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  1. SMTP is an abbreviation for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP is an internet standard for electronic mail, i.e., email. All mail servers and other mail transfer agents use SMTP to send and receive emails. We will use mail() function in PHP. Steps to be followed: Step 1: Change in Gmail settings. First of all you need to make some changes in.
  2. PHP Script for Sending Email using Gmail SMTP It is important to have the PHPMailer library in the project. There are two different ways to include it in your project. The best way is to use the composer and add it as a dependency in the JSON file
  3. We're going to learn how we can send an email using Gmail SMTP server from a PHP page/script. SMTP is an abbreviation for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP is an Internet standard for electronic mail, i.e., email. All mail servers and other mail transfer agents use SMTP to send and receive emails. Firstly, we'll take a look at the PHP.
  4. php.ini configure to send email from gmail. dmontgom asked on 2010-10-19. PHP; 13 Comments. 1 Solution. 964 Views. Last Modified: 2012-05-10. I am a PHP newbie. How do I configure the php.ini do send email from gmail. Please show the exact code. Is this portion correct? sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -i -t.
  5. Send email via Gmail SMTP server in PHP Installation & loading Gmail SMTP settings Screenshots Possible Errors And Exceptions Antivirus software SMTP Server Error: 5.5.1 Authentication Required. Learn More At 530 5.5.1 Message: Fsockopen(): Unable To Connect To Ssl://Smtp.Gmail.Co
  6. After installing the library, you need to open up the PHP file where you need a code for emails. Write the PHP code, including the environment of the PHP library in your file. Additionally, to make an SMTP connection, you need a Gmail SMTP server address, SMTP authentication, and the SMTP port for Gmail

Simply create a new file called the email.php, add the $config array in that file. Then save the file at config/email.php and it will be used automatically. You will NOT need to use the $this->email->initialize () function if you save your preferences in a config file smtp=the name of the host where the SMTP server you'll be using is running (whoever's responsible for your network connection should know this) smtp_port=the port on that host the SMTP server is listening on (25 is the conventional choice) sendmail_from=the email address that the sent mail should say it's fro First, you need to have a mail server setup somewhere. For that, you need the Hostname, port (usually 25), and possibly username and password. Google for example offers SMTP services (Send email using the GMail SMTP server from a PHP page), but you can use other servers if you have For the mail functions to be available, PHP requires an installed and working email system. The program to be used is defined by the configuration settings in the php.ini file This code makes use of Gmail's SMTP Server for PHP mailer script. SMTP is an abbreviated form of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Get complete details on using PHP Mail function using gmail SMTP mail server. This is a very simple php mail script that can be modified. You can modify the php email sender function to send attachments

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  1. The process to set these SMTP server settings depends on your email client. For example, if you use Outlook, go to Settings > Mail > POP and IMAP. Then choose More Settings > Outgoing Server to enter the Gmail SMTP settings. Here are the account settings you need to configure SMTP in Gmail
  2. Unlike PHP mail (), SMTP authentication allows you to use a third-party email account with your contact form. The main thing here is to configure the connection properly, that is to set the corresponding email server, port, username and password
  3. If you have an account in email services, it means that you can send or receive emails using these servers. This service is free, fast and secure. You can change the From address and the From name if you send emails using SMTP server. In this post I will tell you how to send emails using SMTP servers of GMail & Outlook in PHP
  4. To send mail from localhost XAMPP using Gmail, configure XAMPP after installing it. Follow the below steps for the same. Steps to Send Mail From Localhost XAMPP Using Gmail: Open XAMPP Installation Directory. Go to C:\xampp\php and open the php.ini file. Find [mail function] by pressing ctrl + f. Search and pass the following values

POP3 Host: pop.gmail.com POP3 Port: 995 TLS Protocol: ON POP3 Username: (your Gmail username) POP3 Password: (your Gmail password) Important: make 100% sure that POP3 download in your Gmail settings is set to Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on. If not, Gmail will send all existing (even read) messages to HESK when it first connects With the default settings in php.ini , i.e. SMTP=localhost and smtp_port=25, the mail() finction in PHP did not work. Since I do not have an SMTP server running in my standalone PC connected only to internet, I tried to use smtp of google The configuration parameters relative to the SMTP server to connect to for sending, and its port to use, must be specified in the php.ini file - the main PHP configuration file - in the following way: mail.add_x_header 0 mail.log NULL mail.force_extra_parameters NULL SMTP localhost smtp_port 25 1 If you are not using Mailtrap yet, create a free account, go to your Inbox and copy the following values from the SMTP settings tab to your PHPMailer script: server host ($mail->Host = 'smtp.mailtrap.io') username ($mail->Username = '234234234' (example, generated by Mailtrap

