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*PayPal* @askdrakeh@gmail.com Help me grow my homestead and make more videos by donating to me on paypal. at askdrakeh@gmail.comhttps://amzn.to/2GZtkTi - G.. Flip over a gravity door trap. If you have a gravity door trap, you will need to flip over the trap so the door opens and allows the skunk to leave. You can use a painters pole or a pole that is 10 feet (3 m) long at least to gently push the trap onto its roof. Once the trap flips over, the gravity door should pop open The law in some states and counties actually require that any trapped skunk be terminated. There are both humane and inhumane ways to kill a skunk with traps. This post of course, refers to live trapped skunks and not those killed with lethal traps like the connibear or body grip traps. Lethal traps are highly inhumane and have been mostly banned

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  1. Just a How To Video of safe release of a live trapped skunk, without having it spray. I have done this dozens of times without them spraying
  2. The most common is the double spring-loaded connibear trap. They work by snapping down on the animal when sprung, and killing it via choking or squeezing. The use of lethal traps are inhumane and mostly impractical because they pose a danger to neighborhood dogs and cats. Dealing with the carcass is also not a pleasant affair
  3. The best and most compatible method which is normally used for getting rid of skunks is to trap the animals. After trapping skunks you have a variety of options. You can either relocate the skunks far away from the house at a safe place or can take different steps for killing the animal
  4. The easiest, most effective, and most humane method for skunk removal is trapping and relocation. Trapping can be simple with specially-designed traps on the market. When trapping a skunk, cover the trap with a thick blanket during relocation or use a closed trap to avoid getting sprayed
  5. Havahart 1084 Easy Set Live Trap: The Easy Set model is great for catching skunks because you can open the door and release the skunk by pulling a leaver located near the handle. This allows you to open the trap door and let the skunk out of the trap while safely standing at the back of the trap. Avoid using the 2 door models when trapping skunks
  6. When he arrived, he wanted to show me a youtube video of how someone walked up to cover the skunk in the trap. This person proceeded to take the skunk out into the wild and shoot it. We would use the lawnmower exhaust, piped in under the tarp to euthanize it. All we needed to find was something to be the pipe

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What are some humane ways to kill a skunk in a trap

The best live traps for skunks are medium to large (25-35 inches long). Most traditional/professional style traps require that you manually lift and hold the door open to release the skunk - this positions the user close to the door as the skunk exits. Unless you are a professional, Havahart® recommends using an Easy Set® Trap Even if you do intend to kill the animal, it's easier to catch in a live trap than by lethal means. Some folks like to shoot and kill skunks, but if you just want them off your property, you can have a professional trap and remove them. And don't forget, if you do try to kill a skunk, get ready for a big smell Skunk Baits. Baiting a live skunk trap requires more than just choosing the right bait - proper baiting technique is critical to effectively catching a skunk. In addition to skunk bait suggestions, this page provides instructions on how to bait a skunk trap as well as expert tips to help make your trapping experience a success Homeowners who set traps and catch these species face the choice of killing the animal or releasing it. Releasing a skunk or a raccoon can be a risky situation. There's a chance that you could be sprayed by the skunk, or bitten or scratched. What follows promises to be unpleasant Does a skunk spray when it dies? A skunk will still smell even when dead, and the gland which creates the foul odor can release if the body is moved postmortem. The skunk will likely spray at the time of death, but if you are not in immediate range, your risk level is minimal.. What poison will kill a skunk? Poisonous substances used on skunks include Anticoagulants like warfarin, Antifreeze.

