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A TALEN Genome-Editing System for Generating Human Stem Cell-Based Disease Models Working class protest, popular revolt, and urban insurrection in Argentina: the 1969 Cordobazo The DNA Alphabet part for the Human Race are these 24 Master DNA Sequences; CGAT, CGTA, CAGT, CATG, CTGA, CTAG, AGCT, AGTC, ACGT, ACTG, ATGC, ATCG, GCAT, GCTA, GACT, GATC, GTAC, GTCA, TGAC, TGCA, TCGA, TCAG, TAGC, and TACG Plasmid sequence and annotations. Use text editor or plasmid mapping software to view sequence. SnapGene File: Plasmid sequence and SnapGene enhanced annotations. Use with SnapGene software or the free Viewer to visualize additional data and align other sequences The three consecutive DNA bases, called nucleotide triplets or codons, are translatedinto amino acids(GCA to alanine, AGA to arginine, GAT to aspartic acid, AAT to asparagine, and TGT to cysteinein this example). A codon tablecan be used to translate a genetic codeinto a sequence of amino acids

Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) is found in the bloodstream and refers to DNA that comes from cancerous cells and tumors. Most DNA is inside a cell's nucleus. As a tumor grows, cells die and are replaced by new ones From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) is found in serum and plasma fractions from blood. The mechanism of ctDNA release is unknown, though apoptosis, necrosis, and active secretion from tumor cells have been hypothesized. Once ctDNA is isolated, it can be sequenced for mutational analysis

CgtA is a member of the Obg/Gtp1 subfamily of small GTP-binding proteins. CgtA homologues have been found in various prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, ranging from bacteria to humans. Nevertheless, despite the fact that cgtA is an essential gene in most bacterial species, its function in the regulation of cellular processes is largely unknown DNA synthesis per cell mass was found to be increased in the cgtA mutant relative to wild-type V. harveyi strain, whereas the mutant cells grew slower than bacteria with functional cgtA gene. Kinetics of DNA replication after inhibition of cell division was also considerably different in wild-type and cgtA mutant strains

As a member of the wwPDB, the RCSB PDB curates and annotates PDB data according to agreed upon standards. The RCSB PDB also provides a variety of tools and resources. Users can perform simple and advanced searches based on annotations relating to sequence, structure and function. These molecules are visualized, downloaded, and analyzed by users who range from students to specialized scientists What follows is a fairly exhaustive list of — presumably intentional — DNA-based initialisms that are in use (or have been used). As of 2019-07-22 the current list contains 63 names in total with all 24 possible combinations of [ACGT] being used 生物学的な意味. dnaが保持する遺伝情報は直接的には塩基配列の形で保持されている。 dnaの遺伝子情報記述領域(コーディング領域)では、その遺伝子に対応する蛋白質のアミノ酸配列を表現する(後述)。 これとは別に、ある種の制御タンパク質の結合部位として働き遺伝子発現を制御する. Answer to Question 31 0 / 1 point Normal gene DNA template ** CATAG CGTA AGGC GUAU CCAG CAUUCCGC... mRNA DNA template Mutation A G..

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  1. Abstract. In Escherichia coli and other bacteria, the ribosome-associated CgtA GTP-binding protein plays a critical role in many basic cellular processes, including the control of DNA replication and/or segregation. However, the mechanism of this control is largely unknown. Here we report that ectopic expression of the dnaA gene partially restored both early growth in liquid medium and DNA.
  2. In my popular do-it-yourself DNA manual, Your DNA Guide—the Book, I teach you everything you need to know to learn how you're related to your DNA matches, including all the back-up strategies, caveats and unique situations you may encounter.If you're ready to get to know your match list, I recommend you pick up a copy.. Meanwhile, let's get you started using your shared DNA to.
  3. A reduction in the levels of CgtA protein upon entry into stationary phase has been previously been reported for Streptomyces coelicolor(26) and E. coli(16). The Obg/CgtA proteins have been implicated in cell cycle and/or DNA replication control in a number of bacteria
  4. In Escherichia coli and other bacteria, the ribosome-associated CgtA GTP-binding protein plays a critical role in many basic cellular processes, including the control of DNA replication and/or..
  5. View protein in InterPro IPR031167, G_OBG IPR006073, GTP-bd IPR035101, GTP-bd_Obg IPR014100, GTP-bd_Obg/CgtA IPR006074, GTP1-OBG_CS IPR006169, GTP1_OBG_dom IPR036726, GTP1_OBG_dom_sf IPR027417, P-loop_NTPase: Pfam i: View protein in Pfam PF01018, GTP1_OBG, 1 hit PF01926, MMR_HSR1, 1 hit: PIRSF i: PIRSF002401.
  6. What would the complementary DNA strand be if the original strand's sequence is CGTA? Rosalind Franklin Scientist who conducted x-ray diffraction on DNA to discover it was a double helix shap

