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Yotpo integrates easily with platforms like Magento, so you can collect even more UGC. Yotpo integrates seamlessly with Magento. Join the world's fastest-growing brands BigCommerce Is Ready To Help You Migrate Quickly and Securely. Don't Risk Your Security & Put Your Store At Risk. BigCommerce Makes Replatforming Easy

Magento 2: Installing Yotpo Yotpo installs automatically with Magento version 2.3.3+. If you're running Magento version 2.3.3+, learn how to set it up here. If you're running a version of Magento below v2.3.3, scroll down for step-by-step installation instructions Yotpo is compatible with Magento 1 & 2, including the latest 2.2.3 version, and is constantly optimizing for the latest updates Magento 2.4. Magento 2.4; Magento 2.3; Developer. Commerce Developer Documentation; PWA Studio; Order Management; Merchant. Commerce User Guide; Order Management; The Yotpo configuration settings can be found in Stores > Configuration > Yotpo. Yotpo configuration settings. See the Yotpo child pages for more information on each section. Feb. If you are using Magento version 2.1.X and lower, it's important to install the Yotpo Plugin version most compatible with your Magento version: If you're using Magento version 2.0.X, you should use the 2.4.5 version of the Yotpo Plugin, and add it to the first command like this

This feature prominently showcases reviews on the product pages of your Magento site. The widget uses Yotpo's latest and most advanced AI algorithms to actively help shoppers make quick, well-informed buying decisions. Basic configuration is set during your Yotpo account creation. For additional customization settings, see The Reviews Widget Installing the Yotpo Plugin v. 2.4 and up will automatically inject the Rich Snippets code to your shop. You can view your Rich Snippets mark-up with Google's Testing Tool and see a separate Product tab that only contains Yotpo's Automatic Mark-up

Magento offers some basic information on the activity between your store and your Yotpo account. You can view your basic Yotpo information in the Admin Dashboard or in the Marketing menu in the Admin. Dashboard. Admin sidebar > Dashboard. Admin Dashboard. You can click Launch Yotpo to access your Yotpo account for additional information. Magento 2.3. Magento 2.4; Magento 2.3; Developer. Commerce Developer Documentation; PWA Studio; Order Management; Merchant. Commerce User Guide; Order Management The Yotpo configuration settings can be found in Stores > Configuration > Yotpo. Yotpo configuration settings. See the Yotpo child pages for more information on each section. Oct. Magento 2.3 remove Yotpo module. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 3 months ago. Active 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed 2k times 0. What is the safest way to remove the entire Yotpo module in a Magento 2.3 store? This module is installed and enabled by default. module magento2.3. Share. Improve this question. Yotpo reviews for Magento 2 Yotpo is primarily a reviews collection and trust-building software. It lets store administrators collect reviews from past buyers and deploy them on-site. Yotpo also leverages reviews in various ways to boost traffic and drive sales, such as in SEO, posts to social media, and in strategic on-site upselling

Download & place the contents of Yotpo's Core Module under {YOUR-MAGENTO2-ROOT-DIR}/app/code/Yotpo/Core. Download the contents of Yotpo's Loyalty Module either from the Marketplace or from Github and place it under {YOUR-MAGENTO2-ROOT-DIR}/app/code/Yotpo/Loyalty Run the following commands under your Magento 2 root dir Magento 2 Yotpo Extension This library includes the files of the Yotpo Reviews extension. The directories hierarchy is as positioned in a standard magento 2 project library This library will also include different version packages as magento 2 extension Magento merchants will have easy access to the latest Yotpo updates and feature releases. Merchants on Magento 2 will now be able to showcase beautiful galleries across their site, display visual content with reviews, collect reviews and Q&A easily using AI-powered solutions Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing platform enabling merchants to gather, curate, manage, and respond to all kinds of user content from just a single platform. Yotpo integrates with Magento to help you to maximize the power of user-generated content. The release notes include

