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  1. Enjoy The Taste Of A Fresh Made Saturday Morning Breakfast, Even On A Wednesday
  2. Follow The Steps to Lose Weight Fast. microwave egg cup recipe. A New and Simple Method Will Help You to Lose Weight Fast. microwave egg cup recipe
  3. Crack 2 eggs into each mug, add 2 tablespoons water to each and whisk to combine. Season with salt and pepper. Stir in bacon and tomato, dividing evenly between the mugs. Place mugs in the microwave and cook on high for 60 seconds
  4. Use half-pint jars for 1 egg or pint jars for 2 eggs. Store the prepped jars refrigerated for up to 1 week. When ready to cook your breakfast, add 1 or 2 eggs to the jar and stir well. Microwave for 30 seconds and give the eggs a quick stir
  5. Stir together Egg Beaters, 1 tablespoon cheese, bacon, onion and pepper in mug
  6. The eggs, milk, butter, and cheese are mixed together in a microwave-safe bowl, then poured into a warm tortilla shell
  7. For scrambled eggs: Coat the inside of an 8-ounce coffee cup with cooking spray. Crack two eggs into the mug, add salt and pepper, then scramble with a fork. Microwave for 45 seconds, flip the..

For Soft Boiled Egg: Microwave on High (100% power) for 30 seconds, or on Medium (50% power) for 50 seconds. Let stand for 30 seconds before removing plastic wrap or lid. If still undercooked, turn egg over in container, cover, and microwave for another 10 seconds, or until cooked as desired Pop the bowl into the microwave and cook on high power for 30 seconds. Remove bowl, beat eggs very well, scraping down the sides of the bowl, and return to the microwave for another 30 seconds. Repeat this pattern, stirring every 30 seconds for up to 2 1/2 minutes. Stop when eggs have the consistency you desire

Grease a small oven-safe bowl, ramekin, mug or ceramic egg maker with your oil of choice — any oil you like works. Crack your eggs into the bowl and whisk them until they're combined with a fork... Grease the inside of a microwave-safe 12-ounce mug with the butter. Add the eggs and milk, then beat with a fork until well combined. Stir in the cheese, ham, bell pepper, salt and pepper... One of the easiest meals to make in a microwave is a cheesy omelet in a mug. Crack a couple of eggs, whisk together with milk, salt, and pepper, and let it cook in the microwave for about a minute. You can even add in vegetables to make this quick dish extra fancy Spray a 10 - 12 oz. coffee mug with cooking spray or grease with butter. Add eggs and milk to mug, season with salt and pepper and stir with a fork until well blended (be sure to break yolk or it can burst). Microwave mixture on high for 40 seconds then stir edges inward. Microwave again for 20 seconds, stir again

Add into your mug 2 large whole eggs, 2 large egg whites, 1/2 an ounce of a milk substitute, 1 tablespoon of bacon bits, an 1/8 cup of your favorite cheese (I like a cheddar blend), some chopped up vegetables (bell peppers today), and a pinch of garlic powder or anything else you want like some chili powder to kick it up a notch Microwave Egg Caprese Breakfast Cups. This easy recipe for steamed eggs in the microwave yields super soft and creamy eggs that taste like they've just barely been cooked on the stove. Make. Place 1 teaspoon Butter with Canola Oil into 12- to 16-ounce microwave-safe coffee cup. Crack eggs into cup. Beat with fork until well mixed. STEP 2. Microwave 1 minute. Sprinkle with desired toppings. Microwave 30-60 seconds or until egg is cooked through. Season with salt and pepper, if desired In a large microwave-safe mug mix together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Then, add in the wet ingredients — milk, oil, egg, cheese, and scallions and mix together. Make a well in the batter and crack in your egg into the center. Spoon the batter from the sides over the top of the egg Pour the egg mixture into the greased cups, equally, taking care to fill only 3/4 of the cup. One at a time, place the cups in the microwave and cook on high power for 2 minutes each. If you see the mix bubbling out of the cup, stop the microwave, remove the cup out and mix once, place it back into the microwave and cook. Insert a fork into the.

