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Moved thunderbird profile to new windows 10 machine from old XP machine ok, but lost lightning calendar. Can this be imported? OpenPGP in Thunderbird - HOWTO and FAQ I just couldn't figure out a way to get to that profile manager but profile switcher did the trick and I have successfully loaded all my old emails (too many!) onto the new PC To start the Profile Manager in Windows, follow these steps: Close Thunderbird completely (select File > Exit from the main menu of Thunderbird). Select Start > Run... from the Windows Start menu (use the search box on Vista). Enter thunderbird.exe -ProfileManager and press OK Use the Thunderbird Profile Manager to create a new profile in your desired location, then exit the Profile Manager. Note: If you just installed Thunderbird on a new computer, you can use the default profile that is automatically created when you first run Thunderbird, instead of creating a new profile The Profile Manager is not displayed by default. Instead, you must start Thunderbird with a switch that makes the Profile Manager appear: Press + R on the keyboard to open the Run dialog. Then enter thunderbird.exe -p and click OK Thunderbird Profile Location in Vista, Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 In the Windows, go to Start menu. In the Search box write %APPDATA% command. Now, follow Roaming explored within results then click on Roaming

How do I access Thunderbird profile manager in Windows 10

  1. How do I load Thunderbird's ProfileManager in Windows 10 - Answered by a verified Email technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them
  2. I'm trying to configure Thunderbird on a fresh install of Windows 10. But I'm not able to find or open the Thunderbird Profile Manager to link my existing profile to Thunderbird. Has anyone figured out how to do this in Windows 10? Thanks in advance
  3. g\Thunderbird\Profiles\<Profile name>\
  4. One can easily recreate the account in Thunderbird application by using the Profile Manager. Therefore, to begin the process, a user must start the Profile Manager and open Choose User Profile window. After that, follow the steps mentioned below: 1

Thunderbird Help: How To Manage Profile

  1. Thunderbird profile is a folder saving users' personal information including local emails, messages, address books, contacts, passwords, and preferences. It is located in a separate location from the Thunderbird program files. When you install Thunderbird, it creates a profile called default
  2. The Profile Manager lets you create, delete, rename and manage profiles. A new profile is useful for troubleshooting since it allows the application to run without extensions, themes, or customized settings. If you have multiple profiles you can use the Profile Manager to switch profiles
  3. The automated update system provides updates for Thunderbird on Windows, macOS, and Linux in over 40 different languages. Cutting Out the Junk. Thunderbird's popular junk mail tools have been updated to stay ahead of spam. Each email you receive passes through Thunderbird's leading-edge junk mail filters
  4. The -profile path (or -P path) command line argument to specify the location of the profile. It's used to run Thunderbird with the specified profile regardless of whether the Profile Manager knows about that profile's existence. It's described in more detail in the writeup on USB drive support but it does not require a USB drive
  5. To start the profile manager and move your profile, follow the steps: Open Task manager using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc. End all tasks which are related to Mozilla Thunderbird from under the Process tab. Next, visit the profile location, and simply cut and paste the folder to the desired location
  6. To fire up the Thunderbird Profile Manager, you have to run Thunderbird from the command line. This will depend upon your platform, but the gist of the command is thunderbird -profilemanager. If..

This extension makes easier to use more profiles in Firefox and Thunderbird. N.B. this extension will not be compatible with Firefox versions > 52, due to the changes decided by Mozilla in extensions support with Firefox It adds in the File menu two new items to start another profile or the profile manager. The same is provided by an icon that you can put wherever you prefer in the urlbar and. 4. When Thunderbird is launched from this icon, the -p will cause the Profile Manager to be opened first. A new profile can be created at this point or one can be chosen for the current email work. 5. I have 2 profiles already and wish to create a third. Click Start Thunderbird. 6. Click Next. 7. New profile name can be entered. 8. I chose to. Single profile for Thunderbird may keep one or more than one account details within RSS, news, mail etc. Automatic creation of user profile is done by Mozilla Thunderbird at the default location when, user does not follow Profile Manager for creating Thunderbird profile at the desired location Here it is: C:\Users\<Windows user name>\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\. Notice the only difference is that in Windows, 10, 8 7 and Vista, there is additional folder called 'Roaming'. How to Find Thunderbird Profile Directory Path for Linux. It is very simple to open Thunderbird Profile directory in Linux. Simply open the Linux file.