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  1. Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing platform enabling merchants to gather, curate, manage, and respond to all kinds of user content from just a single platform. Yotpo integrates with Magento to help you to maximize the power of user-generated content. Yotpo installs automatically with Magento version 2.3.3+
  2. Description: Swell, Loyalty & Referral app for Magento 2 Swell helps you make happy customers your competitive advantage with on-brand loyalty and referral programs. • Reward your customers for the actions that have the most impact on your business with a variety of customizable campaign programs
  3. Enabling Yotpo debug mode via the extension configuration page will work only if Magento debug mode is enabled. Debug logs are written to /var/log/debug.log Added support for Magento Enterprise Edition with split DB Added Support to Magento 2.3.
  4. With Yotpo as their built-in Reviews and Visual UGC provider, brands on Magento 2.3.3 enjoy benefits all the way from implementation to performance tracking, and even tech updates. Here are some of the key advantages of the extended integration

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The only thing you need to use is called Yotpo Reviews Module for Magento ® 2. It is all-in-one tool helping generate all the reviews left on the platform Yotpo for your webstore. The vast number of feedback, questions and answers as well as evaluation are shown on your website without any additional effort that helps your customers make. Step 3: Order & Discount Processing With the Magento extension installed, your Magento instance will now send notification requests to Swell's API whenever an order is created or its status i The combination of switching to Magento 2 and professional site development by Vaimo helped Helly Hansen increase results across the board. By implementing Yotpo, Helly Hansen unlocked the ability to collect many more reviews per product and syndicate consumer social proof throughout the buyer journey Yotpo Magento integration has a variety of functions, and BelVG can integrate it all right now! Yotpo is a cool solution with social ads functions, automated settings and reviews, rich snippets, social push tool, quick support, and many more. Having Yotpo integration, you will be able to have a clear understanding of the brand's performance. README. Magento 2 module for integration with Yotpo. Install via composer (recommended) Run the following command under your Magento 2 root dir

The Magento application uses Composer to manage PHP packages. The composer.json file declares the list of packages, whereas the composer.lock file stores a complete list of the packages (a full version of each package and its dependencies) used to build an installation of the Magento application.. The following reference documentation is generated from the composer.lock file, and it covers. Yotpo is one of the Studioworx partners, and a solution that is available to all our clients, regardless of the platform they are using. However, this new approach greatly reduces implementation times and costs, so all our clients operating their stores on the latest Magento 2 platform will be able to deploy this unique UGC system at relatively.

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DRC Systems's Yotpo is the smartest solution to easily generate reviews of your products, photos, questions/answers and more user-generated content for your website in order to drive traffic, increase conversion rate & boost sales. Installing Yotpo is simple and takes only 5 minutes to set up Yotpo is a UGC and marketing solution for online businesses. We help companies collect a ton of reviews and use them to drive traffic and sales I have malware on my 2.3.3 default installation called Yotpo_Yotpo and it is not possible to uninstall it. Preconditions (*) Magento 2.3.3. Steps to reproduce (*) Install Magento 2.3.3 using composer $ composer remove yotpo/magento2-module-yotpo-reviews yotpo/magento2-module-yotpo-reviews is not required in your composer.json and has not been.

Yotpo is now part of Magento's core bundled extension program. These are extensions that Magento allows to be pre-installed for all users, much like the modules for UPS, FedEx, PayPal, and Authorize.net that have historically been part of a Magento instance off the shelf Magento: Magento 2.3 remove Yotpo moduleHelpful? Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/roelvandepaarWith thanks & praise to God, and with th.. Here you can match Yotpo vs. Magento and check out their overall scores (9.2 vs. 9.0, respectively) and user satisfaction rating (91% vs. 90%, respectively). You can also look at the details of costs, conditions, plans, features, tools, and more, and determine which software offers more benefits for your business. As a rule of thumb, go for the. Magento 2 Admin Panel, also known as Magento 2 backend, is a standalone interface where store owners access and manipulate data. Day-to-day operations that can be done from the administrative interface includes updating products, processing orders, launching promotional campaigns, creating new posts, etc Pre-installed with the Magento eCommerce platform for fast time to market, Magento customers on 2.3.3 now have easy access to the most secure and customizable UGC solution in the market. With Yotpo, brands can effectively leverage social proof to increase trust and sales, using innovative tools like