In a large microwave-safe mug sprayed with nonstick spray, microwave egg substitute for 1 1/2 minutes. Mix in cheese wedge, breaking it into pieces. Microwave for 1 minute, or until set. Stir and enjoy! MAKES 1 SERVIN Beat two eggs in a 12 oz microwave-safe mug. Add a tablespoon of milk or water and mix. Add the cheese and veggies if you like. breakfast lunch recipe How to Boil Eggs in the Microwave. dinner lunch recipe Garlic Butter Sauce in the Microwave. breakfast recipe Easy Scrambled Eggs in a Mug To poach an egg in the microwave, add 1/2 cup of water to a microwave safe mug and then crack the egg into the mug. Ensure that the egg is fully submerged in water and, if it isn't, add another 1/4 cup of water. Then, place a microwave safe lid, like a small plate, on top of the mug and microwave the egg for 1 minute or until the whites are. Fill microwave-safe mug or small bowl with 1/3 cup water and a splash of vinegar, if you'd like. The vinegar is optional, but it will help the egg coalesce a bit better. Step 2 Gently crack an egg into the mug or bowl, making sure it's covered in water Crack the eggs into the ramekins and add a dollop of pesto over the eggs with a few cherry tomato halves and season with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. Place in the microwave and cover with a microwave plate cover and cook on high for 1 minute and 30 seconds or until the whites are set, adding additional 20 second bursts if needed

WHISK together eggs, milk, cheese, tomato, jalapeño, salt and pepper. POUR into well-greased 12-oz microwave-safe mug or mason jar. MICROWAVE on High for 30 seconds; STIR. MICROWAVE for 70 to 80 seconds or until eggs are puffed and set Place butter in a coffee cup and melt in the microwave. Swish the liquid butter around the cup a little. Now, crack the egg into the coffee cup; cover with a paper towel, and microwave for about 45-60 seconds. Meanwhile, toast and butter your English muffin. After the egg is cooked, heat the English muffin with cheese and Canadian bacon on each.

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  1. ute. Remove from microwave and check to see if white of the egg is firm. If the egg white or the yolk needs more cooking, re-cover the bowl and microwave on HIGH for another 15 seconds.*
  2. Microwave on high for 30 seconds and then see if the egg white is cooked through. If not, continue to microwave in 10-second increments. Wait several seconds before removing the lid as steam can escape quickly and powerfully, even after a very short amount of cooking time
  3. utes.In fact, it's the perfect thing to make for breakfast when you're heading out the door for work in the morning. This recipe has been updated since it first appeared in 2018 with new photos and a new printable recipe card that includes nutritional information
  4. The Best Microwave Mug Cake No Egg Recipes on Yummly | 60-second Molten Lava Mug Cake, Ultimate Chocolate Chip Mug Cake - 60 Second Eggless Mug Cake In Microwave, Gingerbread Microwave Mug Cak

To make a poached egg in the microwave, grease the sides and bottom of a small bowl or mug with olive oil or cooking spray. Then, break the egg into the bowl and add ⅓ cup of water to the bowl. Cover the bowl with a paper towel and cook the egg in the microwave for 35 seconds. If the egg is still runny, cook it for another 10-15 seconds Pour the egg mixture into the greased cups, equally, taking care to fill only 3/4 of the cup. One at a time, place the cups in the microwave and cook on high power for 2 minutes each. If you see the mix bubbling out of the cup, stop the microwave, remove the cup out and mix once, place it back into the microwave and cook Quick Microwave Hollandaise Sauce. Hollandaise sauce is a wonderful naturally low-carb topping for omelets and quiches as well as Eggs Benedict, broccoli, asparagus, Veal Oscar, and many other foods