I am trying to generate random sequences of DNA in python using random numbers and random strings. But I am getting only one string as my output. For example: If I give DNA of length 5 (String(5)), I need help writing a method that could be called to concatenate any number of DNA sequences passed in as arguments, and return the concatenated DNA sequence. Two examples of calling the method are shown below

The gene encoding the conserved bacterial G protein CgtA (Obg) is essential for viability in every organism in which it has been studied. CgtA has been reported to be involved in several diverse bacterial functions, including ribosome assembly, DNA repair, sporulation, and morphological development. However, none of these functions have been identified as essential The cgtA gene, coding for the conserved G protein CgtA, is essential in bacteria. In contrast to a previous report, here we show by using genetic analysis that cgtA is essential in Vibrio cholerae even in a Δ relA background. Depletion of CgtA affected the growth of V. cholerae and rendered the cells highly sensitive to the replication inhibitor hydroxyurea (MIX)38 5 CTA ATGC CGTA ATGC CGTA ATGC CGTA ATGC CGTA ATC. The oligonucleotides p53-1 and p53-2 were purchased with 39-fluorescein and 59-trityl to enhance HPLC purification of the correct length. Molecular beacon (BCN)T15 5 (fluorescein-dT)GCGAGT15CTCGC-Dabcyl. DNA oligomer concentrations were measured at both 492 and 260 nm. Rec C. crescentus cgtA gene were created by inserting the V (spectinomycin-strepto-mycin resistance) cassette into cgtA. DNA containing the 3.0-kb PstI-EcoRI cgtA fragment was cloned into the integrating vector pBGST18 to create pJM534. A deletion insertion mutant form of cgtA was generated by replacing the 638-b

Does God Exist - Six Reasons to Believe that God is ReallyCgtA V associates with the 50S ribosomal particle

May consist of two protein domains: the one in the N-terminal side cleaves the alpha-1,4-glucosidic bond in starch, and the other in the C-terminal side catalyzes other activities, including the reconstitution of an alpha-1,4-glucosidic linkage for cyclizing the maltooligosaccharide produced The reliable repair of pre-mutagenic U/G mismatches that originated from hydrolytic cytosine deamination is crucial for the maintenance of the correct genomic information. In most organisms, any uracil base in DNA is attacked by uracil DNA glycosylas..

CgtA has an essential function apart from ribosome biogenesis, and that this unidentified function is the essential function. To identify the essential function of CgtA in V. cholerae,we compared the transcriptional profiles of CgtA-depleted and CgtA-expressing strains to identify changes in gene expression due to CgtA depletion The cgtA gene is essential in V. cholerae.. During this study, Raskin et al. reported that in V. cholerae cgtA is an essential gene, as it is in other bacteria.Our experimental data support the observation made by Raskin et al. ().To show this, initially chromosomal DNA flanking the cgtA gene (The Institute for Genome Research annotation no. VC0437) was PCR amplified using the Cgta-F/Cgta-R. • DNA Microarrays => for profiling genes and tracing genes within long DNA strands CAGA CAGT CATC CATG CCAA CCAT CCTA CCTT CGAA CGAT CGTA CGTT CTAC CTAG CTCA CTCT CTGA CTGT CTTC CTTG GAAC GAAG GACA GACT GAGA GAGT GATC GATG GCAA GCAT GCTA GCTT GGAA GGAT GGTA GGTT GTAC GTAG GTCA GTCT GTGA GTG

