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Covering Specifications (Tolex style, Grill Cloth Style, Handle, Feet Etc) Feel free to provide a photo and/or link of a similar design as a base for your design; E-mail [email protected] today to begin the conversation that will ultimately get you the custom cabinet of your dreams Custom Amp Cabinets By Armadillo Amp Works Here are some pictures of Custom Amp Cabinets varying from Fender Replacement Cabinets To newer Boutique Amp Cabinets. Click here to order an amp cab or get pricing on custom Fender amp cabinets. Deluxe Reverb Custom Amp Cabine

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  1. The more modern and popular styles of Tolex include Panama texture Tolex. This is used by Orange and Vox in color choice of orange and black. Orange Amplifiers followed Marshall's lead with beefing up their cabs to create a more modern look. Marshall Added a heavy 3/4 inch radius corners to add a strong look and signature style
  2. Tolex Looking to recover a guitar amp, then look no further with the widest range on tolex available in Australia. A wide range of the best styles and if you need us to recover your then we can help with that as well. Whilst The Speaker Factory list the massive range of tolex below, we do not carry all items in stoc
  3. d, from peculiar speaker combinations to custom amp features

Deluxe Reverb Style - Red Snakeskin tolex **Sold** This is a custom built Deluxe Reverb Style combo with modifications like negative feedback switch (toggle), and comes FluxTone equipped! FluxTone speakers allows you turn down your guitar amplifier without losing the.. American made tolex cabinet covering for amplifiers, cabinets, pedal boards, children's equipment and other projects. Durable, water resistant, and gives your project a new, fresh look! Tolex is sold in one continuous length Specifications: Tolex Glue is a non-flammable, Neoprene based, water borne adhesive formulated to bond tolex and vinyl to wood and wood based substrates. Min. use temp: 45°F Freezes at 32°F and lower Shelf Life: 6 Months Directions: Surfaces to be bonded must be clean Here is a selection of our custom tolex options. These come at a small extra price. We do keep other custom order tolex in stock, but these change. If there is something you want but you don't see it here then give us a shout, we will either have it or be able to get it

Custom Shop. Configure your Amp / Cab and purchase online. Choose from Custom Tolex, Custom Grillcloth, Speaker options, Panel options and purchase online! Show Now. Life for some, is a quest for things tangible, but elusive. There are those who strive to transform their fantasies into dreams and their dreams into reality I have a Custom Vibrolux Reverb Amp (black tolex, blackface). The circuit board inside is the same as a Vibroverb Reissue. Apparently the Fender Custom shop modified it by putting the reverb on both channels, getting rid of the negative feedback and other assorted modifications The amp has body control that pan from full push-pull to single-ended Champ type tones with an accompanying volume decrease that allow you turn the amp up more. I offer the amp in a head and cabinet setup or as a 4x10, 2x10, or 4X8 combo for the 30W or 2x10 or 2x8 15W combo. The 4x10 is the cleanest followed but the 2x10 and then the 4x8

Tolex Amplifier Cabinet Covering, Black Country Western, 18 wide x 1 yard. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. $13.95 $ 13. 9 Narrow Panel Tweed Princeton® Guitar 5F2 Amplifier Combo Speaker Cabinet $ 242.00 - $ 342.00 Select options; Blackface Princeton Reverb® Style Guitar Amplifier Combo Speaker Cabinet $ 228.00 - $ 278.00 Select options; Marshall® Style 20 Watt Head Tall-Front Mount Guitar Amplifier Cabinet $ 229.00 - $ 254.00 Select option You choose the amp, tolex and grill cloth and fill out the contact form, and a quote will be emailed to you. There are some modifications that can be done to most of these amps, so if you are looking for a certain enhancement to your sound, we can see if that can be done

All you amp parts, Tolex, Corners, Feet, Screws etc Finally, a very sharp (new blade) Cutter.. typically like a Stanley knife, Don't be tempted to use a thinner type as you need a good hard precise cut and the thinner versions tend to give or bend a bit Choose A Covering!...I have recently acquired two full size Korg Oasys (88 key) synthesizers and once again I was wondering if you good folks could custom make 2 identical black tolex cases in the style of the two eleven rack/fractal cases you made for me before, I cannot find a good flight case anywhere online for them and the one I could find is plastic and generic looking, very cheap looking SUBSCRIBE! Here's a killer video montage of Bogner Custom Color Tolex amps and cabinets. Rock a piece of art onstage by ordering your next Bogner amp or cab..