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  1. When you're ready to prepare a microwave breakfast scramble, pour the ingredients of the container into a ceramic mug, add two large eggs, and stir to combine. Loosely cover the mug with a paper towel or another microwave-safe object and microwave on high power for 30 seconds. Stir the contents of the mug and microwave for 15 seconds more
  2. This Breakfast Egg Cups Recipe is the perfect breakfast on-the-go. Make them ahead of time, refrigerate or freeze them, and then heat them in the microwave when you are ready to eat. Get lots more ideas for kick-starting your kids' days in our roundup of 28 High Protein Breakfasts
  3. The Best Microwave Mug Recipes on Yummly | Microwave Mug Pizza (microwave Mug Meals), Microwave Mug Homemade Ramen (microwave Mug Meals), Microwave Mug Nutella Brownie (microwave Mug Meals) salt, brown sugar, milk, pumpkin puree, vanilla, egg, cookies and 1 more. Microwave Peanut Butter & Banana Mug Cake (Microwave Mug Meals) Gemma's Bigger.
  4. ute and a half and you're ready to go
  5. These best mug cake recipes are perfect for when you're overcome with such a craving for cake that you might just pass out if you don't eat one immediately. We know the feeling well! (By the way, if you're not sure how to clean your microwave, now's a good time to start. You're going to be using it more and more with these easy mug cakes!
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  1. Coat the inside of a coffee mug with nonstick cooking spray (I use Spectrum Organics) In a small bowl, whisk the eggs. Whisk in the cottage cheese, then the green onions, Parmesan, and salt & pepper; pour into prepared mug. Microwave on HIGH 30 seconds; stir egg mixture. Microwave 30 seconds; stir again
  2. Cloud eggs are a fun breakfast idea made by whipping egg whites, then cooking with the yolk; quick and easy-to-make in a mug in the microwave Jump to Recipe 0 Comment
  3. Themes / Microwave eggs in a cup recipes (0) Back to School Lunchbox Recipes. Recipes, Instead of the boring prepackaged lunches, give your kids a etc.). Add in a. Memorial Day Menu. in a park or by the pool, and usually near a. Disabled but still Cooking
  4. ute
  5. ate it from the recipe. Instead of an egg, increase the liquid to 4 tablespoons (this can be coffee, water or milk)
  6. By the time you take the mug out of the microwave, you will have deliciously creamy scrambled eggs that go great with some toast. The eggs are great without any extras, so do not feel like you have to make side dishes. This recipe is only for one person, so you may need to adjust it if you need to feed more people
  7. utes or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Let stand for 5
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Crack both eggs into a microwave safe bowl or mug. Add the teaspoon of cream and salt/pepper to taste. Use a fork to scramble the eggs. Microwave for 60 seconds Place milk in a 2 cup microwavable cup. Microwave on High for 4 to 5 minutes or until steaming. Let cool. Mix together remaining ingredients in a 1 1/2 quart microwable casserole dish until well blended. Pour milk into egg mixture and stir. Cover with plastic wrap or tight fitting lid Combine almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, and salt in a microwavable coffee mug. Add egg and avocado oil. Stir well with a fork. Microwave on high for 1 minute Microwave on high in 40 second intervals, stirring the first two times (while there is quite a bit of uncooked egg in the mug), until eggs are completely set. Serve. Nutrition Informatio

To Make the Egg Cups For each serving, spray one 6 to 12 oz. microwavable mug or bowl with non-stick cooking spray. Add 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of water Eggs, salt and black pepper - super easy! Whisk them together in a large 4-cup measuring cup or a mixing bowl. add any other seasonings you like. Chop up your favorite combo of veggies and proteins and mix until combined. Divide evenly among muffin cups (about 1/2 - 2/3 cups full) and sprinkle with any additional toppings

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Microwave Egg Oatmeal- Pair eggs and oatmeal for an easy way to add some extra protein to your breakfast. Follow this recipe to learn how to cook oatmeal with an egg! *Originally published 12/2015. Updated 4/2021* Hi Friends! This recipe for microwave egg oatmeal is a must-try! I've been making it for over six years View the recipe and nutrition for Microwave Ham Egg Cup, including calories, carbs, fat, protein, cholesterol, and more. Want to use it in a meal plan? Head to the diet generator and enter the number of calories you want Add the egg, egg whites, milk, salt, and pepper to the mug. Using a fork, whisk together. Stir in the spinach, onion, bell pepper, and tomatoes. Microwave, covered, on 100 percent power (high) for 1 minute. Microwave in 30-second intervals (to prevent overcooking) for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the eggs are puffy and set. Top with the green onions Place bacon between paper towels and microwave until crisp (about 3 minutes).... in oiled silicone muffin cups (or other microwave safe... filled until 2/3 full. Ingredients: 10 (bacon.. cheese.. egg.. flour.. milk.. oil...) 4

