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How do I clean my Wintec saddle? The Wintec range of saddles is easy-care and hassle free. Wet the surface of your saddle; apply Wintec cleaner, or a mild detergent diluted in water before wiping over with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, or on Equisuede you can use a small stiff bristled brush, such as a fingernai You are being redirected If the saddle is really dirty, you can use a damp cloth with some mild soap. After scrubbing off the saddle, wipe it again with a clean damp cloth. Don't hose down or soak your saddle, especially if it's wool flocked. While the saddle surface will dry out relatively quickly, the flocking will be wet for a long time In this video Anna from Saddlery International explains how to care for your Wintec Saddle. Expand this box for more info, links etc...SOCIAL Website | https..

How do you clean a Wintec saddle? You can take a little diluted soap and water to clean your Wintec. If you have been in the ocean with your saddle, you will need to make sure to get all the salt off of it. Once hosed down, lay your saddle out to dry but make sure it is not in direct sunlight The Wintec range of saddles is easy-care and hassle free. Wet the surface of your saddle; apply Wintec cleaner, or a mild detergent diluted in water before wiping over with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, or on Equi-Suede you can use a small stiff bristled brush, such as a fingernail brush, to lift the dirt To remove any stubborn marks from equisuede, cloth or equileather sections (this is what the lower part of the Isabell flap is made of) of a Wintec saddle we recommend Carr & Day & Martin..

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  1. Wintec is the Worlds No. 1 Synthetic Saddle Brand offering World-leading innovations for horse and rider comfort in easy-care, weatherproof and durable saddles for every discipline, including Dressage, Jump, All Purpose, Eventing, Stock and Endurance
  2. Synthetic saddles are low maintenance, but there are a few things you need to know to keep your saddle clean and at the top of its game! To clean your synthetic saddle you will need warm water and a tack sponge. Wipe down any dust, dirt, etc with your damp sponge
  3. The WintecLite Saddle is about 30% lighter than the standard Wintec saddle and about 50% lighter than the average leather saddle. Find out why you'll love th..
  4. Favorite Answer On my wintec I just take a horse brush and brush it around the skirt and the fender. My jockey had leather in it so I used the leather conditioner. It cleaned up nice enough
  5. Absolutely Clean Amazing Saddle & Tack Cleaner and Conditioner 4.6 out of 5 stars 67. $14.99. Easy-change Gullet System Individual Gullet Kit 4.4 out of 5 stars 26. 5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for my WinTec saddle. Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2019. Color: N/ASize: 17OZ Verified Purchase. Perfect for my WinTec saddle Read.
  6. ok so i recently received a dressage saddle package which included a wintec 500 dressage saddle and a black wintec bridle w/ rubber reins. so my question is how would i go about cleaning it? the area under my stirrup leathers are slowly turning to a whiter black, and i have been sick for awhile so my bridle is dusty. so im just curious as to how i would keep it black and looking good. would i.

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  1. Wintec, lightweight, durable, comfortable synthetic saddles. For any riding discipline from Wintec Dressage saddles to Wintec Western saddles. Designed with the Easy Change system, the saddles will fit most horses with only a few turns of a screw driver. Wintec also offers synthetic strapgoods, like bridles, martingales or breastcollars
  2. How often you clean your saddle may depend on how it is used. If you only use your saddles on weekends for leisurely pleasure rides, you might not need to clean your saddle as frequently as someone who participates in a sport where the saddle is exposed to sweat, mud, and dirt regularly such as distance riding or cross-country jumping
  3. Clean off dust, sweat, and other grime with warm water: The best product to use to clean your saddle is easy to find - warm water! Annette explained that it can remove 90% of the dirt. Don't soak the leather! she cautioned. Instead, use a slightly damp sponge to remove any dirt, sweat, and grime

