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Read Customer Reviews & Find Best Sellers. Free 2-Day Shipping w/Amazon Prime Why Measure Brix? Brix can be used to measure sucrose found within vegetables, juices, soft drinks, wine, beer, and many more plant-based foods. Brix measurement is significant as there is a direct correlation between a plant's Brix value and its taste, quality, potential alcohol content, and nutritional density. How does a Brix Meter Work A Brix Refractometer is a device used across a wide range of industries and professions. One of the most common uses of these refractometers is within the food and beverage industry and, if you work this industry, you will undoubtedly be aware of the term Brix percentage. About Brix Refractometers, and How They Wor

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  1. The hand-held Brix meter was originally designed for farmers to know nutrient levels of their produce and when to harvest crops. This precision instrument (refractometer) has a drop or two of the sap (juice) of the produce placed on the glass and.
  2. Old methods to measure Brix New methods to measure Brix . Brix Hydrometer, Pycnometer, Abbe Refractometer Digital Density Meters Digital Refractometers . Brix Hydrometers are widely used for measurement of Brix. They have a relatively good resolution of . ± 0.05 on syrup and ±0.02 Brix on beverage, and are available at reasonable prices
  3. Brix measurement can be performed by refractive index as well as by density. When measuring pure sucrose content in water, the techniques will deliver the same result. However, for other samples, different results are obtained depending on the instrument (technique) used: e.g., the hydrometer, pycnometer, refractometer or digital density meter
  4. Brix refractometers are available for solutions with a wide range of sugar content. A scale that starts at 0 and goes to approximately 30 or 35 should provide a good range for testing colostrum. The cost of a Brix refractometer varies from less than $100 to several thousand dollars, with many options in the low end of that range that will be.
  5. BRIX: History and Application BRIX is a unit of measurement of refractive index, in the same way Fahrenheit or Celsius is a measurement of temperature. In both circumstances the properties of real world materials were used to devise a continuous scale of measurement

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The Brix meter. A hand-held device, with a prism at one end, and an eyepiece at the other. When just a few drops of sap or juice are placed on the prism and held up to the light, the light passing through the sap is refracted (bent) according to the composition of that sap. Working on the premise that as animals live on what comes from the. Converts Brix to Specific Gravity and Specific Gravity to Brix. Some hydrometers have only one or the other, which is where this calculator comes in. Computes potential alcohol by volume (for use in dry wines). The Plato and Balling scale are very close to the Brix scale and can be used here interchangeably In simple terms, Brix is the quantity of sucrose (in grams) present in 100 grams of the sample. The formula for calculating Brix can be written as. 1-degree Brix = 1 gm of sucrose / 100 gms of sample. One-degree Brix is the same as 1% Brix which is the unit displayed by mostBrix meters. The resolution could vary based on the instrument used Brix Refractometer for Homebrew Beer with ATC, Dual Scale Specific Gravity 1.000-1.130 and Brix 0-32%, Brix Meter for Measuring Sugar Content in Brewing, Cooking and Food Indurstry by Hytomato 4.3 out of 5 stars 3

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Concentration meters with Brix (sugar) scale measure sucrose concentration. Meters with 0% to 18% and 0% to 90% concentration range also measure cutting/grinding coolants, oil/water, cleaning solutions, anodizing solutions, plating/acid baths, and chromating solutions The brix kit comes with a brix chart, refractometer and brix press that can be used on all fruits and vegetables to enable rapid quality testing. How does Brix relate to quality? Centuries of wine making and work with other fruits and vegetables always show direct relations between high Brix and high quality, expressed most simply and directly. Lots of our refractometers display the reading in degrees Brix. A liquid has one degree Brix (=1 % Brix) if it has the same density as a solution of 1 g of sucrose in 99 g of water. It has 10 Brix (=10 % Brix) if it has the same density as a solution of 10 g of sucrose in 90 g of water. The sucrose serves as the reference for the sugar content In today's BRStv How-To episode, Randy shows you how to properly calibrate and use your refractometer. He also offers some tips to keep your refractometer re.. Sugar measurement with a hydrometer/Abbe refractometer? Switch to a Brix meter. Want to Get Your Result 1 minute? No More Tedious Operation With a Digital Brix Hydromete

