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Looking for the Best Swim Spas on the Market? Read Our In-Depth Guide Now. Our Research Has Helped Over 200 Million Users Find the Best Product Great Prices and Selection of Best Spa. Up To 70% Off! Best Spa For Less, At Your Doorstep Faster Than Ever What is a Swim spa Dual Zone? The Dual Zone swim spas allows to enjoy two pools simultaneously: swim in water at 29 ° C and relax in water at 37 ° C. Being able to regulate the temperature separately is a real comfort for athletes or families. Water is your ally to perform your exercises while avoiding the shock of an injury It has everything a swim spa should feature; it boasts 5 hot tub seats, 5 divertable pumps, advanced filtration, LED Lights and Jets, 76 Jets, and of course, 4 swim jets. Available in a choice of colours and surrounds, the Swim Stream is a large, deep, dual-zone swim spa with top-end features. £17,99

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ONLY exclusive, patented AnyTemp® Cold and Hot Swim Spas provide perfect 365 day comfort in any climate and ONLY exclusive and patented AnyTemp® True Zone® Dual Zone Swim Spas provide controlled contrasting Cold and Hot aquatic therapy year round!. We facilitate your entire ownership experience including shipping, delivery and electrical hook-up. For any and all services ever required, just. The reason why they are called dual temperature swim spas is that, although they are one piece, there is an actual wall that separates the hot tub end from the swim spa end and each unit has its own independent heater, controls, and filtration. There are some clear advantages if you want a hot tub and swim spa unit that is integrated

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Bespoke Swim Spas has been importing and supplying hot tubs, swim spas, saunas and swimming pools since 2001. During this time we have imported, distributed, and even manufactured our own spa range. Over 1800 spas sold and installed throughout the UK & in Europe (specialising in France and the Alps) As with all Pinnacle swim spas, the product is constructed using a heavy duty steel framed substructure, maintenance free cabinetry, LED perimeter and safety lighting. You can customize your swim experience in the Dual Zone 18 from Pinnacle Spas by finding the settings that are right for you. Since each of the three swim jets run off its own. Swim Spa Models. Vitality 19′ Dual Zone ELITE Vitality 18′ Dual Zone ELITE Vitality 18′ Swimmer PRO ELITE Vitality 16′ Dual Zone ELITE Vitality 14′ Single Zone ELITE Vitality 14 ULTRA 100% VARIABLE SPEED ELITE Vitality 14 Swimmer One Vitality 12′ ELITE VITALITY 21′ PROFESSIONAL. Our flagship and the only dual zone swim spa. The Hydrozone is our ultimate swim spa. It has dual zones which gives you absolute control over the individual temperatures and settings. This means you will always get the most from your Hydrozone The largest Wellness Spa we build. The gigantic dual zone Wellness IV is a swim & exercise spa that includes a full-size, independently controlled, hot tub. The Wellness IV is portable. All the components for both the Hot Tub and Swim Spa are completely contained within the cabinet, permitting the owner to move the Wellness I

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Our Dualzone swim spa is an amazing combination of our most preferred seating at one end and a pool for exercise or play at the other. At 6metres long, the pool end actually becomes a 4x2metre small swimming pool and the 2m at the other end is dedicated to the spa seating Dual Zone 18 Swim Spa The same basic mold as the SW18 except that we incorporate a separate divider to allow the spa to be a dual system (similar to the AQX16 swim spa); with a hot tub area and separate swim spa area This model features a swim spa and a hot tub in one! The TSX219 dual zone offers a deep, comfortable 5 seat hot tub and a full feature 14' swim spa. Operate both zones or operate both separately depending on your lifestyle. Learn more about jetted and propulsion swim spas 21ft Absolut Del Mar $21,900 22ft Absolut Del Mar II $22,900 17ft/19ft Absolut Carmel $14,900 19ft Absolut Marin $17,900 19ft/21f Master Spas Swim Spas Swim. Exercise. Relax. Swim, jog, walk, and exercise in water without the stress gravity has on your body. Relax with massaging spa jets in the perfect water temperature, year-round. This alternative to a pool has benefits for you and your entire family

