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If you've already finished this guide once and are baking again, increase the temperature slightly - 395F (200C) or 400F (205C). Most of these temporary repairs only consist of the expanding/shrinking of bumps under the surface mount of the graphics chip. Therefore, a lower heat may work as well Funny, I just reflowed a PS3 GPU today. I have a very nice temperature controlled gun I recieved broken and repaired. A Steinel LCD model. and in some cases reball a gpu. 2. This is the. In part #2 of this series the actual reflow process is presented for an nVidia gaming GPU card, where I show you the profile what I have developed for lead-f.. The temperature and timing can't be the same for the whole process. So first, you'll need to put the tray and close the oven's door and set the timer for about 2 min at 200 degrees C, and after when the 2 minutes get completed then just increase the heat for about 230 Degree C for 2 more minutes. Caution - Don't Over Heat the Card I set my hot air gun to 270 degrees. I know this is a little high, but I think the calibration is a bit off on my unit. Removable mobile videocards (imac/gaming laptops) are usually a 3 minute preheat. Desktop cards I usually give longer, so maybe 5-10 minutes, and large laptop boards might even need more

There's no easy answer; it varies from GPU to GPU. Google is your friend. Most modern chips can run at temperatures in the mid-90 degrees Celsius, though, and you'll often see them hit those.. Tool Parts BGA Reball Stencil Kit for PS3 GPU CPU CXR714120 Repair Templates with 1 Stencil jig Holder Reballing Station. $17.59 IR Infrared BGA, Preheater, Soldering Station and Hot Air Rework Station, plus a Temp Sensor, ºC/°F display, PCBs Holder, LED Lamp and more. 4.1 out of 5 stars 9. $399.99 $ 399. 99. Get it as soon as Mon, May 10. Jaywn, reballing is usually performed to replace a BGA IC, not a device. It has become somewhat more accepted to reflow devices like PS3 XBox etc. Most of the time a reflow is based on generally known failures. It is the thermal cycling that causes the following in Lead-Free Solder over time.... - Electronic If you are playing game at medium resolution then GPU temp should not exceed 60-65C.In the case of High resolution, it should not exceed 65-70C.. These are the normal GPU temperature if you play the game for 4-5 hours.But this temp range decreases more if you live in a cold country

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  1. You can heat up GPU a bit, for example to 120-150 o C with hot air and try if MB works. If it works ok, 100% GPU fail. So you either need to heat it to higher temperature to prolong it's life to couple of months or if you are very lucky maybe even year. Or change it, no reball, as it is useless and only stressing PCB
  3. 1. Check GPU Temperature in Windows 10 via Task Manager. Starting with Windows 10 Build 18963, the GPU temperature option is added to Task Manager. To view this option, your computer needs to meet the following conditions. There is a dedicated GPU card in your Windows 10 pc. The GPU card driver supports version 2.4 (or higher) of WDDM
  4. Most reball techniques used to repair the GPU issue use lead based solder. The lead-free solder has a different melting temperature, moving to lead based solder generally results in a stronger longer lasting bond between the motherboard and the chip. Reballing is a corrective measure whereas reflowing is a patching method. What is a reflow
  5. Reballing machine temperature setup.. Ps3 gpu rebailling?!? Asked by Danook28, Jan 2, 2021 398 3 Danook28 asks: What is the temperature that can use to remove pgu or cpu from motherboard..
  6. The Solutions: Reflow Method Repair - A reflow repair is when the system is taken apart, down to the bare motherboard. The GPU chip is then subjected to heating temperatures of about 300-450 degrees. The high heat is necessary for the solder points underneath the chip to become liquid so that it remolds back into place