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4. Hold the meter in the direction of light source and look into the Eyepiece. 5. Select the scale, which is the intended unit of measurement. 6. Take the reading from the scale on the line where the blue and white area meets. 7. Wipe dry the Light Plate and Prism with a soft lint-free clothe after each and every test and before storing away. 8 ABV = [277.8851 - 277.4(SG) + 0.9956(Brix) + 0.00523(Brix2) + 0.000013(Brix3)] x (SG/0.79) In this equation, Brix is the Brix reading of your refractometer and SG is the specific gravity reading from your hydrometer. If you try this, it is important to take very careful readings Brix Measurements Sometimes all you need to know is Brix. If all you need to know is the sucrose level, then forget about all the other stuff. Just get a handy, no frills, Brix Meter. But, as with portable refractometers, make sure the brix meter you get covers the range you need. Sometimes brix meters can be set for specific brix ranges

One of the most important measurements a winemaker must stay on top of from the time grapes begin to mature in the vineyard through the end of fermentation is degrees Brix. Brix, a term that may be new to you when you first start making wine, is the percentage of sugar by weight in a liquid. The sugar level is determined by the specific gravity of the juice, and because water has a specific. What is Brix vs percent Brix? One degree Brix is equal to 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution, which is equal to 1% Brix. Therefore, there is no difference between them: In this case 1 °Brix = 1% Brix (weight / weight). A Brix meter/Refractometer is the simplest and most accurate tool to measure Brix

Working with a mineral dense organic soil, my readings were typically anywhere between 15-22. I had a tough time learning anything meaningful from that though. Maybe my meter wasnt accurate enough or maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I didnt find testing brix to provide any new information about my plants health that I couldn't observe. Hecotrax Brix Meter 0-32% Brix Meter Handheld Refractometer Home Measuring Instrument Brix Meter for Fruit and Beverage jam - note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link More Fermentation Related! Our Fermentation Related Reviews - Fermenters and Mor Abbe (Laboratory) Refractometer Abbe Refractometers are bench-top meters that look similar to a microscope which provide highly precise measurements of refractive index. Refractometers are available with a variety of scales: Salinity Measures sodium chloride solutions; Brix Measures percent sucrose. Used in the food and beverage industry for. Less working time and less product loss = more efficiency and more profit. Analysis by determining the °Brix, Plato or nD index value offers enormous potential for increasing efficiency and quality. To avoid process deviations, in many applications manual measurements must be taken at very short intervals, often every 20 minutes As an inline Brix meter, the IRM-11 constantly and precisely measures this refractive index with an integrated optical sensing technology. It calculates the value of the concentration of dissolved substances such as sugar, salts or lactose in media and transmits it to the PLC

Brix meters work by measuring the bend in light after putting a drop of juice on the tip or eye of the meter. The bigger the bend in light, the more nutrients in the juice. The more nutrients in the juice, the more sugar! Lessons for a lifetime Instead, ensure that the calibration is made when the meter is at the correct temperature, 68 °F (20 °C) for most meters. Measurements of the specific gravity of wort using a refractometer will not agree with the measurements of gravity using a hydrometer. Brix refractometers are meant to measure the percentage of sugar in a pure sucrose.

A refractometer is a laboratory or field device for the measurement of an index of refraction (refractometry).The index of refraction is calculated from Snell's law while for mixtures, the index of refraction can be calculated from the composition of the material using several mixing rules such as the Gladstone-Dale relation and Lorentz-Lorenz equatio The BRIX scale was actually developed for working with sugar related liquids (fruit juices, soft drinks, wine), but it is also commonly used for controlling the concentration of various industrial fluids (cutting coolants, glycol solutions, and flux rinsing compounds). Refractometers are very easy to use, even the non-digital, analog. A brix meter is an instrument containing a prism that measures the concentration of an aqueous solution by measuring its refractive index. All water-based solutions can make light bend. The bending of light increases at a rate proportional to the increasing solution concentration. The hand held Brixxe meter is a precise optical instrument