GCTA. a tool for Genome-wide Complex Trait Analysis. GCTA; SMR; GSMR; OSCA; GCTB; Program in CTG; CTG forum; Loading... If it not work properly, you may need update your Internet browser and enable javascrip Most strains of E. coli have two site-specific DNA methylases (methyltransferases), Dam methylase (G6mATC) and Dcm methylase (C5mCA/TGG). As a result, DNA molecules prepared from Dam+ Dcm+ E. coli strains are methylated at GATC and CCAGG/CCTGG sequences. Additionally, some mammalian DNA molecules are methylated by CG methylase (5mCG) A) The DNA molecule has a uniform diameter. B) In a DNA molecule, adenine bonds to thymine and guanine to cytosine. C) Watson and Crick received a Nobel Prize for their description of the structure of DNA. D) The sequence of nucleotides along the length of a single DNA strand is restricted by the base-pairing rules CGTA (DNA sequence read from the gel; comprises radioactive Synthesized DNA nucleotides that bind to the coding strand DNA in the sample). Replication GCA T DNA sample (This is the DNA that being investigated) Transcription mRNA Translation Arginine Amino acids part of a polypeptide chain C 2 2 Write a method that could be called to concatenate any number of DNA sequences passed in as arguments, and return the concatenated DNA sequence. Two examples of calling the method are shown below: String DNA1 = dna.concat_DNAs(ATGC, CGTA); String DNA2 = dna.concat_DNAs(AAAA, TTTT, GGGG, CCCC); 3

The d[CGTA'CG] hexamer crystallizes in space group P3221, and is not isomorphous with other DNA hexanucleotides. Despite completely different crystal packing, the essential characteristics of the Z-DNA conformation are maintained. The structure was determined by single isomorphous replacement using a triammine platinum fragment Therefore, CgtA C is necessary for DNA rep-lication and progression through the cell cycle. Introduction In recent years, it has become apparent that in addition to the well-characterized GTPases involved in specific steps in translation, such as IF2, EF-Tu, EF-G and RF3 The CGTA Research Group has reached an agreement with the current assignee of the intellectual property for the DNA construct described in the Grondin et al., 2012, Brain article. Our next step is to plan and then seek funding for a study to obtain evidence regarding the efficacy of this construct in a transgenic animal model of Huntington's.

G80E cells arrest as predivisional cells and stalkless cells. Flow cytometry on synchronized cells reveals a G1‐S arrest. Therefore, CgtA C is necessary for DNA replication and progression through the cell cycle DNA ligase connects Okazaki fragments on the lagging strand into a continuous molecule. For simplicity's sake, an RNA primer will not be used during this activity and the action of the lagging strand will not be modeled. 1. Assemble a new DNA molecule with the following sequence: 5' GCAT 3' 3' CGTA 5 DNA is a two-stranded molecule. Each strand is a polynucleotide composed of A (adenosine), T (thymidine), C (cytidine), and G (guanosine) residues polymerized by dehydration synthesis in linear chains with specific sequences. Each strand has pol..

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The effect of ObgE on DNA replication during the stringent response fits well with the known role of ObgE to promote survival following exposure to DNA replication inhibitors (Foti et al., 2005). Replication in the presence of low levels of replication inhibitors and replication during amino acid starvation may both produce replication pauses. tional C. crescentus cgtA mutants revealed that the lethal phenotype of cgtAdysfunction is not due to impaired ribosome function (Datta et al., 2004). Moreover, the same stud-ies revealed that CgtA is necessary for DNA replication and progression through the cell cycle (Datta et al., 2004). Definitely, further studies are necessary to.

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The DNA molecule actually consists of two such chains that spiral around an imaginary axis to form a double helix (spiral.) Nucleic acid molecules are incredibly complex, containing the code that guarantees the accurate ordering of the 20 amino acids in all proteins made by living cells a small part of something like DNA DNA: deoxyribose sugar, CGTA bases, 2 strands (double helix), protein synthesis (controls assembly of amino acids into prote 1 (RNA molecules are SPECIALIZED each in a different job When DNA replicates, the bases split right down the middle of the double-helix, providing a template for new DNA to be assembled. If the DNA is as given, AACGTA, the corresponding DNA sequence. Introducing DNA. Now, I will take a short break and read the line above a few more times. In other words, if you have a structure of CGTA, written in a file, you can now print the biological collection of cells (which will most likely be just a protein soup) that will have that DNA structure. And when you want to retrieve the. Also there's the DNA/nucleic acid sequences in the E750 envelope: 1309. TACG. GCAT TAGC ATCG CGTA AGTC. ATGC AGCT ACTG GTAC GATC. CGTA CAGT CGAT CATG TAGC. TACG TACG TGCA TCGA ————————————————— 1310. GCTA. CGTA CAGT CGAT CATG TAGC. GCAT TAGC ATCG CGTA AGTC. ATGC AGCT ACTG GTAC GATC. TACG TACG TGCA TCG

