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  1. Typically, a whirring sound in an AC is the result of bad bearings in the indoor blower fan motor, or a faulty fan in either the indoor blower unit or outdoor unit. When the blades start to come loose or the fan otherwise starts to fall apart, a whirring, helicopter-ish noise can occur
  2. The #1 cause of serpentine belt noise is a worn automatic serpentine belt tensioner. Most people blame the belt and replace it only to find the belt noise returns. You may think the belt tensioner is in good shape simply because it applies some tension to the belt—not true!. Automatic belt tensioners have a lifespan of about 100K miles
  3. A Loud, Squealing or Screeching AC Sound Loud squealing or screeching is the most common noise drivers experience when they turn on a malfunctioning AC. This sound often signals an issue with your drive belt or serpentine belt
  4. Sounds like the clutch may be going bad in the A/C compressor. If it was slipping when engaged, you'd be hearing a terrible noise when the compressor is turned on, then water on it would definitely cause it to change in pitch
  5. If the belt only squeals when you start the car with the AC on, it is probably the belt or the tensioner. If the belt squeals when you turn the AC on after the car it running, it possibly could be something with the AC compressor, but I'd still start with the belt or the tensioner. There are two ways to attack it

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Duplication of this noise may require operation of the engine for at least one hour. Correcting either of these noises will involve inspecting the power steering oil pump pulley alignment and possibly realigning the pump bracket (if needed), and replacing the auto-tensioner and drive belt with the ones listed below (if needed)

The situation: A gurgling noise while your air conditioner runs. It may be difficult to tell exactly where the noise is coming from. Over time this belt can wear out or become misaligned, leading to a squealing noise. The sound can come and go as different temperatures and humidity levels cause the belt to expand and contract An air conditioning system consists of an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser, and an expansion device. This can signal a bad fan belt in the blower. If it is, that belt should be replaced. Is this common HVAC noise coming from your AC unit? If so, it could be some sort of compressor malfunction. It also might be a refrigerant leak. The compressor is responsible for 'compressing' the refrigerant in your air conditioning system so that it can help cool your home's air. The compressor itself has a motor that can begin making a squealing or screeching noise when it has gone bad. If this is your problem, you will likely hear the noise when your AC unit starts up (or. This noise is most often due to too little tension on the AC belt. The squeal is caused by the belt slipping around the AC compressor pulley. See this post on how to test to see if the problem is caused by a tension issue. In addition to too little tension, a squeal can also be caused by a worn drive belt

Common reasons why a car AC system makes a rattling noise is due to a failing AC compressor, worn serpentine belt, or worn out AC compressor clutch. by Valerie Johnston on November 20, 2015 AC is not working Inspection Cost $96.46 - $116.4 Is the AC belt pully clean of rust? Belts dont like oil, so you may or may not have done a bad thing. Play with the belt tension in 1/4 or 1/2 turns and see if the noise can be minimized. These flat belts are a little more picky then the old style V belts to get them right (unless you work with them all the time)

The AC belt connects the AC compressor clutch and the engine crankshaft which allows the AC compressor clutch to rotate every time you start your engine. A cracked or worn-out AC belt will produce squealing noises when you turn the AC on. There are two types of AC belt: V-Belt and Serpentine belt. The difference between the two is their shape Belt Noise If your car's drive, or serpentine, belt is itself starting to wear out, it can also cause a rattling sound when you use your air conditioner. This is because kicking on the AC puts more of a load on the belt, which can expose any weaknesses that could be causing it to move unevenly through the pulleys. 3 AC Pump causes belt tensioner to rattle. Condition known as Slugging. Help please Place the device behind the pulley where the bearing is and listen. A grinding noise is never good. I put a Gates brand belt on my truck and stopped all the belt squeal. The small block Chevy is probably one of the most versatile engine packages ever mfgr.

noise ac car repair belt. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Oct 31 '19 at 16:27. Atticus Denewmont Atticus Denewmont. 389 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. Add a comment | 2 Answers Active Oldest Votes. 3. Usually it will either be the belt is slipping on the AC pulley because the serpentine belt is worn out, the. In most cases, a squealing car air conditioner noise is caused by a worn out serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is a long, winding belt that keeps many crucial parts of your car functioning, including the power steering pump, air pump, water pump, alternator, and (of course) your air conditioner Squealing noises when AC is on One of the most obvious signs that a belt needs to be replaced is that it will produce a loud squealing noise when the AC is turned on. In some cases, this may be..