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I spent hours searching the web trying to figure out why I was getting a WARNING: mail(): SMTP server response: 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address every time I was using the mail() function on my server (Win2K3,IIS 6.0,PHP4.4.1) Open the php.ini file and uncomment the line extension=php_openssl.dll by removing the semicolon ; from the beginning of the line. Save the php.ini file and restart the Apache service At the wamp icon on the right bottom corner, click on that wamp icon then go to PHP and php.ini. Then follows this setting. Notice that the SMTP and smtp_port settings are the same as we set in sendmail.ini above. [mail function] SMTP=smtp.gmail.com smtp_port=587 sendmail_path =C:\wamp64\sendmail\sendmail.exe sendmail_from =yourmail@gmail.co

For further details and definitions of the PHP_INI_* modes, see the Where a configuration setting may be set.. Here's a short explanation of the configuration directives. mail.add_x_header bool. Add X-PHP-Originating-Script that will include UID of the script followed by the filename.. mail.log string. The path to a log file that will log all mail() calls The php.ini File. The php.ini file is where you configure your PHP installation. This is the file you need to edit in order to configure PHP to send mail. You need to ensure that the php.ini file contains details of the mail server that should be used whenever your application sends mail. To check/change your PHP mail configuration

On a hosted server, the SMTP settings would have already been set. The SMTP mail settings can be configured from php.ini file in the PHP installation folder. Configuring SMTP settings on your localhost Assuming you are using xampp on windows, locate the php.ini in the directory C:\xampp\php. Open it using notepad or any text. Create a Gmail account and do the set this: www-gmail.com -> Settings - > Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> Enable POP for all mail Enable IMAP (not sure if this is needed) In phpBB ACP -> Client communication -> E-Mail settings User SMTP server for email: YES SMTP server address: ssl://smtp.gmail.com SMTP server port:465 Authentication method for. Warning: Failed to connect to mailserver, verify your SMTP setting in php.ini in C:Inetpubwwwrootcatacludesclassesemail.php on line 50 Warning: mail(): Failed to connect to mailserver at smtp.gmail.com port 25, verify your SMTP and smtp_port setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\xampp\htdocs\SIS\contact.php on line 41 its been 2hrs since ive been trying to read the blog pleasseeee helpppp. Reply Delet

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  1. Thanks for your kind assistance so far. By the way, in the XAMPP moodle site, I only just configured the settings for the gmail smtp in the outgoing configuration in the moodle site and just to be extra sure, I did same for the smtp setting in php.ini, and it worked flawlessly
  2. Unfortunately, there are no settings in php.ini to set a username and password for smtp (don't ask me why, I'm stumped about that one too. They probably thought it would be a security risk or.
  3. 4 - Configure PHP.INI for SMTP: Lets stop IIS from the IIS Manager. Now open your PHP.INI file. It could be on your C:PHP folder or C:WINDOWS folder. Depends on how you've configured IIS and PHP on your system. Once you've opened the PHP.INI file with notepad or something, search for the entry called [mail function] and set it as below
  4. These days I tried some PHP scripts to send the e-mail messages for my contact form via SMTP. Since my domain's email is hosted with Google applications I decided to send the messages via the SMTP server from GMail. I found several articles and PHPMailer tutorials, but a lot of them didn't worked for me

Now in your Gmail account disabled 2-Step Verification and enable Access for less secure apps. You can do this by using the following . Step 2: Then click on profile icon. Step 3: Now click on account link. Step 4: Click on security tab. Step 5: In security tab we should edit two section:- A: At security tab sign-in section is there, find 2-step verification and disable it You can simply configure Gmail SMTP settings into whatever script or program you wish to send email from. extension=php_openssl.dll. On localhost, you can find php.ini in xampp\apache\bin ( or xampp\php ). If you can't find this line, just insert extension=php_openssl.dll in your php.ini Questions: I want to use the mail() function from my localhost. I have WAMP installed and a Gmail account. I know that the SMTP for Gmail is smtp.gmail.com and the port is 465 (more info from gmail). What I need to configure in WAMP so I can use the mail() function? Thanks!! Answers: Gmail servers.