Custom Amp Covers are guaranteed to be free of material defects and made with quality workmanship to provide the best possible fit and finish. If the cover is defective you may return it for a full refund at our expense Feb 14, 2021 - collection of tolex and grill cloth ideas for speaker cabinets. See more ideas about guitar amp, bass amps, marshall amps Authentic Reproduction Fender Amplifier Cabinets, Custom Cabinets, & Top Notch Vintage Amp Restoration. Get the best Fender reproduction cabinets available. Armadillo Amp Works goes the extra mile to make your cabinet very authentic. Mentored by the late Larry Rodgers so rest assured your cabinet will be great http://www.reliablehardware.com/ Learn tips, tricks and how to wrap a box or rack with Tolex The tweed material was used on various other Fender Amp models until 1964. After an almost 30 year hiatus, they started wrapping tweed cabs again in 1990. Fender reintroduced the 59' Bassman Reissue then others like the Blues and Pro Junior. To this day, the tweed amp head and cab wraps are one of the most recognizable materials in the world

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Custom Tolex Colors for amps and cabs. Bob still does some Luthier and amp repair work. He only works on very high-end/vintage guitars and amps. Bob Gjika Amps. 10^n = Powers of Ten. The 10^n is my latest guitar amplifier. It is a redesign based on the stereo 8 EL-34 single-ended amps I used to make many years ago, that became known as the. Country Western pattern tolex brown Oxblood with stripe grill cloth - 18x36 Our price: $12.99 . Lift off (take apart) hinges Black Nubtex tolex Genuine Marshall amp corners 8pc set Our price: $19.99 . SOLD! Mesa Black Jute grill cloth F1686 rubber cabinet foot Our Price $1.05 . Savings: $0.20 Create Custom Amp Grill Cloth with our online Designer App. Add your photos, logos and artwork. Our sonically transparent cloth installs over your existing speaker grill. Enhance the look of your amplifier cabinets with colorful graphics. Used by professional guitarist, musicians and bands. Quick Ship

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CUSTOM HARP TRAVELER You can order it totally customized, Tv front, or narrow panel, lots of tolex and grill colours available, etc... just make your dream amp so unique !!! Custom point to point circuit with the best components and special voiced for harmonica, wich means NO FEEDBACK !! Jesse, that is an interesting concept and one I haven't considered. I recently purchased a 95 fender custom vibrolux reverb and it was not the cleanest of amps from abuse. As you know Fender builds a tough product whether its a guitar or an amp and I have a fondness for every product I've owned with the exception of SS amps Brand New! Marshall Original Purple Levant Tolex. This is great for most Marshall amplifiers. The size of this tolex is 132 x 58cm PREMIUM FINISHES - The following are up-charged at the following rates: All Heads $100. 1x10 Cabinets and Combos $100. 1x12 and 2x12 Cabinets and Combos $20

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Custom platform for guitar, bass, vocal, instrumental effects pedals. Built to order. Only 1 left Favorite Add to Stami's Customs - Black Bird Speaker Attenuator for Tube Amp in Black Tolex StamisCustoms $ 70.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Black Tolex Guitar Pedalboard - Handcrafted with hook-and-loop deck. Start with Amplates.com - they do custom work and may know who would do custom Tolex. Be warned - custom vinyl will be insanely expensive due to tooling costs and minimal order quantities. Or order existing Tolex from Mojo, Angela, or many other amp parts dealers that carry different textures and colors Custom Grand Tube Guitar AMP Head 100W Dumble Tone SSS Steel String Singer Valve Amplifier Grand Boutique Hand-wired Overdrive Special ODS50 Amp Head 50W in Black or Brown Tolex Custom Faceplate is Availabl The amp pictured is a Custom Shop 50 Head with 2×12″ Celestion Vintage 30 covered in black tolex with a tan grill cloth,- gold piping,- gold vent grill and cream chickenhead knobs. It can be made with a variety of different tolex, grill cloth, piping and vent grill's upon request