Profiles - Where Thunderbird stores your messages and

One time Paypal donation (anything helps!): Digitalbearproductions@gmail.commailnews.message_display.disable_remote_imagemail.identity.default.suppress_signa.. Moving Thunderbird to a new computer or user account is fairly easy to do using Thunderbird's built in Profile Manager. All you need to do is copy the Thunderbird user data folder over to the new computer, then run Thunderbird using the -profilemanager switch, then point Thunderbird to your old profile directory Are you struggling to convert and move your Thunderbird profile, settings, and email to a new computer. Many people choose to use Thunderbird as their email client for its many benefits including advanced spam filtering, a good reputation for being dependable, the ability to customize, a high level of security, support for email protocols such as SMTP, POP3, and IMAP, and more The profiles.ini file is located inside the Firefox Thunderbird or SeaMonkey folder in the profile folder path for each application (see Show hidden files and folders). On Windows: You can use Start -> Run or press [Windows key]+[R] to open the Run box, then type in one of the following and click OK to quickly open the appropriate folder Re: thunderbird, how to access profile manager? Check the Software Center or synaptic to see if it's installed. If which thunderbird returns nothing and thunderbird is installed, check your PATH environmental variable

The article is all about how to move Thunderbird profile to new computer Windows 7, 8 & 10. Here we discuss the solutions of the transferring of Mozilla profile settings to new machine. We get the results that the automated professional tool solution is the best way for migrating Thunderbird account setting to new machine Download Thunderbird — English (US) Windows 64-bit Windows MSI 64-bit macOS Linux 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 32-bit Download Thunderbird — English (US) Thunderbird is now part of MZLA Technologies Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mozilla Foundation. Portions of this content are ©1998-2021 by individual contributors So, i went to check the Task Manager, and, sure enough there were two Thunderbird.exe items. I deleted them, and, I was able to open TB1.5.0.10 Last edited: 2007/04/0 Run Thunderbird Profile Manager. Copy ' thunderbird-profilemanager' in clipboard and paste (CTRL+V) it into Windows Search Box from Start menu. The Thunderbird Profile manager window should now appear. Click the Create Profile button

Using Multiple Profiles Thunderbird Hel

How to Find Thunderbird Profile Location in Windows 10,7,8

How do I load Thunderbird's ProfileManager in Windows 1

to Microsoft Outlook. As per the stats shared by Mozilla, Thunderbird is used by 9 million users all over the world. By default, it is available for Linux, but it can be easily configured on Mac and Windows operating systems due to cross-platform. Enter your email and password; the client will find the email server data via auto-discovery Having separate shortcuts to each profile speeds up checking emails. In this post, I will describe how to create shortcut to Thunderbird profile located in the standard location (C Drive) and non-standard location (other than C Drive) on Windows. To create shortcut to Thunderbird profile on Linux, check this post Also, if you have collected e-mail since 1998 in your profile, I'd strongly recommend you make a profile of those and store them on a separate disk and/or off-line media. It doesn't need Thunderbird to corrupt your e-mail, which is unlikely but may happen, keep in mind that your hard drive may break without warning.. Users are davidcook1 and joheck, which are our earthlink addresses. Windows Explorer brings up c:\documents and Settings\Dave&Jo\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\, where there are 3 folders: Spabzqpp.default, 8obndafb.davidcook1, and guc4iali.joheck (I assume the parts of the file name before the dot are jumbles created by Thunderbird)

Unable to find/open Profile Manager in Windows 10

  1. To create a new profile, first run Profile Manager. Steps to start the Profile Manager in Windows: 1.Exit the Thunderbird from the main menu 2.Go to Start menu and select Run and type thunderbird.exe -ProfileManager and click OK
  2. g\Thunderbird, not \Local Whoever maintains the mozillaZine wiki should update the article on profiles.ini, since it only refers to windows versions up to Windows 7 There's a profile folder under both versions, very confusing! - RG>
  3. Unhelpfully, Thunderbird does not auto create a shortcut icon called eg: 'TB -profile Manager' when installing the program. The concept of 'Profile Manager' is alien to most users. Can we rethink what is trying to be achieved and the way it is being done and not make it more complicated for the average user