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Install a local SMTP server. Windows - Use a free email server such as hMail, then configure it to accept SMTP forwarding. Windows - Alternatively, use Papercut for local testing. Linux - Use sendmail or postfix, sudo apt-get install postfix. Use a remote SMTP server, simply point the SMTP settings in the php.ini file to the mail server All other settings stay the same as they are already configured, but we'll have a look to the checkboxes beneath: Enter the address of your SMTP under Smart host name, for example smtp.gmail.com 26. We search and open the appropriate php.ini, using XAMPP you find it under xampp/php/php.ini in newer version and under xampp/apache. ini di kode php mail() ketika di jalankan masih error Warning: mail(): Failed to connect to mailserver at localhost port 25, verify your SMTP and smtp_port setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\xampp\htdocs\jadwal\kirimjadwal.php on line 16 Failed. dan belum berhasil. Repl How to Solve SMTP: Could Not Authenticate using Gmail + PHPMailer? Putting your account password directly somewhere in your script is not a good idea, and the correct way to solve this problem and avoid leaking your main account password is to use the App Password. Alternatively, you can customize your security settings for less-secured applications - which I would not recommend

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Follow these simple steps: Login to admin panel, Click on Preferences and then on Email tab, Select Set my own SMTP parameters. For advanced users ONLY radio button, SMTP server: your SMPT server, if using Gmail insert - smtp.gmail.com, SMTP user: your email address Once this is enabled in your Gmail account, it's only a matter of adding some entries in your php.ini and sendmail.ini files. First, open your php.ini file and you will find entries that are commented out or have default values located under the section [mail function]. You should enter these settings in your php.ini files and insure you are.

Warning: mail(): Failed to connect to mailserver at localhost port 25, verify your SMTP and smtp_port setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\xampp\htdocs\PPETrackerApp\email.php on line 21 php-cli docker exampl Please follow the steps: Setp 1: Go to the path in your application: app/Config/constants.php. Setp 2: Set the following in Gmail SMTP: define(SMTP_HOST, ssl://smtp.gmail.com) Here are the steps : Set SMTP host and port in php.ini Set sendmail_path = {path to xampp}\sendmail\sendmail.exe\ -t in php.ini In sendmail.ini under sendmail folder in xampp, set smtp_server to what you have set in php.ini smtp_port smtp_ssl auth_username auth_password force_sender hostname Simply call the mail function with all the arguments properly passe

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Sorry that the mail settings do not seem to be working. Do not use the PHP Mail protocol for your outgoing mail in OpenCart (if you are hosting with InMotion Hosting). Set it to use SMTP. You can find your email settings here. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C Configure Gmail as SMTP in XAMPP to send mail So, after rummaging through the net for 2 whole days trying to look for good complete instructions to set up the mail server, I didn't find. Eventually, I'd figured it out after piecing together random info from various numerous blogs and forums I have setup and configured SugarCRM and have been scouring the internet for tips on fixing the EXACT same issue related to sending mail from a domain setup on google. Same exact configuration issues, same changes to php.ini and class.smtp.php SO - if it helpsat all, this seems to be a google issue! P Go to C:\xampp\php and open the php.ini file. Find [mail function] by pressing ctrl + f. Search and pass the following values: SMTP=smtp.gmail.com smtp_port=587 sendmail_from = YourGmailId@gmail.com sendmail_path = \C:\xampp\sendmail\sendmail.exe\ -t Now, go to C:\xampp\sendmail and open the sendmail.ini file. Find [sendmail] by pressing. Yes, via email settings. Though phpBB is just PHP code, and whatever settings are used within the phpBB ACP, it passes them to the PHP installation on the server. If PHP (and other code which PHP may use for email) supports all the crypto stuff for GMail, it'll work, otherwise not