Best Answer: To clean mold off a saddle, Scrub the leather with a damp sponge, using plenty of water (yes, water!) and a pH balanced leather cleaner such as Lexol Cleaner in small circular motions. Kimberly N. staff Feb 17, 202 Wintec Saddles. From close contact saddles to dressage saddles, you'll find it all at Dover Saddlery. Clear All. Selected. Wintec. Narrow Results. Material. Synthetic Color. Black Brown Price. $100 - $200 $1000 - $3000 $300 - $400 $400 - $500 $500 - $600 $600 - $1000 Brand When it comes to quality Wintec Saddles, perhaps the Wintec Semi-Quarter Western Saddle might be one of the best choices.The 16 inch western saddle is widely used by many horse owners. This all round synthetic western saddle has the exotic look of grained leather. It is resistant to abrasion, and hence it will not cause damage to your horse even after long hours of riding The Child's Wintec offers exceptional comfort and support. This saddle ensures good riding habits from day one. There is a built-in hand hold for added security. VELCRO® adjustable panels help fit your horse or pony. Synthetic Equileather™ shell for durability and easy care. Imported To clean your saddle, wipe it down with a slightly damp sponge, then follow with saddle soap. Use a toothbrush in saddle soap to get any dirtier bits or places that are harder to clean. Wipe the saddle down with a dry cloth once clean and apply conditioner when needed. Don't over-condition your saddle or you could make the leather limp

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  1. g formulation. Wet the surface of the saddle. Apply the solution in an even spray. With a damp cloth wipe over the saddle in circular..
  2. The Wintec HART Pro Stock Australian Saddle is Wintec's most comfortable stock saddle yet, offering horse and rider exceptional security, balance and comfort on any adventure!The specialized design of stock saddles offers immediate contact for enhanced communication and encourages correct alignment and center of balance
  3. e whether you need to mix it with water or not. Glycerin saddle soap comes in bar, cake, and liquid form
  4. Wintec Saddle Cleaner for Synthetic Saddles is an excellent product we know our customers will love. Trail Size Wintec Saddle Cleaner is scientifically formulated to effortlessly remove dirt, mud, sweat, and stubborn stains from your Wintec tack. Wintec Saddle Cleaner will keep all of your Wintec tack looking like BRAND NEW
  5. The Fleece lined skirt of the Wintec Western Saddle is another important feature that is enjoyed by most riders who use the saddled. The Wintec Western Saddle is made of Duraleather which makes it a strong and easy to clean leather. No oiling is needed to clean the Wintec Western Saddle, as it can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  6. Wintec Saddle Cleaner. Wintec Saddle Cleaner is a scientifically formulated solution that ensures saddles and accessories continue to look like new. Dirt, mud, sweat, even stubborn stains are effortlessly removed

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Light-weight, designed of Equileather, a synthetic alternative to leather that looks and feels like real leather. Proves easier to clean than real leather, no more wasted cleaning supplies. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth and hit the trail. Used Wintec Western Saddle Full Quarter Horse ; SADDLE TYPE: Trail; TREE SIZE: Wide ; TREE MATERIAL. Wintec Barrel Saddle. The Wintec Barrel Saddle is a super lightweight and well made synthetic saddle that is great for barrel racing. These types of saddles are very popular in the barrel world for getting the extra weight off of your horses to help drop time off of you runs. Made of durable synthetic leather that makes clean up a snap Wintec Saddle Cleaner quantity. Add to cart. Categories: Cleaning Tack, Sale, Stable Supplies. Description; Reviews (0) Description. Wintec Saddle Cleaner is a scientifically formulated solution that ensures saddles and accessories continue to look like new. Dirt, mud, sweat, even stubborn stains are effortlessly removed Let the saddle dry out slowly and naturally. When the saddle is dry, use the suede brush to buff the nap. Wet Cleaning for Suede. If areas of your saddle have advanced into heavy slicking and staining, you can use a wet cleaning method to restore the suede-to an extent. Remember, you should never use wet cleaning for regular care. This can.