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We are against skunk killing and recommend you to avoid euthanasia and set the animals free in the woods instead. A Large Universal Outdoor Skunk Trap OxGord Live Animal Trap 24″ X 7″ X 7″ Catch Release Humane Rodent Cage for Rabbits, Stray Cat, Squirrel, Raccoon, Mole, Gopher, Opossum, Skunk & Chipmunk The best way to kill a skunk is to trap it and a wire have a heart trap, cover with a tarp (skunk will chill out and not spray), attach a shopvac hose to the exhaust pipe of your car, and stick the other end of the hose under the tarp. To make it more exffective, place rocks or bricks around the edges of the tarp to get a better seal

Trapping skunks is the ideal way of getting rid of the animal. To trap a skunk, you need to get a cage and then bait the cage with vegetables and fruits. After that, you can place the cage at the hole or burrow made by the skunk Alternatives To Killing A Skunk Killing skunks is not a pleasant business at the best of times, and the reality is that these animals will only become a pest in a domestic areas where they can gain access to food. This is why one of the best alternatives to killing a skunk helps to deliver a realistic solution to the problem of skunks on a. Just use a Plastic Catch trap or if you don't have one, just put your cage trap in a plastic trash bag when you set it. You can pick up a trap and carry it around and even drive around with it without them spraying. A half cup of Chloriform dropped in the trap and you can knock them out. Leave it there for about 3 minutes and they'll be out for. Do put a towel over the cage to keep the skunk calm. When releasing the skink in a wooded area do have a box with a opening so one end of the trap can go in. Once the skunk goes from the trap to the bark box you will have a few seconds to get the hell out of there. Once the skunk comes out of the box he or she will be looking for a target How to kill a skunk in a live trap. The skunk is particularly undesirable due to its propensity to spray a sticky obnoxious spray on unwitting victims. The first type is a trap that will quickly kill the skunk once it has been trapped and these are usually of the body grip variety

A skunk must have its tail up over its back to spray. If it is contained tight enough in the trap so that the tail cannot come up all is well. Use a pole with a hook on the end to pick up the trap and carry it to a river or creek with water deep enough to drown it and let the water take its course A live skunk trap is a great solution for getting rid of a resident skunk that's taken shelter in your yard. Because skunks are known to spray when threatened, some homeowners may hesitate to use this method, but it is one of the best methods for a stubborn animal We like to use a live trap that has been baited with foods that skunks can't resist. Ideal skunk bait includes eggs, crispy bacon, cat food, chicken or turkey, canned tuna or sardines, peanut butter on bread, marshmallows, or any meat-based, oily foods with a strong odor A Havahart cage trap or a cylindrical trap is required—but it is not then lawful to relocate the skunk. The skunk must be destroyed on site or released unharmed. Connecticut allows killing of skunks with a permit that must be acquired before the skunk is killed. There is a limited season for killing skunks, usually after kits have been weaned. Zorbel Previous username holla at cha boi New username covfefe Bio page Zorbel Joined Sep 9, 2010 Last May 31, 2017 Total posts 0 (0 FO

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  1. Tomahawk Live Trap 924 Plastic Skunk Trap Furthermore, with a deadly trap, you risk killing other animals instead of the one that you targeted. There are many endangered animals out there, and this is the main reason why it is best to purchase a humane trap since, otherwise, you risk legal actions and penalties..
  2. g pool until the skunk is drowned (I had better not find anyone trying that with my swim
  3. All you need to do is hold the tail down. In a live trap, they're rather docile and if you can grasp it, hold the tail between its legs and then a tap on the skull is all it takes. If you're real adventurous, after you tap it, seal the anus with superglue to prevent any leakage. Mar 6, 2015 #
  4. • If trapping, the ONLY types of traps that may be used are LIVE (cage or box traps). (See #5 for exceptions .) • Small game and furbearers captured in live traps cannot be moved from the capture site and must be killed or released on site when the trap is checked. (See #3 and #4 following for exceptions.) 3.
  5. When you get close enough, calmly drape the plastic sheet or blanket over the trap. If the skunk does get startled and spray, this will absorb a lot of the odour. It will also act as a visual barrier, making the skunk less likely to spray. Stand beside the trap, lift open the door, and hold it open until the skunk makes its way out
  6. While killing a skunk can be done humanely, it is worth considering to see if you area does allow the relocation of pest animals, and whether or not there are suitable spots within a short drive away
  7. A better method is to shoot the skunk or kill it with a lethal body grip trap. In either case, there's really no chance of getting sprayed. Of course, the best tactic of all is to simply trap and relocate the skunk alive. It's actually a lot easier than it sounds, and sprays are very rare