After migrating from Magento 1.9.3 to Magento 2.3.4 I can see a blank product page. For the solution, after checking that when product is saved from admin side I am then able to see product page and visible. Another one I can see that , 1 exception(s): Exception #0 (Magento\\Framework\\Config\\Do.. Yotpo; Braintree (formerly part of core Magento) Installing or upgrading Magento also installs VBEs, but you may need to set up an account with a vendor to configure and use an extension. Compatibility. The following table shows VBE version compatibility with Magento: Supported - version that has been fully tested by Magento and is supported

Yotpo provides a Magento 2 loyalty program extension. With its help, you can add the needed functionality to your website. Don't forget to check the video to learn all the details on the loyalty programs that we discussed during the webinar. Contact us. Fill in the data using social media accounts Today, Yotpo is deployed in over 2,000 Magento stores, including Everlast, Dakine, and Adore Me. Yotpo is also partnered with leading Magento Solution Partners, including Vaimo, Born Group, and Gorilla Group, and offers the most integrations in the eCommerce technology ecosystem, with notable Magento Technology Partners such as Nosto, Oracle + Bronto, Listrak, and AdRoll In Magento 2, by default, merchants can enjoy the following marketing-related functionality: promotions (creating catalog price rules, Yotpo reviews); customer engagement functionality that is limited to DotDigital Engagement Cloud and Chat, exclusion rules). As you can see, Magento 2 offers decent features to launch marketing activities Advantages of Yotpo's VBE for Magento 2.2.3 As the only third-party UGC provider native to Magento, this new extension brings with it a range of exclusive benefits including: Seamless implementation: Yotpo's widgets and scripts are pre-installed on Magento's platform meaning our clients on Magento 2.2.3 can have Yotpo up and running on.

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URL Rewrites Magento 2 I've encountered a weird issue with my Magento 2 URL Rewrites function. It seems like my 3rd party plugin (Yotpo) is pulling an /admin with the ProductURL function This is quick access to download Magento 2 full release versions (Magento 2 Community Edition), installation tutorials and extensions, and themes. As for each version, we will include key developments as well as download Magento 2 links of full release with and without sample data, and sample data only

Magento provides you with various widget types, their creative process is almost the same except that the last part that is specific to the type of widget you want to create. So, let's follow these steps to create a widget. Step 1: Select the Widget Type. 1. Go to Content > Elements > Widgets in Admin panel. 2 2. Yotpo reviews. An advanced solution for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, and referrals. While Pixlee makes use of customer photos to provide an authentic shopping experience, Yotpo enhances the shopping experience by collecting and displaying social proofs I have to clean the logs non-stop because I get a issue all the time the same in 3 stores on magento. [2018-07-26 07:36:56] main.INFO: Broken reference: the 'skip_gallery_before' tries to reorder. Firstly, Magento 2.4 implements two-factor authentication for Admin accounts, Vertex, and Yotpo. Adobe integration How to upgrade your store to Magento 2.4 Open Source? It is clear that the latest version of Magento Open Source, Magento 2.4, has substantial improvements. All these things can satisfy both merchants and customers and better.

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Content and Customization - Magento 2 Free Extensions 33. Yotpo Reviews - by Yotpo. Helping your brand easily collect customer reviews and photos to increase trustworthy and social proof to the customer. Building a stronger brand and customer experience should be your priority mission I followed this instructions How to install Magento 2.4 on Localhost (Xampp) with Elasticsearch to install Magento 2.4.1 on XAMPP 7.4.13. I have installed XAMPP, composer, elasticsearch successfully. The differencies were only: 1. I have set xampp to use post 8080. 2. I have used inste..

