shelters and sensitive military sites. Many industrial sites now carry out processes that require building within the vicinity to be blast resistant. At Alan Wood & Partners we have a wealth of experience surrounding.

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