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Read Customer Reviews & Find Best Sellers. Free 2-Day Shipping w/Amazon Prime Rapid Fire mod turns virtually any semi-automatic gun into a fully-automatic gun. Basically, rapid fire pulls the trigger quickly for you. When you pull and hold the trigger, the mod takes over and presses the trigger quickly over and over again, until you release the trigger Product description Dual Button Rapid Fire Mod Kit Installs in both Wired and Wireless controllers Free Blue Ring of Light LEDs and Torx Screwdriver Best Instruction Tutorial THIS KIT WORKS ON ALL MICROSOFT CONTROLLERS. It is ON SALE, so get them while they last!! I am sure you already know what this mod does, but let me refresh your memory Xbox 360 MaxFire FUSION V3 Rapid Fire Mod Kit. Our Mods are undetectable when used in online play and you cannot be banned for using a modded controller. So you can feel safe while playing online with one of our mods. Our Xbox 360 MaxFire-FUSION V3 mods are the most advanced you will find.. XBOX 360 Rapid Fire Mod: In this Instructable I will show you how to make your own Xbox 360 rapid fire controller mod. Please be aware that tampering with the controller voids the warranty of the xbox. Before you start this project be sure that you are prepared to do thi

Install rapid fire into your own xbox 360 controller 7 Different modes including modes for online play in many games - Halo REACH, CoD MW2, Medal of Honor, Gow, L4D, Rainbow Six, and many many more! Stealth install - No extra buttons, no drilling into you controller required, simple and easy to use - Use sync button for mode changes Product description Our XMOD KITS converts your Microsoft XBOX 360 wireless controller into an intelligent rapid fire modded controller with groundbreaking features. They are designed in house by our professional programmers that develop mods specifically for the newest games Download Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod Instructions What is Rapid Fire Mod? Rapid Fire controller is designed to make semi-auto or single fire guns shoot fully automatic ones. It is also used for single fire or semi-auto guns as Rapid Fire Feature is faster and more accurate than normal firing This works because to light the LEDs (on some boards with the crystal described in the intro), the Xbox uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which sends the power to the LEDs in quick pulses. This mod uses them pulses to trick the Xbox into thinking you are pressing the trigger really quickly Xbox 360 MaxFire FUSION V3 Rapid Fire Mod Kit Our Mods are undetectable when used in online play and you cannot be banned for using a modded controller. So you can feel safe while playing online with one of our mods. Our Xbox 360 MaxFire-FUSION V3 mods are the most advanced you will find with all the features you need to dominate online

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To turn on the dual-trigger rapid fire, hold the mod switch and then tap your left trigger (scope-weapon button). LED 1 indicator will glow PURPLE. Then, equip your soldier with dual-wielded semi-automatic guns. Once your soldier is equipped, press and hold your fire- weapon button or your scope-weapon button Xbox 360 Rumble Powered Rapid Fire Mod: Easy way to mod your xbox 360 controller without all the fancy microchips and is still undetectable (SO FAR). (I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR CONTROLLER DURING THE MODDING PROCESS----CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK) SORRY ABOUT THE PI The reason it's so simple is because the Xbox 360 controller uses pulse width modulation to dim the LED on the controller, creating a rapid high/low signal. When the momentary button is.. http://tinyurl.com/RapidFireControllerMod *** PRESENTS ***The NEW Xbox 360 controller mod kit modifies your regular XBOX 360 controller (CG, Matrix and wire.. I walk you through step by step(in hd) on how to install a rapid fire mod chip commonly found on ebay. This is the full video with easy instructions. Let m..

Hi if you want a free diy how to xbox 360 rapid fire mod then check out my site. http://theifdark.blogspot.com/2012/01/diy-how-to-fully-adjustable-xbox-360.htm Download Xbox 360 Dual Trigger Mod Instructions What Is Dual Trigger Rapid Fire? This mod was specially designed for secondary weapon in Call Of Duty games such as one shot hand guns and semi-auto pistols ($7.99 with free world wide shipping or buy 2 get one free) CAUTION when soldering the two wires on the middle and top posts try to solder them on quick so..

