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  3. The Watts GI-400-K large capacity 800 lb. grease trap prevents greasy substances from entering plumbing systems, septic fields, and waste water treatment facilities where they cannot be processed properly and could harm the environment.<br><br>Grease traps like the Watts GI-400-K are often used with cooking or prep sinks, pot sinks, and commercial dishwashers in various types of commercial.

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800 gal Interceptor Copeland Precast was born in 1935 when Ed Copeland Sr. started building small precast items in his Denver backyard. Today, Copeland Precast is owned and operated by Bart and Brooke Copeland Interceptors Direct stocks eight models for restaurant, food processing and commercial kitchen applications. Select the one that best fits your needs from 150 gallons up to 1,500 gallons holding capacity and from 800 to 7,560 pounds grease capacity. Each model is equipped with 4 Threaded inlet/outlet for easy installation Installing an 800 gallon grease trap for a Domino's pizza remodel in Greeley, CO Grease Interceptor are manufactured with patented distributed flow pattern and corrosion resistant fiberglass material capturing FOG before it clogs pipes, enters the sewer waste system, or spoils a successful operation. You have chosen a combination of filters that do not match any products Grease Interceptors. Jensen Precast carries a large line of Grease Interceptors available for commercial applications. Also referred to as grease traps or grease recovery devices, our grease interceptors are designed for storage of greases/oils as well as solids before entering a wastewater disposal system

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  1. 150-800 GPM automatic grease interceptors GreaseStopper® Automatic Grease Interceptors are designed to intercept and remove large quantities of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) discharged from food service facilities and large commercial/institutional kitchens. They are suitable for aboveground or vaulted underground installations
  2. Grease interceptors work on the buoyancy principle. Animal fats and vegetable oils (grease) are 10 to 15 percent less dense than water and do not mix with water. Thus, fats and oils float on top of water. When waste-water enters a grease interceptor, the velocity is reduced enough that wastewater is given time to cool and separate into 3 layers
  3. Liquid Capacity: 125 gal. Indoor/Outdoor Grease Interceptor 100 GPM / 1,895 lbs. Grease Retained 200 GPM / 1,196 lbs. Grease Retained Liquid Capacity: 277 gal. Choose Options. GGI-2000. Outdoor Gravity Grease Interceptor 100 GPM / 13,094 lbs. Grease Retained.
  4. SUPER-750 SUPER MAX Grease Interceptor XL-MI-G Large Capacity Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor XL-MI-G-BO Bolt On (Fixed) Extension for XL-MI-G Grease Interceptor
  5. Plastic grease traps give your business a convenient and simple way to dispose of excess grease, run-off, and more. Designed to funnel and hold liquids and small solids, each plastic grease interceptor quickly installs into your existing plumbing. Plus, these units won't rust so you can be sure they'll stand up to repeated use

Job Specification: Grease interceptors shall be Rockford Interceptors as manufactured by Rockford Sanitary Systems, Inc., Rockford, Illinois, and as noted on plans. Interceptor Specifications: Rockford Model RGI-_____ all-welded steel gravity grease interceptor, with _____ gallon capacity Grease Interceptor - Z1170 The Z1170 Grease Interceptor is an acid resistant coated interior and exterior fabricated steel grease interceptor, PDI Rated, with internal air relief by-pass. This interceptor also comes standard with bronze cleanout plug, removable pressure equalizing/flow diffusing inlet baffle, fixed bottom outlet baffle and. Or 800-MERSHON. 5251 Us Highway 130, Bordentown NJ 08505. info@mershonconcrete.com. H20 Systems. H20 Systems. 1000 Gallon H20 Grease Trap version 2. 1250 (2 compartment) H20 Grease Trap. 2000 H20 Grease Trap. 1250 Gallon 2 compartment H20 Grease Trap. 2500 Gallon H20 Grease Trap Grease interceptors shall be Rockford Interceptors from Rockford Separators, Inc., Rockford, Illinois, and as noted on plans. SPECIFICATIONS: Furnish ______Rockford Model R-POLY-______ polyethylene grease interceptor with a flow rate of ______ g.p.m. and a grease capacity of ______ lbs. Unit shall be of seamless construction capable of. 800 gallon grease trap. 1800 gallon grease trap. 1200 gallon grease trap. 1500 gallon grease trap. 5000 gallon grease trap. 3000 gallon grease trap. 2500 gallon grease trap. 4000 gallon grease trap. standard grease traps. 6000 gallon grease trap