What are some humane ways to kill a skunk in a cage

How to Kill a Skunk - Or Should You

In order to successfully trap a skunk, you have to move carefully. The animal will spray when scared, which often makes it difficult for a person to move the trap once the animal has been caught in order to release it into the wild. Once the animal is safely in the trap, you will want to throw an old sheet or blanket over it, and pick it up. Product Features:Excellent for skunks - a skunk cannot spray while in this trap, they cannot lift their tail, arch their back, or see outFully enclosed trap keeps animals calmEasy to handleGreat for ADC work, on the farm, around the yard, by the garden,

Skunks can be trapped at entrances of known denning sites, or trapped about their feeding areas. A wooden box trap with a wire mesh end is ideal. Leg hold traps or any kill device such as a conibear trap should be avoided. Skunks caught in box traps can be safely moved if caution is taken to avoid shaking the trap As with many of my workshop projects, I just used what I had available to do the job. You may wish to adjust the size of the trap you make to fit the target animal you are trying to catch. Here is an idea of appropriate sizes: Raccoon 12″ x 12″ x 36″ Opossum 10″ x 10″ x 32″ Skunk 10″ x 10″ x 32 Trapping Your Skunk Invader. Along with rats and armadillos, some wildlife experts rank skunks in the top three when it comes to difficulty in trapping, so catching one can be a challenge. If you have a live skunk trap, it's important to ensure you use the best bait for skunks. Baits that work to trap a skunk include canned fish (such as. Summary of Step-By-Step Instructions: 1) Purchase large cage traps - rated raccoon size, usually about 10 x 12 x 30 or so. 2) Set traps in areas of high skunk activity.Bait with marshmallows, or, if stray cats are not a problem in the area, cat food works as well. Make sure traps are scent-free and flush to the ground, and set in the shade When I set my live trap to get rid of racoons and possums I haul them to a cemetery about 6 miles away and turn them loose. Skunks are a different matter. When I am unlucky enough to trap a skunk I have learned to shoot them in the side of the head with a 12 gauge load of #4 copper plated shot

Trapping activity by an individual in a nuisance wildlife situation must comply, where applicable, with the requirements under WAC 220-417-030 and adhere to RCW 77.36.030 & 77.15.190. Basic trap designs. Modern traps fall into two main categories: quick-kill type traps and live-holding traps It worked fine. The skunk was in the live trap and he walked up to administer the coup de grace. Suddenly, another skunk raced out of the brush and let him have it and got him good! LOL! Skunks stick together! Neither skunk survived the encounter but the damage was done. He had to drive home in his government truck, fouling it with skunk This JT Animal Control Spray-Proof Skunk Trap is perfect for catching skunks because the size prevents them from lifting their tails to spray. Made of 6in. PVC pipe, this humane trap also prevents scratching and biting, plus your catch is invisible to passersby

For moral and practical reasons, killing a skunk is not a great idea. Getting rid of a dead skunk is a project in itself. Catching one, and transporting it to an appropriate skunk habitat, without getting sprayed, is the desirable outcome - a win-win for you and the skunk. It's easier than you might think to prevent spraying (2) Except as otherwise provided, it shall be unlawful for any person to place, set, or maintain any type of unattended trap other than a cage or box trap, body gripping trap, snare, or spring assisted snare, foot hold trap, foot-encapsulating trap, mole trap, snap trap or glue board for the purpose of taking a nuisance wild animal Pick up the trap slowly and carry it gently to your pickup truck and place it gently in the back. Take the skunk several miles away to public land and set the trap on the ground behind the pickup and while sitting on the lowered tailgate lift the door to the trap with a 3 foot piece of stout wire, it will walk out and head for the nearest bushes