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The Secret To My Mug Cake & Brownie Recipes! Mug cakes made in the microwave are no longer dried wrinkled-up cakes at the bottom of your mug. When you microwave a mug dessert, you're actually steaming the batter so it micro-bakes up moist and delicious. Just be sure not to overcook your brownie Directions: Mix together the milk, mashed banana, egg, maple syrup, and vanilla extract. Once combined, add the oats, flaxseed meal, and cinnamon. Fold in fruit and toppings. Add to a mug sprayed with cooking spray Coat a 12-ounce microwave-safe coffee cup with cooking spray. Add hash browns. Microwave on high for 1 minute. In a small bowl, combine the egg, milk, sausage and cheese; pour over hash browns. Stir until blended. Microwave on high for 30 seconds. Stir. Microwave 30 seconds longer or until eggs are set. Serve with salsa if desired But the microwave, although a shortcut, isn't just for indulgent, comforting recipes like donuts and cakes in a mug. You can also make quick veggie sides that don't require long cooking times. Zucchini is a prime example, because it's a beautiful, seasonal ingredient that works well half-raw, too. Get the recipe from Foodie Crush

Microwave at maximum power for about 1 minute. Remove and stir, turning over the scrambled egg. Microwave for another 30 seconds to 1 minute, or until firm, yet moist. Set aside. Note: the eggs will keep cooking when removed from heat, so try not to overcook how to make microwave 1-minute ham & egg breakfast bowl Step-by-Step Line the bottom of an 8-oz. ramekin or custard cup with ham slice, folding ham in half if necessary

Microwave omelet in a cup is a wonderful, adaptable, five-minute recipe that will streamline your morning routine. All you need is a couple of eggs, milk, sour cream, a microwave-safe mug, and a microwave oven. Use a fork to mix and (wash before you) eat. Add any type of cheese, meat, veggie, or whatever to this great recipe Spray inside of coffee mug with cooking spray. Add eggs to cup, using a fork, mix until the yokes are combined. Add in roasted red pepper, spinach, feta cheese, green onions, and pepper to taste. Gently stir together. Add coffee mug to the microwave and cook on high for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Remove the mug and let sit for 1 minute. Devou Coat a 12-ounce microwave-safe coffee mug with cooking spray. Add eggs and milk; beat until blended. Microwave 45 seconds at high power; stir. Microwave 30 to 45 seconds more, or until eggs are almost set (see Note). Top with cheese, season with salt and pepper, and serve Place the butter in a large mug and microwave it for 20 to 30 seconds until melted. Add the egg and whisk it in with a fork. Stir in the milk, vanilla, and sugar Note that this recipe uses 1 large egg yolk (you'll discard the egg white). The egg yolk makes the mug cake moist, tender and deliciously springy in texture. The egg yolk will bake in the microwave. But if you prefer to make this mug cake without egg, you can substitute the egg yolk for 1 extra tablespoon of milk

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Combine all ingredients in a microwaveable mug. Cook for 2-3 minutes, making sure the egg doesn't bubble over. Stir halfway through the cooking process With Just Crack an Egg breakfast bowls, you're less than two minutes from hot, fluffy scrambled eggs packed with all the fixings. Simply crack a fresh egg over our chopped veggies, shredded cheese, hearty meats and Ore Ida Potatoes, then stir, microwave, and enjoy. Explore all of our scrambled egg breakfast bowls and prepare for love at first bite Directions. In a microwave-safe mug coated with cooking spray, combine all ingredients. Microwave, uncovered, on high for 30-40 seconds; stir. Cook 30-60 seconds longer or until eggs are completely set Breakfast doesn't get much easier than this recipe for microwave scrambled eggs. Simply mix them in a bowl or a mug, microwave for 1.5 minutes, and breakfast is done! This recipe is so easy to make, it's ridiculous Keto Starbucks Microwave Egg Bites Recipe Serves 1 (2 egg bites) Egg Bites: 2 eggs; 1/4 cup(63g) 2% cottage cheese; 2 tbsp(15g) cheddar cheese; 1/2 slice(10g) provolone** 1 tsp(5g) butter; 1/8 tsp salt; 1/8 tsp pepper; Topping: (optional) 1-2 slices bacon; 1/2 slice provolone** **Or sub all cheese with Gruyere or any cheeses you'd like! This is.