Grease traps (grease interceptors) can safely and effectively filter, intercept and remove large amounts of grease, oil and debris before they enter disposal systems. Maintenance costs associated with plugging or failing sewage systems can be considerably reduced with the use of grease traps (grease interceptors) Our smallest plastic grease interceptor offers an intermittent flow rate of 7 gallons per minute with a 5.6 gallon holding capacity and a 30 lb. grease capacity. The largest one we carry can handle an intermittent flow rate of 300 gallons per minute with a 560 holding capacity and 2,822 lb. grease capacity Industrial Wastewater Removal Devices for Fats, Oils, and Grease. Accessories. Clarifiers. Coalescing Oil Water Separators. Gravity Grease Interceptors. Product Specifications and Information. Sample Boxes. Sand Traps. Sand-Oil Interceptors. Special Applications. Typical Applications. Contact Us. Jensen Precast, 9895 Double R Blvd, Reno, NV 89521 Grease Interceptors must typically be sized for at least a 30 minute peak wastewater flow detention time from all contributory sources. Exterior Earth Cooled Grease Interceptor Tanks Sized Large Enough For Less Frequent Pumping. 3,000 Gallon Pumping Trucks are Standard As an example, if you have 1,000 grease interceptor that is being maintained quarterly with 20% grease and 15% solid content; they will only take out the 20% grease leaving 800 gallons inside the interceptor

It's called a grease interceptor (or grease trap), and it's one of the more important features of a commercial kitchen. Interceptors come in smaller versions designed for indoor connection to individual sinks and other fixtures (usually with a total flow less than 50-100 gpm), and larger ones that are installed outdoors and underground, to. Model # UGWT-SW-GI (Containment Solutions) Underground Grease Interceptor 1,000 - 40,000 Gallons, 4 - 10 Ft. Diameter, Single-Wall, Fiberglas The RGI Series grease interceptors are gravity grease traps suitable for heavy truck traffic and feature a durable leak proof gasket and bituminous coating. Rockford Model RGI-_____ all-welded steel gravity grease interceptor, with _____ gallon capacity, _____ threaded inlet/outlet connections, removable 3/8 nonskid diamond tread-plate. AnEssOil Commercial Grease Trap Stainless Steel Interceptor 0.5 Ton/h (60x30x30cm) $275.00 Zurn GT2700-04-2NH - Steel Grease Trap, 4 GPM 2 with Flow Contro Thermaco, Inc., manufacturer of the Big Dipper Automatic Grease Removal Device and Trapzilla Super-capacity Grease Interceptor, is regarded as the leading separation technology company in the highly specialized field of oil and grease extraction from commercial kitchen wastewater

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800_1000_1200_1500 Gallons Grease Interceptor Schematic (PDF) 2000_2500_3000 Gallons Sand and Grease Interceptor Schematic (PDF) 3750_4500 Gallons Sand and Grease Interceptor Schematic (PDF) 5000_6000 Gallons Sand and Grease Interceptor Schematic (PDF) 7500 Gallons Sand and Grease Interceptor Schematic (PDF) Tanks Specifications (PDF) Manufacturer Tanks Recomendations (PDF) Tanks Assembly (PDF WeChef Commercial 8lbs 5GPM Gallon Per Minute Stainless Steel Grease Trap Interceptor Under Sink Restaurant 4.5 out of 5 stars 4. $85.90 #12. Zurn GT2700-25-3NH - Grease Trap Interceptor, 3 In, 25 GPM 5.0 out of 5 stars 7. $433.58 #13

The 800 gallon two compartment Type A grease interceptor is the accepted minimum capacity allowed to be installed. The following categories contain formulas to calculate the minimum size of grease interceptors Shop for Grease Interceptors at Ferguson. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. 800-721-2590. Contact us between 8AM and 6PM EST, Monday - Friday . Chat Now. Mifab Big Max® 69.5 gal 75 gpm Grease Interceptor. Part #: MBIG750. X. POINTS. To see. 100 GPM (6.31 l/s) ASME/PDI Certified Flow Rating 1,826 Lbs. (828 Kg) Grease Retention Capacity 274-Gallon (1,037 L) Liquid Capacity Compare to a 1000-Gal traditional interceptor TZ-600 75 GPM (4.73 l/s) ASME Certified Flow Rating 635 Lbs. (288 Kg) Grease Retention Capacity 95-Gallon (359 L) Liquid Capacity Compare to a 350-Gal traditional. Grease traps (also known as grease interceptors, grease recovery device and grease converters) are plumbing devices designed to intercept most greases and solids before they enter a wastewater disposal system. Common wastewater contains small amounts of oils which enter into septic tanks and treatment facilities to form a floating scum layer. This scum layer is very slowly digested and broken.