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  1. The brix or sugar level of the urine---which, when taken at the right time, indicates of the total sugar level of the blood---can be read with a simple and inexpensive brix meter (called a refractometer). The within range sugar level of the urine is 1.2 -- 2.0, with an optimal brix reading of 1.5. Using the Meter Urinate into a cup
  2. A Refractometer works because light travels at different velocities in different mediums, the light beam is bent at the interface between two adjoining materials.This is called refraction. There is an angle of light propagation at which refraction no longer occurs, the light beam instead being reflected back into the original material
  3. The definition of Brix is: How many grams of sugar per 100 grams of water, at 20 ° C temperature. Another unit, Plato, is also used as a unit of sugar, it is commonly used in the beer industry. Plato represents the sugar in the rye. Therefore, a refractometer, is also known as sugar meter
  4. ATAGO U.S.A.,Inc. - Catalog Download - manufacturer of various refractometers, polarimeter, saccharimeter, phmeter, saltmeter, Brix meter, Brixmeter, refractive index.
  5. Brix refractometer applications: Measurement for liquid specific density include brix, salinity, antifreeze, soy milk/milk, alcohol/wort, fruit drink sugar, honey Baume (°Bé), coolant (cutting fluid) concentration, etc. It is an ideal meter for food production, beverage production, marine aquaculture, aquarium and other light industries
  6. For types 2, 3, 4,and 5 which measure brix (percent sugar) the calibration should be adjusted to 78.8%. For types 1, and 6 which measure water, set the scale to show 19.6%. It appears to be a one instruction set for several models type of thing. you should be able to tell which you have by looking through it, high numbers - brix, low numbers.
  7. Portable Brix Sugar Refractometer Dual Scale-specific Gravity Refractometer With Automatic Temperature Compensation Brix Meter H. 0 - 32% Brix Refractometer can measurement sugar content in fruit, food, juice, tea and beverage.Brix meter can use for self-making juice, beverage and tea at home Also suit for other purpose

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What is Brix? A Brix value, expressed as degrees Brix (°Bx), is the number of grams of sucrose present per 100 grams of liquid. The value is measured on a scale of one to 100 and is used to. Crop quality is important to fruit and vegetable growers, buyers, and handlers. °Brix readings indicate soluble solids content. Since soluble solids represent a product's potential sweetness (an aspect of quality), °Brix readings can interest many throughout the value chain. Three steps are required to make effective use of °Brix readings: (1) obtain accurate representative values; (2. With more than a thousand installations worldwide, the microwave analyser MicroPolar Brix has proven to work reliably and accurately. MicroPolar Brix is available with various sensors for installation on vessels (e.g. crystallizer) or pipelines. The high energy version, the MicroPolar++ provides accuracy for larger diameter pipelines

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  2. The DeltaTrak Brix Meter is a precise instrument that measures sugar content by using a sample of liquid from soft drinks, processed foods, concentrates or juice from fruit and vegetables. The instrument represents readings relative to the Brix scale, which is the primary unit of measure corresponding to the percent of dissolved sugar in an.
  3. Refractometer/Brix Meter ASTM D1218 Standard Test Method for Refractive Index and Refractive Dispersion of Hydrocarbon Liquids The refractive index is measured using a high-resolution refractometer of an optical-mechanical or automatic digital type with the prism temperature accurately controlled
  4. Coolant is formulated to work within a certain pH range, and this is usually a range of 8-10pH. Outside of this range, the coolant does not function as it should. Loss of pH control is the #1 reason why coolant stabilizers within the blend fail

