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Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #80362: Question and negative form > Other English exercises on the same topic: Questions [ Change theme ] > Similar tests: - Questions : how to ask them - Vocabulary: asking and answering - Ask the question - Interrogative clauses - Direct and Indirect Interrogative forms. Yes No Questions Exercise - English Grammar Exercises This yes no questions exercise is 50 questions to help you practice questions in English. See if you can ask simple present question with am, is, are, do, and does 30 comments on Making Questions Lesson 1: Yes/No Questions (Rules & Exercises) G.manideep (Posted on 9-19-2017 at 10:10) Reply ↓ They are sitting in a row.We have clarified the doubts.I want the answer in yes/no questions Negative Questions A negative question is one that is worded in such a way as to require a no response for an affirmative answer and a yes response for a negative answer. In other words, negative questions switch the yes/no response order of regular, or positive, questions to a less intuitive no/yes order Level: beginner. Yes/No questions. Yes/No questions are questions which we answer with Yes or No.Look at these statements: They are working hard. They will be working hard. They had worked hard. They have been working hard. They might have been working hard.. We make Yes/No questions by putting the first part of the verb in front of the subject

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Word order in yes/no questions on English - Online Exercise. Task No. 1347. Use the given words/prases and form yes/no-questions (questions without question words). Click on the underlined words/phrases small exercise on Yes/No Negative Questions Level: intermediate Age: 8-17 Downloads: 7 : Positive Negative Sentence tags Level: advanced Age: 10-100 Downloads: 6 : Questions and negative statements Level: elementary Age: 7-11 Downloads: 5 : TEST FOR AFFIRMATIVE, NEGATIVE AND QUESTIONS WITH be; THIS/THAT, THESE/THOS YES/NO QUESTIONS (1): Change the following sentences into Yes/No questions. Show all questions <= => There is a restaurant nearby. Check Hint Show answer. He was a mechanic in his own country. Check Hint Show answer. Joe is always talking on the phone Remember, a negative question isn't a question at all. When someone uses a negative question, simply answer with the truth. You might use a simple yes or no with a follow up statement. There is more to this subject. Ask your teacher to explain and help you practice this subject

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Negative Question Tags Gap Fill Exercise. Select the correct contraction from the box to complete the sentences below. aren't haven't isn't didn't hasn't won't shouldn't isn't 1. You've seen this movie before, you? 2. George is friendly enough, he? 3. You went to university, you? 4. They. Find negative yes/no questions lesson plans and teaching resources. Quickly find that inspire student learning. This exercise is all about practice using the existential (there is) in the singular, plural, interrogative, declarative, positive and negative forms. From a bank of six possibilities learners fill in two blank spaces in each..

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  1. Yes/No questions and short answers with the verb be Yes/No questions - be (am, are, is) Subject and verb change their position in statement and question. Sentence: You are from England. Question: Are you from England? We always use the short answer, not only Yes or No, as Yes or No sounds rude on its own. NOTE
  2. Yes/no questions are also created using the auxiliary did. This time, the auxiliary is placed before the subject. The verb BE is an exception; in this case, we move BE before the subject. Here are the rules
  3. Hoy repasaremos las preguntas en negative negative questions y veremos juntos cuando lo usamos y como es que se forman estas preguntas. Negative questions Structure: To form negative questions we simply add n't (not) after the auxiliar
  4. On Negative Yes/No Questions∗ Maribel Romero University of Pennsylvania romero@ling.upenn.edu Chung-hye Han Simon Fraser University chunghye@sfu.ca July 25, 2002 1 Introduction This paper is concerned with two generalizations involving negation in yes/no (yn-)questions. The first generalization reflects an interpreta tional difference.

English verb exercises: to be present exercises esl: affirmative, negative and interrogative forms. Lower intermediate level. Simple presen Clase completa en http://www.tuaprendesahora.com/clases/negative-questions-part-1/1398Clase del curso de inglés tú aprendes ahora negative questions part 1 (.. Negative questions, also known as odd-one-out questions are a type of multiple choice question in which the correct answer is the one that is false, surrounded by true distractors. For example: Question: Which of the following statements about Onodi cells (sphenoethmoidal air cells) is INCORRECT? Onodi cells are important due to their location in close proximity to the optic nerve