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Please visit http://www.hackingfever.com for more information.If you want the images, visit http://www.hackingfever.com/x360rfmod.htmlShopping list:-Solderin.. XMOD 18 Mode, DIY Rapid FIRE MOD KIT for Xbox 360 MODDED Controller. 4.4 out of 5 stars 2. Wireless Controller for Xbox 360, Etpark Xbox 360 Joystick Wireless Game Controller for Xbox & Slim 360 PC (Black) 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,890. $22.69 $ 22. 69 $25.99 $25.99. Get it as soon as Fri, Apr 9 If you want the hottest mods for your Xbox 360, XCM has all the components to tweak your home gaming console and give it the look and feel of an entirely new system! Whether you want to enhance your gaming performance with some customizable controller mods or revamp your entire Xbox 360 case with a brand new illuminated layout, XCM has the Xbox 360 mods you need to get the job done right

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Custom Xbox 360 Controllers and Rapid Fire Solutions. 20 Plus different color shells and controller parts (0) items: $0: Home: Contact Us: About Us: Guides: FAQ: Videos: New Products: $39.99 Orange Zombie Hydro Dipped Xbox 360 Controller Shell Kit. $3.99 White Guide Button for Xbox 360 Controller. $31.00 XCM Red I-Case Replacement for WII. In addition to having rapid fire, this controller also features 3 special add-on modifications as well. It features drop-shot, jitter, and auto-aim which are designed for the Call of Duty series. Drop-shot: When drop shot is enabled, each time you fire your weapon you will drop to the ground to evade enemy fire

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Xbox 360 Games Compatible With IntensaFIRE: The IntensaFIRE Rapid Fire Mod for Xbox 360 is compatible with nearly every game on the market today. The following is a list of Xbox 360 game titles ideally suited for use with the IntensaFIRE for Xbox 360. Halo Reach (automatic fire only, does not increase speed) Halo ODST; Halo You can customize all aspects of your controller including its looks and rapid fire mods. Our custom designs and rapid fire chips are the best deal around and we offer FREE shipping and FREE LED lights on all orders! XBOX 360. PLAYSTATION 4. PLAYSTATION 3. Join our mailing list! Blue Out - Master Modded PS4 Controller Starting at: $299.95 Checking Your Xbox 360 Controller for the Rapid Fire Mod: This isnt about how to put the mod on. Just checking even if your controller will do it correctly. The controller that you would be needing a crystel on the chip. The crystel is in a small silver contaner on the top of the chip. As you see in the f MW3 Quick Scope Reprogram Tutorial For Xbox 360 Modded Rapid Fire Controller. Zollie Clyde. 1:51. Chrome custom xbox 360 controller w/rapid fire. Japanese Prank. 0:53. Minecraft Xbox 360 LED Controller W Rapid Fire. Minecraft Xbox Big B Statz. 2:21. Modded Xbox 360 Controller Black Ops Auto Burst Rapid Fire

Wordene Controller Modz is your one stop shop for all your modding needs. You can customize all aspects of your controller including its looks and rapid fire mods. Our custom designs and rapid fire chips are the best deal around and we offer FREE shipping and FREE LED lights on all orders With the rapid fire controller mod for your Xbox 360, you will definitely eliminate your opponents out of the competition at a much faster and easier way. As of today, the controller mod works for most of the hottest games for Xbox 360, such as Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Halo 2 and 3, and even for the very popular Call of Duty 4 and Unreal. XBOX 360 - XMOD MODCHIPS Our XMOD modchips converts any Microsoft XBOX 360 wireless controller into an intelligent rapid fire controller with groundbreaking features. They are designed in house by our professional programmers that develop mods specifically for the newest games.These Kits come with soldered wires, ready to be installe XBOX 360 Modded Controllers, fully loaded with new Gen XMOD™ mod chips. XBOX 360 XMOD™ DIY Modchips. XMOD™ modchips for XBOX 360. Do it Yourself Mods to convert them in a XBOX Rapid Fire modded controller. XBOX ONE XMOD™ DIY Modchips. XMOD™ modchips for XBOX ONE. Do it Yourself Mods to convert them in a Smart Rapid Fire modded controller