Grease traps are available in an assortment of sizes, varying by flow rate (rate of water flow through the grease trap measured in gallons per minute) and grease retention capacity (amount of grease the trap can hold measured in pounds). The capacity is always twice the flow rate. For example, a 4 GPM trap has a rated capacity of 8 pounds. 10 in.x 10 in. Steel Grease Trap with 2 in. No Hub Designed to withstand years of use in high-demand Designed to withstand years of use in high-demand environments, Zurn's GT2700 series interceptor ensures only clean water will flow into your plumbing. It traps grease inside the unit without risk of corrosion, clogging or cross contamination The Big Dipper Automatic Grease and Oils Removal System takes the guesswork out of grease recovery. It's ideal for kitchens and sites that want to protect internal plumbing from grease build-up and manage their own grease recovery instead of relying on a third party to clean the unit which could cost thousands of dollars per year grease interceptor being installed. In Example 1, based on 29 DFUs a 75 gallon per minute (gpm) unit would be required. In Example 2, a 50 gpm unit would be required. Table 5 (GGI Sizing Chart) is used to determine the size of GGI needed. Example 1 would require a 100 gallon unit. Example 2 would require a 750 gallon unit Grease Trap Sizing Chart 1 Retail establishments expected to serve more meals than estimated by usable sq ft shall install the larger size grease trap. 2 Estimated number of people or meals served is the number of persons or meals served during the largest meal period

Or 800-MERSHON. 5251 Us Highway 130, Bordentown NJ 08505. info@mershonconcrete.com. Specs-Drawings. Specs-Drawings. 2000 Gallon Grease Trap. 2000 (2 Compartment) Grease Trap. 2500 Gallon Grease Trap. 2500 (2 Compartment) Grease Trap. AMPHIDROME SYSTEM SPECS: 1000 Gallon Clear Well Tank The interceptors are available with diamond-steel or aluminum tread plates for heavy foot traffic and cart areas. 800/541-8004; www.ashlandpolytraps.com. Bakers Waste Equipment Inc. Available in 100-, 200-, 300- and 400-gallon capacities, metal waste recovery containers from Bakers Waste Equipment Inc. feature lockable steel lids that lift and. The Plumbing and Drainage Institute currently maintains a grease interceptor testing, rating and certification facility, for interceptors falling within the scope of this standard. Manufacturers interested in having interceptors tested, rated, and certified in conformance with Standard PDI-G101 may obtain the detail 800 to 1500 gallon precast septic tanks and grease traps, standard and traffic bearing models. Figure 4-4 A precast concrete septic tank. (Adapted from Precast septic tanks and grease interceptors from 750 to 25,000 gal, also supply dosing tanks, pump vaults, and dosing siphons. Figure 4-6 Diagram of typical precast concrete residential septi

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Learn More:Grease Interceptor(s) Learn More: Grease Trap(s) Schedule Service888-800-0118; Grease Traps & Grease Interceptors. A grease trap or a grease interceptor is plumbing devices that is installed in a kitchen drain system to intercept and prevent FOGS from entering the sanitary sewer system Authorized Endura® parts supplier; flow controls, baffles, baskets, lids, valves, repair kits; grease trap replacement parts. (800) 366-9709 for a parts specialist. By Canplas® Liquid Capacity: 277 gal. GB-500. Indoor/Outdoor Grease Interceptor 100 GPM / 3,048 lbs. Grease Retained Liquid Capacity: 510 gal. Choose Options. GB-1000. Below Grade Grease Interceptor 100 GPM / 6,547 lbs. Grease Retained. INTERCEPTORS GREASE INTERCEPTORS Sizing Grease interceptors are sized according to the rate of incoming flow, in gallons per minute (GPM). Associated with the incoming flow rate is an interceptor's capacity. The rated capacity, in lbs., is listed at twice the flow rate, in GPM. For example, a 10 GPM interceptor has a rated capacity of 20 lbs