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The DNA cloned in pSG886 was transferred into the Km r shuttle vector pRY108 to generate plasmid pRY886, which was conjugally transferred into the 81-176 cgtA mutant. The presence of the plasmid in trans complemented the defect in the mutant, as determined by electrophoretic analysis of the LOS core (Fig. 1C , lane 3, panel labeled 81-176) Question about DNA and CGTA components? The base content of a sample of DNA is as follows: A=31%, G=31%, T=19%, C=19%. What conclusion can be drawn from this info The goal of this work is to investigate roles of the CgtA protein in the regulation of cellular processes. Our preliminary experiments suggest that the cgtA gene product may be involved in regulation of crucial chromosome functions like synchronization of DNA replication initiation, chromosome partition and DNA repair A UV-c light mounted on your furnace is a safe, effective way to keep you home a safe zone

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  1. monitoring DNA damage during DNA replication (22). In contrast, CgtA in V. harveyi does not affect does not affect chromosome segregation (17). In V. cholerae, CgtA-depletion does not cause cell elongation, and no chromosomal defects were observed when nucleoids were visualized with DAPI staining (data not shown)
  2. In order to check Chargaff Second Parity Rule, we find the strands are asymmetric in human DNA, this breaks the strand symmetry rule. We calculate the ratio between oligonucleotide ATGC and oligonucleotide CGTA, and we compare the sample sequence average ratio ATGC/CGTA and the complementary sequence average ratio ATGC/CGTA. we find evolution degree more bigger, then the strand symmetry.
  3. o acid residues of the drug molecule form.
  4. Using DNA bar coding, we were able to analyze seven viral populations in parallel, overall characterizing 118 093 sequence reads of average length 103 bp. Analysis of a control HIV mixture showed that resistance mutations present as 5% of the population could be readily detected without false positive calls
  5. e (T), cytosine (C), and guanine (G).The specific sequences of these four nucleotides generate all of the genetic.
  6. ing, such as DNA-/RNA-protein binding sites , chromatin accessibility [36, 44-46], enhancer , DNA-shape [50, 51]. DeepBind is the first study to apply deep learning in motif
  7. At the moment, it feels like GTA's DNA is contemporary-ish, American-ish, English-speaking-ish, because that's what it has been but that doesn't necessarily limit it to those, that's.

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This figure made critical contributions to the understanding of the fine molecular structures of DNA but was not recognized by their peers until they died. , These Two are credited for the findings of the DNA shape also known as the Double helix , These Four Nucleotides are what make up DNA , Connected by complimentary pairs called bases, and connected by sugars, phosphates, and nucleotide in DNA starts with converting a sequence of bits into a sequence of nucleotides. Figure 2a shows a simple ex-ample mapping between bits and bases — every two bits in a sequence are translated into one of the four nucleotide types. For example, in Figure 2b, the binary string 01101100 maps to the DNA sequence CGTA ratio ATGC/CGTA value for every segment. and give the average ratio value for the complementary strand [9] [10] sequence Plot the ratio for the sequence and its complementary strand sequence Figure 2. Calculate method. 3. Results We use human DNA [8] sequence and mouse DNA sequence and fly DNA sequence to check strand symmetry *Response times vary by subject and question complexity. Median response time is 34 minutes and may be longer for new subjects. 24. Explain how acid rain is formed and its effects on the environment and on building materials. Chemistry In Focus A certain sample of the mineral galena (lead sulfide.

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  1. 1 Answer to 1. A piece of DNA sequence is: String DNA = ACGGGAGGACGGGAAAATTTACTAGC; Please write one or two statements to generate a reverse complement strand of the DNA sequence and assign it to a String variable rev_com. You should use classes in the biojava package, no import declarations are..
  2. The final sequence will be: TCGA T CGTA, with TAMRA attached to the additional dT residue. It is therefore important for you to account for the necessary dT base in your sequence prior to ordering, i.e., when assessing binding to a target sequence and in any calculations, such as melting temperature (T m )
  3. However, syntheses of DNA, RNA, and proteins were not significantly affected under these conditions as measured by efficiency of incorporation of radioactive precursors. On the other hand, flow cytometry studies revealed that cgtA -overexpressing bacteria form enlarged cells with significantly changed distribution of chromosomal DNA
  4. What is the sequence of the complementary strand for the DNA shown above? TACG CGTA ACTA CATT 1 See answer Mauriceoroy2007 is waiting for your help. Add your answer and earn points. marwafa marwafa The answer is TACG The A is complementary to T And G with C New questions in Chemistry. What is the percent by mass of iron in the compound Fe2O32.