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Brix 58-90% (s ) is the sugar content of an aqueous solution. One degree Brix is 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution and represents the strength of the solution as percentage by mass. Be ° (Baume) 38-43 (measure density of various liquids; Water 12-27% (The water content must be less than 20 - 21% to prevent fermentation or honey. Brix is a unit of measurement for the sugar content of a liquid solution, with 1 degree Brix equaling 1 gram of sugar in 100 grams of water. Brix is measured with a refractometer, which uses how light refracts through the liquid to determine the volume of dissolved solids, such as sugar, within it ATAGO is the leading manufacturer of refractometers and polarimeters as well as salt meters, acidity meters, pH meter, and saccharimeter. Refractometers are used for quality control of food, beverages, sugar, coolants, metalworking fluids, pharmaceutical ingredients, essential oils, flavors, honey, maple syrup, grape must, beer wort, battery acid, and more Does a Brix Meter or Refractometer Measure Nutrient Density September 21, 2014 April 22, 2016 Stephen Video With the trials finishing up and the total yields being compiled we have received some great feedback from the community asking some very interesting questions which we hope to answer over the next series of videos

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% ABV original sample = (Brix original sample - Brix reconsttd aftr boil) / 0.353 . Results are shown in Figure 3 for EtOH standards in a background of 5 g sucrose/100 mL. Figure 3. Test of Brix-based method for measuring %ABV. The method appears to work quite well. It is, of course, limited by the precision of Brix measurements (among other. Refractometers for food and beverage. Bellingham + Stanley has been manufacturing handheld refractometers since the 1930s when they were first introduced for checking the ripeness of sugar cane immediately in the field. Since then the use of a refractometer within the food & beverage industry has grown in its application hand hold brix meter. hand hold brix meter. Brix sugar Refractometer is developed for working with sugar related liquids such as fruit juice, softdrinks, wine, and honey to help monitor and control sugar concentrations in foods and beverages

View Essay - brix meter from BIO 110 at Central Carolina Community College. Meters for Modern Farmers from The Meter Man - David von Pein Obtaining optimum prices by looking after your soil Text o RZ117 Optical Brix Meter Handheld High Concentration Brix Meter Honey Sugar Meter 0-90 Range $38.32; 0-32% Brix Wort 1.12 Specific Gravity Refractometer Beer Fruit Sugar Wine Brew $33.99; 58-90% Portable Baume Honey Sugar Brix Refractometer Hand-Held Tester Hardcase $45.1 Product Features The digital display shows TDS/Brix (%), °C is clear and easy to read, only 1 drop of sample is needed, and the button is read immediately after 3 seconds. With 10~100 °C automatic temperature compensation function, IP65 waterproof protection level, you can directly flush the induction tank with water. The special induction tank is not easy to flow out. It can be operated. So we test the brix, then foliar feed that tomato plant, wait 30-60 minutes, and measure the brix again. If the brix meter shows an increase of at least a couple of points relative to a control plant that we also brix test, the tomato liked that fertilizer and we should spray the whole crop. If it stayed the same or even went down, the tomato. If selecting a refractometer that reads in % Brix, the range needs to include about 3.8-5% Brix, with a readability to 0.2% Brix to attain a precision of ± 1 ppt (say, 34-36 ppt) in salinity or ± 0.00075 in specific gravity (say, 1.0255 to 1.0270)

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A heavy duty refractometer with a dual scale. Measures 0 to 32 brix, as well as specific gravity. Compact, easy to use. Ideal for Soil Biology Testing. Test sugar levels in fruits, crops and grasses. Automatic Temperature Compensated. Features: Copper construction provides fast, efficient automatic temperature compen Brix was measured using a digital refractometer. As protein levels increased (lactose level decreased), Brix actually increased (Figure 2). Figure 3 shows that, as fat level increased, Brix slightly decreased - but not at a rate reflecting the change in lactose, and Brix measurements did not reflect the solids content of any of the solutions. The term Brix is often used as a quality control parameter in many different food and beverage industries. Some examples of these products include juice, soft drinks, sugar, frostings and wine, among others. Generally speaking, the value obtained from a Brix measurement is used to determine if the product contains the correct amount of sweetener Brix Hand Refractometers hr brixBrix scale hand refractometers are developed for sugar-related liquids such as fruit juices, honey, soft drinks, and wines. These units are used to help monitor and control the sugar concentrations of products in the food and beverage industry Working the soil has definite benefits and should be part of preparing the land to be used for a high brix garden. Sunlight If plants do not have access to adequate light they will not reach their full potential. Light is the basic energy source for all crop growth. Even several cloudy days can significantly reduce brix readings. Hybrid