If you are using a recent version of Thunderbird use Help -> Troubleshooting Information -> Open Folder to open your systems file manager (Windows Explorer) at your profile. Otherwise read this article to figure out where your profile is stored. Then go to your profile directory using Windows Explorer Thunderbird folder and replace the Profile and Profiles.ini files. On my Windows 8.1 computer, TB created a folder Profile when installed in the folder AppData Roaming Thunderbird. In that same Thunderbird folder it also created the file Profiles.ini. I believe the Thunderbird folder is arranged similarly on the Windows XP compute

How to Find Your Mozilla Thunderbird Profile Director

  1. D:\terencechang\thunderbird. STEP 3: Create a new profile to use the new directory. To create a new profile, you have to manually create the thunderbird profile by running the profile manager command. Open the start menu and go to RUN. Type in thunderbird -profilemanager. It will open the thunderbird profile manager program. By default, you.
  2. The Profile Manager can be used to backup and restore some or all profiles on the current computer system. It is in addition possible to create a new profile or copy an existing profile. The profile manager is configured for the Firefox browser by default. Thunderbird or Seamonkey users need to use a command line argument to change that
  3. The mystery of not only the existence of the world, but of creating a new Windows 10 Profile continues: Using the directions in the tutorial, I copied the folder to a USB key, then switched to the new Windows 10 profile. Before I started to copy the folder to the new TB profile location, I looked at, once again, with the file manager
  4. Thunderbird relies upon a profiles.ini file (that is updated with links to where profiles are) to find a profile. It doesn't discover profiles by looking in a fixed location for them
  5. The above command will launch Thunderbird profile manager as below: 3. You can remove the existing profile and create a new one. While creating the new profile, make sure to change the profile path

Changelog 1.6.1 version: - better autodetect of the executable file; - new icons set (thanks to Josef Sahlberg); - option to have the profile name in the titlebar also on Firefox; - added romanian locale; - the default profile is highlighted in bold (the default profile is launched when you run the program without specifying a profile. To change it, run the profile manager and choose the. This is Windows-only standalone utility and not really any Thunderbird's extension. MozBackup working is through backing Thunderbird's profile into one single file (which would be named as *.pcv). This file could restore on that same MS Windows machine or also on any different system

Thunderbird Profile Missing: Fix Thunderbird Lost

What are Thunderbird profiles and how to use them Feb 29, 2020, 2:58:27 PM How-To. Thunderbird is one of the most popular email managers on the market. This is not only because it is a free program, but also thanks to the significant number of functionalities that it incorporates, and the plugins that can be added making this email manager perfectly adaptable to all types of users, whether. Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail client and developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Backup thunderbird profile: Open the Thunderbird program. Click the menu button. And go to Help -> Troubleshooting Information. In the new Troubleshooting Information window, click the Show Folder (in windows) or Open Directory (in Ubuntu) button Using your file manager, copy the profile folder somewhere safe. Import So you've copied the profile folder from the windows machine. Place this folder somewhere in your home folder. Then from a terminal type thunderbird -profilemanager Thunderbird profile manager will start. Click - Create Profile Click - Next Click - Choose Folder In the Nautilus file manager window that appears, open the View menu and select Show Hidden Files to show hidden files. Navigate to .thunderbird → xxxxxx.default, where xxxxxx is a random sequence of letters and numbers. Note that this sequence will be different from the sequence that you saw in your Thunderbird installation on Windows

Thunderbird Backup Email & Restore Profile (e

Since Windows 10 does not carry any run command, it makes the most preferred manual way of using Thunderbird profile manager useless in most scenarios. So we have come up with another way to transfer Thunderbird to new computer Approach 2. Copy Thunderbird Profile to New Computer Manually. In this method, we will use profile manager to directly move Thunderbird to new computer. Go to Account Settings >> Server settings; On the right side, you will see the path under Local Directory. This is where all the contents of your profile are store