As found on Soldano amps and others. Price per yard (91,4 cm) €23,63. including VAT 19% , [plus shipping] Qty. Add to cart. Add to wish list. Tolex Black Basket. Black Basket Tolex, as used by Vox, Laney or Hiwatt. Width: 136cm. Price per meter. Enter how many meters you want. €25,22. including VAT. Black Elephant Tolex was also used by Marshall® since the 1960s on custom colour amplifiers. This tolex is also used on our Marshall® style Plexi Cabinets. width: 127 cm Unit: price per meter! €24.00

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  1. Plus, if you have any other special wishes, let us know and we'll try to accommodate them too. All you need to do is design your amp, place your ENGL Custom Shop order, and in 10-12 weeks you'll be the proud owner of a unique piece of musical history — your very own custom ENGL amp, exclusive to you, and sure to make you sound, play and look your best every time you plug in
  2. Amp Weight: 20 Kg When you order your Custom Shop 200 or Cabinets you can freely make your own combination of a number of different Tolex and Grill Cloth, together with either Black or Cream chickenhead knob's and White or Gold piping. Design your own personnel Amp. Select from the various tolex & grills available below
  3. SEISMIC AUDIO 212 TOLEX GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET COVER. Custom Amp Covers are guaranteed to be free of material defects and made with quality workmanship to provide the best possible fit and finish. If the cover is defective you may return it for a full refund at our expense
  4. Our customer wanted something special and this amp he will get. It is a two channel Bluetone ML Custom head containing following features: Crunch channel based on modified Trainwreck Express, Clean channel based on Bluetone Stalker, a buffered effects loop, adjustable Solo boost, midi controlled channel+effects switching and power amp with 4x6L6GC+half power switch (70-80 W/35-40 W)

Some will cause the tolex to shrink significantly over a 24 hour period. I cut a 2 square piece of tolex, scribe a 2 square box on whatever wood I'm using, go through my normal gluing process and observe the fit after 24 hours whenever I've sourced tolex from a different supplier Tolex & Tweed; Tolex & Tweed. Tolex and tweed for building or repairing amplifiers, speaker cabinets, cases, and pedalboards. *How much tolex is needed for a typical project? Estimates assume a single (hidden) seam design with a maximum depth of 16 Modulus - UK Guitar Amp Parts and Kits's items for sale in Tolex. AuctivaInternalLink. Home; CHECKOUT; CUSTOM FACEPLATES; CUSTOM CABINETS; Login; Advanced search. Basket (0 item, £ 0.00) View Cart. Categories Home > CABINET PARTS > Tolex. Tolex. Displaying items 1 - 4 of 4: Sort:. Custom Amp Options Custom Graphics $299.00 USD Custom Airbrushed $599.00 USD Custom Tolex $150.00 USD Blades Lightshowz $125.00 USD Our original Collection Killer Tubes are brand new. There is one small scratch in the tolex. Fender Custom Shop Dual Professional Amp 1998. If you are reading this you probably know what it is. This is a pro amp. This isn't a twin reverb or deluxe reverb, this is a high end boutique hand wired Fender amp

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3u Studio Rack Case - Tolex 19 Rack Mount Guitar Eleven Rack Axe FX Amp Case. $129.00. Free shipping . White Tolex Custom Studio Rack Case - 4U 16 Deep Eleven Rack Axe FX 4 U Case. $174.99. Free shipping . Picture Information. Opens image gallery. Image not available. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. AMP FEATURES MATRIX AMP FEATURES MATRIX. Here you can compare the various features of Diamond Amps. Many custom options are available as well. For questions about features, look, etc, please contact us

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  1. Alright there boys and girls, Rudy's Music is proud to announce our partnership with Tyler Amps. Tyler Amps makes high-end hand wired tube amps, and for our first project, they hit gold with this elegantly designed British styled Tube Amp. This baby is equipped with 2 EL 84 Power Tubes, 2 12AX7 Preamp Tubes and 2 1
  2. Soldano SLO-30 Custom Snakeskin Tolex. Turn the amp around, and you're greeted by a tube-buffered FX loop and variable slave output, just like the original. DEPTH Control Historically, one of the most popular SLO mods is the addition of a DEPTH control to the amplifier's power section. The Depth control is now standard on the SLO-30
  3. Brad went on to use both of his Blockhead amps on the 2003/2004 Aerosmith/KISS tour. In 2005, where Greg is working on Green Day's 'American Idiot' tour while Aerosmith is on a year hiatus. In need of a replacement amp for guitarist Jason White, Greg calls Oz from Europe and discusses the possibility of a custom amp