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(This example was built and tested on Magento 2.2.2.) Additionally, the Braintree and Authorize.Net modules in the core Magento code provide great examples of how several of these files interact. 15 Comments Using Yotpo to Deepen Relationships and Brand Trust. Read more If you regularly run and set up the Magento 2 website, you will need to use the SSH and CLI commands. The commands in Magento are quite a few, and you'll probably miss out on some useful ones. I have compiled all the commands in Magento 2 SSH/CLI Commands List. You can bookmark this post, so you can refer to it every time you need it Magento 2.3.5 is an upcoming version expected to release in late April 2020. Experts recommend upgrading the stores to the latest Magento 2 version, not only to leverage the latest features but to safeguard the store with the security enhancements that comes with latest Magento 2. Thank you OUR MAGENTO 2 MIGRATIONS INCREASE CONVERSION UP TO 20%. Since 2016, Corra has successfully launched 50+ complex Magento 2 experiences. We've helped some of the world's most reputable brands migrate with speed and efficiency, including Sugarfina, 7 For All Mankind, Eileen Fisher, and Baked by Melissa Yotpo\Yotpo\Block\Adminhtml\System\index.php: All class filenames should start with an uppercase letter, exactly matching the contained class name. This should be Index.php. Fix references accordingly. Yotpo\Yotpo\Controller\Adminhtml\Settings\save.php: Again, filename capitalization. Save.php. There's also a complete discrepancy between that.

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After deploying Magento Commerce 2, the company saw: Page views surge nearly 160 percent; Mobile sessions climb 48.5 percent; New mobile users jump 51 percent; Reviews generated through Yotpo grow 68 percent; And, perhaps most importantly, revenues increase 87 percen Yotpo, a leading eCommerce marketing platform, has announced the winners of the 2020 Yotpo Partner Awards. This annual program celebrates outstanding eCommerce agency and technology companies for their collaborative spirit as a Yotpo Partner, innovative strategies and execution, and ability to create captivating eCommerce experiences that drive a merchant's direct-to-consumer (D2C) growth

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Barely more than seven months after its most recent funding announcement, Yotpo is revealing that it has raised another $230 million in a Series F round that values the company at $1.4 billion. Magento 2.4.2 release contains numerous security fixes and all of them were backported to Magento 2.4.1-p1 and Magento 2.3.6-p1. So, if you want to be 100% safe, but also want to save on the upgrade, it's a smart option for you. Other security enhancements announced: Core cookies support the SameSite attribute

Improved sorting for Magento 2 is an effective tool for store-owners who care about their customers. Increase the usability of your catalog with new search options! Let your potential clients browse catalog or categories by any comfortable parameters November 30th: Magento 2.0 development starts 2012. February 1st: 4 Million Downloads Magento announced a new Premier Partnership with Yotpo October 9th: Magento Payments is announced November 28th: Magento Commerce 2.3 is released. The new release of Magento 2.4 on July 2020 comes with improvements to all the core functionalities (over 100 new fixes to the code, 30 security enhancements and resolution of 226 GitHub issues) that existed in the Magento 2.3.5 p1. Since CLI is the only way to install Magento 2.4, you'll see how to install Magento 2.4 via Composer NEW YORK, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Yotpo, a leading eCommerce marketing platform, has announced the winners of the 2020 Yotpo Partner Awards. This annual program celebrates outstanding eCommerce agency and technology companies for their collaborative spirit as a Yotpo Partner, innovative strategies and execution, and ability to create captivating eCommerce experiences that drive a. a. Reindex from Magento admin *sometimes not all indexers are reindexed using admin reindex > check also reindex via SSH. 1. Go to System > Index Management and check indexers status.. 2. Select the items that are marked as Reindex required and go to Actions > Update on schedul