These Zurn grease traps are identified by their pound (#)and gallon per minute (gpm) capacity. In order to find the right grease trap for your given application, you should know the size of the sinks which the grease trap will be used for. We also carry several solids interceptors. These products are not grease traps, but instead are made to catch small solid objects The accumulated grease and oils can be disposed of or recycled. Click Here To Download: •Datasheet: GreaseStopper Automatic Grease Interceptors Model 15-100 •Datasheet: GreaseStopper Automatic Grease Interceptors Model 150-800 •Case History: Highland 5,000 Gallon Passive Grease Interceptor Installed At Henningsen Food, Inc. Omaha, N grease interceptor. 800 gallon water capacity confirmed. 2.connect to existing cw line. contractor to verify size and location in field, prior to ordering materials. 3.prior to ordering materials: verify location of existing sanitary waste, all inverts and sizes, connection point with new waste Grease Interceptor: Semi-Automatic. Specification JOSAM 60100-SA Series epoxy coated fabricated steel Grease Interceptor with threaded connections, internal air relief, visible double wall trap, removable baffle, gasketed non-skid cover, grease recovery cone, flexible hose, grease draw-off valve and flow . control fitting

MIFAB® SUPER-750 gravity grease interceptor with 750 U.S. gallons of liquid holding capacity has a limited lifetime warranty and is made in the U.S.A. out of seamless, rotationally molded High Density Polyethylene with 3/8 uniform wall thickness Grease interceptors are installed on gray water drain lines and are designed to remove fats, oils and grease (FOG) from wastewater. The retained FOG should be regularly removed or pumped out of the interceptor. The interceptor must be cleaned whenever 25 percent of any chamber becomes filled with FOG or solids Shop for Zurn in Grease Interceptors at Ferguson. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products Why Columbia Precast Products' 1000 Gallon Grease Trap Interceptor? Columbia Precast Products 1000 Gallon Grease Interceptor comes in a standard designs, but can also be engineered to your specific needs, making allowances for your particular project. Our grease trap interceptor is watertight and can be vacuum tested after installation The Canplas 3920A02 Endura® grease interceptor captures grease, fats, and oils that flow through dishwashing sinks, preventing them from entering the wastewater system. These substances must be cooler than 220 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit is composed of a single piece of plastic, which resists cracking and withstands loads of 300 pounds

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When the John Boos GT-20 grease inceptor is hooked up to a dishwasher or sink, it separates grease from water with a removable baffle. Since grease is less dense, it floats to the top of the inceptor while water flows through the outlet and into the sewer. This unit holds 20 gallons with a 10-gallon-per-minute flow rate 100 lb. 50 gallon/minute. 4 flow control. 29.875W x 24.5D x 21.5H Epoxy coated steel grease interceptor with gasketed skid-proof cover

810 gal 2 comp Grease Trap - Download 810 Gallon Grease Trap PDF Specs Sheet 810 gal 3 comp Sand-Oil Trap - Download 810 Gallon Sand-Oil Trap PDF Specs Sheet 1200 gal Septic Tank - Download 1200 Gallon Septic Tank PDF Specs Sheet 1200 gal Sump Tank - Download 1200 Gallon Sump Tank PDF Specs Shee Gravity Grease Interceptors (GGIs) General. Gravity grease interceptor (GGI) installations for food\beverage service\prep facilities (FSFs) permitted for use in Johnson County Wastewater's (JCW's) service area shall be a single stand-alone unit with a minimum 1000 gallon and maximum 2000 gallon volume. Units in parallel shall not be used 800: 3.6: 3600-7'6 5' 5'5.5 54.5 800 Low Boy: 3.6: 3600-8'6 6' 4'5 41.5 1000: 4.5: 4500 100 gal. and 200 gal. Grease Traps; Distribution Box - Small (8 hole) 12 x 16 x 27 Distribution Box - Large (10 hole) 17 x 24 x 46 Retaining Wall Blocks 4'L x 24H x 22W; Tank Lids - 800, 1000 gallon; 6 Round Riser (I.D. 20) 12 Round.