Installation problems on 32-bit Windows. Known Issues unresolved Customising From address breaks saving draft and sending message. unresolved Malfunction when deleting a message opened in a tab or stand-alone window. unresolved Thunderbird 67 beta may not recognise an existing profile Thunderbird is capable of handling more than one user and thus, more than one profile. The path examples above refers to the default profile that is automatically created when you start Thunderbird for the first time. You can manage any number of profiles by using the Profile Manager. userChrome.cs The easiest tutorial teaches how to transfer Thunderbird to a new computer while keeping all the data and profile folder is created here. Try it to move Thunderbird with profile folder including emails, contacts, appointments, calendars, address books, settings, saved passwords, and other data from one PC to another ProfileManager is a standalone app that can be used to manage profiles for Firefox and other xulrunner apps. The profile manager which is built into Firefox is going away after 4.0, so this new app will be the best choice for managing profiles in future Firefox versions, but it works great with 4.0 and earlier versions as well, not to mention Thunderbird

Yes, Mozilla Thunderbird is compatible with Windows 10. However to make sure which version of the it is compatible, you may refer to the link below for Windows 10 compatibility center and check for compatibility Thunderbird is a free email application that's easy to set up and customize - and it's loaded with great features! Download Thunderbird — English (US) Windows 64-bit Windows MSI 64-bit macOS Linux 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 32-bit Download Thunderbird — English (US).

If a user is not able to delete an email message from Thunderbird, then the most common reason is corrupt trash folder. To Fix Thunderbird Problems , follow the mentioned below steps: 1. To start the process, open your Profile folder 2. After that, click on the Menu icon from the top right corner of the Thunderbird window. 3 Mozilla Thunderbird remembers the credentials for each email account you use. Use the program's password manager to edit passwords: In the Thunderbird menu, select the three vertical lines in the upper-right area of the screen If you are running into problems relating to email, feeds or newsgroup messages, you can try creating a new profile to see if the problems still persist before reporting any bugs. You can create a new profile using the Profile Manager and run Thunderbird with the -P command line argument Note: If the Profile Manager window does not appear, you may need to specify the full path of the Thunderbird program, enclosed in quotes; for example: On 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe - Thunderbird is capable of handling more than one user and thus, more than one profile. The path examples above refers to the default profile that is automatically created when you start Thunderbird for the first time. You can manage any number of profiles by using the Profile Manager

Thunderbird/Support/profile - MozillaWik

Thunderbird Profile Missing: Fix Thunderbird Lost Systoolsgroup.com One can easily recreate the account in Thunderbird application by using the Profile Manager. Therefore, to begin the process, a user must start the Profile Manager and open Choose User Profile window. After that, follow the steps mentioned below: 1 Now you can use your existing Windows Thunderbird profile in Ubuntu and back and forth. Notes: You have to make sure your Windows partition with the profile is mounted before launching Thunderbird in Ubuntu. You may also run into Thunderbird checking for add-on updates anytime you switch between your Windows and Ubuntu Thunderbird. Just let it run thunderbird -ProfileManager With what the window of Thunderbird - Choose User Profile, where we will click on « Create Profile »To create a new profile. The wizard for creating the profile will then start (Create Profile Wizard), where we will proceed to click on « Next « Thunderbird users may select Tools > OpenPGP Key Manager to get started. The window that opens displays available keys that have been generated previously or imported, and options to generate new keys that can then be used to encrypt email conversations. A click on Generate > New Key Pair starts the process that is as simple as it gets

Software versions: Thunderbird (v.24), Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Windows 7. I have the following setup: I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as a main working system (host) and Windows 7 running in VirtualBox as a secondary system (guest). I've created a profile in Mozilla Thunderbird (v.24) located in the folder accessible by both systems To separate windows profiles, you need ntfs formated space with rights allocation enabled, such device is then no more portable at all, it works on one computer and its windows rights management only. So if you use proper restricted users accounts under some recent windows version, you can make installation fine Thunderbird is developed by Mozilla foundation. Thunderbird save your messages, contacts and settings in a folder named 'Profile' which is present at (for Windows): Below is the default location where Thunderbird stores its messages. C:\Users\ <Windows user name> \AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\<Profile name> Some issues of corruptio MozBackup working is through backing Thunderbird's profile into one single file (which would be named as *.pcv). This file could restore on that same MS Windows machine or also on any different system. One can also use this utility for backing up & restoring Mozilla Suite, Netscape 7 as well as Firefox profiles too