What makes Wintec saddles one of the easiest saddle brands to care for is the waterproof synthetic leather combined with the grippy suede fabric on some models. These are super low effort to take care of, just wipe clean! You can also purchase synthetic tack cleaner which just gives the synthetic fabric a cleaner end look Wintec® 2000 All Purpose Saddle with HART NEW AND IMPROVED! Unbeatable comfort and support for riders who wants to do a little bit of everything! You will sink into the super-soft, deep seat of the 2000 All Purpose and experience total luxury in this top-of-the-range all purpose saddle Wintec synthetic western saddles are a popular choice for many riders. They have a number of advantages over traditional leather saddles, in that the synthetic saddle is lighter, easier to clean and easier to care for. As with any saddle, it is important to cinch the Wintec synthetic western saddle properly to ensure a safe ride

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The saddle provides you with a secure position, and supportive seat, with the comfort and grip of the most supple, and durable leather-look which is very easy to keep clean and maintain. Your horse will love the new Wintec panels which are super soft and mould around their muscles The Wintec 250 All Purpose Saddle is a hard-wearing, easy care all purpose saddle offering flexibility of fit with the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System. Featuring an open seat for freedom of movement and the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System. Equi-Leather seat and flaps with Equi-Suede knee insert wipes clean with soap and water A garden hose or bucket of clean water for rinsing Want to know more about synthetic saddle materials? Check out our blog on the Wintec Guide to Synthetic Saddles! STEP 2: Wet your saddle with Wintec Saddle Cleaner or a mild detergent and water. To get the process moving, simply spray your Wintec Saddle cleaner onto your saddle, or apply mild. The Wintec 2000 can be hosed off in the yard, if you wanted to clean the saddle in that manner. I wiped mine down with a soft cloth after each ride, and was amazed how easy it was to clean. This saddle is 100% waterproof! I only purchase leather saddles, so this was a foreign concept at first. I hard time believing that I could use.

CAIR panels (Bates/Wintec) Most Bates and Wintec saddles are fitted with the Cair system which is patented to this particular brand. Most people think that Cair is air filled bags, similar to that of the Flair panels. However. Cair is actually a foam/spongey panel concealed within a bag. Within the bag is a little air, supported by the sponge. Known for enduring quality, comfort and fit, this Wintec Saddle features the EZ-Fold™ Fenders System. Square skirts, fenders, jockeys, swell, and cantle are crafted from scratch-resistant Dura-Leather synthetic leather, making this saddle low maintenance and easy to clean - just use soap and water The Wintec Kids' Saddle provides a comfortable, secure, and supportive seat for the young rider, ensuring good riding habits from the first day of riding. This lightweight, synthetic saddle has Velcro panels that can be adjusted to fit a variety of horses and ponies. Perfect for lead line and young riders. Wintec is the world's # 1 synthetic. Selling a 16.5 Wintec 2000 with CAIR in good condition. Extras include the complete Easy Change Gullet Kit(red gullet installed in saddle) Wintec synthetic stirrup leathers, peacock irons, and a 46 black double elastic girth. This saddle has a full Equisuede seat and leather billets. There is a small amount of pilling near the pommel of the. Leather English saddles can be re-stuffed and refitted to fit many different horses, but there is a limit to how much a saddle can be altered. So if your first horse is an Arabian, and your next is a Clyde cross, you may need a different saddle. Yes, the resale value on a good leather saddle is better than a synthetic

Brand: Wintec Series: Wintec Saddle Collection Size: 14, 15, 16 or 17 . FEATURES: Durable synthetic leather makes clean up a snap, Equi-Suede, extra foam padded seat, PP saddle strings, Foam cushioned stirrup pads, EZ Fold Fender System allows riders to easily self shape the fenders for their individual and customized comfort . TREE: Full Quarter Horse Bars Wintec Saddle Cleaner is a scientifically formulated solution that ensures your synthetic saddle and tack continue to look like new. Dirt, mud, sweat, even stubborn stains are effortlessly removed. Product Details: 500 ml (16 oz) Made for cleaning of Wintec tack How to Use: Spray directly onto tack, wipe with damp cloth, let air dr

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Wintec Saddle Cleaner is scientifically formulated to effortlessly remove dirt, mud, sweat, and stubborn stains from your Wintec tack. This product can be used on equileather and equisuede synthetic saddles and tack The Wintec has done just the right job plus it looks nice and actually somewhat like a leather saddle (minus the huge WINTEC logo on the side of the stirrup leather hiding slot) and is actually quite comfortable. I also like that they're easy to clean as well as really lightweight