Brix is meant to represent the percent sugar in water. It doesn't exactly make sense for solutions that aren't sugar in water. However as a specific gravity scale, any density or specific gravity scale can be mapped onto the brix scale (with negative numbers for SG < 1 Brix has lines for every 0.2 reading, and with a lot of use, the best you can resolve is 0.1 or 0.085 TDS. The Brix meter is not great for multiple samples either because you have to open the top, wipe it down, add another sample, close it, and then hold it up to the light as opposed to just adding three drops to the Atago. Brix vs Atago. I. Brix: 28-62 %Brix: ±0.2 %Brix: Analysis of chemical and technical fluids, e.g. oils, greases, radiator fluids and lubricants: HRB82-T: Brix: 45-82 % Brix: ±0.2 %Brix: Analysis of highly concentrated sugar solutions as well as chemical and technical liquids, e.g. oils, fats, radiator fluids and lubricants: HRB92-T: Brix Baumé Water. Each density meter employs the oscillating U-tube principle from Anton Paar and is based on decades of experience. The latest generation of benchtop instruments uses the patented Pulsed Excitation Method developed by Anton Paar, delivering the most stable density results available and resulting in unmatched measuring performance The Portable Brix Meter BX-1 is a handy portable brix meter which can be used anywhere with easy measurement. After putting the sample on the prism, a brix measurement will be displayed on the screen in 2 seconds. Due to the wide measuring range (0 ~ 85%) it is unnecessary to use multiple meters

0-80% Sugar Content Digital Display Brix Meter Fruit Sugar Tester Refractom G2W7. AU $30.99 + AU $2.00 shipping. Seller 98.4% positive. REFRACTOMETER - refractometer 0-90% brix, sugar level H3V7. AU $23.99 + AU $3.90 shipping. Accuracy: Brix: 0.2%; Temperature: 1℃ Working temperature: 10-40℃. A brix meter is a tool used by brewers to measure the sugar and acid in the wort. They can be found in most breweries that produce beer or even grocery stores. They allow you to make your home brewing process more comfortable and less tedious

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0-80% Sugar Content Digital Display Brix Meter Fruit Sugar Tester Refractom P1L6. AU $31.19 + AU $2.00 shipping. Seller 98.4% positive. ATC 0-32% Honey Sugar Brix Beer Wine Fruit Grape Sugar Refractometer Tester Q5Q8. Accuracy: Brix: 0.2%; Temperature: 1℃ Working temperature: 10-40℃. This unit can also measure other products as well! The 0-40% Brix Range lends itself to many other uses too! This unit has an extra large Brix Scale so you fully test wine grapes. Beer Mash and more! This unit is tailored to those professionals(and home brewers) working in the Wine, Beer and Liqueur Industries Handheld Refractometer Brix 0~50% , Find Complete Details about Handheld Refractometer Brix 0~50%,Refractometer Brix,Brix Meter Refractometer,Brix Meter from Refractometers Supplier or Manufacturer-Bonajay (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd Originally Posted by donpaul.p im starting to follow now, the other day i was doing some electrical work, i was using a multi meter, then i got round to doing my plants and i for some reason put the testing sticks from my multi meter into the soil, and i was shocked when i got a reading back on the meter, now when i touched the soil the volts vanished, till the next day when they seem to have.

Because Brix meters are based on light refraction, extra-thick broth would only show fuzzy boundary lines, resulting in instable readings. Mr. Terada demoed several different models to no avail, but he did not give up. When he asked us if we had any other models that might work, we suggested Rice Moisture Checker G-50, granted that we've. The principal unit of measure the maple syrup producer is interested in is degrees Brix. Brix is a measure of the percentage of sucrose, by weight, dissolved in a sucrose/water solution. In maple sap and maple syrup, 98% or more of the dissolved solids are sucrose, so the Brix scale is very applicable to maple syrup measurement Ed, most commercial grape vine growers pick about 24 brix-which usually measures out to about 12-13% alcohol. In my experience and preference for sweeter wines, I do late harvest and, using my field refractometer, don't pick grapes until they are about 26-28 brix or about 15-16% alcohol Brix Refractometer PCE-DRB 1 . PCE-DRB 1 is a handheld digital brix refractometer used to determine the sugar content / refractive index of liquid in the 0 90 % Brix / 1.3330 1.5177 nD measuring range. This waterproof IP65-rated digital refractometer features automatic temperatur