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Yes / No Questions; Wh - Questions; YES / NO QUESTIONS. Yes / No questions are the questions which are answered yes or no. It means when we are asking yes/no questions, we are expecting the answer, yes or no. To form Yes/No questions, we use one of these verbs: auxiliary verbs ( be, do and have ) or modal verbs ( can, may,etc.) Questions: yes-no questions ( Are you feeling cold? ) - gramática inglés y uso de palabras en English Grammar Today - Cambridge University Pres Hoy vamos a aprender como formular preguntas con el negativo y sus respectivos usos.Disfruta el vídeo y compartelo, no olvide suscribirte : questions exercise. This is an OE designed to drill the students in making questions in various tenses - yes-no questions, wh-questions, question tags. There´s a fun teenage youtube video at the end with the ´world record´ in asking and answering questions. It´s there just for fun and an extra challenge for your students, but really worth watching Affirmative, Negative, yes-no questions with BE A practice to understand affirmative, negative and yes-no questions with BE

Yes / No Questions - Positive and Negative Gap-Fill. Download as a PDF (best for printing) Download as a Microsoft Word Document. Yes / No Questions - Match the Answers. Positive & Negative Words 1. Positive & Negative Words 2. Make or Do - Common Collocations (Gap-Fill) The 40 Most Common Verbs in English (in order) - Gap-Fill. Where Do. Start studying Negative Statements and YES/ NO questions with be. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

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Identifying Question Types In Part 2 of the TOEIC test, you will hear many different types of questions. Recognizing each question type can help you identify the correct response. Exercise 1 Read each question and check ( ) the correct question type. Wh-question Yes/No question Choice question 1 Theoretically this may make sense, but in practice this is NOT how negative questions work. In fact, the answer to a negative question will often be very similar to the answer to a positive question. Here's why: The Grammar of Answering a Negative Question. Negative questions generally ask for the same information as the positive form Short answers with am, are, is - Online Exercise. Task No. 1339. Answers the questions in English. Choose the correct form from the drop down menu There are two ways of forming negative Yes/No Questions with Can: 1. Can + Object + not Can you not come today? 2. >> Home >> English Grammar Lessons >> Modal Verbs >> Can - Can't >> Can Yes/No Questions. Print exercises and lessons: Hint: For exercises, you can reveal the answers first (Submit Worksheet) and print the page to have the.

A negative question can also be used to ask for confirmation of a negative belief. In this case the speaker is surprised that something has not happened or is not happening. Hasn't the postman come yet? Polite requests, offers, complaints etc. Pressing offers and invitations often assume the form of negative questions. They usually begin Won. 'Yes / No' Questions. This exercise is about making past simple questions. It's something you'll use a lot, so I'd suggest you make sure you know it perfectly. This exercise doesn't include 'be' but instead has a variety of other verbs (most of them are quite easy verbs - at the moment it's good to concentrate on grammar, and then think about.

Exercise ( Yes - No questions) Exercise (Questions) Exercise (wh - Question Words) Exercise (Spelling - s, es, ies) Exercise (Time Expressions) Exercise (Spelling Rules) Exercise (Contractions) Exercise (mixed - intermediate) Exercise (Frequency Adverbs) Exercise (making negative- positive and questions) Exercise (Negative Form Simple Present vs. Present Progressive Table Assignment 2.1 (Points: 50) Instructions: 1. Write each sentence in the following structures: affirmative, negative, yes/no question, short answer, and informational question, in both the simple present and present progressive tenses Exercise. Click on the words in the correct order to make yes/no questions in the Present Continuous Tense. Tip! If you have no idea what word should go next, you can click on all the words one by one Download PDF Negative questions are of two kinds: contracted and uncontracted. They have different word order. Note that uncontracted negative questions are usually formal. Contracted negative questions Form: auxiliary verb + n't + subject Didn't she come? Don't you understand? Weren't you surprised? Uncontracted negative questions Auxiliary verb + subject + not Did she not [ A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about yes, no, questions, yes no qu..

Present Continuous: Negatives and Questions Introduction In the present continuous tense, negative forms are made using NOT, and question forms are made by changing the word order of the sentence Negative & Tag Questions Be careful about using negative or tag questions. Negative and tag questions imply that you already know the answer. You already have an opinion. You don't smoke, do you? Means I think it is bad and I hope you do not do it. Using the negative question says MY opinion Answering Negative Questions. by St Giles Vancouver. The best thing to do is give them a FULL answer, not just yes or no. In most cases, it doesn't matter if you start with yes or no. For example: Aren't you finished yet? No, I still have 2 more boxes to open. Yes, I still have 2 more boxes to open