Vitality 19 - The Most Advanced Luxurious Swim Spa Elite and Ultra Elite VARIABLE Speed Dual Zone Biggest, Longest, Widest, Deepest And Powerful! It's a Beast! Its The Best True Zone™ FITNESS Dual Zone Swim Spa Click for color PDF brochure & specs. Whether you enjoy walking, exercising, training, swimming or relaxing with family and friends, a custom crafted Atera AnyTemp® True Zone™ Swim Spa provides the features you require to meet your fitness goals and patented independently controlled AnyTemp® dual temperature zones

Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa Hot Tub Our Price: $27,499.00 . Bali Hot Tub Spa Our Price: $5,399.00 . Aruba Swim Spa Hot Tub Our Price: $16,998.00 . Barbados Swim Spa Hot Tub Our Price: $16,598.00 . Laguna Swim Spa Hot Tub Our Price: $15,998.00 . Grand Cayman Extreme Dual Zone Swim Spa Hot Tub Our Price: $20,998.00 . About Us; Become an Affiliate. Swim spas can be installed above ground, partially inground or fully inground; Time to install, install ties can be as short as just a few days; Budget, swim spas are considerably cheaper than installing a full-size swimming pool. Lower running costs, we estimate that swim spars are less than a quarter of the running costs of a standard. Dualzone range To provide a backyard pool that can be used all year round and is easier to maintain than the usual inground swimming pool, Sapphire Spas have designed our M6 range of swim spas The Swim Spa Range is a made to order product and the estimated delivery lead time is between 14-16 weeks. These prices exclude any delivery, positioning or installation costs, we will require full delivery information in order to provide an accurate quote Welcome to the E2000, the ultimate swim spa for physical fitness and mental wellness. The E2000 is the ideal combination of fitness and recovery, wrapped in one beautiful package. Within the E2000, you can independently control the temperature of two separate aquatic atmospheres

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Overview Fitness Swimming Fun Progress Triathlon . Home Tour . Products . Overview ; Original Series . Overview The Original Performance Pool High Performance Pool Elite Pool Dual Propulsion Pool . Swim Spas . Overview Endless Pools® Fitness Systems Over 15 1/2 feet long, with dual BaduStream swim jets and the unique Swim Lane System of side jets, the Grand Cayman is tailor-made for the swimming enthusiast. The BaduStream jets create currents from a gentle flow - perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises - up to a 400 GPM rush that will give serious recreational swimmers a chance. Swim spas effectively take the place of swimming pools and provides a low maintenance alternative. We currently offer 31 Designs to accommodate your family needs. Tract/Speculation homes have limited space available and installing a traditional swimming pool is costly and requires a large area. Swim Spas are less costly and only allocate a.

- The Catalina 18' & 20' Dual Temp is a Catalina 600 Series swim spa where the elegance and ease of access come together. Multiple model options available. This model may feature three River Swim Jets, Crystal Waterfalls, two 36 Exercise Bars, and two 18 LED Spill-over Waterfall A Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa has a wide, smooth current so that you can swim, jog, walk, or exercise in water without the stress gravity has on your body. Massaging spa jets relieve the tension and pain that may have accumulated throughout your day. The water temperature is always perfect, because you choose it, year-round Riptide spas are the most energy efficient hot tubs because of a few key factors: Multiple layers of foam inside the spa cabinet which reduce heat loss to a minimum. Low current SilentFlow circulation pumps which give round the clock filtration, whilst consuming less energy than a domestic 75W light bul - The 16' Catalina Dual Temp is a Catalina 600 Series swim spa where the elegance and ease of access come together. This model may feature two or three River Swim Jets, two 18 LED Spill-over Waterfall, and one Body Massage. 16' Catalina Dual Temp Swim Spa