Reball= GPU is lifted from the board and the old solder balls are removed and replaced with new ones. You can see plenty of examples of reballing on youtube if you search for xbox 360 reball. Reflow= GPU is simply reflowed. Left on the board and heated to get the solder under to reflow, repairing any cracks or similar in the joints Reflowing or reballing would be a good idea if there is reason to believe there is a fracture on one or more of the balls. With GPU issues, it's pretty well-known that the fault is internal to the GPU itself. Heating will make them work temporarily which is why a reflow seems to solve it at first - you've heated the GPU Once removed, the graphics card was 'baked' for 10mins at 200deg after pre-heating the oven. I had no idea how to switch our oven on, let alone regulate it for temp & time, so being somewhat of a cordon-bleu chef, I left that task to Mme CooperB. (No copper coins were placed on top the GPU, nor did I use any liquid flux) Then preheat your household oven to approximately 200°C or 385°F. If your oven does not have a digital temperature display, perhaps use an internal oven thermometer to make sure the oven is in the right temperature range. Roll up some kitchen foil into balls, between half an inch and an inch wide, and place them on a baking tray

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Gpu z its recognizing the card, i even flashed a bios and it remains the same. After all i could read its seems like need reballing or cooking? Think a reballing could bring it back to life? How much could use it in that case until i have money to replace it? Thanks for your time in advanc Reballing is the process in which the GPU is removed, and the tiny solder balls on the bottom of the graphics card are replaced with a better, lead-based solder. It's then replaced back on the motherboard and reflowed to form proper bonds with the motherboard. practice lifting chips from the board, right temperature and what flux to use. Tin Solder Ball BGA Reballing Soldering Heat Universal Stencil Balls for GPU CPU IC Chip PCB(9 Bottles 0.3mm-0.76mm) High Temp Tape, ELEGOO 4 Pack Polyimide High Temperature Resistant Tape Multi-Sized Value Bundle 1/8'', 1/4'', 1/2'', 1'' with Silicone Adhesive for Masking, Soldering etc

How to Repair a Graphics Card by Reflow? DESKDECODE

Generally, once the soldered connections on the GPU have been compromised reballing/reflowing is a temporary fix (2 months or less), and it will happen again. I would push for them to replace the GPU or the entire board if integrated. This baffles me that they would even suggest this. Like most everyone else has stated, buy another brand. Many video cards run at temperatures in the 60 to 70 degree Celsius range, and this is normal. Some higher-end video cards can run cooler, due to a more powerful cooling fan or other cooling mechanisms, but most video cards have a basic heat sink to remove heat What temperature should I reflow my GPU? 3 Answers. maximum reflow temperature is in the 245°C to 260°C range. Hi, thanks so much for the detailed response. Some of the symptoms that lead me to believe I believe to have a faulty connection between the GPU and the logic board What is a GPU repair with reballing method? Potential manufacturer defects, but mostly the extreme temperatures a GPU is subjected to, as well as great fluctuations when it cools off, may cause wear on its circuits and hinder its good operation. In most cases, this damage is localized on the BGA (Ball Grid Arrays), which consist the most.

If you don't have access, use a regular oven. The temperature regulation isn't near as accurate people argue, but a heat gun is far worse. I usually reflow things in a regular oven for 8 or so minutes, at...it was either 325 or 375 Fahrenheit, I forget, I have it written down somewhere I then place my Flux which is ChipQuick around each side of the GPU or BGA that is being Reflown or Reballed. Then carefully Place the board on the Preheater and wait till you Preheat your board to the temperature you would like. I Preheat to 150c on Xbox 360 and 180c on a PS3. Once you hit that desired temperature you start your Top Heater