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This product is based on oil and grease digestion enzymes with rapid action plus a moderate concentration of grease digesting bacteria. The product is formulated with a light fragrance. Liquid bacteria & enzyme formula Rapid activation Non-toxic 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails 200 billion CFU's (colony forming units)/kg Call for pricin 3 in. No-hub Connection Grease Interceptor Designed to withstand years of use in high-demand Designed to withstand years of use in high-demand environments, Zurns GT2700 series interceptor ensures only clean water will flow into your plumbing. It traps grease inside the unit without risk of corrosion, clogging or cross contamination Grease Interceptor & Lift Stations: • Week One - 2 gallons/500 gallon capacity • Week Two - 1 gallon/ 500 gallon capacity • Weekly Maintenance - 0.5 to 1 gallon/1000 gallon capacity. In the maintenance of a 1500 gallon trap, 32 ounces of LIQ should be introduced each day for five days per week. LIQ should be introduce

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Septic Tank 1000 Gallon We've served the industry for over 70 years, producing the highest-quality precast concrete products. Our products are manufactured to your exact specifications and arrive on the job site ready for installation — saving you time and money Designed to withstand years of use in high-demand environments, Zurn's GT2700 series interceptor ensures only clean water will flow into your plumbing. It traps grease inside the unit without risk of corrosion, clogging or cross contamination. If.. Trapzilla takes up less space, can accommodate a wide variety of plumbing and building design configurations, and is more efficient than traditional interceptors. Concrete interceptors begin corroding after just a few years, while Trapzilla is durable and designed to function for longer periods Protect Your Concrete Grease Traps & Grease Interceptors With XR® QuikLiner™ XR QuikLiner was created as a fast and affordable way for manufacturers of precast concrete grease interceptors to offer their clients superior protection against fats, oils, and grease

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Watts Grease Interceptor, 400 gallons per minute flow rate, 800 lb grease capacity, 6 inlet & outlet, no hub connections, skid-proof cover with gasket, hex head center bolt (s), removable baffle, double wall deep seal trap, integral stainless steel flow control Alternate Part Numbers: GI400 Grease and Oil Interceptors. Grease interceptors are designed to keep the flow of kitchen fats, oil and grease out of the sanitary waste stream. 500 Gallon Kitchen Grease Interceptor 1000 Gallon Kitchen Grease Interceptor. 800.733.3624 Phone: 419.668.8167 Fax: 419.663.0627 Email: info@nciprecast.co NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment:NT-MAX Grease Trap Treatment helps you regain control of your system and restore functionality to your grease trap system. 4.1 TRILLION specifically selected bacteria per gallon quickly digests oils, fats, grease and all other organics clogging your lines, trap and field.

1,000 Gallon Septic Tank 2 Compartment: DWG: PDF: CPGT-1500 1,500 Gallon Grease Trap: DWG: PDF: CPST-1500 1,500 Gallon Septic Tank: DWG: PDF: CPST-1500/5 1,500 Gallon Septic Tank Title 5: DWG: PDF: CPST-1500/5M 1,500 Gallon Septic Tank Title 5 Monolithic: DWG: PDF: CPST-1500 Orenco 1,500 Gallon Septic Tank Orenco: DWG: PDF: CPST-2000 2,000. Grease Treatment Contains approximately 40 scoops and scooper. Recommend use one scoop per day for large grease traps/production (800+ gallon tanks). Smaller tanks/producers can get by with a few times a week rather than every day Liquid Holding Capacity (gal) 125 186 300 405 560 Call about small standard size Interceptors / Traps for grease, oil, solids, lint & hair. wwwAs. hlandpolytraps.com PH. 800.541.8004 REVISED 2-2015 Large Capacity Grease Interceptors Each year, more than 4 billion pounds of inedible waste grease is created by food service businesses. Grease interceptors are a crucial component of any commercial kitchen operation, as this piece of equipment ensures that solids as well as fats, oils, and greases (FOGs) are prevented from entering your wastewater stream and then the municipal wastewater supply In addition, we offer grease separators in a 750 gallon size and larger. You can view all our Oil/Water Separators and related products in the scrolling lists below. To learn more about any of these products, please call us at (800) 892-1538 or e-mail us at uvauburn@oldcastleprecast.com