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Past Perfect Story 1 - Exercises A. Answer the following questions . Use the Past Perfect tense. B. Rewrite the following sentences as positive or negative sentences , yes/no questions, WH-questions (using the underlined word or phrase) and tag questions. Examples for the sentence Nick had finished before noon 2. Is it a yes/no question or an information question? 3. Is it a regular question or be question? 4. Form question. 5. Check that the auxiliary agrees with the subject for regular questions or that the verb agrees with the subject for be questions. Exercise 6: Follow the question formation steps to make questions to go with the answers in bold In this present simple yes and no questions worksheet, students work through a range of exercises to practice yes/no questions and short answers in the present simple with the verb 'to be' and 'do'. Give each student a copy of the two-page worksheet. Students begin by matching present simple yes/no questions with suitable responses Do/does/did: affirmative, interrogative and negative forms. Let's come back to fundamentals, those which, if they're not properly mastered, stop and unsettle true (and false) beginners willing to improve their English and understand how this simple phenomenon works.. There are auxiliaries such as BE and HAVE, and those that young (and older) beginners know (can/ can't/ must/ mustn't) and. Then, ask a 'Yes/No' question, such as, 'Are you studying?' The first student to circle the correct short answer (either affirmative or negative) gets one point for their team. Have the two students switch with two of their seated classmates, and continue as above, until all or most of your students have had a chance at the board

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  1. Questions in the Passive. How do we form questions in the Passive voice? Questions in the Passive are formed with to be and the past participle *. 1. Yes/No questions in the Passive (Present Simple
  2. g yes/no questions. exercise 1: various exercises changing sentences into yes/no questions; exercise 2: use the words/phrases to form yes/no questions
  3. Yes/No Questions ESL kids Worksheets Worksheets for teaching English to kids Back To worksheets Menu. Click on a thumbnail to view the image. General Yes / No Questions: Yes / No quiz Do you have Questions: Class Survey. Do you have? Do you have? Draw! Can you / Are you good at Questions
  4. Yes / No Questions; Wh - Questions; YES / NO QUESTIONS. Yes / No questions are the questions which are answered yes or no. It means when we are asking yes/no questions, we are expecting the answer, yes or no. To form Yes/No questions, we use one of these verbs: auxiliary verbs ( be, do and have ) or modal verbs ( can, may,etc.)
  5. NOTE: Negative form of CAN is either cannot or can not and its negative contraction is Can't. In British English, it is pronounced /ka:nt/ but in American English, it is /kent/. NOTE: Negative YES/NO QUESTIONS are formed in two ways

Tag Questions Test Exercises - Multiple Choice Questions With Answers - Advanced Level 42 February 26, 2021 November 25, 2018 Please wait while the activity loads Home / Grammar / Verb Tenses / YES / NO Questions - Simple Future Tense with WILL About We are dedicated to creating and providing free, high-quality English language learning resources Like other yes/no questions, there are long and short answers. Are you going to play? Yes, I am going to play. Yes, I am. Yes. Is he going to be there? No, he isn't going to be there. No, he isn't. No. It is also possible to use other future tense sentences when you answer

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  1. utes of classroom time
  2. Yes/No Questions in the Past Progressive (Continuous) To ask a question that will be answered with either a yes or no, start with Was or Were, (Wasn't or Weren't for a negative question) then choose your subject (the person or thing doing the action), followed by the ing (present participle) form of the verb and then the rest of your question
  3. 214 The Grammar Book Once again, we can point to the parallelism between negation and yes/no question formation. Recall that to make a sentence negative when it has no auxiliary verb or be copula, the operator do is inserted. Likewise, in yes/no question formation, do is added to function as an operator when there is no auxiliary verb or be copula verb to invert with the subject

In these past simple exercises with answers you can test your knowledge of the simple past tense.. The exercises on this page and the following pages test: Regular Verbs; Irregular Verbs; Forming Questions (Yes / No and Wh-/How Questions); Forming Negatives ; There are also free downloads of the past simple exercises so you can print them off and also use them in class if you are a teacher Do you want to learn English? Don't you want to learn English? Negative questions can be very confusing, even for native speakers. In this lesson, I teach yo.. GRAMMAR WORKSHEET ALL Things Grammar Grammar Focus Yes/No Questions: Present Simple Level Intermediate ANSWER KEY 1. Yes, she does. 2. No, they aren't SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE Affirmative and Negative Statements, Time Expressions: 117 1. FOOD 2. DRINK 3. EXERCISE 4. CIGARETTES 5. SLEEP 6. HOBBIES or ACTIVITIES HABITS MICHAEL'S HABITS SAM'S HABITS 27407_08_ch08 pp3.qxd 12/21/06 10:08 AM Page 117 In/On/At, Like/Need/Wan B. Rewrite the following sentences as negative sentences , yes/no questions, WH-questions (using the underlined word) and tag questions . 1. Ann was playing inside the house. Negative: Ann was not playing inside the house. Yes/No Question: Was Ann playing inside the house? WH-Question: Who was playing inside the house