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Steps for live.com Mail Outgoing SMTP Settings. Set the outgoing server (SMTP) hostname to smtp-mail.outlook.com. Manually set your UserName as your email address and your email account password or simply check the box confirming the outgoing server settings are the same as the incoming server settings First, configure the Php.ini file. Open the Php.ini file, and find the entry: [mail function] Set the following values: SMTP=localhost sendmail_from = string smtp_port=25 Note that the default value is localhost, so there is no need to change this if SMTP is installed locally. Save and close the Php.ini file. Enable Relay for localhost In the SMTP Provider field, choose Gmail (choose other if you're using it) Click Auto Fill button to fill Host, Port, Authentication and Protocol will be automatically filled up to match Gmail provider you had chosen. In the Username and Password field, fill the gmail account you just have setup in the mentioned STEP 1 osTicket is a widely-used and trusted open source support ticket system. It seamlessly routes inquiries created via email, web-forms and phone calls into a simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based customer support platform. osTicket comes packed with more features and tools than most of the expensive (and complex) support ticket systems on the market Godaddy requires you to utilize their SMTP relay servers to send emails from third party clients. To prevent spam, GoDaddy allowing 250 SMTP relays per day. This lets you send 250 emails from your email address on a daily basis. If you want to send more than 250 emails a day , then you need to Purchase more SMTP relay depending on your needs

for example you can configure C:\xampp\php\php.ini and c:\xampp\sendmail\sendmail.ini for gmail to send mail. in C:\xampp\php\php.ini find extension=php_openssl.dll and remove the semicolon from the beginning of that line to make SSL working for gmail for localhost. in php.ini file find [mail function] and chang Following are the possible solutions to resolve the SMTP connect error: Uncomment ;extension=php_openssl.dll by removing the semicolon before the statement in php.ini file. Save the changes in the file and restart your apache server. Service providers have very specific settings needed to connect to their SMTP (outgoing) email server Configure XAMPP PHP to send mail from localhost Let's see how to configure Gmail mail settings in XAMPP php.ini and sendmail.ini to send Gmail mail. First, you need to open file php.ini file either via XAMPP Control Panel -> Apache Server Module -> Config -> php.ini or from the following path C:\xampp\php\php.ini vi /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini. Search and edit the sendmail_path. sendmail_path = /usr/bin/msmtp -C /etc/msmtprc -a yahoo -t You can replace yahoo with gmail. Save the file and reload your web server software. Create a php file demo_mail.php with the following contents to test the configuration inside your web server's document roo To make sure your emails are delivered properly, configure your PHP script or PHP application to use an external SMTP account. The following example shows how to do this using a Gmail account. Install the Mail and Net_SMTP PEAR modules: sudo /opt/bitnami/php/bin/pear install pear/Net_SMTP pear/Mail-1.4.

I decided to use PHPMailer and not to install mailserver like Postfix, because of security issue, SPAM fighting and also this is a time saver, because I use Google Apps, I set up my Google Apps account to automatically sign e-mails with DKIM, I setup SPF DNS record and the best of all, as I host multiple sites as Virtual Hosts on my web server, I also want to sometimes use different e-mail. How do I configure PHP to send mail using mail() via a remote SMTP server? I've tried to do this using php.ini but it seems that you can only do that under Windows32 and I want to do this on my Unix server. Also I've tried to change the configuration for sendmail so it would use a remote SMTP server but I'm not sure that's possible Go to C:\xampp\sendmail: open sendmail.ini file in notepad or any text editor and make the changes as follows. change smtp_server=mail.yourdomain.com to smtp_server=smtp.gmail.com change smtp_port to smtp_port=587 change smtp_ssl=auto to smtp_ssl=tl Login to your Google Email Account and click on Google Account Button. This button is display when you click on the profile picture in your Gmail Dashboard as shown. Once you are on My Account Page.. That setting is the one for receiving Installation details done through ampps. And it works if SMTP settings are properly entered. For e.g: Gmail Settings: SMTP Server : ssl://smtp.gmail.com SMTP Port : 465 SMTP Username : your gmail address SMTP Password : Your ID Password (It will be stored on your machine) -----Follow AMPPS on