Profile Manager - MozillaZine Knowledge Bas

  1. Mozilla has not changed the notification on the Thunderbird 78.2.2 release notes page yet. A note on the page states that Thunderbird 78.2.2 is not offered as an upgrade from Thunderbird 68 or earlier, and that it is only available as a direct download
  2. If you still use Firefox/Thunderbird 1.5, you must use the following versions, not fully developed anymore: Download ProfileSwitcher - (for Thunderbird 1.5) version 0.2.1 Download ProfileSwitcher - (for Firefox 1.5) version 0.2.1. Note: with 0.2.1 version on Windows 95/98/ME in the menu you'll have just the item to launch the profile manager
  3. Thanks. I get it.but the icon on the taskbar currently is set to the default tbird settings...so it does open the profile manager the first time to ask me which profile I want to load
  4. New Profile Manager which also supports running from a USB device. Color quoting for quoted message parts. Thunderbird now supports a user interface for creating multiple identities per e-mail account. This makes it easy to have several e-mail addresses which end up going into the same account
  5. d and want to reinstall
  6. g folder, choose Thunderbird folder. Now can see your Thunderbird profiles at the default storage location
  7. If that doesn't work try playing around with the Thunderbird Profile Manager. Hold Windows key and tap R, enter the following exactly with quotes etc. in the Open box, OK C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe -P; If you see Default User, select it and tick Use the selected profile without asking at startu

In Windows locate your Thunderbird profile, this will usually be in Documents and Settings>YourName>Application Data>Thunderbird>Profiles. The profile folder will be named with a random 8 character name and a .default extension (e.g. htg34gtd.default) In the profile manager my older profile default could be selected, default-release is the new (blank) one and can be deleted with the data files. The thunderbird.exe -p command stopped working after removing the x86 version (Windows can't find the file), I had to add the parameter -p to the shortcut ThunderBird stores all remembered email settings along with password into the SQLite database file 'signons.sqlite' in its profile location. The default profile location for different platforms is as follows: [Windows XP] C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\<random_name>.default [Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista You can use Thunderbird Converter on any Windows supported machines and quickly get solution of how to import Mozilla Thunderbird profile to Outlook. Significant Features of Thunderbird to Outlook Converter. The software batch import Thunderbird Profile data in Outlook in just one go The partition where the Thunderbird-profile is stored must be mounted, otherwise Thunderbird can not load the profile. Example: I have my Thunderbird-profile stored on a Windows Partition (NTFS). I created a folder named DATA in my home-directory. This folder is my mount-point. Then I added a line to /etc/fstab with sudo nano fsta

Thunderbird Features — Thunderbir

Access the Profile Manager for Mozilla Thunderbird Mar 08, '04 09:33:00AM • Contributed by: imacusr The Thunderbird email client features the ability to use multiple profiles on a single machine, much like its browser counterpart a Windows-based computer. What you'll need to do this: Thunderbird installed A previous backup of Thunderbird Emails and Profiles. To get started, make sure that Thunderbird is not running. Next, in Windows Explorer right-click on your Thunderbird backup and extract it to your C:\Users\yourUsername\AppData\Roaming folder From there open the folder Thunderbird:Profile in Library. For Linux, go to the file manager and adjust the view settings to display hidden files. Then open the one named .thunderbird. Your profile name will be xxxxxxxx.default (xxxxxxxx is a selection of occasional symbols like g38ttu6s)

I used the Thunderbird Profile Manager to create a profile directory on the D: drive as well -- D:\username\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\code.default\ -- and copied in the contents of the old Thunderbird profile. I then ran Thunderbird and it worked perfectly, appearing just as it was in the old Thunderbird After pasting the Linux platform profile to the local directory, run the Thunderbird application. Now there the user can see the newly added profile. Now, this is all about migrating your Thunderbird mailbox from Linux to Windows. Thunderbird email client uses MBOX file format which is used by many other email clients as well