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Tag: negative yes no questions exercises. Pola Kalimat Simple Present Tense dan Contoh Yes No Question. By Om Min Posted on August 3, 2016. Pola Kalimat Simple Present Tense dan Contoh Yes No Question Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap Hi,Guys! How are you? Mari [] Recent Posts Questions and Negations. All downloads are in PDF Format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results. Levels of Difficulty : Elementary Intermediate Advance Yes/No questions - be (am, are, is) Subject and verb change their position in statement and question. Sentence: You are from Germany. Question: Are you from Germany? We always use the short answer, not only Yes or No. NOTE: If the answer is Yes, we always use the long form. → Example: Yes, I am Home / Grammar / Verb Tenses / YES / NO Questions - Present Progressive About We are dedicated to creating and providing free, high-quality English language learning resources Wh-Questions are also called Information Questions because we are trying to get some specific information from another person (not just a 'Yes' or 'No' answer). Read below for an explanation or jump to the exercises if you want to practice

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  1. WH Questions Test - English Grammar Exercises This WH questions test checks your understanding of the 6 WH questions words, including who, what, where, when, why, and how. You need to decide when to use each word
  2. A Yes/no questions The table below is a summary. (Full forms are given in earlier units.) Notice that yes/no questions are formed with an auxiliary verb + subject + main verb. The auxiliary can be do, be, haveor a modal verb like can, will,etc. Notice that to make a question we take the affirmative form and the
  3. g negative sentences and for
  4. Tips on how to form negative sentences and questions. Animation: negative sentences and questions. In negative sentences, we put not between the form of be and the verb. In questions, we simply swop the places of subject and the form of be. Exercise on the formation. Exercise on affirmative sentences. Exercise on negative sentences. Exercise on.
  5. Simple Present Story 1 - Exercises A. Answer the following questions . Use the Simple Present tense. B. Rewrite the following sentences as negative sentences , yes/no questions, WH-questions (using the underlined word or phrase) and tag questions. Examples for the sentence Jack sweeps the floor
  6. Revision on different types of questions. Subject questions, questions with preposition, indirect questions. Gap-filling exercise. Grammar. A1 - Elementary A2 - Pre-intermediate B1 When we use a negative question without the contracted form of the verb, For yes-no questions.
  7. 11 Past Perfect questions; 12 Past Perfect questions; 13 Past Perfect questions; 14 Past Perfect questions; 15 Past Perfect questions; 16 Questions word order; 17 Questions word order; 18 Word order Past Perfect; 19 Negative Past Perfect; 20 Negative exercises; 21 Negative exercises; 22 Negative sentences; 23 Past Perfect negative; 24 Negative.

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  1. Short answers are special forms to answer a question. They are usually used because they are more polite. If you answer with yes or no only, it sounds unpolite. They are easy to form. After the word yes or no you have to take the person and the first word of the question. In negative answers you have to use the short form
  2. Negative questions can be very confusing in English. In this lesson we're going to look different ways we use them and you'll also learn the best ways to answer them. Let's get very polite and start with the formal use. Imagine an important guest is visiting your office. You want to make a good impression and make them feel welcome
  3. Learn to speak better English by simply doing this basic practice exercise. First, complete the questions with your own answers, and then practice making your own questions. Finally, try using this grammar in real life. Tip: Say the questions aloud. This will help you practice speaking English and improve your pronunciation and fluency
  4. e. *Yes / no questions with the verb to be - more practice Click on the words in the correct order to make positive sentences with the verb to be
  5. 5087) worksheets in english grammar 5088) can can t reading exercises 5089) coordinating conjunctions.. 5855) yes no questions 5856) text simple present >>> Search pages about this theme: search YES NO QUESTIONS WORKSHEETS on our 100% free site to learn English