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  1. g pool alternative for any backyard. An H2X Fitness Swim Spa by Master Spas combines the benefits of water exercise with the therapy of a hot tub so you can own your wellness and win your day
  2. St. Lawrence 20' Dual Temperature Swim Spa 20 FT St. Lawrence Swim Spa Enjoy the luxury of the Canadian Spa Company 20 ft St Lawrence Swim Spa with duel zones for both a hot tub and a swim spa experience. Each side can be controlled independently of the other to allow for different temperatures
  3. g pool. There are good cost savings in the installation and ongoing running costs of a Jazz 700 or Jazz 750 Swim Spa or Plunge Pool - Jazz 700 is 4.25 meter long and the Jazz 750 is a 6 meter pool
  4. Drain your self-clean swim spa up to every 12 months and hot tub up to every 6 months. Hydropool's 19′ Dual Temperature Self Cleaning Swim Spa delivers an exceptional swim experience with it's V-Twin jets and is coupled with an aqua gym and hot tub hydrotherapy for up to five persons

Why buy a swim spa you ask? For health would be the best answer, relax after a hard day of work and play. You Save Hundreds and Thousands on our 11ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft and 18ft swim spas. NEW 11ft Now in production! Buy and SCHEDULE yours today. New 11ft Fitness Swim Spa Trainer with 64 Jets & 2 Turbo Jets Our swim spas provide the ideal training environment for both athletes and casual swimmers alike. Find a Retailer Sign In English. Français; Search. Shop. Hot Tubs. Signature Self-Cleaning Collection. 395 (30) - 2-3 Person Hot Tub 395 (30) - 2-3 Person Hot Tub 2-3 Build & Quote View Details. Hydropool's Self-Cleaning 395 is a 2-3 person hot. For 30 years SwimEx has designed and built superior fitness pools, swim spas and plunge pools that stand the test of time. Explore the versatility, construction, water current technology, and world-class design that sets SwimEx far above the competition

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Watch latest update to this review here = Heater element dies in vortex spa due to sunscreen! $900 repair https://youtu.be/qO3fXd4dEe Everest swim spas are the perfect place for your aquatic exercise, combining the unique advantages of an Everest spa with the unique experience of an endless swimming pool. Swim in an endless stream of water, lean back in one of the massage seats or just enjoy the increase water depth for a gently exercised Dual Zone 18; Swimmer 18; Swimmer 19 ORDER PARTS BY MODELS; Click on series link below to find your spa then look at the diagram of your spa by name and model number to find what part/parts you are looking for. Go Spas. Open List. Leisure's Edge. Open List. Pinnacle Spas. Open List. Swim Spas Open List. Fitness Spas. Open List. Premium Spas.

Home of the Original Swim Spa Aqua Living Factory Outlets is home of the original swim spa and the only manufacturer to offer the proprietary AnyTemp® System. This revolutionary invention allows you to control the temperature of your spa in any type of weather and any type of climate Hydrotherapy spa with seating for 6 people PLUS an open splash pool or training zone with swim jet resistance Re-create the warmth, water and time together and make new holiday memories! Consider the new myDualzone6.0m as your alternative to the overseas trip and escape our winter for many years to come sale prices & 24 months interest free & no deposit. home. product In 1986 fiberglass pioneer Everett Pearson acquired the SwimEx paddlewheel patents from an MIT hydrodynamist and research team. Originally recognized for founding Pearson Yachts, this gifted entrepreneur combined 30 years of design experience to create the first fiberglass swim spa.Through Pearson's brilliant ingenuity and vision SwimEx became the leader in aquatic exercise and therapy for.

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The ATV-17 Kona swim spa has room to exercise and space to party. Six colossal Whitewater-4™ dual-speed jets to give you the most rigorous aquatic workout of your life. The best above-the-ground swimming pool on the market Imported by us directly from Saratoga Spas (who manufacture Conquest spa lines) and Tuff Spas both based in the USA. We are confident that we provide the highest quality, largest selection and best value products in the UK. We have a large variety of our hot tubs on display, some working, some dry, including swim spas. Learn Mor The Premium model features a 14' swim area, while the Pro offers a full 15'. Both models offer a choice of swim jet systems: the Dual Badu Stream Jet System or the Quad Swim Jet System. The powerful Badu system (favored by many swim spa manufacturers) utilizes a 4-hp pump Combines our best models from the Swim Pro™ line and takes it to the next level of visual and ergonomic design. Go ahead and run, swim, jump or simply relax with our powerful jets that can mimic any river current you want to imitate out there. Our dual-zone lets you do your aqua-exercise while your kids are lounging on the spa American Whirlpool is a quality leader in hot water products, bringing innovative and luxurious hot tubs and swim spas into the comfort of your home. We are proud to introduce the world's first steel-frame Appliance Grade hot tubs, designed to be enjoyed for the lifetime of the product