The two extra buttons can be quickly changed, mixed or set with the same modes in-game by pressing some buttons on the XBOX 360 Controller. Easy to install, this XMOD Mod add-on can be added to any already modded XBOX controller (CG-CG2) with or without any Rapid Fire mod installed XboxOneRapidFire. Source code for the Xbox One Arduino/ATtiny85 Rapid Fire Mod. Table of Condolences. Potat All XBOX 360 Wireless Controllers are opened, modded with the 4 mode Dual Rapid Fire Turbo Mod. Then the controller is tested again for functionality. Enjoy the satisfaction of an added advantage as you increase your PWNAGE % and kill count How to program a rapid fire mod chip? Xbox 360? So i was wanting to start selling rapid fire kits, i would like to know these things: 1. What do i need to buy (EVERYTHING NEEDED) by choosing this,you will be banned from xbox live quicker than the rapid fire can fire out a full clip. do not do this online. 1 1. Ben M. Lv 4

Xbox One FORTNITE PRO V3 Programamble Rapid Fire / Macro Mod (NOT for Slim Controllers) THIS MOD DOES NOT WORK FOR S CONTROLLERS or Elite V2, FOR S CONTROLLERS PLEASE PURCHASE THE V4S MOD. You are looking at a Console Customs Solution to simplify and enhance your Fortnite gaming experience Want the best modded controller? We offer Brand New Xbox and Sony controllers with loads of mod options. Customize virtually everything on your controller. XBOX 360. PLAYSTATION 4. PLAYSTATION 3. Join our mailing list! By simply having the rapid fire mod installed into your controller, you will automatically get all the available. The Burst Fire Mod can be used by itself (With the Rapid Fire Mod disabled) or can be used as a modifier for the Rapid Fire Mod. That is, with Burst Fire and Rapid Fire enabled together, you will get a repeating burst of shots essentially giving you automatic Burst Fire The hottest thing surrounding the Xbox 360 is to mod your controller into a rapid fire. (Mod means modify aka modification for those of you who aren't down with the lingo.) By either buying one of these Xbox 360 rapid fire controllers or soldering it together yourself, you will gain a huge advantage over competition, whether it be other players, your friends, or the computer

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We sell call of duty rapid fire mod controllers for the xbox one and playStation 4 gaming systems, as well as for pc, xbox 360 and ps3. With our modded controllers you are able to dominate your opponents and your games playing both online and offline FPS games like (cod) call of duty Rapid Fire Mod is compatible with all first-person shooter games on the market such as Call Of Duty, Destiny, Fortnite, Battlefield and many other. It can be also compatible with 3rd person shooter games as long as the game features semi-auto guns and the fire button is the Right Trigger Xbox 360 Modded Controller Confederate Flag Edition. Xbox 360 Modded Controller Confederate Flag Design. With a sleek southern confederate flag texture, this controller features a unique design inspired by the civil war era. We offer a 10 Mode Modded kit installed which is fully adjustable, programmable and include many features listed below