A 100 bp DNA ladder was used as a molecular marker. The DNA bands were visualized and photographed under UV light after the gel was stained with ethidium bromide. The sizes of amplified products from cgtA, cgtB cstII HS19, and cstII HS2 were 527, 502, 400, and 417 bp, respectively Remember, when writing complementary DNA sequences, you need to write the sequence in the 5' to 3' direction. This usually involves reversing the sequence after writing it complementary to the one you are given. Give the DNA sequence that will pair with the following stretches of DNA. Question 1 simulates the first step, finding the. Search in book: Search Contents. Introduction. Welcome to Chemistry 109! Learning Requires Your Effor Role of the cgtA gene function in DNA replication of extrachromosomal elements in Escherichia coli more 1 View λpo, a promoter for oop RNA synthesis, has a role in replication of plasmids derived from bacteriophage λ more by Grzegorz Węgrzyn and Ewa Perżył GENETICS IS THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE Together, we can improve healthcare in the regio

The analyse tool allows users to browse DNA mutation profile, mRNA/microRNA expression profile and methylation profile, and to do correlation and survival analysis in specific glioma subtype. News Release the glioma image-genomic data from CGGA Network (274 glioma patients) (April 15, 2021) Human DNA isolated from WBC of 4 anonymous individuals (2 males and 2 females). However, the majority of the sequence came from one of the male donors GRCh37/GRCh38 Mouse C57BL/6J GRCm37/GRCm38 C.elegans N2 WormBase v WS220 Fruit fly ISO1 BDGP Release 5 Yeast S288C SGD Feb 2011 A.thaliana Col ecotype TAIR10 *Available in /nfs/genomes Overall genome relatedness index (OGRI) is a term first coined by Chun & Rainey (2014) and represents any measurements indicating how similar two genome sequence DNA is a two-stranded molecule. Each strand is a polynucleotide composed of A (adenosine), T (thymidine), C (cytidine), and G (guanosine) residues polymerized by dehydration synthesis in linear chains with specific sequences. Each strand has polarity which runs from 5′ to 3′. In DNA, A pirs with T and G pairs with C

The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) is a landmark cancer genomics program that sequenced and molecularly characterized over 11,000 cases of primary cancer samples. Learn more about how the program transformed the cancer research community and beyond Most strains of E. coli have two site-specific DNA methylases (methyltransferases), Dam methylase (G6mATC) and Dcm methylase (C5mCA/TGG). As a result, DNA molecules prepared from Dam+ Dcm+ E. coli strains are methylated at GATC and CCAGG/CCTGG sequences. Additionally, some mammalian DNA molecules are methylated by CG methylase (5mCG) The result here indicated that genomic PT modification in S. enterica is controlled by the transcriptional regulator DndB, which binds to two regions in the promoter, each possessing a 5′-TACGN 10 CGTA-3′ palindromic motif, to regulate the transcription of dndCDE and its own gene To elucidate the role of guanosine in DNA strand breaks caused by low‐energy electrons (LEEs), theoretical investigations of the LEE attachment‐induced C O σ‐bonds and N‐glycosidic bond breaking of 2′‐deoxyguanosine‐3′,5′‐diphosphate (3′,5′‐dGMP) were performed using the B3LYP/DZP++ approach. The results reveal possible reaction pathways in the gas phase and in. So a 7 place digit DNA code ATC-CGTA. So a 7 place digit DNA code ATC-CGTA Codes for how many variations? 4x4x4x4x4x4x4. Typically the length of the sequence that we look at is 400 to 600 bp So 4 to 400thpower ? This allows us to look at a relatively small piece of DNA and determine wha

sub-sequences GTAG, TAGC, AGCC, GCCG, CCGT, CGTA, GTAG, TAGG, AGGC, GGCG, GCGT, CGTA, GTAG given in the sequential order. However the sub-sequences GTAG and CGTA are repeated thrice and twice respectively. If an identical DNA sequence were hybridized in the hybridization experiment the hybrid CGTA, noting that hybridization occurs in an antiparallel orientation. DNA is hydrophilic (chemically polar) due to the negative charge of the phosphate oxygen molecules in solution. Image not to scale. Adopte