Yes/No Questions Board Game: On the board, write down all the short answer types that you want to practice with your students (see example below) - because this will take one or two minutes, this is best done either before the class, or while the students are working independently on another activity. Also, prepare a list of Yes/No questions. This future perfect continuous quiz is a gap fill exercise and it tests you on affirmative statements, or positive statements. Place the verb in brackets into the correct tense. Read More. Future perfect quiz: yes / no questions. Apr 21, 21 04:09 AM. This future perfect quiz focuses on yes / no questions affirmative, negative, yes/no, wh- questions b1+ contrast: past perfect simple vs past simple b1. with time expressions before, after, until b1+ Quantifiers, possessives and demonstratives. Demonstratives. demonstrative adjectives (that book) a1. demonstrative pronouns (That is nice.) a1 Question tags are the short questions that we put on the end of sentences - particularly in spoken English. The basic structure of a tag question is: A negative statement is followed by a positive question tag. Negative StatementPositive TagYou aren't 12 years oldAre you? A positive statement is followed by a negative question tag. Positive StatementNegative TagYo In tag questions, the corresponding pronoun and the first verb of the corresponding yes/no question are used. Also, notice that with positive statements, negative tag questions are used and vice versa

· YES-NO rhetorical questions They are characterised because they have a rising intonation. They can also have a different assertion according to the orientation of the question. - A positive question has a negative assertion To answer a positive question, you can use oui or non, while to answer a negative question you can use si or non. Still, some people make mistakes. - user276648 Dec 18 '16 at 0:24 Yes / no questions answers with be We can answer yes / no questions with the verb be using a full or a shorter answer. We can use contractions (wasn't / weren't) with negative answers Exercise 3: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb be in the negative in the present. 4. We (be, not) 50. 5. You (be, not) Spanish. 6. She (be, not) on holiday. Exercise 4: Answer the questions with a short answer. 7. Are you from Montreal? 8. Is your best friend female? 9. Are your parents together

In other words, if the question is negative, Negative Yes/No Question-Answer Sequences in Conversation: Grammar, Action, and Sequence Organization. PhD diss. UCLA. 2008 questions with intonation One of the easiest ways to ask a question that may be answered by yes/no is to raise the pitch of your voice at the end of a statement. In a declarative statement, the pitch normally falls. Listen to the following dialogue and pay close attention to the intonation Instructions . Rewrite each of the following sentences, turning the yes-no question into a statement. Change the word order and (in some cases) the form of the verb as necessary. When you're done, compare your new declarative sentences with the sample answers below GRAMMAR: YES/ NO QUESTIONS Yes or no questions are questions whose expected answer is either yes or no. HOW TO FORM YES-NO QUESTIONS: RULES 1. If the main verb of the sentence is To be¸ simply invert the subject and the verb: Examples - He is the headmaster of the school. -> Is he the headmaster of the school? Yes, he is./ No, he isn't In yes-no questions, an auxiliary verb typically appears in front of the subject—a formation called subject-auxiliary inversion (SAI). Three Varieties of Yes-No Questions There are three types of yes-no questions: the inverted question, the inversion with an alternative (which may require more than a simple yes or no answer), and the tag.

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Yes - No Questions and Short Answers - The Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense. They start with am, is or are. Other Exercises on Present Continuous. Negative Form -1 Negative Form -2 Negatives -3 Question Form Negative: Yes/ no Questions: WH questions: sergiojared2004 está esperando tu ayuda. Añade tu respuesta y gana puntos. It all depends on a person's lifestyle and how much exercise they do during a week. It also depends on whether a person is trying to lose weight or gain weight. If a person is trying to gain weight, then they should have.

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Exercise - Present simple of 'be': positive Start; Exercise - Present simple of 'be': negative Start; Exercise - Present simple with 'be': yes / no questions Start; Exercise - Present simple with 'be': wh questions Start; Exercise - Present simple with 'be': mixed exercise Start; Lesson 2: Present simple forms: all verbs. negative yes/no questions and why don't...? Sometimes we want to express surprise or check information, and this topic is to learn how to use the negative yes/no questions do it in a natural way. For example, if you want to express surprise: Aren't you going to the trip?, Hasn't she stopped dancing yet? Exercise 3 Sentence transformation. You will practice the structure of simple past in affirmative, interrogative and negative. In the first part of the exercise, there are sentences with a verb in parentheses (), write the verb in past form to complete the sentences. Then, in part two change affirmative sentences into negative sentences The interrogative is normal for many questions. It contains a verb phrase that is followed by a subject. There are two main types of question: those that can be answered yes or no, and those that have to be answered with a specific piece of information or a sentence such as I don't know.Each type of question has its own special word order After we report a question, it is no longer a question (and in writing there is no question mark). The word order is like that of a normal statement (subject-verb-object). Reported YES/NO questions. We introduce reported YES/NO questions with ask + if

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