Live Trap: Sometimes an unwelcome visitor shows up in your yard and takes up residency, and whether that be a skunk, rat, or raccoon you just don't want them around. Often the best option for removal is to humanely get rid of the unwelcome tenant via a Another option for those who are looking to kill a skunk is to use a lethal trap, Can A Rat Bite Kill You Eliminating rodents from your home, work or barn can be done in three simple steps: Seal, Kill and Clean. Seal all access to food, water or harborage. Kill the rats and house mice using Just One Bite®*† branded products

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  2. This is a method of killing skunks that can be quite humane if it is done properly, but you will need to be a good shot with a rifle in order to kill a skunk cleanly. It is also worth noting that if you live in an urban or suburban area, hunting with a rifle will usually be illegal due to the risks that you could hit someone else
  3. More Info on Live Skunk Traps From Havahart® Skunk Facts: — Learn what you need to know about skunks before they end up inside your cage trap. How to Camouflage a Skunk Trap: — Skunks are more likely to land in your cage trap if it's made to look like the surroundings. How to Humanely Trap a Skunk: — Follow the step-by-step guide from.
  4. g is mostly an excuse for me taking that long to steel my nerves to kill them
  5. Once you have got close, throw the blanket over the trap so that the skunk cannot see you, and then you can actually transport the skunk without the threat of being sprayed, scratched or bitten. It is best to relocate the skunk in a rural area well over ten miles away from your property, and once you are ready to release the skunk, remove the.
  6. The JT Eaton 475N Skunk Trap is a reliable, humane trap designed to capture skunks and other pest animals with no harm done to the trapped animal. The trap includes spring loaded trap door with an easy-to-se

Once You've Caught a Skunk in a Live Trap, Calmness Is Key Keeping in mind that a skunk won't spray what it doesn't see, approach the trap slowly and quietly (but not too quietly - I recommend talking in a soothing voice to avoid catching the skunk off guard) and slip your cover over the cage Buying a live trap is probably the best way to move them out of your yard. Disguising the trap with leaves and sticks, placing an incentive inside, such as dog food or something perhaps coated with peanut butter, may get your skunk trapped. Once you have the skunk in the trap, make sure there aren't any babies left in the den Traps can be a good option when managing a skunk problem. It is recommended that a plastic box trap is used instead of a classic wire cage trap to decrease the chance of getting sprayed. If a live cage trap is the only option, it is possible to use without getting sprayed. To remove skunk, put an old blanket or protective cover over half of it If ya use a haveahart live trap just place a bit of honey on a bagel and trap ***** pussoms and skunks. Any thing you don't want to kill and eat just simply release. Yes a skunk can be tricky to release and not kill but I have done it a lot

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Trapping is an art, and most amateur attempts go awry for a variety of reasons. An intimate knowledge of skunk behavior, both prior to and after trapping, and of various skunk trap types is necessary to ensure that the skunk is trapped and removed without incident Killing a skunk cause it smells is like me killing you because you want to rid of the problem in this way. newcovenant. posted on May, 19 2011 @ 02:35 AM I suggest purchasing a Havahart live trap and bait it with a can of moist cat food. Then contact animal control to pick up and relocate the skunk. In fact, animal control may have loaner. First time trapping, it was super easy to use. Put the trap out 2 nights in a row and woke up both mornings with a skunk in the trap. No sprays so far. Animal control employee that came to get the skunks said she loves this kind of trap. Also, the key is using tuna flavored cat food from a can as bait