DNA S ynthesis All DNA sequences were synthesized with an ABI 3400 synthesizer on a 1.0 micromolar scale. Biotinylated CPG Lipid phosphoramidite was dissolved in 0.4mL PAGE 118 118 dichloromethane for coupling. For the lipid DNA after synthesis, the DNA wa s cut from the CPG beads and deprotected in ammonia hydroxide at 55C for 14 hours If natural laws determine the bonding properties of DNA and/or amino acids—and hence their arrangement—DNA would be incapable of generating the variability required to originate biological information. Even if the CGTA-CGTA-CGTA repetitive sequence was biologically meaningful, every gene would code for the same protein The palindromic motifs were found to be essential for DndB binding because the gel mobility assays showed that mutations in TACG in BB1 and CGTA in BB2 regions dramatically decreased the DndB-DNA. Title: Effects of Cationic Charge on Three-Dimensional Structures of Intercalative Complexes Structure of a bis-Intercalated DNA Complex Solved by MAD Phasing VOLUME: 7 ISSUE: 1 Author(s):Xiuqi Shui, Mary E. Peek, Leigh Ann Lipscomb, Qi Gao, Craig Ogata, Bernard P. Roques, Christiane Garbay-Jaureguiberry, Angus P. Wilkinson and Loren Dean William Greater Toronto Area news from the Star. Visit thestar.com for stories, features, news and issues that matter to communities in the GTA

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  1. The effects of ectopic expression of dnaA were specific as analogous expression of another gene coding for a replication regulator, seqA , had no significant changes in growth and DNA synthesis in the cgtA mutant. Thus, it appears that the DNA replication defect in this mutant is a consequence of reduced DnaA level
  2. Gender Age DNA Female <25 CTGA Female <25 CTGA Male <25 ACTG Male <25 TCGA Gender Age DNA Female >25 CTGA Female >25 GTAC Female >25 ACTG Female >25 CGTA Anonymity & Security in Genomic Datasets Christopher E. Martinez, University of Washington; Derrick Roach, DePauw University; and Kristine Arthur, Purdue Universit
  3. DNA to RNA Transcription. The DNA contains the master plan for the creation of the proteins and other molecules and systems of the cell, but the carrying out of the plan involves transfer of the relevant information to RNA in a process called transcription. The RNA to which the information is transcribed is messenger RNA ().The process associated with RNA polymerase is to unwind the DNA and.
  4. A complementary strand of DNA sequence ATGC is a. ATGC b. TACG c. CGTA e none of these: Definition. b. TACG: Term. The process in which DNA makes a copy of itself is called _____ Definition. replication: Term. What are the four bases found in a DNA molecule? Definition. Adenin

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  1. e the number of cytosine nucleotides present in the genome. The strand is represented by a string containing only the lowercase characters 'c', 'g', 't', and 'a'
  2. We have found that each human chromosome has an unique structure, which is about 1 percent of the length of the entire chromosome. We analyze the NCBI all other 117 kinds different creatures , we analyze their every chromosome sequence, in these 3500 chromosome sequences, there has not a chromosome which has the same unique structure as the human chromosomes , we think the unique structure.
  3. a ® are specially designed for DNA library preparation for Illu

Searching Through the Haystack. In Finding a Motif in DNA, we searched a given genetic string for a motif; however, this problem assumed that we know the motif in advance.In practice, biologists often do not know exactly what they are looking for. Rather, they must hunt through several different genomes at the same time to identify regions of similarity that may indicate genes shared by. Simulation/modeling of DNA gene-splicing Given list of millions of CGTA for DNA strand, find locations where new DNA/gene can be spliced i 3. In one strand of DNA the nucleotide sequence is 5'-ATGC-3'. The complementary sequence in the other strand must be: A) 3'-ATGC-5'. B) 3'-TACG-5'. C) 5'-ATCG-3'. D) 5'-CGTA-3'. E) 5'-TACG-3. tgat cgta acta cgat gcga gacg tgag tagc gcag tcag acat ctca gc Admittedly, This ignores the chirality of the phosphate backbone that joins DNS base pairs, as well as the machinery involved in DNA synthesis, but since there's no knowledge tag, perhaps its ok and the overlapping DNA fragments I: orf6-orf8 (wlaN-neuB) and III: orf5/10-16 (cgtA/neuA-cj1144-45). The amplicons were sequenced using the dideoxynucleotide approach to confirm their identity. The in silico analysis of cstIII DNA sequences from C. jejuni 224 showed that it has 70% and 100% sequence identity with it

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