WHAT YOU NEED TO MAKE SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH A MICROWAVE: 2 Eggs; Butter; Milk; Salt; Pepper; Fork/Whisk; Spoon; Microwave; STEP 1 Grease a microwavable cup with butter. STEP 2. Crack in an egg. STEP 3 Add one tablespoon of milk. STEP 4. Add a dash of salt. STEP 5. And a dash of pepper. STEP 6. Give it a good mix. STEP 7. Pop in the microwave on. Eggless 1 Minute Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake. Quick and easy 1 minute chocolate dessert fix. This is the moistest eggless microwave chocolate mug cake you will ever have. This is the perfect Mug Cake recipe for that dessert fix or a midnight craving. This Mug Cake recipe is moist, easy and eggless too

A mug, a fork and a microwave Some eggs A little milk, mustard and cheese A little bread Happy Birthday, Alex! And Happy Cooking! Love, Auntie Al PS And if you like the eggs? Here's an NPR story that has recipes for making homemade mac 'n 'cheese in a mug, also a brownie in a mug. You could be a coffee mug chef, Alex! Oh In a microwavable mug, add egg, milk, melted butter, salt, and pepper and whisk until thoroughly mixed and egg whites are completely broken up. Add halved grape tomatoes, torn bread, grated cheese, and chopped herbs on top of egg mixture, making sure ingredients are evenly dispersed and have not settled to bottom of mug In a large microwave-safe mug (350 mL / 12.5 oz capacity or larger), stir together plain flour, baking powder and caster sugar until well combined. Add milk, oil and vanilla essence and stir until well combined. Microwave for 90 seconds (based on an 1100 watt microwave) or until the cake has risen well Take the three egg whites and place them in a bowl. Add the cheese and spinach (and anything else you want, although be aware that will change the nutrition value). Mix it all together with a fork. Place in microwave. Heat for 2-3 minutes (depending on the strength of your microwave). Let cool 30 seconds - 1 minute. Enjoy! (Serves one.

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Put butter in a wide microwave-safe mug (or small microwave-safe cereal bowl). Microwave for 10 seconds or until melted. Add almond flour and baking powder to melted butter and mix until combined. Add the egg white and mix until combined. Put the mug back in a microwave and microwave on High for 90 seconds What do you need to make poached eggs in the microwave? This recipe just needs a microwave-safe mug or bowl along with about 1/2 cup of water and an egg. You'll need to make your poached eggs one at a time. How do you make poached eggs in the microwave? Add the water to the mug and then crack the egg into the water Generously coat the inside of a 12-ounce mug with cooking spray. Add broccoli and 1 tsp water, and microwave on 100% power (high) for 1 to 2 minutes, or until broccoli is tender. Add red pepper, green onion, eggs, and milk. Beat with a fork until eggs are well blended. Microwave for 45 seconds; stir No need to dirty a bunch of pots and pans when you're trying to sneak in a quick breakfast. Just reach for our Egg-Spinach Scramble recipe and a 12-oz. microwave-safe mug This Microwave Mug Pizza is a serious game changer when it comes to quashing hunger quickly. This single serving recipe can be whipped up in five minutes and eaten even faster, and it's the perfect solution when you are on the go and want something homemade and satisfying. Find the recipe at Bigger Bolder Baking. 6. Microwave Scrambled Eggs