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In general smtp server are using port 25 for sending mail. but in your case if you want to use smtp server of gmail the the smtp host server of gmail is smtp.gmail.com . Then smtp port for gmail is 585 instead of 25 and gmail's smtp server required authentication so you have to use the above settings and then try i hope it will work One question. In step 3: configureing php.ini file.. the comment in my php.ini on xampp/windows 7 reads that you need to set sendmail_path variableo nly on Unix OS as it does in your comment to. For Windows OS there are 3 different parameters that needs to be set as I found via googling. They are: SMPT smpt_port sendmail_from PhpMailer, mail without SMTP server [solved], 1 - In the PHP Settings -> PHP Extensions you must compile into the EXE the php_curl.dll (agree to include the ssleay32.dll and the libeay32.dll), and the php_openssl.dll. 2 - Download the PhpMailler (I'm using the 5.1) 3 - Create or use a valid gmail account. 4 - Change the settings on the next example : Yes, PHPMailer is a very good choice Then configure C:\wamp\sendmail\sendmail.ini: smtp_server=smtp.gmail.com smtp_port=465 [email protected] auth_password=your_password The above will work against a Gmail account. And then configure php.ini: sendmail_path = C:\wamp\sendmail\sendmail.exe -t Now, restart Apache, and that is basically all you need to do Second, I removed the comment from the OpenSSL.dll setting in php.ini in the Windows directory. PHPBB shows OpenSSL to be enabled. OpenSSL support enabled OpenSSL Version OpenSSL 0.9.8e 23 Feb 2007 I also configured the Gmail settings according to the info on this web site. tls://smtp.gmail.com Port 465 Plain Authenticatio

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MailSender.php class. You can use gmail smtp or your smtp server settings. change gmail variable value (True or False) <?php //SMTP needs accurate times, and the PHP time zone MUST be set //This should be done in your php.ini, but this is how to do it if you don't have access to that date_default_timezone_set. Gmail's Default POP3 and IMAP Settings SMTP settings are only for sending email; you'll also need to provide the settings for receiving emails. Receiving mail is done through POP3 or IMAP servers. Before you identify those settings in your email client, enable access through settings within Gmail by going to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP

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Send Email using Gmail SMTP. If you want to use Gmail SMTP to send email, you need to make some changes in Google account settings. Follow the below steps to use Gmail SMTP in PHPMailer library. Login to your Google account. Go to the My Account page if you are using your gmail address for the smtp in your board then you are not using the smtp server at your host nor are you using the built in php mail of your host. uncheck smtp, don't use gmail at all. create ( if you haven't already ) a board email account on your host and use that for the board email in the settings area of the admin panel * This example shows settings to use when sending over SMTP with TLS and custom connection options. use PHPMailer \ PHPMailer \ SMTP; //SMTP needs accurate times, and the PHP time zone MUST be set //This should be done in your php.ini, but this is how to do it if you don't have access to that: use full email address for gmail $ mail. Cara Setting SMTP Gmail. Secara default, Gmail memiliki setting-an SMTPnya. Anda bisa menggunakan informasi SMTP server Gmail di beberapa tempat. Anda bisa menggunakannya di email client seperti Microsoft Outlook atau plugin di website WordPress seperti misalnya SendGrid. Setting Default SMTP Gmail . Berikut adalah setting default SMTP Gmail 1. Basically, in the php.ini file, we uncommented the line extension=php_openssl.dll from the c:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.4.4\bin\php.ini file by removing the semicolon ; from the beginning of the line. 2. Saved the php.ini file and restarted the Apache service. Incorrect Passwor

Open Php.ini file and fill the all the values in the respective fields by taking ref from Gmail SMTP Settings Remove comments from the [mail function] Statements which are instructions to the smtp Server and Match their values. Also the sendmail SMTP server is a Fake server. Its nothing beside a text terminal (Try writing anything on it These PHP scripts enable email sending with option for SMTP configuration of services like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail or other email service providers. Most blog and community discussions on the web mention the PEAR Mail and the PHP Mailer packages as the default go-to in these situations, so I introduce these as well To make sure your emails are delivered properly, configure your PHP script or PHP application to use an external SMTP account. The following example shows how to do this using a Gmail account. Install the Mail and Net_SMTP PEAR modules: $ sudo installdir/php/bin/pear install pear/Net_SMTP pear/Mail-1.4. When using the PHP mail() function with IIS 6 on Windows Server 2003, check your Relay settings on the SMTP Virtual Server in IIS. If you grant access to and set then set your php.ini SMTP to the same IP address (along with setting the same port 25), you should have success in sending mail How to send test messages with PHPMailer? To test PHP mail functionality, we will use Mailtrap, a fake SMTP server, so as not to flood our inboxes or even worse, the inboxes of our customers.Once you make sure that everything works properly and your email messages look right, you will be able to easily substitute the SMTP settings in our examples with your real server's

