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Welcome to Spiegelmann’s Ghost Park! | MapleStory

Welcome to Spiegelmann's Ghost Park! MapleStor

  1. What a beautiful day to go to the park—the Ghost Park, that is!Spiegelmann is back with another new Monster Park, but this one has a spooky twist! Players Lv. 125 and above can visit the Ghost Park from Korean Folk Town, or by traveling through the Dimensional Mirror
  2. MapleStory and any related images and content are copyrighted by Nexon. Hidden Street is a fansite set up to provide cohesive and comprehensive information to MapleStory gamers. Advertisements found in this site are to support server and related costs of maintaining this website
  3. Spiegelmann's Guest House: Continent Not Applicable Area Not Applicable Street Party Quest Entrance Return Map Spiegelmann's Guest House Level An
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There is a chance you will get invited to Spiegelmann's Monster Carnival (every 15 minutes before and after each hour). Once you are in there, you will rando.. Clearing each Seasonal Series earns you a Painting Scrap and a Spiegelmann's Jewelry Box. Inside the box is a Spiegelmann's Jeweled Epaulette , equipped on the Shoulder. Comes with random stats every time and expires a week after it is received

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The new Spiegelmann's Lucky Boxes event will also start on the same day, in which you can defeat monsters to obtain many useful rewards. The next update that we've been working on with all our teams is called v.220 Moonlight Magic. We plan to release the update on February 3 and the main content will be the Ellinel Full Moon Party event. It. he seems to be in one of the major towns in each area (ex:victoria island, orbis, ludi, ect.) but there is one in kerning city, one in orbis, and one in ludi. idk for other ones.X Spiegelmann's Lucky Boxes The Spiegelmann's Lucky Boxes event will run from September 3 to September 16. Spiegelmann has prepared a set of special missions for you with his lucky boxes! Each day, you must defeat 2000 monsters around your level to complete the daily mission. This can be done once per day per world

Spiegelmann's opening the Second Maple Museum! Help Spiegelmann to prepare a perfect exhibition! #MapleStoryM #February2021 #Newevent #Museum #Fossil #Lifesciences #Artifac A 7-day Spiegelmann's Hot-Air Balloon coupon. Double-click on it to use the Spiegelmann's Hot-Air Balloon riding skill for 7 days

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I already thought they would change this... The KMST 1.2.192 patch didn't had a patch note so most likely they fixed/modified things. And yes they did: 슈피겔만의 반지 Untradeable (You can use Karma's Scissors to make it tradeable) REQ LV: 51 W.ATK : +1 슈피겔만의 반지 Untradeable (You can use Karma's Scissors to make i Once you get there, find a man named Spiegelmann. He will take you to the Monster Carnival. Go in and party with about 4 to 8 people. Then you will split into 2 groups Characters / Maple Story NPC Go To. × Edit Locked Spiegelmann. A portly man of unknown origin who runs the Monster Carnival and Monster Park. He's generally cheerful and runs these places to help train warriors but nothing is known about him. Photographs of him dating back to the era of the Black Mage have been found, however Spiegelmann's Necklace - 50 Maple Coins +1 to STR, INT, DEX, LUK, 27 Def and 27 Mag. Def ; You can get +0 in a stat to +3 in a stat. They have 3 slots, and are scrollable with Spiegelmann's Marbles, which cost 40 Maple Coins. Spiegelmann's Marble - 40 Maple Coins. Adds 30 HP and MP to a Spiegelmann's Necklace. 60% Success Rate. Untradeabl


Spiegelmann's Hot Air Balloon mount coupons: 15-day and 1-year versions. This mount skill can be used by all jobs. This mount skill can be used by all jobs. Lucky Day Scroll : Increases success chance of next scroll use by 10% (cannot be used with potential or enhancement scrolls) Maplestory: Phantom DdragonArt 40 3 Maplestory: Mercedes DdragonArt 90 10 MMORPGs IcemilkMagic9 4 1 Lucid efull 17 5 Maplestory - Neinhart AS58 6 0 Spiegelmann JoTheWeirdo 4 3 World map Cities Backgrounds etc Spiegelmann's opening the second Maple Museum! Help Spiegelmann to prepare a perfect exhibition! Event Period: 2021.02.18 (Thu.) 10:00 ~ 2021.03.12 (Fri.) 09:59 (server time) [Exchange] Opening Period: 2021.02.25 (Thu.) 10:00 ~ 2021.03.12 (Fri.) 09:59 (server time) * Server Time: America = UTC