The belts I used were: PS/AC -- Dayco 17600 or Gates 9600; Alternator (assuming its 63 amp) -- Dayco 15380 or Gates 7380; Air Pump -- Dayco 15445 or Gates 7445 Because the AC/PS belt rides on a small segment of the AC compressor pully, the belt has to be tensioned to the high side of the indicated range, otherwise it'll slip and squeal If you're hearing a squealing noise when you turn on your AC or fan, it's usually caused by one of a couple of possible reasons: 1. Air conditioner is squealing because the fan belt is worn out or misaligned. In some air conditioners, a belt connects the motor and the fan

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  1. Belt squeal, squeaky belt, belt noise. How to fix a squeaky belt in your car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. The secret to fix a squeaky belt in your car. How to fi..
  2. While the belt is often blamed for belt noise, the belt is rarely the actual cause. The No. 1 cause of belt noise is misalignment within the belt drive system. And there are two distinctively different types of belt noise, Chirp and Squeal . Each has its own unique characteristics, causes and solutions
  3. Some units have a belt that connects the fan and motor that can become misaligned or worn out over time. The sound can come and go as temperatures and humidity levels cause the belt to expand and contract. What to do: You can continue to run your AC, but the belt may break leaving you without air conditioning
  4. Be sure the belt fits onto each pulley evenly and in a completely straight line to avoid damaging the belt and making lots of noise. Refer to the owner's or service manual for your specific vehicle to be sure you've run the fan or serpentine belt correctly. Running the belt at an angle will result in loud squealing
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Serpentine belt noise means that a change in the belt's operating conditions is causing the belt's rubber to slip over one or more pulleys, making it screech—more on this in the section below. Moreover, there's the danger of the belt flying apart, possibly taking out with it a sensor, wire or some other component Usually it will either be the belt is slipping on the AC pulley because the serpentine belt is worn out, the tensioner pulley is no longer providing the amount of tension on the serpentine belt, or the belt needs adjustment Most likely cause: The fan belt is misaligned or worn. Some units have a belt that connects the fan and motor. Over time this belt can wear out or become misaligned, leading to a squealing noise. The sound can come and go as different temperatures and humidity levels cause the belt to expand and contract

Normally, you should hear or feel nothing when the air conditioner is working except the cold air coming from your car's heating/cooling ducts. There are times, though, where you might hear a squealing noise when you engage the air conditioning system. This could either be the air conditioning clutch or the serpentine belt slipping. A noisy fan or serpentine belt can make chirping, squeaking or squealing sounds that may be consistent or may come and go. Often, these sounds indicate an issue that may need to be resolved like a loose or damaged belt. Method 1 Applying Belt Dressing to Neoprene Belts However, over time the bearings in the fan motor can give out (usually making a screeching sound) or the fan belt can wear out, causing a squealing noise. Need a Minneapolis-St. Paul AC pro to stop the noise? Just contact us. We'll fix whatever is causing your AC to make that loud noise If you're hearing a screeching noise coming from the attic or closet where the inside unit of your air conditioner is located, the most likely causes are a blower motor bearing or a worn belt

Belt squealing when AC starts. Replace belt or compressor/pulley issue? Reply to Thre You cold likely adjust that belt to stop the noise. It is slipping ever so slightly, but if the belt has 100K on it then replacing it is wise as it is due. Losing the belt while commuting is far more expensive than simply replacing it. Best Regards, Wayn If you have a hard-to-isolate accessory drive belt noise, try removing the belt and running the engine. If the noise is still present after the belt is removed, it might be an issue with the motor mounts or the timing chain/belt

slugging is a term used to describe an ac system that is over charged and liquid refrigerant enters the compressor. this is common in cold temps with a system over charged. what happens is the compressor valves break and you get no compressor pumping because the valves are broken Loud Noise When Compressor Is Running. When the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system operates, it tends to have some noise when it's kicking on and off. But the loud noise when the AC switches on is another potential symptoms of bad AC compressor. The AC compressor has several interior components and uses a sealed bearing.

According to Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration NEWS, a noisy air conditioner is a sign that something is going wrong or about to go wrong. Something is not working right, and the problem will get worse if you don't take care of it. Eventually the noise will stop, but so will your air conditioning While the AC unit is working, you can hear the gurgling noise. It is tough to tell where the noise is coming from, but probably the condensate drain line makes the bubbling noise, or there is a refrigerant leak in the central AC unit. It is a storm in a teacup, and it is most likely not to hurt anything in the system