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Physically pinching its case exactly where the GPU was would temporarily fix the problem as long as pressure was maintained, so I used a vice clamp to run the laptop until I could get it reballed, with the reballing service's before & after x-ray photography clearly showing flaws in the old solder The jig is then placed on the rework station, the motherboard is heated slowly to 217°C - 225°C. This melts the original lead free solder that is underneath the chip. Once the temperature is correct, the chip is carefully prodded to check the solder has melted (floating It isn't a proper reballing, it is only a desoldering. Very misleading title. However, given a good quality heat gun and a lot of talent, it is quite feasible to reball only with a heat gun. I just want to know if the person in the video was able to boot the board after reattaching the gpu using on the heat gun method Keep checking the temperature with the infrared thermometer. Doing a reflow is very hard if you don't know the temperature! Once you see a temperature of 245c on the thermometer maintain this for a short period of time (10-20 seconds). You do not want to go above 260c. After maintaining 245c start cooling the GPU down The longer the time to raise the temperature of the leads/pads will increase the overall temperature of the component, possibly past the point of destruction. So the technique is to heat it up fast, remove the part and hot-air gun, then put the part where it can cool off

Reballing of the RSX (GPU) Unit. First stage - Preparation. Using the aluminium tape to protect the elements on the board; Preventing the board from bending; Second stage - Removing the RSX. Heating the motherboard and the unit in order to remove it; Precise temperature profile and explenation of its importanc HT-1212 is a microcomputer temperature control preheating plate, temperature constant and accurate,and designed with temperature control panel,can read the temperature directly,the heating plate made of high-quality aluminum alloy,heating evenly and with good performance. Please check and confirm the package content and the price before buying i have hp dv6137tx model with nvidia geforce go 7400.i have just now replaced my whole motherboard 945 and GPU set 2days ago.it runs smoothly for surfing and other activities, but when i start games after 10-15mins the whole system shutdowns in 2secs,n everything is lost.GPU temperature is also not much around 62-65°c The lowest temperature the unit can go to is 90C, so after I turn it on I wait to time until the actual temperature (bottom number) reaches 90. You always wait for the unit to reach the temperature before you start timing. Note that the griddle is on at 400F for the whole time

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  1. I did get too many returns after a while the problem resurfaced and it seemed that the only solution was Reballing the BGA GPU (or whichever component had the problems). The story on the xbox forums is that the leadfree solder cracks under the slight warping of the motherboard as the first GPU's get too hot for the design
  2. utes. Later on once you've deter
  3. On the contrary, the CELL B/E was made for server applications, which can withstand high temperatures, without even making a nick on the chip, it was designed,much like Intel Xeons and AMD Opterons Server CPUs to run 24/7h on a condensed shell, do dont worry about getting 70/79ºC on the CPU,but i would advise to keep it under 80ºC,just.
  4. Artefacts can be many different things, like temperature or gpu reballing need. You can wait for a replacement or get a refund and buy another or the same PC. different reasons cause different symptoms Remember to attempt this fix in good ventilated area. Either after updating the GPU drivers and restarting the computer or the computer crashed.
  5. Not a bad price for it. Remember to oven dry your boards before rework, say 50-60 degrees for an hour or two to help prevent warping and flux bubbles occurring. Also, never rework any board without it being fully and properly supported otherwise you run the risk of warping the board during placement
  6. This course will show you step-by-step how to perform reballing in the Xbox 360 Slim, without damaging the console. Perfectly solder the XCGPU unit (the new Xbox 360 Slim has an integrated CPU and GPU unit). It gives you the opportunity to become the best professional service company in the field of Microsoft XBox 360 Slim
  7. Yes it is not the correct (or Fake) way to repair because it was not meant to be re balled at the first place, this is just a hack and hacks don't last long and are not reliable too. Also if laptop is dead in the 1st place (not because of GPU) the..

High Temp/Specialty Reballing; Chip Salvage; Lead free and Eutectic  We offer a high-reliability, cost-effective, quick turn BGA reballing service SRR Manufacturing Services offers both Lead-free and Eutectic reball services. Our BGA reball services are capable of handling any lot size from prototype to production volumes This iPhone BGA reballing stencil using high-speed CNC technology and production. Apple iPhone PIEC/NAND/Hard disk 3D steel stencils, thickened steel. mesh. The precision hole position of the round square makes the steel mesh more durable, Easier to get rid of the net, more efficient, small white second change High temperature resistanc QianLi Middle Frame Reball Platform BGA Reballing Stencil Tin Planting Table for X XS MAX 11 Pro Max Motherboard Fixture US $28.93 - 36.79 / Piece US $45.19 - 57.48 / Piec Heh, the first time I tried doing this kind of thing, it was with a heat gun and a T43. Well, to say the least, it didn't work. Without some sort of fancy temperature sensor, there's just no way to tell just how hot the GPU/components are getting, and we ended up destroying pretty much all the surface mount components around the GPU