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  1. Wintec Full Quarter Horse Synthetic Saddle is rated 3.8 out of 5 by 12. Rated 1 out of 5 by JT in TN from Very Disappointed I should have done the test saddle option. Now I'm stuck with a super stiff and uncomfortable saddle that is WAY too wide for my typical build QH
  2. Wintec - Limited Warranty. Bates guarantees the Wintec range of saddles for a period of two years against faulty materials, or workmanship. Further, the Elastiflex tree in your saddle is guaranteed against breakage for the lifetime of the saddle deemed to be 10 years* (5 years for the Wintec Western saddle)
  3. I came to the Wintec dressage saddle perhaps unwillingly. Long I extolled the virtues, but I was a little resistant to a synthetic saddles. As a retailer, it had solved many a saddle-fitting dilemma for me. As a competitor, I preferred leather. Yet the more I learned and worked with the Bates and Wintec saddles, the more curious I became about how this saddle could help me
  4. With unparalleled comfort, design, and value, this saddle offers a deep, supportive seat to keep you balanced whether at home or at a show. Constructed from synthetic materials that require virtually no maintenance, Wintec saddles are a perfect choice for riders who want to spend less time cleaning tack in the barn and more time on their horse

Wintec Western Trail Saddle - Best Non-heavy Western Trail saddles ; Check Price on Amazon. The Wintec brand is a well-known brand in the world of horse riding. It offers a comfortable and secure ride. This synthetic saddle is perfect for all trail riding expeditions. Thanks to EZ fold fenders, this saddle is simple and perfect for long rides Wintec has created truly revolutionary synthetic saddles. Not only do they last longer. But are generally easier to work with and to clean. Which is something I always look for in a saddle. My saddles often get muddy fast and I used to hate cleaning my leather saddles because. it was so vigorous Comfortable, practical dressage saddle which is excellent for hard to fit or when riding several horses. Clean, no scratches or excessive wear. Wintec 500 Dressage Saddle 18 | eBa Wintec saddles are great as they come with interchangeable gullets- the gullet is what gives the saddle its shape, and not all saddles fit all horses, but with the interchangeable gullet system, the one saddle can be adjusted to be a comfortable fit for a number of horses. They also are very easy to clean being synthetic- just wipe and go. Wintec Isabell Dressage Saddle with CAIR is an easy-care, lightweight synthetic Equisuede saddle developed in consultation with World Dressage Champion Isabell Werth. A long-time favorite of many Mary's dressage riders, the Wintec Isabell Saddle is affordable, attractive, and comfortable for the horse as well as the rider

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@[156074084463450:274:Wintec Saddles] synthetic saddles - easy to maintain clean and durable at the same time Translated You and your horse can enjoy all the benefits of a lightweight, splash-proof, durable and easy-care Wintec saddle Learn how to clean your synthetic saddle. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Log in. Sign up. Visit. From . us2.campaign-archive1.com. 6 Easy Steps to Spruce Up Wintec Saddles. 6 Easy Steps to Spruce Up Wintec Saddles. Jeffers, Inc. 1k followers. More information. 6 Easy Steps to Spruce Up Wintec Saddles. Find this Pin and more on Equine Tips by. I am an eventer and have ridden in both saddles. It actually depends on what you prefer. Wintec are really good synthetic saddles and are extremely easy to clean. They are really comfy and can be adjusted to fit any horse. Bates saddles are generally very expensive but they are really worth it