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Custom Grand Gr-Ods Handwired Guitar Amplifier Head 20W with Loop Black Tolex Accept Electric Guitar Bass Project Customization US $500.68-600.68 / Piece Custom Princeton 5f2a Champ Tweed Guitar Combo Amplifier, 5W Volume Tone Control 1*10 Celestion Speaker Orange Drop Capacito Are you looking to restore your old amp to a like-new tolex sheen? Do you have an old case that you need shined up? Clean, condition, preserve & shine your amp or case with Music Nomad's special formula. It works great on all tolex, leather, vinyl & rubber amps, cases, drum chairs & electronic rubber pads. It will deliver a dry-to-the-touch, long-lasting new finish

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custom tank with a handmade matching tolex anti feedback cover for the best rocking tones. * BITE: this control is very sensitive and effective and it gives tons of bite to your distortion, very useful when you are playing in a loud band, it makes your solos stand up above everything Guitar Amplifier, 1*12 Guitar Cabinet, Guitar Speaker Cabinet manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Custom Grand Guitar Amplifier Speaker Cabinet with Kinds Tolex Options Speaker Jenson Celestion, 2021 Custom Grand Bigsby Special Irregular Shape Body Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar in Green, Xotic Ep Booster Single Knob Guitar Effect Pedal (JF-42) and so on

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Carefully peal the tolex back from the seam and cut along the overlap line (Use a straight edge) and you get a matching piece of tolex (width depending on the amount of overlap). Then glue it back down (good for vintage cabs with hard to find tolex) I use good old elmers glue with an Exacto knife, cut a piece to match the missing portion, glue. One way to stand out on stage, is to rock a piece of art you can play, with a custom tolex Bogner amp behind you! Check out this cool video montage with a range of custom color options, available for your Bogner. Music played and recorded by Greg Vorobiov, through an Atma head and 1x12 aluminum.. Positive Grid has launched Spark Pearl, a new limited white-tolex edition of its Spark amplifier. Spark Pearl also sports gold piping for its trim as well as a custom carry strap. READ MORE: 100,000 guitarists can't be wrong? Why Positive Grid's Spark smart amp is proving a huge hit Underneath. Custom Valve 20WR - Same as Custom Valve 20 but with red tolex, cream grill cloth, headphone jack, DI output, and Celestion Greenback Speaker. Custom Valve 40 - 40 watt class AB amp. 2 x 5881s, 3 x 12AX7s, and Celestion 70/80 Speaker; Custom Valve 40WR - Same as Custom Valve 40 but with red tolex, cream grill cloth, Celestion Vintage 30.

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All Your Music Needs In One Place. Get Great Deals Every Day, In-Store & Online Customize your amp now : tolex, grillcloth, piping... and more. We take up every challenge

Fender Mustang 3 Guitar Amp V2 - Red Tolex - LongRack Case Modern Style - 4U Tolex Studio Rack Case forEvil Robot Phil X Custom 214 2012 Brown Tolex | ReverbSpeaker Cabinet wood differences?Fender 65 Twin Reverb Limited Edition 2014 Blonde Tolex w

The Ampliphonix and Gain is a unique offering in our product line. This amp has two independent channels and an output section of either 6L6 or EL34 tubes. This unique amplifier is built with both Ultraphonix Plexi high-gain and Ultraphonix Fender cleans in the same package Vox AC Custom amps limited run in red tolex: Are we getting 'maroon-ed'? Approximate reading time: 1 Minute. For me, I think that having limited runs of different Tolex coverings for amps is a fairly easy way for companies to reinvigorate a bit of interest in their current line-up Custom orders are sometimes possible at a slightly higher price. Check out the Blog for up-to-date info on what's available or in the works. For additional info, see the 'How to buy' page. Amp head come standard in black tolex (with carbon-fibre front panel) or in plum tolex. Standard tube configurations include 10-15W (2xEL34*), 20W (2x6V6S. The fabled 2 Channel Archon Amp, here in a limited edition of Lake Blue Tolex and Cane Grill. We are told only 20 of these were made right here in the PRS Factory in Maryland. Here is you chance to chase some classic tone with this Limited edition amplifier.. PRS Archon 25-watt Tube Combo Amplifier Features

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