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This data can be changed in php.ini file or in apache config files using php_flag/php_value settings, but that will affect the whole site. You do not really need to change default php settings, as they will be ignored if you use Moodle SMTP settings (the hosting company doesnt allow modifications to the php.ini file since its in a shared environment) Thank you. I am getting this error: Warning : mail(): Failed to connect to mailserver at localhost port 25, verify your SMTP and smtp_port setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in d:\inetpub\redpaladin\support\admin\includes\mailtest.php. Use smtp.gmail.com, port 465, SSL or port 587/STARTTLS. If they are true aliases (nicknames), use your full primary email address as the username and that account's password. If they are additional user accounts (with separate mailboxes), use the address and password for that account The first one is using an SMTP server, the second is using PHP Mail and the third one is Sendmail. The last two can be considered more or less the same for the majority of the cases. Regarding the reputation of the server which sends the emails, if you choose PHP Mail or Sendmail you are counting on your own server's reputation to send your emails

Plesk smtp port 587 — you should use port 587 as a default

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SMTP hostname: smtp.gmail.com; SMTP port: 465 with SSL on. SMTP in WordPress. By default, WordPress uses PHP mail() function to send emails. If you want to send WordPress mail from a third-party mail server or use SMTP authentication with your cPanel email account, you need to install an SMTP plugin. There are several SMTP plugins for WordPress SMTP Username : xyz@gmail.com ( my actual gmail id here ) SMTP Password : ***** ( my gmail id password ) SMTP Host : smtp.gmail.com you also used these settings i believe.. and it worked for you.. i have used the above settings. also every other possible setting, but i always get ths error: SMTP Error! Could not connect to SMTP host Location of php.ini you can find in your phpinfo report. 1. Try to create simple php file called info.php with content: <?php phpinfo(); ?> 2. Copy this file to your web server. 3. Than open this php file with your browser. Inside report you will see path to php.ini in row called Configuration File (php.ini) Path Uncomment ;extension=php_openssl.dll by removing the semicolon before the statement in php.ini file. Save the changes in the file and restart your apache server. Service providers have very specific settings needed to connect to their SMTP (outgoing) email server

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. For any website, sending email by PHP script is a very common requirement. You can send email using PHP by using PHP mail function or by using a PHP library named PHPMailer. The main limitation of mail() function is that it can't send email from local server. mail() function only works on live server and in many cases , the email sent by mail.

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Accessing your Bluehost account in Gmail. Log in to your Gmail Account. Open the Settings by clicking the Gear icon in the top lefthand corner, then click See all settings. Click Accounts and Import. Scroll down, and under the Check mail from other accounts section, click Add a mail account. Enter the email address By default, the php.ini file has localhost at port 25 as the mail server/port. In other words, if you get rid of this, the script should default to the hmailserver install as the mail server. As I have said before, the script itself is functional; but (something I didn't mention is that) I did take out the ini_set calls at the top of the script. This is a fair question. Go to the PHP installation folder and configure them in the php.ini file. But this will only work for localhost or Xmapp like solutions because as we have already mentioned, PHP mail function does not support SMTP authentication and doesn't allow sending messages via external servers I believe gmail will let you do this as well though. You will have to add the auth_username and auth_password for the smtp account you set up to your php.ini settings, though I can't remember if that is the exact text or not so you should google around and check that. Log in or register to post comment Make sure that the php.ini file on the server is configured to use the MTA. If unable to deliver mail, check the sendmail_path setting. If using a Windows server, it may be necessary to change the SMTP and stmp_port settings. SMTP (PHP Mailer) If this option has been selected in the Email Engine option, the following fields must be filled in.

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