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Work on the effect has since been carried out by Schiffmann and Prof. H. Bank. In GEMS, the effect first appeared in the 5th edition and was inserted in Chapter 6 (Topaz & Tourmaline) by the late Robert Kammerling former Director of Identification & Research, GIA Gem Trade Laboratory, USA. . I understand that the effect is mainly caused by. When taking a refractometer measurement of wort, the Brix reading is not necessarily accurate. What is obtained is the Brix WRI (wort refraction index). Only after dividing the Brix WRI by the wort correction factor is the actual Brix known. It is helpful to know that Brix and Plato are nominally the same to 3 [ The Brix/RI-Chek is a versatile refractometer that raises the bar for performance and value. It is easy to operate and provides quick results. The Brix/RI-Chek has an IP65 Dustproof/Water resistant rating so it can be used in virtually any environment. The Brix/RI-Chek is suitable for numerou Alcohol/brix refractometer price is affordable. It is a portable digital refractometer with various models. Alcohol refractometer can measure alcohol gravity with range 0~80%. Beer refractometer can measure brix scale of 0~40% and wort specific gravity of range 1.000~1.130. Wine refractometer has a dual measurement range of alcohol and brix, alcohol range 0~25%, and sugar range 0~40%

The most popular sugar refractometer range due to its usefulness in a wide variety of quality control applications for the sugar content of fruit, fruit juices, wine, milk, soft drinks and yeast cultures solutions. Place a drop or two of a sample on the prism and read the results. Sper Scientific portable refractomete Rudolph Research Analytical Refractometers, Density Meters, Polarimeters, and Saccharimeters Instruments.. The Rudolph Research Analytical J-Series Refractometer, DDM Automatic Density Meters, Autopol Polarimeter, and Saccharimeter, products are used Globally by more than 8,000 customers, in over 80 countries around the world *This video does not represent an endorsement for the featured product by WSU. PAL-BX/ACID Guide (Japanese

Reliable Brix measurements even with fruit pulp or other particles in your beverage. The vertical setup of the Abbemat Juice Station refractometer avoids sedimentation of particles, e.g. pulp in fruit juices, on the measuring prism. The attached filling funnel allows fast and easy serial analyses, e.g. in quality control These values equate to about °0.2 Brix for a handheld refractometer versus a resolution to 0.01 Brix on a bench refractometer. Accuracy on the bench refractometer will vary according to sample type, but can be about °0.02 for a sugar solution or soft drink, i.e. about 100 times more accurate than a handheld refractometer Hanna HI-96801 Refractometer for General Purpose Sugars The HI-98601 is used across the food industry for measuring the concentrations of general-purpose sugars in foods. Quick and easy to use it is ideal for analyzing the sugar content in a wide range of food products including fruit, energy drinks, puddings, tofu, jams, honey, soups, and sauces

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Digital Electronic BRIX Meter , BRIX Tester , BRIX Measurement Popular Supplier in China The series products according to Archimedes principle.it is the new type brix and density tester that has been researched and produced by Quarrz.Sugar degree BRIX,baume degre Brix Refractometer It's developed for working with sugar related liquids (fruit juice,soft- drinks,wine,honey), help monitor to control sugar concentrations in foods and beverages. It is also commonly used for controlling the concentration of various industrial fluids (cutting lubricants and flux rinsing compounds) RZ117 Optical Brix Meter Handheld High Concentration Brix Meter Honey Sugar Meter 0-90 Range $38.32; Digital Brix Refractometer Testing Sugar DegreeCutting Fluid Degree and Emulsion Concentration 0-50% $217.21; DR401 Digital Display Refractometer Brix 0-50% Alcohol Range 0~22% Refractometer Beer Wine Fruit $186.2

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