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Maple World is one enormous place full of adventure and excitement, and you've got quite the journey ahead of you. I understand that not everyone has been fortunate enough to experience Maple World's countless wonders and the riveting tale that ties them together, so allow me, the great Spiegelmann, to enlighten you! The Story So Far.. With the removal of Spiegelmann art retrieval its basically impossible to get daily max on coins, there is never anyone in que for the terrible mini games that nobody wants to play. I don't come on to maplestory to play mini games that are worse than any phone game I've played, I like to grind and now we cannot get the art for coins (which the. Altaire Camp is the headquarters of a group who have immigrated to Victoria from Rien, seeking refuge from the tyrannical rule of the Black Mage, a recurring villain who plays an important role in the lore of MapleStory, starting with Nautilus Harbor, Rien, Edelstein, and Magatia, among many other areas later on. Additionally, Athena Pierce. Nonetheless, there will be the handful of you snails out there that don't quite grasp what it is! It's essentially a recreation of the original MapleStory's Marvel Machine! Spend some money, get some items in return--a website gachapon if you will. You may be thinking... Spiegelmann, you're a horrible and ruthless person A congratulatory wreath from Spiegelmann to Madame Ming. Dropped by: - Available from: This item can be obtained from [판타스틱 테마파크] 어색한 축하 (Level 120 and above) quest. Hidden Street is a fansite set up to provide cohesive and comprehensive information to MapleStory gamers

Spiegelmann's Adventure Express: Nihal Desert's Trade King. The Spiegelmann's Adventure Express: Nihal Desert's Trade King event has begun and will run until February 27. Spiegelmann's expedition train has a new destination: the Nihal Desert. You can participate once per day. When you enter Spiegelmann's train, you'll receive 50. @srb2 -Opens Spiegelmann the Max Stats Item Creator @dispose -Use if you can't talk to NPC's @emo -Kills yourself @expfix -Fixes negative EXP @fmnpc -Shows the All-In-One NPC @resetskills [id] -reset of Skills cooldown @upgradehat -Opens upgrade SuperRebirth Hat NP MapleStory Nostalgic proyect for old-school players. General Information: - Use MapleStory v83 - Rates 6x/5x/3x Progressive: (2x, 3x Cash Shop Cards works) Every 20 levels your rate will increase - Quest rates 3x - Can vote for NX or Just Train and farm NX - ITEMS CAN LEVEL UP and boost the status Custom NPCs: Agent E: Accessory crafter Spiegelmann Necklace - posted in Price Check: How much would Spiegelmann Necklace cost?+1 STR+1 DEX+2 INT+1 LUK3 Upgrades left.Thanks

Spiegelmann. An npc from Maplestory. Zakum. Zakum is a boss from Maplestory, it is one of the hardest bosses in the game. It is rare that a group of people will be able to even get to him let alone fight him without everyone dieing. What the users think. 5 (1) 4 (1) 3 (0) 2 (0) 1 (0) 4.5 stars. Average score of 2 user reviews. Add new. In this episode of Beyond Our Borders, Spiegelmann gets Chief Stan and Cassandra together to discuss why America has a two party system 5. All monsters have a chance to drop Monster Park Commemorative Coins, Equipment with 100% Hidden Potential. Spiegelmann's Herb Pouch and Spiegelmann's Mineral Pouch. 6. When 1 party member loots a coin, every party member receives the same amount. Therefore, there is no need to rush for the coins

by maplestory in maplestory Tags: MapleStory Guides creds to win22 I saw win22's guide on scamming, and some of the replies said that he should have written it in correct grammar for better understanding Spiegelmann's Marble (Untradable) 2041211: Max per slot: 200: NPC Value: 1: Description: Can only be used on Spiegelmann's Necklace. Success rate:60%, HP +30, MP +30: Drops from: - Available from: - All images and other content related to MapleStory are owned by Nexon Corporation..