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  1. Exclusive to Coast Spas the Coast Cubby is a dry storage compartment that can be added onto your hot tub or swim spa. The cubby is fully integrated into the spa cabinet and is made from durable marine-grade materials. Your Coast Cubby has an integrated interior light and circulates the warm ambient air generated from your spa equipment
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  3. The H2X Fitness swim spa blew me away. I thought, 'This is definitely something I want to have in my arsenal.' Not only from the recovery side but the performance element for my training in the future. - Ben Hoffman, IRONMAN® champion Read More. At Master Spas, we make buying a swim spa just as relaxing as owning one..
  4. Quality Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are the result of the skilled craftsmanship, innovation and engineering that is the Coast Spas brand of luxury high-end Spas. If you are seeking the very best in hydrotherapy, entertainment, personal wellness and relaxation then we have a spa for you. Coast Spas has been a leader in quality and innovation for over.
  5. The USA made, from start to finish, propulsion TruSwim® swim spas is where innovation meets fitness. The unique straight wall design and dual hydraulic propulsion provide the widest, smoothest and most balanced fitness path in the market. The perfect condition for all ages and athletic levels to reach aquatic fitness and wellness goals

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  1. Must have products from our top sellers. Sale! Dr. Wellness X-3 Spa $ 4,699.00 $ 4,299.0
  2. Vitality is the innovative health and life insurance and investment business that enables people to understand more about their personal health, rewards them for positive behaviour, and protects them when things go wrong
  3. Your search for value and performance in portable spa stops right here. You know what you want in a hot tub, but you also know you don't want to break the bank paying for it.That's where Pinnacle Spas comes in. With a factory-direct dealer network across North America, you can get some of the newest and best spas on the market - without paying full market price

Sep 9, 2017 - Pictures and images of outdoor spas gazebos and swim spas taken in Australia, New Zealand, France and the UK. Sep 9, 2017 - Pictures and images of outdoor spas gazebos and swim spas taken in Australia, New Zealand, France and the UK. Explore. Home Decor. Exterior. Pool And SPA. Lap Pool.. Bespoke Swim Spas is a family firm based in Staffordshire that imports and supplies hot tubs and swim spas. They used our WooCommerce Lead Time plugin to show lead times for their products on their single product page.. The online store configured the plugin to show the lead time for their swim spas and hot tubs on the single product pages.This way, their customers can get all of the product.

China 5-6 person hot tub catalog of Large Inground Swimming Pool Sanitary Ware Hot Tub Outdoor SPA, Jacuzzi Hot Tub New Design Big Outdoor SPA Whirlpool Master SPA Jacuzzi provided by China manufacturer - Guangzhou HOTPOOL Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., page3 Specializing in Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Saunas & Accessories. With over 12 suppliers we always have a wide array of hot tubs, swim spas and saunas to choose from in our showroom! Choose a standard spa for lounging in the backyard, a swim spa for training and a sauna for great therapeutic relief. Hot Tubs. Swim Spas

Dual Zone Swim Spa & Hot Tub Combo - 19 Foot. Seats up to 8 People Exercise Equipment 6 Swim Spa Jets 54 Massage Jets 4 Large Pumps 227 x 91 x 55 Free Shipping. Regular Price: $29,900.00 . Special Price $23,690.00 . Out of stock. Details. Sort By: 5 Item(s) Show: All Hot Tubs & Spas. Swim Spas Train like a professional with propeller-driven technology - the widest, deepest and most adjustable swim current on the market. Michael Phelps models come in three sizes, the best-selling Force Deep - through the MP Signature with increased space - all the way to the dual zone Momentum Wellness SPA zone Swimspa Range Swimspa MEDITERRANEA The Swimspa MEDITERRANEA is an impressive combination of a hot tub and a swimming pool, designed for counter-current swimming, combined with a hydrotherapy area for 3 people