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This is the first time Magento has enabled third-party UGC integration natively to their platform. Not only do Yotpo and Magento's missions align, but as a category leader, and Magento Premier Technology Partner, Yotpo is the logical choice for this type of platform integration. Advantages of Yotpo Native Functionality in Magento 2 Magento 2 supports PHP 5.6. However, the performance has been improved in the 7th version by 25+%. Enable Varnish Cache. Why make Magento 2 Varnish Cache Configuration? By enabling the accelerator you can transfer much more traffic without load speed losses. When working in production mode, the option will take over caching of most of the.

NEW YORK, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Yotpo, a leading eCommerce marketing platform, has announced the winners of the 2020 Yotpo Partner Awards.. Yotpo, New York, New York. 23,793 likes · 82 talking about this. Yotpo is the leading eCommerce marketing platform with the data-driven solutions for reviews, visual UGC, loyalty, referrals, and more Yotpo, a leading eCommerce marketing platform, has announced the winners of the 2020 Yotpo Partner Awards. Vaimo created a robust and modern site for Iconic Lights on the Magento Commerce 2. Yotpo is also considered to be one of the must-haves for the Magento 2 store owners. It's a powerful tool for gathering reviews, ratings, photos from the clients. Furthermore, it helps growing conversions and traffic, visual marketing. Yotpo is an excellent way of increasing the trust, sales, and popularity of your store

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Yotpo integrat with notable Magento partners, such as Nosto, Oracle + Bronto, Listrak, and AdRoll. Discover more details about this technology integration on the Yotpo blog. About Yotpo: Yotpo is the only eCommerce marketing platform for thousands of forward-thinking brands like Away, Moroccanoil, and Steve Madden. Our integrated solutions for. Magento latest version have introduced another new analytic module named: Yotpo_Yotpo which depends on Magento_Analytics. So, along with other analytic modules, you also need to disable this Yotpo_Yotpo. bin/magento module:disable Yotpo_Yotpo -c bin/magento seutp:di:compil Yotpo is the industry leader in user-generated content technology. Yotpo helps stores generate tons of reviews and use them to drive quality traffic and sales through social media, email and other channels. Yotpo also includes powerful reports and analytics giving online merchants actionable insights to improve merchandising and marketing strategy Yotpo integration is a part of the Magento meta-package starting from version 2.3.3. Moving product reviews to Yotpo will both improve customer experience and adds a slight boost to performance, as we don't need to persist and process product reviews on the Magento side any longer. PDP/PLP/Search Page Significant Performance Improvement Searchanise apps for Shopify, Magento and Magento 2. Yotpo apps for Shopify, Magento and Magento 2. How to activate the Yotpo integration in case you have installed Searchanise after March 29, 2020. Please go to the Searchanise control panel > Integrations section and switch the slider underneath the Yotpo logo to On

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On our comparison page, it is simple to examine the tool, pricing terms, available plans, and more details of Yotpo and Store Manager for Magento. It's also possible to check their score (9.2 for Yotpo vs. 8.0 for Store Manager for Magento) and user satisfaction level (91% for Yotpo vs. N/A% for Store Manager for Magento) Where can you configure Cookies in Magento 2? Go to Stores > Configuration > (General) > Web > Default Cookie Settings. Cookies Configuration. Cookie Lifetime. It's how long Cookie files stay on a user's computer. By default, it's set as 3600 seconds which is equal to about 1 hour. If you want to ensure that cookies expire when a user. If you're just getting started out and you're looking for a product review platform that will easily integrate with Magento 2 or Shopify, go with Yotpo. The ability to scale up as you grow is a great feature, and it ensures that you're not locked into something that doesn't work for you and your customers