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INTERCEPTORS 4 Wade Drains ‐ 11910 CR492, Tyler, TX, 75706 ‐ Phone: 800‐638‐9537 Fax: 888‐879‐9233 ‐ www.wadedrains.com 3‐29‐17 5100‐XT Grease Interceptor w/ Extension Regularly Furnished: Fabricated A.R.C. steel grease interceptor with removable baffles 701-800 1650 600 900 The laundry waste interceptor shall meet requirements of subsections 64E-6.013(2) and (8), F.A.C. application rate of 0.80 gallons per square foot per day of drainfield in trenches and 0.60 gallon per squar

Shop Central Restaurant Products for Grease Interceptors. Equip your restaurant or business with top manufacturers in the industry. Get quick shipping and wholesale prices - Call a product expert at 800.215.9293 At Mission Restaurant Supply you can choose from a number of grease interceptors based on production and requirements. We stock 20 gallon per minute, 35 gallon per minute, and 50 gallon per minute grease trap models from respected manufacturers. Find great deals on grease traps and other plumbing supplies when you shop at Mission Restaurant Supply Building Highlights: - 800 gallon grease trap - Large kitchen with a brand new hood - 1-1/2 water meter/tap - Ample Parking - (3) ADA bathrooms - 3 phase, 400 AMP, 208/120V - High Traffic on Colfax and Kipling - Great Visibility and Pylon Signage - Easy access to Downtown Denver, 6th Avenue & I-70 Zoning: MGS For Lease Rate: $27.00/SF + NNNs. A 2,500-gallon grease trap was added next to the others, and eight 4,000-gallon single-chamber treatment tanks were added in series for the S-86 Aerobic Bacterial Generator treatment units to be installed. A final 4,000-gallon pump tank was installed to supply the dripfield 1-800-365-1555 www.hillyard.com ® Item Pack HIL0046906 4 - 1 Gallon Containers HIL0046907 1 - 5 Gallon Bag-In-Box HIL0046909 1 - 55 Gallon Drum The latest advance in bacterial-based products. It uses nature's own cleaning agents to rid grease traps and plumbing of grease and waste accumulation. B

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1000 Gallon Grease Trap Schematic. 1500 Gallon Septic Tank Schematic. 1500 Gallon Grease Trap Schematic. Title-5 1500 Gallon Tank Schematic. 1500 Gallon Monolithic Title-5 Septic Tank Schematic. 2000 Gallon Septic Tank Schematic. 2500 Gallon Septic Tank Schematic. (800) 287-8874 Fax: (401) 568-8803. · Grease interceptor design: a life-or- death decision · Why concrete interceptors ought to be left in the history books. By understanding what a grease trap is and how different types of grease interceptors work, you've taken the first step in making the best possible decision for your commercial kitchen Z:\Megan\Muse Website File\WebsiteUpdate011619\images\100_0378-crop-u47877-crop-u47877-crop-u47877.jpg. C:\Users\jkozak\Desktop\Website\Old Site Builds\Website files 061016\15K tank-burial.JP • 6,000-gallon grease trap. • 3,000-gallon pump tank. • Two 800-gallon pump tanks. • Two GP200 grinder pumps on alternating duplex demand control from Monarch Industries, Winnipeg, Man. • Two 12,000-gallon, two-compartment septic tanks in series. • PL-525 effluent filter (1/16-inch filtration) from Polylok Inc., Wallingford, Conn.

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800 soi. 3 **750 gallon not available, submitting 800 gallon** copeland 11030 800 gallon precast sand & oil interceptor 4 . copeland 1163 24 traffic duty risers (as needed) 5 . copeland a-1040-1044 24x6 traffic duty manhole ring & cover 6 . 2000 gi 7 copeland 2000 2000 gallon precast grease interceptor The ASME A112.14.3, Type C Standard allows an approved grease interceptor to be installed with an internal flow control plate. For Gravity Grease Interceptors (GGI), a flow control is not required. What can be connected to the grease interceptor ? A grease interceptor must not and cannot receive any sanitary waste water (for example, from a. Zoning: MGS Highlights: - 800 gallon grease trap - Two kitchens - 1-1/2 water meter/tap - Ample Parking - (5) ADA bathrooms between both spaces - 3 phase, 400 AMP, 208/120V - High Traffic on Colfax and Kipling - Great Visibility and Pylon Signage - Easy access to Downtown Denver, 6th Avenue & I-7