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• Compressor may be low in oil. With marginally low oil, the compressor itself won't necessarily make unusual noise, but it would load the belt more due to being difficult to turn (partial binding). It lost coolant, and oil goes with the coolant. It may be marginally low, which would explain the noise being intermittent High-efficiency units incorporate sound-dampening technology and variable speed compressors to keep noise levels low. So, ignoring odd noises your AC makes can turn minor issues into a major expense. Some of these noises could signal anything from needing a simple tune-up to costly repairs, or even replacement of the entire unit

A sure shot sign of bad serpentine belt is that a persisting continuous noise can be heard coming from the front end of the vehicle near the engine. You will hear a high pitched nerve-wrenching squeal each time you start the engine. It gets louder while accelerating and taking U-turn. Below are some of the other signs indicating bad serpentine Hey guys I have a Nissan Rogue 2009 that I took in for serpentine belt replacement since it started to show cracks. However after the replacement on my drive back, I noticed that there is a loud screeching noise coming from under the hood when I turn on the AC Air Conditioning Noise / Serpentine Belt Vibrating. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. P. p8md · Registered. Joined Apr 8, 2013 · 14 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • May 29, 2013. I have noticed a new noise yesterday on my 2002 Altima 2.5S.. If your air conditioner is making a squealing or squeaky noise, more than likely the fan belt is loose. You may need to have it replaced or simply readjusted. A loose fan belt repair is not for an air conditioning novice so make sure to call a professional technician if yours needs to be replaced

2. Before the belt pulley on the refrigerant compressor is replaced, verify that the following components in the belt drive are not the source of the noise and repair as required — alternator, power steering pump and water pump. 3. If there is also a cooling performance complaint, the noise could be caused by a low refrigerant level The most frequent and common engine noise comes from drive belts. Repetitive squeaking indicates the belt is not running true, and prolonged squealing means that the belt is overheating. This noise is typically caused by a mechanical problem, either a worn auto-tensioner or idler pulley Grinding/rubbing noise from AC compressor clutch. Only makes noise when engaged. Thought it may be the belt and Grinding/rubbing noise from AC compressor clutch My wife's 06 Sienna belts would screech at start up if the AC was left on. I had both belts replaced when the timing belt/water pump/tensioner was replaced recently. The afternoon after I picked it up there appeared to be a metal on metal screeching noise for a few minutes after start up

An old mechanics trick to find which belt is squeaking is to pour water on the belts one belt at a time. The squeaky belt will temporarily stop chirping when the water lubricates it. Be very careful when doing this to prevent hands, clothing, etc from being caught in the belt. I hope describing my experiences helps you As soon as the pulley is worn out, it may start to rub against the motor belt. This creates a squeaking noise that becomes even worse when driving further. If it is not replaced immediately, it can cause damage to parts around the belt if the belt fails. The squealing noise of the belt should be taken seriously and repaired as soon as possible. 3 2007 Grand Caravan with a serpentine belt squeak and rattle that turned out to be a faulty air conditioning pump. Some extra basics on a car jack, impact wre.. Belt noise can be tricky, and have a number of causes. The main ones are: 1. Old glazed belt 2. Misalignment within the belt system 3. Problem with a tensioner One way to tell would be to use a water spray bottle and squirt the grooved side of the belt. If the noise goes away, that's an alignment issue. If it gets louder, that's a tensioner issue

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Squealing is common when the serpentine belt has a problem. This one is the most commonly reported noise for a car's A/C compressor. Some will use belt dressing to diagnose the concern but it is best to spray a bottle of water into the belt. If the noise suddenly stops after doing so then you should send your car out for inspection A belt tensioner that consists of a bolt plate that mounts on the engine, a spring-loaded arm and a pulley applies tension to the belt. The pulley itself has an outer ring and an inner bearing. If the pulley is making noise, either it's the result of a bearing failure or the spring is not providing the proper tension. Step

Even with the new belt the rattling noise was still there, even if, of course it wasn't as bad as before. In that occasion, with the car lifted, we pinpointed the rattling noise to be coming from the AC Compressor, and we found out the AC compressor pulley had a little play on it, which i guess is normal There are two types of motor used to drive a belt drive turntable: AC synchronous motor - permanent magnet; There is no free meal, but generally speaking high quality, well controlled DC motors, will provide a superior lower noise drive when compared to equivalent AC synchronous motors. A Brief note on motor speed and servo control 1. Power steering belt, when you make a turn, sometimes make noise, because your car needs power steering oil,=transmission oil. 2. when you turn on AC then you can hear a loud noise, you must check AC compasser,If the head wheel frozen, it will make a lot noise, that you have to fix your AC compasser I have a 2002 Tahoe that is making an AC compressor belt / tensioner noise from time to time. I replaced the compressor, accumulator, tensioner and belt. The belt still slips from time to time and the tensioner flutters when this happens. The tensioner will hit the transmission cooling lines occasionally when this happens