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  1. Okay i just got done moding my controller for the rapid fire. I used a open momentary button switch, 24g wire, and my solder points are right and making contact but my rapid fire mod is not working. My controller is the TP3. please help!?!?!?!?! When i push the button it only shoots once and does not shoot again tell i push the button again
  2. g systems, as well as for pc, xbox 360 and ps3. With our modded controllers you are able to do
  3. Jan 14, 2017 - Gold/Purple Xbox 360 Modded Controller (Rapid Fire) COD MW3, Black Ops 2, MW2, MOD GAMEPAD $139.99 Amazing Discounts Your #1 Source for Video Games, Consoles & Accessories! Multicitygames.com Click On Pins For More Inf
  4. PS4 Master Mod® PS4 Accessible Products 1.877.880.3845; Connect With Us. My Dashboard Log Out Log In; Search. Close. xbox 360 rapid fire controllers. Home; Blog; xbox 360 rapid fire controllers.
  5. 01. Dead Space 2 Modded Game save (360) (24) 02. Driver San Francisco Modded Game Save (14) 03. Ghostbusters The Video Game Modded Starter Game Save (16) 04. FARCRY Classic Modded Starter Game Save (31) 05. Fable 3 Modded Starter Game Save {Max Cash} (40) 06. Dynasty Warriors 8 Max Gold Starter Game Save (14) 07
  6. Xbox Rapid Fire Mod. 30 Comments . by: Eliot. June 12, 2006 hartmooremods.net for rapid fire xbox 360 controllers. Report comment. Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply
  7. Categories: Modded Controllers Games Black Ops Controller Call of Duty Controller Controller Mods Modded Controller Rapid Fire Mods Rapid Fire new game XBOX 360 New shooter Xbox 360 Controller adjustable rapid fire Modded PS3 Controller Modded Xbox 360 Controller Black Ops 2 Call of Duty Elite Adjustable Fast Reload Auto Burst Jitter Mod Active.

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This is a brand new wireless Modded Xbox 360 controller with a custom hydro dipped shell design. You can customize all aspects of this controller including its looks and rapid fire mods. We offer FREE shipping and FREE LED lights! Please click the picture on the left to start customizing your controller today I have been watching Youtube videos about rapid fire modding controllers. I bought the equipment and necessary tools and then opened up my controllers to find that they are not the right kind of controller. Apparently, mine is the kind that does not have the small ovular silver thing in the middle (the one I have is this kind: http. Adjustable Rapid Fire With this mod enabled you will be to change the shots per second fired. With that you will be able to increase or decrease the shots fired based off the game being played. Drop Shot With the mod enabled you will be able to drop your character to the ground once the trigger is pulled. You'll be shooting your enemy while dropping saving precious seconds and staying alive 2.4 Update, using a modded controller, or the new Xbox ONE Elite controller, you can program them to spam the X button, keeping the game auto launching into battle for Free Silver and XP. XBOX ONE 360 WOT RAPID FIRE MODDED CONTROLLER, QUICK AIM, HULL DOWN, AUTO JOIN GAME AF

The Xbox 360 rapid fire controller is a definite need for all serious hardcore gamers. This controller, whether it's wired or wireless will turn any weapon into an automatic when pressing the button to fire. You will more then likely not notice any difference with weapons that are already automatic in the game Mod Controllers Xbox One & Xbox 360 PS4 & PS3. DOMINATE WITH OUR MODDED CONTROLLERS! Controller Chaos is the leading retailer of custom controllers for XBOX ONE & PS4. Custom controllers including rapid fire mods, exclusive add-on mods and much more. Xbox Playstation Nintendo Accessories 1-800-790-759 googlexbox-scene rapid fire mod. you should be able to find the new cg version set-up there. If you get the old style board I can put together those chips in my sleep lol so i could help you. email me if you get an old board and need hel This updated version of the XCM Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Gear LITE Controller Mod is a perfect mod for all of your Xbox 360 wireless controllers. This enhanced version of the XCM Xbox 360 Controller Mod features all the components you need to enhance your current controller, including an added Turbo Fire Button that will help you completely decimate your competition. This amped-up controlled mod.