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2. Brown grease: FOG that has been in contact with drain water such as from water wash ventilation hoods, grease interceptors, and other drain-connected fixtures. Brown grease post-use is restricted to those uses that do not involve human or animal contact such as paints, lubricants, compost, and methane generators. Non-post-use disposa The Grease Guardian is a grease interceptor that traps fats, oils and grease and removes them through skimming. With offices and support services in Dublin, Belfast, London, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and Kuala Lumpur the supply of grease traps under the Grease Guardian brand covers all major areas Grease Trap Cleaning in Detroit on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Grease Traps in Detroit, MI. Browse *Precast Septic Tanks and Concrete Products 800-1000 1250-1500 Gallon Single & Double Compartment. 27. Grease Beast Environmental Services. Grease Traps. 24. YEARS IN BUSINESS (419) 841-6090.


Distribution Boxes Dosing Chambers Electrical Products Erosion: Cable Concrete Grease Interceptors Headwalls Leaching Chambers Lift Stations Lifting Procedures Light Bases Meter/Valve Pits Water Monuments & Markers Oil Separators Parking Bumpers PermEntry Pull Boxes Pump Tanks Retaining Wall Landlord will deliver space as a vanilla shell, including 20 tons of HVAC and 800 gallon grease trap. New retail development for lease on the most trafficked corner in Lakeview! This 3,521 sf building is perfect for any restaurant or retailer looking to be in one of the hottest areas in New Orleans • Large kitchen, Hood, 800 gallon grease trap, ADA bathrooms, and much more. The Sherman Agency, Inc. Real Estate Investments / Consulting / Management Contact Information LOCATED AT THE CORNER OF COLFAX & KIPLING PROPERTY INFORMATION HIGHLIGHTS. The Sherman Agency, Inc Central Garage, One 800 Gallon Sand trap 1 $ 300.00 $ 300.00 $ 440.00 $ 440.00 $ 1,400.00 $ 1,400.00 2A Cold Springs Jail, One 1000 Gallon Grease Trap 4 $ 180.00 $ 720.00 $ 450.00 $ 1,800.00 $ 1,400.00 $ 5,600.00 2B Cold Springs Jail, One 250 Gallon Sand Trap 1 $ 175.00 $ 175.00. - 800 gallon grease trap - Two kitchens - 1-1/2 water meter/tap - Ample Parking - (5) ADA bathrooms between both spaces - 3 phase, 400 AMP, 208/120V - High Traffic on Colfax and Kipling - Great Visibility and Pylon Signage - Easy access to Downtown Denver, 6th Avenue & I-70 . Lease Rate: Call for Details. Lease Term: Negotiable. Zoning: MG

Highlights: - 800 gallon grease trap - Two kitchens - 1-1/2 water meter/tap - Ample Parking - (5) ADA bathrooms between both spaces - 3 phase, 400 AMP, 208/120V - High Traffic on Colfax and Kipling - Great Visibility and Pylon Signage - Easy access to Downtown Denver, 6th Avenue & I-7 This is a dual compartment vacuum pump with a 800 gallon waste compartment and 100 gallon fresh water compartment built into the same tank. Use the waste tank to collect wastewater, grease trap waste, waste oil and more. Use the 100 gallon water compartment to provide rinse down or wash down services Our precast concrete residential septic tanks give New England homeowners a reliable solution for wastewater management systems. Precast concrete septic tanks from Shea are strong, watertight, environmentally friendly, and ideal for any residential waste management system This bid is for replacement of the old tank and installation of three (3) new grease tanks for the jail kitchen. The Weld County Jail is located at 2110 O Street, Greeley, CO 80631. 0000255407 CHRISTIE M PETERS 970-400-4223 ext. 4223 CMPETERS@WELDGOV.COM PU.AG.USA.2233.C9123651 United States, Colorado, Weld Count hole in the plaza for an 800-gallon, 6′-long grease interceptor—a late-add by the building department. The interceptor had to be installed below an existing concrete canopy, adjacent to one of Regis's special trees. This made the pick something of a gymnastic feat, Nicole Wempe, GTC Senior Project Manager, said Grease Traps in Snellville on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Grease Traps in Snellville, GA. (800) 880-1142. 450 S Cemetery St. Norcross, GA 30071. Well I had my 18 year old 1000 gal tank pumped for regular maintenance today. My tank hadn't been pump on the regular schedule which I.

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