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With the recent addition of the MapleStory X Attack on Titan crossover and Valentine's Day events, BMA MapleStory has introduced new MapleStory accounts for sale on the BMA Webstore at buymaplestoryaccounts.com. The latest MapleStory account is the [Zenith] Level 200 Zero.Armed with a fully scrolled and 236 ATK Revolution Lazuli and Lapis swords, this Zero deals top tier DPS that lives up to. MapleRoyals v0.62 Private MapleStory Server. Silver Deputy Star 1122014: Req Level: 50: Req Stats: - Weapon Def: 35 31 - 39 (Normal) 31 - 44 (Godly Winners can obtain gold leaves and epic or unique items, such as Spiegelmann's Chaos Necklace. Alongside the addition of the new Monster Carnival dungeon, character rebalancing has been implemented for all Cygnus Knights classes, including Dawn Warrior, Wind Archer, Night Walker, Blaze Wizard, Thunder Breaker, the three new Explorers: Hero. MapleStory - Join over 260 Million Global Players in MapleStory, one of the original MMORPGs, where epic adventure, action-packed gameplay, & good friends await you! Featuring an iconic 2D art style, MapleStory offers the thrill of explosive power, bold anime-style self-expression, and absolute control of your characters' awesome abilities. Build your perfect custom hero from over 40. Fish Spear, Spiegelmann Necklace, Ninja Ambush 20... Help! - posted in Price Check: Today I received a 1/2/1/1 Spiegelmann Necklace for my Maple Coins. I was looking to sell or trade this for something better, and my first offer was a Fish Spear, 2 Spiegelmann Necklaces (1/1/1/1), Ninja Ambush 20 Mastery Book, Ancient Scroll, and 565k. Here are the stats on those items:MY Necklace1/2/1/129.

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Check out the guides on special places in the Maplestory world. Check out the posts too! I highly reccomend you look at the photo gallery. It is all of the good pics from our main blog combined. I hope you have a good time! Spiegelmann Nana Neri the Fairy - Weapon Seller, inside Orbis Weapon Store portal Nuri the Fairy - Armor Seller. Time for a revamped database dedicated to the music of MapleStory. The entire collection has been regrouped three times, into three separate databases. The databases include all of the tracks, but each database is organized in a different way MapleStory M, the free-to-play, massively multiplayer online mobile game for iOS and Android, brings a variety of content to players, including a ne

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With Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, Troy Lewter, Bruno Oliver Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Thank you for becoming a member The Spiegelmann necklace could still be acquired from collecting a certain amount of carnival coins. This would prevent trading wins since carnival coins are only acquired from killing monsters. With no EXP given from CPQ, the primary spot to level up would still be LPQ and EPQ Check out the guides on special places in the Maplestory world. Check out the posts too! I highly reccomend you look at the photo gallery. It is all of the good pics from our main blog combined. I hope you have a good time! Spiegelmann Spinel Irene Regular Cab Alex Guan Zhong Mong from the Kong Jane Doe Cezare Kerning Cit I'm realeasing the Npc list for maplestory v.75 cause many people searching for it. Credits goes fully to me. Apparatus 2041026 - Ghosthunter Bob 2041027 - Mason the Collector 2041028 - Unknown Thief 2041029 - Karen 2042000 - Spiegelmann 2042001 - Spiegelmann 2042002 - Spiegelmann 2042003 - Assistant Red 2042004 - Assistant Blue 2043000.

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The suitable ones are soul master, night walkers, flame wizards, warriors and wind breakers . When you play the monster carnival, you can get maple coins. This maple coins are used to buy items such as wizard stuff and other jobs. If you get 50 coins you can buy the spiegelmann necklace which is very worth it Maple Story is a side-scrolling MMORPG featuring a disturbing, or as Wizet calls it, cute cast of characters with the objective of finding out how long it takes a sane person to crack under the constant pressure of subliminal advertising. Also, you can barter 50 bill in for the acclaimed Spiegelmann Necklace. This chaplet gives you about.

MapleSaga is a low rate, nostalgic MapleStory private server. Enjoy old-school MapleStory gameplay and a friendly community. x8 EXP / x5 Mesos / v62 with a Skill Rebalanc Global MapleStory is getting a majorly revamped user interface! View inventory, equipment, and character stats in one window, auto sort your scrolls, add multiple points to your stats at once, and experience Maple World like never before with sweeping enhancements to the character, equipment, skill, world map, and item enhancement UI The maplestory Monster Carnival is a party quest. There are two versions, cpq1 and cpq2. Cpq 1 (or monster carnival 1) is accessible through Kerning City by talking to speilgelmann. It is for.

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