My reball profile and reflow profile are almost the exactly the same, the only different is I hold the highest temperature point longer for reballs to make sure that all the solder is melted and I'm not talking holding it for a minute or anything like that. Its held like an extra 10 seconds Rework of GPU. Typical process steps of CPU/GPU rework. This includes pre-inspection, board preparation, profiling de-soldering the component, residual solder removal, reballing, special processes such as solder paste printing or dispensing, soldering the new/reworked component and finally the follow-up optical inspection BGA reballing stencils come in a variety of alloys including but not limited to : tin-lead, lead free (SAC 305), high temp. More information on the testing of this device can be found here. Minimum Aperture Size: .002in (.05mm) Stencil Material: High temperature Polyimide with tacky, porous tape which cleans up with IPA. Minimum Pitch: 1.50-0.

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manual method require to use a lot of heat gun not good for GPU) an stencil which require to be purchased or be made with another machine, lot of flux and desoldering wire mesh, (also lot of patience) automatic reballing station can do the chip removing (as the name say) automatically with a perfect temperature control and automatic BGA. Please adjust the suitable temperature( Less than 280℃) for stencil when using the hot air gun to directly heat it. What's more. These stencils don't require the 80mm or 90mm reballing station to work together, which can work alone, so they will bring more convenience to you. 129 pcs Reballing Rework BGA Stencils Kit Includes: a) Used for 0. We can reball BGA devices of every size, pitch, and package style, including BGA, CGA, LGA, QFN, PoP and other complex packages. We stock the most common sizes of solder balls. From low volume to high volume BGA re-balling, we have fixtures and processes to meet all of your solder ball attach and re-balling requirements Important Note: To avoid damaging the stencil, please adjust the suitable temperature (Less than 280°C) for stencil when using the hot air gun to directly heat it. What's more, these stencils don't require the 80mm or 90mm reballing station to work together, which can work alone, so they will bring more convenience to you LASER REBALL SERVICE. Retronix have a top of the line system which is the benchmark for an advanced and reliable laser reballing service. This system provides reproducible solder bumping technology for packaging optoelectronic devices, MEMS, sensors, BGA's, CLCC's, CSP's, Flip Chips and many more

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These components are known as SMD, or Surface Mount Devices. Among the most widely known SMD on your mainboard is the CPU and GPU chipset. Rarely, it is possible that excessive wear may result to malfunction on a PCB or SMD of your Xbox 360, mostly due to manufacturing defect, extreme temperatures, abuse or accident Lower GPU Temperature Ultra Durable VGA board provides dramatic cooling effect on lowering both GPU and memory temperature by doubling the copper inner layer of PCB. Better Overclocking Capability Ultra Durable VGA board reduces voltage ripples in normal and transient state, thus effectively lowers noises and ensures higher overclocking capability Reflow- You heat the motherboard up, and the GPU to liquify the solder balls connecting the 2 parts. Then let the solder re-cool.--expected to last as little as 1 month to a year--Reball- The Graphics processor is removed from the motherboard. The solder is cleaned off I reball GPU's for a living and for fun tested what temps you can get a GPU up to before it conks out. Without the GPU running I take the temps upto 230c while reworking. I have intentionally killed the thermal cutout of a GPU and took the temps in excess of 130c before killing them while running