SWIM SPAS & HOT TUBS is great for relaxation or family fun. A pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all-in-one! Have all the benefits of a full size pool with less cost, less space and less maintenance. It meets the needs of both fitness enthusiasts and those wanting an alternative to a traditional swimming pool for fun and relaxation This is another Swim spa tub from the Canadian Spa Company. In fact, this too is a St Lawrence Swim Spa but has a slightly bigger space at 181 inches. This can accommodate 15 people in total. It is basically the same model with the 138-inches swim spa tub, but because it is slightly larger, then its pump and generator are also a bit more powerful

Home decoration is an art and reveals a lot about the choices and preferences of individuals. You have a huge variety of products to experience with such as China Swim SPA listed above and its similar choices: spa pool, swimming pool, jacuzzi. Match them with the top quality Chinese Swim SPA factory & manufacturers list and more here Indiana residents Al and Deb wanted their backyard to be more like an outdoor living room rather than a seasonal green space. A gas fire pit, comfortable seating, and an H2X Fitness Swim Spa make for a backyard oasis that can be enjoyed year-round.. Related post: A Year-Round Retreat in Indiana A recessed swim spa installation is an alternative to the traditional in-ground pool LEGEND swim spa cover; EVOLUTION hot tub cover; The Covana Hot Tub Cover is Your Key to Happiness! What if you could access your hot tub with the simple turn of a key without ever again having to struggle with opening a cover or removing snow, ice or other debris? With Covana, you can equip your spa with one of the highest insulation covers on. Hydrotherapy Jets: 75 hydrotherapy jets, multiple zone air controls . Pumps: 2 - 3.0 hp & 1 - 5.0 hp hydrotherapy / 1 - circulation(U.S./Canada). Beverage Holders: Multiple LED lighted cup coasters . Lighting: Multicolored mood lighting package throughout the spa and includes a 3.5″ LED in the footwell are Cal Spas is the World's Finest Manufacturer of Hot Tubs, Spas such as Swim Spas, Swim Pool Spas. We have spas, swim spas, hottubs for sales. We also have spa covers, hot tub covers and a complete line of spa accessories to make your backyard a home resort. Fast Shipping on Genuine CalSpas Parts with the Best Technical Suppor

(2020) Jacuzzi ® Swim Spa Owner's Manual (2020) Pre-Delivery Guide. J-500™ COLLECTION. Proudly manufactured in the USA. The E2E Cover® is custom made up to 22 feet in length. All makes and models of swim spas and in-ground pools.. Our covers open and close with ease, time and time again. The E2E Cover is designed to roll in either direction, perfect for dual temperature swim spas. Rolling back the pool side for daily swimming or the spa side for nightly relaxation

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  1. g in at just 1.83m x 1.19m, it takes up just under two square metres. Capacity: 2 people Size: 1.83m x 1.19m Jets: 10 Features: Multi-Color LED Light with Colour Wheel, removable accessory tray Benefits: Simple to install Hotspot T
  2. At Dimension One Spas ®, our precision engineering is evident in every detail of every hot tub we sculpt, derived from a thirst for knowledge and a love for the latest technology.With over 40 years of pushing the envelope of what a hot tub should be, we have integrated intelligence, utilized the most durable materials and given you more features that give you exactly what you need
  3. The location where you can install a swim spa is limited. A majority of owners will choose to install their swim spa in the backyard while laying a reinforced concrete slab. Patios or garages that can hold the total weight of the swim spa plus water, which can go up to roughly 12 tons, are also an option
  4. g pool experience and save you thousands of dollars at the same time
  5. H2X swim spas - H2X offers 4 different swim spa models: the H2X Swim Spa, the CrossTrainer, the CrossTrainer 2, and the Momentum. All H2X swim spas include at least one hydrotherapy massage chair and a range of optional hot tub features like a music system with an iPod dock and LED lights. The high-end H2X model is the Momentum swim spa which.