Amazon.com : ZENY Live Animal Cage Trap 32 X 12.5 X 12 Steel Cage Catch Release Humane Rodent Cage for Rabbits, Stray Cat, Squirrel, Raccoon, Mole, Opossum, Skunk & Chipmunks (32 X 12.5 X 12) : Sports & Outdoor or i can send you some of my daughters cooking . that will take the live out of any thing. lol. try injecting it with 90% rubbing alcahol. in the lung heart area. waite a few minutes dead skunk. no smell. or throw something over the trap. and submerge it untill the skunk is dead. Rand Sometimes a trapper will use a live trap and then exterminate the skunk with a friearm, but this is discouraged for reasons we explain in our skunk killing and skunk exterminating articles. Lethal Skunk Trapping Kill traps for skunks are usually what we call body grip traps and sever the animal's spinal cords at the base of the skull.

This is the other method that will kill a trapped skunk humanely. By using a small caliber gun or any weapon that can shoot a projectile like a catapult, a bow, or a crossbow. Using a gun will work out well over the other methods. You need to place the critter in safe shooting environment and have a clear vision of it before executing it The 7 inch trap fits in the mouth of a five gallon bucket and is deadly forcooons, possum,. cat, fox, etc. I don't use them if I suspect possum because they will mash one flat and the poor devil will still be alive when I find him. Killing varmints is one thing, torturing them is quite another Set a trap. Spring-loaded skunk traps lure the skunk inside with bait, then close the door behind them so they can't escape. The skunk is then carried away from your property and set free in the woods or another open, wild area

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This time of year, if you catch a skunk in a live trap, just leave it in the sun, and it will be dead by noon. They cannot take the heat, and will die of heat stroke. I prefer to shoot them with a 22 while they are in the trap...it is cruel to let them die slowly in the heat. Jun 5, 2010 #8 The only real way to remove a skunk from property is through skunk trapping. You don't need to use lethal trapping means to kill the skunk, you just need a good professional trapper for your skunk control needs Re: Best ways to kill a skunk? If you must kill the critter, at least do it humanely. Gassing it reminds me of concentration camps. Drowning it is not humane. Shoot it and remove it. Trap it and relocate it deep into the woods. In any case, do it humanely. I don't like skunks around my house either, but they are one of Gods creatures too It is best to relocate the skunk in a rural area well over ten miles away from your property, and once you are ready to release the skunk, remove the blanket carefully, open the trap, and move quickly away. Go back to the main Skunk Removal page for more information about what type of bait to use to trap a skunk Boil a chopped onion, a chopped jalapeno, and 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper in 2 quarts of water for about 20 minutes. Strain the liquid into a spray bottle and squirt plants to make skunks steer..

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Attracted to the bait, skunks will explore armed traps with their paws. When triggered, the jaws of the trap snap down with pressure designed to break the back of a mouse or rat. While the initial impact will not kill the skunk, what happens next sets its fate Disguising the trap with leaves and sticks, placing an incentive inside, such as dog food or something perhaps coated with peanut butter, may get your skunk trapped. Once you have the skunk in the trap, make sure there aren't any babies left in the den. If there are, they need to be trapped also Trapping and removing skunks is a good option. But considering the danger of being skunked, I would use a Live Skunk Trap with a Cover. My neighbor recently trapped a skunk in a Raccoon trap. He took the trap approximately 2-3 miles away and released the skunk into the woods. The skunk returned a few days later There are several different types of meat and fish based bait that can be used when you are trapping a skunk, and one of the best aspects is that offal will work even more effectively than expensive meat. Chicken entrails are a particularly successful option, while the scent of crisp bacon will also draw skunks to the trap If you have a skunk problem in your backyard, one of the ways to get rid of them is to build a DIY Spray Proof Skunk Trap using a concrete form tube. An enclosed tube will keep the skunk from spaying you while you could safely relocate it to a different area

The use of lethal traps is another human way to kill a Montgomery skunk in a cage. Though, lethal traps can be difficult to use sometimes but the best option is to use a spring-loaded Connibear trap . This trap is capable of snapping down an animal that has been trapped , and then chokes the animal to death Skunk removal under a shed is another common call we get in Oregon. Skunk's dig dens and burrows for shelter to live inside, but when this is in your back yard it is not a good place. The reason skunk's like to get under sheds is because the floor of the shed makes a strong roof that keeps the weather out