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  1. Fill a straight-sided coffee mug halfway with water. Crack an egg and let it slide down the side of the mug to the bottom. Make sure there's enough water in the mug to cover the egg by at least 1 inch with 2 inches of space above it
  2. utes. Mix in 2 tbsp. shredded reduced-fat Mexican-blend cheese and 2 tbsp. fat-free refried beans, and microwave for 1
  3. Spray 10-ounce microwavable custard cup or ramekin with nonstick spray. Whisk together egg, egg white, water, ½ teaspoon chives, salt, and pepper in small bowl. Pour egg mixture into prepared cup. Microwave on High 30 seconds, then stir. Microwave until eggs are almost set, 25-30 seconds longer. Top with cheese and remaining ½ teaspoon chives
  4. Remove the bowl from the microwave, and stir the contents that are in the bowl. Place the bowl back inside of the microwave for another 60 seconds to finish cooking. Remove the bowl from the microwave, and stir the eggs to scramble
  5. Butter a clean coffee cup and pour in egg. 3) Microwave egg on high for 35 seconds. 4) Add grated cheese to the coffee mug. Return to microwave and microwave on high for 10 seconds. 5) Transfer cooked egg to toasted English muffin. Eat immediately! For Bacon/Onion version: Stir crumbled bacon and onion into whisked egg. Proceed with the recipe

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The egg cup recipe: Spray 2 12-oz. microwave-safe coffee mugs with cooking spray. Crack 2 eggs into each mug, add 2 tbsp water to each and whisk to combine. Stir in mushrooms, ham and pepper, dividing evenly between the 2 mugs. Place the mugs in the microwave and cook on HIGH for 60 seconds. Stir the mixture in each mug and cook microwave until. Blueberry Banana Microwave Baked Oats is a single serving of baked oatmeal made quick and easy in the microwave. The perfect recipe for those of you wanting to try the TikTok baked oats trend and great if you have little time for breakfast or anyone having to cook without a stove In a custard cup, combine 1 egg, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 3 tablespoons water, and this is very important - you MUST poke the yoke with a toothpick 2 to 3 times (if not, prepare for a massive clean up!) Now, microwave on high for 30 to 35 seconds, depending on microwave power and the doneness that you like Place butter into 12-ounce coffee mug; microwave 30-45 seconds or until melted. Add all remaining cake ingredients except sprinkles; mix well with fork. Stir in sprinkles. STEP 2. Microwave 45-60 seconds or until cake pulls away from sides and top is dry. (Do not overcook.) Cool 1 minute. Top with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, as desired.

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These Vegan Mug Cake Recipes are dairy free with no eggs and made in the microwave. Make these healthy desserts with vanilla, banana, chocolate, peanut butter and coconut flour. Vegan cake in a mug will be your new favorite treat as it is super easy and quick! Vegan Mug Cake Recipes It's the start of 2015, so I'm trying to share some healthy recipes, like these super easy egg white omelets cooked in the microwave. They can be prepped ahead of time and eaten on-the-go. I hope everyone had an enjoyable last few weeks. I'm having a hard time getting back into my usual schedule

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3 eggs, slightly beaten Stir mix into milk with whisk. Pour into 4 custard cups. Sprinkle with nutmeg and microwave at 50% power (medium) 6-10 minutes. By then, it is set (not watery anymore) and you can put into refrigerator for chill Take a microwave-safe mug, add 1-2 tbsp of butter and keep it in the microwave for about 30 seconds until it melts. Then, add 2 tbsp powdered sugar and give it a mix. Once, appropriately mixed then add 4 tbsp of all-purpose flour, a pinch of salt, 1½ tbsp of milk, and 3-4 drops of vanilla essence Microwave egg cups: How to poach an egg in the microwave You can easily fit healthy meals into a tight schedule or situations where you don't have access to a fully equipped kitchen. Microwaved poached eggs are perfect for those days when you've had to quickly run to work with minimal time to make breakfast, lunch, or want to make a healthy. Place 1/2 cup water and 1/2 tsp. vinegar in a microwave-safe small bowl. Carefully crack 1 egg into the water so it is completely submerged. Cover with a microwave-safe plate and microwave on High until the egg white is firm and the yolk is still somewhat runny, about 1 minute. (If necessary, continue to microwave, checking every 10 seconds.

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