Home decoration is an art and reveals a lot about the choices and preferences of individuals. You have a huge variety of products to experience with such as China Massage SPA listed above and its similar choices: spa, outdoor spa, jacuzzi. Match them with the top quality Chinese Massage SPA factory & manufacturers list and more here Marquis Spas: Blue Water Spas Prestige Series 7-1994 Marquis Spas: MS Limited Edition Builder Series 7-1994 Marquis Spas: MS Max Therapy One Pump Duplex 240V 7-199 Relax in the luxury treatment rooms, heated 20-metre swimming pool and 'thermal zone' facilities including salt room, steam room and caldarium. Or just curl up with a book on the indoor and.

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  1. Pleatco's Free Flow Core Technology. Pleatco Advanced Filter Cartridges are constructed with precision engineered Free Flow Cores . Our cores allow for the even flow of water through the entire cartridge which increases filtration, uses all the Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded Filtration Fabric, and makes it easier for the pump to move water through the entire cartridge
  2. Most standard hot stub spa have around 20 to 30 Jets. However, the best luxury hot tub spa tends to have more jets that are strategically placed so that you can feel the water pressure hitting the areas where the massage is likely needed. Most Luxury Hot Tub Jet Spas have, more or less, 45 to 60 jets. The more jets the hot tub spa has, the better
  3. Ouch... You have clicked a page that seems to be very popular. It's currently a bit busy. You can have a rest and please slide to verify
  4. The Zone Therapy® seat, Comfort Collar® and Foot Relief Zone® put the right size jets with the right amount of pressure at precise pain trigger points giving you a soothing, relaxing massage. A 4-step cleaning system and dual sanitization. This is the same technology that is used to sanitize drinking water all over the world
  5. Pleatco filters are the most trusted and efficient products when it comes to cartridge filters, water filter cartridges and water filter replacement cartridges

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Store a wide selection of fine wines with this 43-bottle Avanti dual-zone wine chiller. Each zone has an independent temperature range for appropriate storage of red and white varietals, and the built-in fan with charcoal filter ensures even cooling. This Avanti dual-zone wine chiller has one-touch digital controls for easy operation Wine Enthusiast SommSeries 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar 2 Year WarrantyDual ZoneBuilt-in or FreestandingAmber LED LightingCompressor Cooled Item 2023865 Model 236 04 29 03 Wine Enthusiast SommSeries 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cella (You will love to see these: Swim Spa Buyer's Guide | Swim Spa 101 and Best Selling Products) Here, we have picked dozens of mesmerizing hot tub pool design ideas which you can use for your ultimate inspirations. They look so awesome while providing two great benefits of a hot tub and swimming pool at the same time Shop online for swimwear, men's swimwear, women's swimwear, kids swimwear, swim gear, swim goggles, swim caps, lifeguard gear, water aerobics gear & just about everything else for the water

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Product Title Ocean Blue Above Ground Swimming Pool Mighty Step an Average rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings Current Price $349.96 $ 349 . 96 - $398.96 $ 398 . 9 TruSwim Series Swim Spas. Whether you're a trained athlete or beginner, the TruSwim™ swim spa will surely become part of your favorite workout routine. The exclusive dual prop propulsion system will provide you with a wider, smoother swim lane and fitness area resulting in a more rewarding experience We are looking into splitting out existing HVAC system into a dual zone. We have a traditional 2 story house and the floors are so different in temps. We have 2 bids but have a question. The one company say that we need a bypass damper on the air return. They said that it would be noisy with it. Spas Spa Swimming Spa Manufacturer JOYSPA Balboa Control Panel 6 M Swim Spas Endless Pool Dual Zone Swim Spa Outdoor $8,389.00-$8,500.00 / Set 1 Set (Min. Order

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19DTfX AquaTrainer - The Tub CompanyThe amazing Dual Temperature 19DTfX AquaTrainer19' Dual Temp Swim Spa with underwater treadmillHawaii 3 Deep - Swim Spa UKImola – Black Diamond SpasProducts for Aqua Living • Kettering hot tubs swim spaspH Reducer - The Hot Tub Warehouse
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