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Live traps are the preferred way of capturing and disposing of problem skunks. Bait the trap with canned or fresh fish, fish-flavored cat food, sardines, chicken entrails or peanut butter. If you know the location of the entrance to the den, place the trap directly in front of it so that the skunk will enter the trap as it leaves the den If a wire live trap is used, cover the back end with an old blanket when setting the trap. The blanket serves two purposes. First, it provides shelter for the skunk. Secondly, it allows the trapper to slowly cover the entire trap once the skunk is captured. Skunks are less stressed when in dark environments and thus are less likely to spray

This type of trap will catch the skunk and close tightly on its body, theoretically killing the animal instantly. While they do typically kill on impact, it is possible that the skunk will live even after being caught in a lethal trap, in which case it would be in an extreme amount of pain There are different kinds of trapping techniques some are meant for only capturing the animal but some are tougher and the kill skunks. Killing of animals like this is prohibited in most of the states so you should better consult a legal expert for understanding the actual state of law present in your country or locality

Best Skunk Traps in 2019: How to Get Rid of Skunks for SureThe Hancock Live Beaver Trap In Action - YouTubeHow to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove skunks

Large 1-Door Collapsible Easy Set Live Animal Cage Trap for Raccoon, Opossum, Groundhog, and Feral Cat Easy Set live animal cage traps are innovative Easy Set live animal cage traps are innovative and patented. Trapping couldn't be any easier or safer. Easy Set traps live up to their name; they can be set and released with one hand ZENY Live Animal Cage Trap 32 X 12.5 X 12 Steel Cage Catch Release Humane Rodent Cage for Rabbits, Stray Cat, Squirrel, Raccoon, Mole,Opossum, Skunk & Chipmunks (32 X 12.5 X 12) ZENY Animal Trap Cage 24x 8 x 7.5 Steel Cage Catch Release Humane Rodent Cage for Small Live Rat Squirrel Raccoon and Similar-Sized Animals (24x 8 x 7.5 In some cases, you may need to hire a professional trapper. While it is an easy matter to trap a skunk, the risk of them spraying requires some special care. Picking a Live Trap. The ideal live trap is large enough for a house cat, but small enough to prevent the skunk from turning around or raising its tail. It is less likely to attempt to.

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Skunk Traps and Removal. Check our selection of Skunk Live Plastic Catch Traps from Tomahawk. We have Foot Hold Traps for Skunk and Skunk Snares. You can also find Lethal Skunk Traps, and Body Gripping Traps that will kill the Skunk. With Live Plastic Catch traps after the skunk is trapped it is easy to dispatch Figure 1. Eastern striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis). Photo by Greg Clements. Species Overview . Conflicts . The odor of skunk spray (musk) is pungent, nauseating, and can cause severe reactions in some people. Skunks may kill poultry and eat eggs. Spotted skunks (Skunks damage turf when digging for grubs and other soil-born insects. They may. Trapping, relocating, or killing skunks is always difficult, but many homeowners can avoid skunk removal problems with these essential skunk control tips. 1. Keep in mind that all skunks, even baby skunks and skunks that don't have stripes, can spray Catch skunks humanely without getting sprayed. The Spray-Proof Skunk Trap™ is made of 6 PVC pipe. Its small size prevents skunks from lifting their tails to spray and also prevents scratching and biting. It is opaque, so your catch is invisible to anything passing by. This trap is simple to use for homeowners as well as animal control. Limit out: Had a skunk problem for the last two years and took a tip from an old gentleman that has been fail safe, I trap the skunks in a live trap (haveahart) and then slowly place a blue tarp over the trap, pick the trap up and set it in my pond, this has worked 11 for 11 times for me with out the skunk releasing, previous to this it was a disaster with trying to dispatch them without.