Get the best deals on bga reballing station when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your IR BGA Rework Station Reballing Hot Air Welding&Soldering Temperature Control. $527.01. $39.99 shipping. or Best Offer. 1.25KW BGA Infrared Soldering Rework Station Reballing Machine for XBOX 360 PS3. Dane from Transistor Man had a Macbook Pro with a GPU that wasn't working.The system would boot but the display output was dead. Similar to the Xbox 360 BGA problems there are some Macbook Pro computers that have experienced BGA solder issues. The big issue here is that BGA devices have the solder connections under the device itself

You're better off sending it to the manufacturer and getting a replacement or just buying a new card altogether because more than likely, the GPU chip is dead. Trust me, I killed a 2009 MacBook and PS3 by reballing it or using the oven method. Reballing just gives you a couple more months of use time and then it dies again HP Compaq 6710s 6715s 6720s 6730s 6735s 6830s Motherboard Graphic GPU Repairs. HP Compaq 6710s 6715s 6720s 6730s 6735s 6830s Motherboard Graphic GPU Repairs. We use professionalInfrared Reflow Technology and specialised reballing with the correct temperature profiles to prevent future cold solder joints

Backstory An year ago I was surfing the web with multiple tabs open (~30) on Chrome and when I opened another one the screen turned black. I could still hear music in the background so it was definitely the GPU. I restarted the laptop but to no avail. People I asked said that most probably I had to reball it. In the end I bought a new GPU 4 Thermocouplers with digital temp readouts to monitor the temperature; EXCHANGE MACBOOK PRO 15 A1286 820-2915-B 2011 LOGIC BOARD REPAIR NEW GPU REBALL REPAIR SERVICE Apple PowerMac G4 Mirror Drive Doors Power Supply MDD MacBook EFI iCloud Firmware Repair Service for Pro Air 11 13 15 17 2010-201

Compaq HP 6735b, num lock/caps lock lights flashing 5 times and no video. From what Ive read, a reflow of the GPU is indicated. Remove the board and cook it. There are quite a few videos on youtube. I have a MHT 750 heat gun which at 750° is too hot I think. Then theres always the oven, 10 minutes. This is a heating separate temperature controller station, set USB output, screwdriver, parts box in one. It has the features of rapid temperature rise, constant temperature, simple operation, USB plug and play, easy to put a screwdriver, and collection of detachable small parts. This Item Includes 1* Power cabl This is what I do for the GPU for reflowing. Make sure you preheat the board beforehand. I do a straight 200c preheat quickly over the bottom of the board for 30 secs. Then I put the temp down to 150c on the chip, ramp it up by 10c increments every 5 seconds up to 210c

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Hey guys, So I tried fixing an RROD box using the x-clamp fix (using the standard recommended Lowes parts). The box didn't boot up after doing the fix, so I let it overheat (I was about to give up so I let the CPU and GPU overheat until I got the 2 red rings, instead of placing the fan over the CPU).Turns out doing that caused the box to work again if your GPU is runnning normally at around 60 degrees or less, that's ok. And when running games it shouldn't be more than 75-80 degrees. If your GPU crosses these temperatures, you can be sure the cooling is faulty and needs modification. Check the temp even on working laptops in the DV2000, 6000 and 9000 series and compaq V 3000 series JOVY Cell phone chips Reballing Kit With a collection of 52 BGA mask almost the up to date shape and sizes of mobile phone used chips and JOVY supports also to tailor made service for any special BGA mask in request. The stencil sheets of the masks designed to apply easily with high temperature safe from deforming or remodeling This synthetic benchmark will put a heavy load on the GPU while also displaying its temperature during testing. Eurocom tech support said I should see 90c to 95c for it to be normal


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PCB Solder Reflow - GPU chip reballing or entire card overall Reflow/Reballing can be used to refresh solder joints. My quick visual inspection of the card didn't reveal any bad contact issues, but still, it could be a non-visible problem, particularly in the case of BGA surface mounted GPU The next boards I will have to reball, I will send to PoshGordi in UK. The peace of mind will be worth the money for me. For the kitchen oven: IIRC and as far as a learned from a professional, who works in a mobo-producing company. When reballing in the kitchen oven, it is the temperature profile, which is supposed to be important