Designed by the popular Wintec saddle brand, the Wintec Western Trail Saddle provides a secure and comfy ride. This synthetic saddle is ideal for all trail riding conditions. Thanks to EZ fold fenders this saddle is easy to use and perfect for long rides. The seat is padded with memory foam to provide ultimate comfort while riding Series: Wintec Saddle Collection. Size: 14″,15″,16″,17″. FEATURES: Durable synthetic leather makes clean up a snap, Equi-Suede, extra foam padded stitched sea Measure your horses wither. I like to use an old wire coat hanger to mold over the wither or make tracings. After that you can determine via the saddle makers chart measurement if you need a narrow, med or wide tree for your horse. Wintec makes sa.. How do you clean a Wintec saddle? Because these saddles are made from synthetic materials, there is no need for waxing or oiling. Wintec says their saddles should only be cleaned with mild soap and water. Never use harsh cleaners on your Wintec saddle because it can cause damage. The materials are durable and only need rinsing or mild scrubbing ODULE 3 Wintec Saddles 7 Wintec Saddles FAQ How do I clean my Wintec Saddle? 1. Wet the surface of your saddle; 2. Apply Wintec cleaner, or a mild detergent diluted in water 3. Wipe over with a damp cloth. 4. For stubborn stains, or on Equi-Suede use a small stiff bristled brush, such as a fingernail brush, to lift the dirt. 5

Wintec saddles are made from an innovative synthetic material, which has several advantages. It is easy to clean and light in weight. Moreover these saddles are in a comparatively low price segment and are thus affordable for everyone. Wintec saddles cover all ridden disciplines such as dressage, eventing, show jumping or western and are. Jun 5, 2014 - Explore kelcee stolz's board Wintec saddles on Pinterest. See more ideas about saddles, western saddle, horse tack

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The Wintec Kids Saddle has many features making it a perfect saddle for little ones to learn in: Knee roll provides extra security. Built-in handle is strong, yet comfortable and easy for little hands to hang on to. Easy to clean panel and washable top. Less fuss for mum and dad This is a used Wintec western saddle with a 16 seat. Has a 6 3/4 gullet. Has had a light cleaning with all conchos polished. Good fleece and good over all condition. The item Wintec Western Saddle Used 16″ is in sale since Wednesday, June 24, 2020 How to Clean Moldy Leather It's been a soggy few months here on the east coast. With all the rain and humidity in the air, it's nearly impossible to keep mold from growing in our tack rooms and all over our expensive saddles, bridles, and halters. Mold can be a nightmare to clean, but it [ wintec 500 17 black. always kept inside. Older style with medium interchangeable gullet - currently red gullet. So easy to clean so perfect for pony club or hacking around. Comes mounted with stirrups and irons $150. pick up from Yarrambat, Diamond Creek, Eltham or Templestowe or can post for additional $5

The company that manufactures Abetta saddles has closed down manufacturing operations for the Abetta line. Unfortunately, we no longer have any Abetta Saddles or Accessories available. Please click the link below to see many possible lightweight synthetic saddle alternatives below Fairfax Saddles Ltd Company number: 1938473 VAT number: 410018520 Registered Offices: 34 High Street, Aldridge WS9 8LZ. Wintec saddle cleaner spray is a scientifically formulated synthetic saddle cleaning solution that ensures your wintec (or any other brand synthetic saddle) will continue to look like new. Dirt, mud, sweat & even stubborn stains are effortlessly removed from the synthetic leather and material surfaces without risk to saddle Wintec Saddle Cleaner is a scientifically formulated solution that ensures your synthetic saddle continues to look like new. Dirt mud sweat and even stubborn stains are removed effortlessly. Size: 16o 2 Wintec Saddles, tack & box 2200.00 Sturdy single saddle Tack box of 3/4 plywood with its overflowing contents including: 2 CAIR Wintec saddles (one 17 1/2 Isabelle Werth Dressage & o.

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Hi everyone I am doing a track room clean out as I need some new equipment for my horse. I have two saddles for sale - Collegiate black leather dressage saddle. It is 17 1/2 inch and has a changeable gullet system in it. I have hardly used this saddle. asking $650 for it. - I also have a Wintec pony saddle Wintec wide cob saddle 18 with cair only used onc . Wintec wide cob saddle 18 with cair only used. Only tried in saddle as didn't fit. wintec branded logo saddle pad cob/full size used but in good condition and has been washed. We will always contact you back to confirm all details are correc Wintec saddles are ideal for use in all weather conditions as synthetic materials are quick drying and easy to clean. Wintec saddles give you greater riding freedom, and offer an ideal alternative for use in inclement conditions, which would otherwise damage a leather saddle