If that idler seems fine, I'd still swap bearings while you have it loose from the belt esp if you don't know its age or last time of replacement. If that idler is not the issue, then it's either your AC clutch bearing or your AC compressor bearing. I've never had to replace my compressor, so I've never removed it or the pulleys Air Conditioner / heat pump Compressor screaming, singing, squealing, trumpeting, or water gurgling, whine, wuwuwu Noises - Air conditioner or heat pump noise diagnosis & cure: this air conditioning repair article series illustrates and explains discusses air conditioning compressor noises which range in importance from normal (if annoying squeaks and squeals, to rattling loose bolts and.

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Some customers may comment on an accessory drive belt / serpentine belt chirp, squeal or squeak noise from the engine compartment at idle or while driving I removed the original belt a second time snd installed the Dayco belt again , rotating in order this time . No change , loud as hell . So I removed the Dayco belt a second time , reinstalled OEM belt . Again silent . I looked over the Dayco replacement , I can see on the Dayco belt causing the noise is the Gold Labeling on the flat of the belt I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota with the 3.9L. It has been driving me insane lately. There is a squealing noise coming from somewhere in the serpentine belt system. It used to go away after running for a few minutes, but now it is full time and has gotten louder. So far I have replaced the belt..

Air Conditioning problem 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 107000 miles My question is regarding my air conditioning. When the AC is on, there is a loud rattling or rumbling noise that constantly occurs. This noise slightly diminishes the longer the car is run but it never fully goes away It sounds like you are on the right track to finding your problem. Along with the tensioner, you may have also needed a new belt. The squeaking noise you are hearing is from the belt slipping on a pulley so as it is slipping and squeaking it is also heating up where it slips and could be glazed or become brittle at that point A malfunctioning air conditioner can be attributed to a lot of things. Since the serpentine belt keeps the air conditioner functional, a bad serpentine belt will take that function away from it. If you turn on your air conditioner and see that it does not blow out cool air from the air vents, this could possibly be due to a bad serpentine belt

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Well depending on what noise the belt makes it could be different problems. Most belt noise is due o a old worn belt slipping. Install a new one with the correct amount of tension. If this doesn't fix it the a/c compressor bearing may be going out This noise appears to be coming from the compressor itself (using a stethoscope), not the pulley, bearings or the belt unless it is coming from an internal bearing in the compressor. Since the compressor has never been removed, I don't suspect it's low on oil but I do suspect that the system has either too much refrigerant or some high.

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Related Reading: 5 Signs You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioner » Why Your Air Conditioner Is Making a Squealing Sound. If your unit is making a high-pitched squealing noise, the issue is usually either the belt connecting the motor to the blower has slipped or the bearings on your condenser fan's motor Sometimes it makes the noise wen i first start up the car with out the AC or defroster on. People tell me that its the belts or the pully. i had the belts replace but the noise is still there. When I bring it to have it looked at, the noise is no longer there, because the car has been warmed up It most likely would be the AC Compressor bearing noise or Misaligned AC Tensioner belt, which cost less than rs 1000. Car AC Problem: Solution: Whistle or Hiss Sound from AC System: Caused to Low AC Refrigerant Gas, causing pressure on compressor. Get AC Gas Refilled in along with Compressor Oil replacement - will cost in around Rs 2000 to. The AC compressor in your vehicle uses the engine's serpentine belt to operate. If you haven't found the source for the squealing sound in the AC system, check the drive belt. If the serpentine belt in your vehicle is a few years old, or has been in service for 100,000 miles (160,934.4 km) or more, you may want to replace it

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having the same problem, noise is def. coming from the a/c compressor but the belt looks fine. not noticing much of a difference in the noise whether the a/c is on or off. But the A/C is still working fine?? hoping maybe it's my idler pulley also. any tips on removing the a/c compressor/checking if that's what the problem is? THANKS The unit is a whole...If ac isnt that inportant to you, then you can try this. Find the belt for your model without ac, and change it missing the ac pulley. Disconnect the ac plug and you have a simple fix... NO ac mind you but no noise either... If ac is important, then get to a ac shop and have them remove the old r134 before changing the. mercedessource Tech help - They can be a little tricky to isolate Engine driven fan belts (v-belts) can make all kinds of weird noises. They can squeal, rumble, tick, clack, and snap. The noise can sometimes sound like a bad bearing in one of your engine driven accessories or something coming loose in your engine. Before you panic thinking something terrible might be wrong, try this simple test

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