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  1. Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Trigger Mod. I love to play my Xbox 360, but I needed a little edge over the people that spend all day and night playing. Because I have to work during the day, I can't do that. So I wrote some code in PicBasic for a PIC12F683. The basic code is below, you are welcome to use it, you will need to compile it to a HEX file.
  2. Modded Xbox 360 Controller Rapid Fire Blue LED. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class. Only tested the controller for game play have not tested on call of duty or a shooter game just standard game pla
  3. For Microsoft Xbox 360 Rapid Fire MOD CHIP DIY Modded Controller Replacement. $10.52. Free shipping . USB Breakaway Dongle Cable Cord Adapter For Xbox 360 PC Wired Controller USA. $2.69. Free shipping. Popular . Rapid Fire-V4 Kits Flex Cable for Playstation 4 PS4 Game Controller Mod Board
  4. Xbox 360 18 Mode Rapid Fire List of modes: (All patches supported to date!) Modes are indicated by number of flashes on the 3rd or 4th player indicator LED when tapping sync button to change mode
  5. ate to show the mod is on. Tapping SYNC once more will make the led go out, this shows the mod is switched off

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  1. Just Tested on Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Works Flawless! HOTTEST XBOX 360 RAPID FIRE CONTROLLER MOD ON YOUTUBE AND MOST TRUSTED XBOX 360 WIRELESS CONTROLLER MOD KIT SEEN ON METACAFE! WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY YOU CAN PAY BY! International payment methods: - Visa credit card with SSL - Paypal - Eurocard/Mastercard.
  2. I've been doing my research, and basically what I'm trying to achieve is the rapid fire controller mod for the Xbox 360. I'm relatively comfortable with electronics and soldering, and I've already had my controllers in pieces many times before
  3. The next type of modded controller is a trigger rapid fire controller mod. These Xbox 360 modded controllers are pretty similar to the controllers that we mentioned above, but this time there are no extra buttons on the controller. These controllers are usually programmed to do things such as fire shots quicker, drop to the ground immediately.
  4. Create A MOD • PS3 • Nintendo • Subscribe to our Newsletter: Subscribe: Unsubscribe: Home > Xbox 360 : Xbox 360: Sub-Categories: Repair: Cases: Consoles: Tools: Parts : Accessories: Bundlez: Cooling New Releases: Orange Zombie Hydro Dipped Xbox 360 Controller Shell Kit: $39.99: more details: Royal Blue Zombie Hydro Dipped Xbox 360.
  5. this mod gives you rapid fire and no recoil on any game. It features: adjustable recoil strength, adjustable fire rate, it can save changes to the recoil and rapid fire, it has led indicators to tell you what mods are turned on, the anti recoil code is special because when firing your gun, unlike other scripts where the gun will suddenly feel clunky and inaccurate this keeps the gun feeling.
  6. iature button under the controller which when pressed will fire as fast as the Please click here to visit: SteathModz - Home to Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller Service - stealthmodz.vze.com
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I recently saw on eBay a xbox 360 controller that was modded to do the fully auto triggers. i have done some research and found out that there are 2 different types of chips i could use a '555 timer' or a 'programmable chip' i would be willing to buy a programmer for the chip but would like to know what number of pins i need to use (most are 8 pin but some are all the way up to 24 pin) Xbox 360. Xbox 360 Instruction Manuals; Xbox 360 Quick Reference Guide; PS3. PS3 Instruction Manuals; PS3 Quick Reference Guide [Divider] General FAQs; Troubleshooting FAQ; Rapid Fire Mod Kit Reference Guide. Close. Need Help Deciding On A Rapid Fire Mod Kit? Rapid Fire Guide. Controller Builder; Xbox One; PS4; Xbox 360; PS3; Recent Builds Aug 21, 2016 - ModsRUs Rapid Fire Controllers Xbox One | Xbox 360 | Ps3 | Ps4 | Pc. See more ideas about xbox one, xbox, xbox one mods Free 2-day shipping. Buy Xbox 360 Modded Controller Rapid Fire / Sniper Quick Scope / Drop Shot / Quick Aim / Zombies Auto Aim / Mimic / Burst / For COD Ghosts Black OPS / All Games, Red Leds, Glossy Red Out Buttons at Walmart.co