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The saddle is arguably the most important tool for the rider to communicate clearly with the horse. Henri de Rivel quality English saddles come at affordable prices for all levels of equestrians. HDR saddles provides a correct seat to enhance the connection between horse and rider Wintec GP saddles x 3, 16, 17 & 17 1/2 inch, adjustable gullet Great condition $300 each - photos give general idea of condition of all three saddles. Appreciate the photos are confusing, send me a message and I can send photos that are more relevant to the saddle Available in fun colors and patterns, as well as saddles that offer a leather-like look, our inventory includes your favorite tack brands such as Abetta, Big Horn, Cashel, and Wintec. With saddles for all ages, we have synthetic youth saddles and synthetic pony saddles in addition to our full-size synthetic saddles A mild detergent can be used to remove stubborn dirt. Remember to clean all surfaces. 2. We recommend using Thorowgood stirrup straps with T8 saddles. Simply follow the same care routine. If the saddle has leather stirrup straps, take care NOT to apply saddle soap to the surface which comes into contact with the saddle flap. 3 A center seam creates a custom fit to the saddles' seat contours. The wool is trimmed one-inch thickness on the real leather backing as Mother Nature made it! Since 1986 ~BUY the ORIGINAL ~ BUY the BEST ~ BUY JMS! Fits up to 19 seat ENGLISH DRESSAGE WINTEC STYLE SADDLE. But it can fit ANY SADDLE THAT MATCHES THESE MEASUREMENTS

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An economical, synthetic saddle with a wide tree to fit a larger animal. This is a great-looking synthetic Western saddle, with the enduring quality, comfort, and fit you expect from Wintec. This saddle features Wintec's exclusive Patented EZ Fold Fenders System - for pre turned, always in place fenders and stirrups Wintec Synthetic Rubber Grip Reins Perfect for commencing your riding or training in any weather, the Wintec® Rubber Grip Reins are firm and tactile, providing a durable and easy-care choice for any discipline.Easy to clean Wintec synthetic reins and perfect to compliment the Wintec Bridle Saddle Oil (I used Hydrophane Darkening Oil since I had it on hand and my saddle is mahogany) A bucket and warm water; A small towel or clean rag; To get ready, put your saddle on a saddle stand. Remove the stirrup hobbles, unbuckle the Blevin Buckles and remove the stirrups. Oil both sides of the length of fender neck and stirrup leathers.

In this Wintec 500 All Purpose saddle, you will feel secure in your position with a supportive seat, and the added comfort and grip of the most supple and durable leather-look, easy-care saddle yet. Be bold and personalise your Wintec saddle with a coloured stirrup keeper Wintec Synthetic Saddles Economical, synthetic saddles with a wide tree to fit a larger animal. This is a great looking synthetic Western saddle, with the enduring quality, comfort and fit you expect from Wintec®. This saddle features Wintec's exclusive Patented EZ Fold Fenders System - for pre turned, always in place fenders and stirrups

The soft anti galling materials used in the design of the Stock Girth provides a horse with maximum comfort as it helps prevent galling. Wintec's stock girth is lightweight and easy to clean. Only available in brown with brass fittings • Some small marks / light surface scratches to the flaps on the saddle in places, which are not very noticeable. • Includes detachable knee blocks. Wintec's description of this model - • Anatomically designed for the smaller pony, the Wintec 500 Pony All Purpose features a supportive, comfortable and balanced seat with an ultra. Finally, a great-looking synthetic Western saddle with the enduring quality, comfort, and fit you expect from Wintec® Ideal for trail, working, training or as a lightweight second saddle. Skirts, fenders, jockeys, swell, and cantle are crafted from Equileather synthetic leather - far more durable and water-repellent than the Cordura. Materials: Saddles are now available in a variety of materials as well as traditional leather. Latest synthetic materials, such as the ranges available in Z-plus, are very easy to clean, just with soap and water, and virtually stain-proof as well as being strong, hard wearing and available in a wide range of colours

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