Disable Cron Job in Magento 2. To disable the cron job in Magento 2 you have to first create your module and rewrite the same cron job in your module's crontab.xml file.. Let's say I want to disable the cron job called notify_me which is defined in the Orange_Notify module. To disable this cron job create crontab.xml file under your custom module and change the schedule value to 0 0 30 2 * Aimee (@aimeemillwood) manages the Yotpo blog, where she writes about marketing, growth, and engagement. Yotpo is a Magento Gold Partner and leading reviews solution that helps you get tons of reviews and use them to generate qualified traffic and more sales. Over 50,000 stores worldwide use Yotpo to get dramatically more reviews Our partnership with Yotpo Our recommended solution for providing public consumer advocacy, Yotpo, a Premier Magento Partner is easily integrated with Magento 2. This solution is already helping many large brands across the world such as MorocconOil, Helly Hansen and Everlast drive customer loyalty and accelerate growth Yotpo Ratings and Reviews are integrated with Page Builder; Outline. For more detailed information on vendor-developed extension enhancements and fixed issues, check Magento 2.4.0 Open Source Release Notes and Magento 2.3.5 Commerce Release Notes. Special attention can be given to Magento PWA Studio with the Magento course on a client-rendered. Magento 2 incorporates LESS, a CSS pre-processor that simplifies the management of complex CSS files. To define styles of a store, you can use both CSS and LESS stylesheets. If your theme inherits from the Magento out-of-the-box Blank or Luma theme, you can override the default LESS files

Magento 2.3.3 is released and it is all about security & performance! The platform is always top in the league when it comes to the best E-commerce experience. And the release of Magento 2.3.3 is it! Magento 2.3.3 Release Date. Magento 2.3.3 version was officially released on October 08, '19 Magento functions as an open-source ecommerce management system. It was first published by a Varien Inc in 2008, before being sold to eBay and ultimately spun off into its own entity. The 2.0 version of Magento arrived in November of 2015 and has improved the platform across the board. 2. Why is Magento valuable for businesses Magento 2 is not a lightweight platform. It was built to serve thousands of users at once. But without proper optimization you can end up with a website that is a pain to use and an eyesore to look at. Wondering why a slow Magento store is bad Magento 2.4 found numerous proponents especially among the Magento community enthusiasts and developers thanks to its GraphQL coverage. At the same time, some clients decided to stay at Magento 2.3, for now, and apply a proper patch. and make adjustments when Magento orders are synced to Yotpo

Magento 2.3.3 includes updated Framework and the following modules: Catalog, Sales, Checkout/One Page Checkout, UrlRewrite, Customer, and Ui. Also, note that the WYSIWYG editor has been upgraded. Its latest version is TinyMCE v. 4.9.5 . Merchant tool enhancements. Magento 2.3.3 provides a tracking tool for user actions and events on the Admin Magento's 'market fit' for me is loosely: complex B2C retailers, high volume B2C retailers, multi-brand B2C retailers, heavily international B2C retailers and B2B retailers. In this article, we'll look at the pros and cons of Magento 2, across both on-premise versions and the Commerce Cloud version, as well as the newer offerings Grasscity (Magento 2) Grasscity.com is one of the most successful online headshops today with a thriving counterculture community forum of more than half a million members! In the early begging, it was a small website that sold smoking accessories and provided Amsterdam tourism information

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Yotpo Reviews. The magento 2 free extensions help to generate reviews, photos, questions & answers and more user-generated content for your website. Download. 53. Email Attachments User-generated content management platform, Yotpo, is now part of Magento Admin. With Yotpo, sellers can collect, curate and manage user-generated content, particularly, product reviews. The updates mentioned above are significant and there are minor updates as well. The full list is available in the Magento 2.3.3 official release notes Yotpo provides brands with everything they need to win in a customer-centric world. Yotpo powers suite of integrated solutions for user-generated content marketing, loyalty, and referrals. Swell is an official Magento Premier Technology Partner and offers solutions for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 brands. Magento Commerce is a leading. Market - Premium Responsive Magento 2 and 1.9 Store Theme with Mobile-Specific Layout (24 HomePages) by magentech in Shopping. $129 (249) 6 Sales Preview Supro - Minimalist AJAX Magento 2 Theme. by ArrowHiTech in Fashion. $99 (25) 6 Sales Preview Martfury - Marketplace Multipurporse eCommerce Magento 2 Theme. by MageBig in Magento. $12