Devices require baking, before mounting, Here is the general bake-out process, Lay the BAG on the tray, and put it in to a baking dry cabinet. Set the temperature and time as: 125℃±5℃ x 24 hours or 80℃±5℃ x 48 hours Pay attention to the difference between leaded (Pb) balls and lead free (No Pb) balls (Ball Gray Array, that's why it's called reballing, with football). Although the failures noted are usually caused by a graphic processor (GPU), they are not the only ones that can bring errors to their welds, and in all cases if you find yourself needing to re-segment a piece of advice, the advice we are going to give you is to consult a professional before doing it yourself I took the bare MXM GPU card to a large professional BGA reballing/reflowing factory I know nestled among Japanese-pear fields in the suburbs of Tokyo. They X-rayed it and found cracks in the solder joints under the BGA so they removed, reballed, and reflowed it for the princely sum of ¥6750 (US$56) - a great deal and thanks Kei-All reball of nuclear matter. The reball has a temperature over 145 MeV or 2 trillion Kelvin. At these temperatures, hadrons cannot form, instead the reball is a quark-gluon plasma (QGP). Computationally, an initial reball is evolved as a viscous uid; it cools as it expands until it falls below the 145 MeV temperature

X Box 360 Ring of Death Repair: Your Solution for BGA, SMT & CSP Rework, Reflow, Repair & Reballing Made Easy for You XBOX 360 REPAIR SYSTEMS ZEPHYRTRONICS ZT-7 PROFESSIONAL HOT AIR REFLOW CENTER Soldering and De-Soldering the GPU, CPU & the Samsung Memory Chip Furmark is a stress app for GPU. DO NOT USE IT FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME. It will damage your GPU. I only use it to put some load on GPU and do some initial testing. Heaven is a nice benchmark that will help us determine some OC limits. 3Dmark11 will help us compare results. The 670M has 4 working performance stages » P-states. They are active.

Removing the GPU The first thing you want to do is take your motherboard completely out of your xbox. There are many tutorials on this all over the site. Next, you want to begin to reflow your motherboard on the GPU chip. Once your reflow reaches it's maximum temp. you want to remove the chip Listen u want the bottom temp to get the board to between 170 and 175 before the top heater kicks in. Then have the top heater temps be R-1.00 L 170 D 170 so when reball the gpu the L4 must be max 185° right ? can u give best config for gpu soldering after reball ? Last edited: Feb 20, 2015. nofeloniesyet. VIP Member. Jan 16, 201 However, I do have access to a lab oven (An industrial stove). So I can regulate the temperature quite well and try the oven trick: Go to 385°F preheat and using aluminium foil insert the GPU for about 8-10 mins. However, I read some of your replies to posts in the forum and I have seen that you suggested in one of then to have 217°C as a Temp Reballing is standard procedure here now for these - with a 37/62 eutectic solder (not perfect, but better than Nvidia's choice). The problem is complex, difficult to manage, and the reballing is tricky and easy to screw up. I have lot of chemicals :

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so i reopened the laptop and repasted again, the GPU worked again perfectly fine and the game runs. then the same problem happened again after an hour and the GPU stopped working. so i opened it again for the 3rd time and repasted , the GPU worked perfectly fine on games, then the same thing happened again and the GPU wasn't detected The cool down temperature ramp for the oven is roughly 0.8 °C/s, but the PCB cools down slower (due to thermal inertia). At a pre-set temperature, the oven door opens for accelerated cooling (free air cooling). The PCB temperature sensor (the external sensor) is a K-type thermocouple with semi-rigid wires Samsung Chronos 7 i7 laptop. Intel HD Graphics 4000 and AMD Radeon R9 M200X GPU. Licensed Windows 10 2004 + any AMD software (20.5, 20.7, 20.4, etc). There is no Firmware or BIOS update from Samsung for this model. After seven years of use, only works if AMD GPU is disabled on Device Manager. If I e.. 2. Replaced GPU chip. Artifacts on the screen straight from start up. When Video drivers are loaded goes to white screen. 3. Reballed and repositioned GPU chip (just to be sure). Less artifacts on the screen but still white screen after loading video drivers. 4. Tried to reball GMUX but do not have the right stencil out of 222 in my universal. CPU e GPU sono saldate sulla scheda madre a stampo ed utilizzano un socket di tipo BGA (Ball Grid Array) che consiste in una matrice di piccole palline di stagno al di sotto del semiconduttore. Queste palline di stagno sono le connessioni del chip sulla scheda madre e non e' possibile raggiungerle con un normale saldatore a stilo, nemmeno.