A skunk is not likely to fall for a trap trick twice, even if you trap and release and it finds its way back to your yard. Whichever skunk bait you use, make sure that you use a trap that is designed for only one animal. This should be either a specially built skunk trap or a one-door cage trap (19) 19 product ratings - JT Animal Control Skunk Live Trap-Spray-Proof 24inL x 6india. #16102154. $52.99. $9.49 shipping. Humane Live Animal Trap Rodent Cage Garden Raccoon Skunk Cat Outdoor Supply. $31.49. Free shipping. or Best Offer. LIVE CAGE TRAP 8X10x30 Z-TRAP ZTRAP RACCOON, SKUNK,OPOSSUM, SQUIRREL, RABBIT We also trap and remove animals that destroy lawns, such as moles, or digging animals. Sometimes animals like opossums will live under buildings, steal pet food, raid garbage cans, etc. Read about how to get rid of opossums. Skunks commonly live under sheds or decks, and set up a den. We can trap and remove them without them spraying The third style of live trap is a tube style trap that has a tube diameter that allows the skunk to enter the trap and trigger the trap door to fall, but the skunk cannot lift its tail to spray. The traps are also enclosed like the solid wall trap so it is easier to approach the trap to collect it and transport it to the release area A huge skunk moved into our neighborhood and almost every night some dog has scared it and it's sprayed. I want it dead. Unfortunatley I can't shoot it so I was thinking of leaving out some poisoned food for it at night. My only concern is a dog may get loose and eat it. The other option is calling in our hunting friend to capture, kill, and then he will probably skin it

How to remove a skunk from a live trap, Trash bag style

To get a skunk out of a trap, throw a blanket over it and spray with starting fluid--ether- when he goes to sleep dump him out. I prefer to shoot the skunk and cover the trap with Lime to eliminate the smell. Remember skunks are the only animal that can get Rabies and not die from it. No skunks no more Rabies For the first ten years we were in business, The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc., formerly known as The Skunk Whisperer, Inc. adhered to no-trap-no-kill wildlife removal methods. Daily, we turned away countless trapping jobs in spite of the fact that we knew the person would only hire us if we offered them live trapping and relocation Skunk Trapping and Removal Products -. Skunks can be a nuisance in a variety of ways. Skunks will raid poultry houses, grub in yards, live under decks or houses. Skunks also enter houses or crawl spaces and will occasionally spray under or in buildings causing a lengthy skunk odor problem Draw the skunk away from the house using spare rib bones. They go nuts for them and you get to eat the ribs. Prepare a pump up sprayer with 1 part bleach, one part water and about 3oz of dish detergent. This will kill the smell when he sprays and he will. If he is up wind of the house, close the foundation vents before killing

Live Trapping Live trapping a problem skunk using a medium-sized trap baited with a can of cat food or sardines is easy and effective. Place the trap where signs of skunk activity are present and open the trap during nighttime hours. By law, an open trap must be checked at least once every 24 hours. Make the trapped skunk awar Skunks are not overly suspicious animals, making them relatively easy to trap. Purchase a live trap and place it out in your yard with food for a few days. Do not set the trap. You want the skunk to get used to the idea of the metal device being in its territory. After the introductory period, place some bait inside the set trap and wait Moving a skunk in a box trap is easy if you cover the trap with a dark blanket so the animal can't see you. Transport the covered trap without too much jostling, and the animal will not spray. Management. The striped skunk has been protected under the Environmental Conservation Law since the late 1800s. Perhaps the value of skunk musk to the. live skunk caught in a leghold trap, a veterinarian or wildlife official may first inject it with a tranquilizer, then remove it from the trap for disposal or release elsewhere. Shooting Skunks caught in leghold traps may be shot. Shooting the skunk in the middle of the back to sever the spinal cord and paralyze the hind quarters may pre

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