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However, Magento 2 is the only open-source platform that works with an incredibly large number of third-party tools and services. Some of those are New Relic, DataDog, MixPanel, Splunk, and Google Analytics, among numerous others. In other words, Magento 2 is the most powerful platform when it comes to discovering future trends Named Magento Ecosystem Playmaker in 2018, dotdigital syncs seamlessly with other Magento premier partners like Nosto, Yotpo, and more. The most feature-rich ecommerce integration. dotdigital Engagement Cloud works with Magento to drive more marketing ROI. B2C and B2B ecommerce support for merchants Magento 2 is a great e-commerce platform but its broad functionality means it's prone to suffering from performance issues. 20% of all e-commerce platforms are currently powered by Magneto, according to Alexa, and yours might be one of them. 'Yotpo_Yotpo' => 1 ] ]; Conclusion. Magento 2 is a big, broad e-commerce platform that can be. I've been working to get an old Magento site from 2.1.16 to 2.3.3 for a while, hope someone can help. This site was migrated from Magento 1 by a previous admin that is gone, so not sure how they have upgraded in the past. I first tried composer without luck so went with method 3. Created a w.. Yotpo, founded in 2011, is the leading eCommerce marketing platform, with over 500 employees and 100 support agents. Yotpo helps thousands of forward-thinking brands like Rebecca Minkoff, MVMT, and Steve Madden accelerate direct-to-consumer growth. 2-in-1 Review requests - collect both site & product reviews in one email flow, and more. For.

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With the latest Magento release, Magento Commerce 2.2 has pushed the boundaries of traditional commerce platforms. Now offered as an all-in-one cloud solution, it provides new and powerful capabilities. Magento is now uniquely positioned to enable B2B and B2C commerce stores success. By combining built-in B2B functionality along with Signifyd fraud protection integrated, Magento Social. Magento 2.4 is the next major release of our favorite e-commerce platform. Although you won't find many rumors about this version, not to mention official statements, we've gathered the most probable enhancements that may become a part of Magento 2.4 Open Source, Commerce, and Cloud.So, what to expect from the new major update

And Magento 2.4.0 release is no different. Magento 2.4 Release Highlights: According to Magento, the latest version is capable to accelerate your business in the current Commerce landscape. The Magento 2.4.0 release includes 98 new features, 68 bug fixes, 50 security changes, 7 test cycles, 12 packages & extensions as well as support for Php 7. Support for Yotpo reviews summary in addition to the Magento built in reviews. 1.2.2 - Feb 20, 2015: Option to show summary products rating at the products listings generated by Amasty's Landing Pages extensio Join Adobe product leaders, Eric Erway and Pat Toothaker, Yotpo's Olivia McNaughten, and dotdigital's Juliette Aiken as they discuss how Magento Commerce gives merchants the tools to build a customer experience that is engaging and leads to revenue growth. In this webinar you will learn how the latest releases of Magento Commerce can help you We offer Yotpo integration for our customers' websites across platforms including Magento, wooCommerce, Shopify and Cloudfy.. Yotpo has recently completed the acquisition of Swell, a loyalty and rewards platform.This platform is used to support customer acquisition and retention, with Swell reporting a typical return on investment of between 5 and 9 times for those who use it Yotpo Alternatives. Yotpo is described as 'customer content marketing platform that helps businesses generate customer reviews and transform them into a powerful marketing engine' and is an app in the Business & Commerce category. There are more than 10 alternatives to Yotpo for a variety of platforms, including the Web, SaaS, Shopify, Wordpress and Magento Community Edition

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