How to check your graphics card's GPU temperature

Thus, in order to avoid quality problem, we suggest that you put them inside a baking chamber for at least 24 hours at 100℃-110℃。 When soldering, please control the temprature precisely. Lead-Free/No Pb BGA chips is 245℃--260℃ (Maximum) Leaded/Pb BGA chips 180℃--205℃ (Maximum) Tip of Iron Temperature: 100℃-350℃ Also Dragon Group China R & D developed the RBSN3 , Reballing Station N 3, for 75 mm in-mold-static net procedure. That you can get with Squeezing Pen, Masking Tape and Insulation tape, directly from the Makers to you. Also all the Stencils: Universal, Plain and Special, for all your needs. TAGS

WDS-660(Semi-automatic BGA Rework Station) is capable of repairing various type on component like BGA,QFP,IC,QFN,PLCC etc on motherboards, mobile phones,PSP,Xbox,Set top box and many other electronics circuit boards; Auto Desolder ,remove, clean, reball, mount, solder BGA Chips, FBGA, QFP etc. SMT chips.Laptop,desktop computer,xbox360,psp,ps2 and mobile BGA Chip, such as CPU, GPU, south bridge. The faulting component (usually the GPU) is fluxed with high quality liquid flux. The motherboard is preheated then GPU is heated to 217oC - 225oC. REBALL The faulting component (usually the GPU) is fluxed with high quality liquid flux. The motherboard is preheated then GPU is heated to 217oC - 225oC then the chip is lifted MacBook Pro 15 Late 2011 Fast Reballing GPU Solution for MacBook Pro 15 computers from 2011 to 2012 with AMD Radeon GPU The problem of bad manufacturing of these graphic ICs and low temperature dissi..

Reballing machine temperature setup

Flux designed for BGA reballing or reflow. CS-FLUX is a low viscosity flux designed by C. S. labs research team, to cover the special needs in flux usage on repairs (reballing or reflow of GPUs and other BGA components) of commercial electronics such as laptops, gaming consoles etc. Packet contains: 1 syringe X 10g of CS-FLUX (luer lock for secure fitting) 1 X 1.6mm tip for easy application 1) What is the average cost of reballing the rsx on the ps3? About $100 2) Does the failure of the solder on the gpu mean the system is gonna check out for good? It is going to keep happening over and over, if that's what you mean. 3) Could the gpu coming undone have damaged my hdd Cheap Tool Parts, Buy Quality Tools Directly from China Suppliers:47pcs/set game consoles Directly Heating BGA stencil with Jig Reball Kit for soldering station rework machine Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return The chip was manufactured using 90nm technology, and operating temperature can exceed 70 degrees Celsius, safely. The GPU is an ATI designed chip. It runs at 500 MHz and has 10 MB of eDRAM. It is also manufactured using 90nm technology, and operating temperatures range from 50 to above 70/80 degrees Celsius GPU is known to be good since it was replaced with new BGA using Fineplacer PICO RS system and was probably the 1xxxth I have done so far - a job where we provide 12 months warranty - only reason I mention this is that for me this is now a routine operation with almost 0% failure rate.

Connaitre la température et l'utilisation du CPU/GPU enNVidia Titan V Power, Thermals, & Clock Drop Behavior
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