How to Find Thunderbird Profile Location in Windows 10,7,8

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free popular cross-platform email-client used by plenty of people. However, recent versions of Windows 10 don't seem to run very well alongside it as plenty of its users have reported that the program simply freezes on certain commands and in certain parts Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross platform email client that provides emails, newsgroup, news feed etc. It allows the users to read, store and reply to the emails. It has incredible features like message management, junk filtering, message archive, smart folders etc. Apart from all these functionalities, protecting the emails are also very important

Note: On Windows, you won't be able to build the Thunderbird source code if it's under a directory with spaces in the path (e.g., don't use Documents and Settings). You can pick any other location, such as a new directory C:/thunderbird-src (where C:/, with a forward slash, is intentional to clarify you are in the MozillaBuild command. To find the path just right click on the Local Folders in Thunderbird and click Settings or right click the InBox and click Properties. The next step was to boot up the Thunderbird Profile.. The new laptop runs Windows 7. I have installed Thunderbird 5, which I /think/ is what the old laptop was running (I usually do updates when Thunderbird: Use the Profile Manager shortcut located in the Windows Start -> Programs menu (if available). - (or, command with '-P'

Thunderbird Download - Free Latest Version for Windows

First, see if you have any other profiles on the system. If you are the only user of Thunderbird, and the computer most likely you will not. Click: Start -> Run; Type: thunderbird.exe -P; Click Ok You will be presented with a window that looks like this: Profile Manager The new Migration Assistant gives Thunderbird 2 users a way to choose the new features in Thunderbird 3.1 or to keep their current features and settings. Saved Files Manager New Saved Files Manager displays all the files you downloaded from your email to your computer. Mail Account Setup Wizar Thunderbird is a great email client from the same people who brought you the Firefox browser. Thunderbird gives you IMAP/POP support, a built-in RSS reader, support for HTML mail, and more

Thunderbird: Mehrere Profile anlegen & nutzen - So geht&#39;s

Command line arguments - Thunderbird - MozillaZine

The profile gets automatically used unless or until you create a new Thunderbird profile via Profile Manager. Location For The Profile Store. Thunderbird profile files are usually stored separately and the program as discussed in the beginning of the segment Welcome to Thunderbird Add-ons. Minimizes windows into the system tray. Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 1,340 weekly downloads It adds some options to launch easily other profiles and the Profile Manager. Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 417 weekly downloads Download Now Display.

Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community, providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. Dumbfounded! I tried to find the location of the password manager within Windows 7 - 64 (control panel), IE11 Tools and Thunderbird Tools, but I have not found anything. On first start, Thunderbird will prompt to install its indexing system into Windows Vista and you can choose to see Thunderbird email and news messages in Windows search results. For Mac users, Thunderbird 3 is now integrated with Spotlight, can import from Mail.app, read your OS X address book, and use Growl for new mail alerts Step 6: Verify that the email profile folder is on the flash drive by running the ls command. ls. Once your Thunderbird email profile is on the USB flash drive, move on to the next step in the guide. Editing profiles.ini. Now that your Thunderbird email profile is on the USB flash drive, it is time to edit the profiles.ini file. The reason this. This is typical behaviour for Thunderbird trying to work with a nonexistent profile folder; the path you put into profiles.ini has to be exactly right. Starting the Thunderbird profile manager in Mac-land and using it to browse your way to your existing Windows Thunderbird profile is more reliable. posted by flabdablet at 8:36 PM on May 1, 200

How To Move Thunderbird Profile? - Silicophili

thunderbird is a executable file that will set up the environment for the starting executable, thunderbird-bin. If there is an Thunderbird mail client already running, thunderbird will arrange for it to create a new mail client window; otherwise it will start the Thunderbird application If that fails to bring up the Import Wizard, or if you don't wish to use the Profile Manager, exit Thunderbird and then rename the Thunderbird folder that contains the Profiles subfolder and the profiles.ini pluginreg.dat and registry.dat files (for example, in Windows XP, rename the C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application.

CyberNotes: Share a Firefox Profile Between Ubuntu and WindowsThunderbird 60: You can&#39;t add Google Search as Search EngineMove to a new computer | Thunderbird Support Forum
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