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RAPID FIRE MOD KIT 4 Xbox 360 CONTROLLERS w/ FREE LEDS & TORX T8 SCREWDRIVER (works w/ CoD5, GoW2, Halo 3, CoD4 and MORE!),RapidFireMODz Review Now the price for click the link below to check it. RAPID - Xbox - 360 - CONTROLLERS - SCREWDRIVER - works what is the best xbox 360 rapid fire mod? Well im looking for a mod where i put it in such as the intensafire i got about 30$ to spend which is what most of them cost and i was wondering if you guys have a list of expensive and the best to cheapest but still good.. 10-30$ is what im looking at and if it matters for black ops and halo reach. thanks Here is the first episode of my xbox 360 controller project. This is just a brief overview of the 17 mode modded xbox 360 controller. My Gaming Channel:https.. Get the best DUAL xbox 360 Steath Rapid Fire Mod Kit for Any Xbox 360 Controller. The most Easiest rapid fire mod to install in a wireless controller. In Just a few minutes you can turn your current controller into a programmable dual rapid fire killing machine Xbox 360 S (Slim) Modding Supplies Here you ll find ring of light (rol) mods, tools, cooling fans, core coolers, controller cases, adapters, rapid fire and everything in between from xcm, talismoon, ghost, and more!

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Xbox 360 Modded Controller Confederate Flag Edition. Xbox 360 Modded Controller Confederate Flag Design. With a sleek southern confederate flag texture, this controller features a unique design inspired by the civil war era. We offer a 10 Mode Modded kit installed which is fully adjustable, programmable and include many features listed below Create A Mod Xbox 360 Custom Controller: 4 Review(s) Create A Shell Xbox 360 Custom Controller Shell: 0 Review(s) Create A Mod RaptorFire Xbox 360 Custom Controller: 0 Review(s) Your Price: $29.00 New Releases: Calibur 11 Battlefield 3 Vault for Xbox 360 Slim: $71.99 $68.99 more details Advanced Warfare Modified Rapid Fire Modded Controller Xbox 360 Custom mod Controller Xbox One Rapid Fire Modded Modified Xbox 360 Controller Xbox One Custom mod Advanced Warfare Controller Xbox 360 . Best selling mod controllers xbox one & xbox 360 professionally modded to completely dominate your opponents Oct 3, 2012 - GamingModz.com is offering Bullet Back/Start/Home Buttons on all of our Xbox 360 rapid fire modded controllers. These exclusive add-ons are only available from GamingModz.com and can be added on to almost all of our controllers. For the Playstation 3 fans we are offering bullet button options as well! These features allow you to add that extra flair to your unique GamingModz. Where can i buy an xbox 360 rapid fire modded controller from cheap? i searched ebay and they were like 50 british pounds. but my friend said you can buy a chip or switch to attach to your normal controller an the chip is much cheaper like 2 pounds or something? any1 know anything about these? please help

I just bought an 7 mode rapid fire mod chip for my xbox 360 controller and it has an issue. The mod works but not the way i want it to. All the modes work fine but when i pull the trigger all the way down it fires a normal shot. I have to hold my trigger down at a sweet spot to get it to fire rapid fire and the sweet spot is relatively easy to find but its a pain in the butt to find it aim and. Gamers Blog Call Of Duty Mod Controllers Xbox One Modded Controllers Ps4 Rapid Fire Controller Playstation 4 Xb1 Mods Cod Ps3 Pc. Article by ModsRus. 4. Xbox One Mods Ps4 Controller Ps3 Xbox Video Games Today Ps4 Mods Call Of Duty Gameplay xbox 360 rapid fire modded controllers (easy 10 points)? What is the best current rapid fire controller, it needs to be for mw2 mainly. also whats the price and where to buy it from and finally will i have to assemble it my self. if you answer all three easy 10 points :) Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance Tactical Rapid Fire Discover a whole new level of thrill from semi-automatic weapons as you out-shoot your enemies. Fire at the speed you choose from Both PS4 & Xbox One controller triggers and make use of 20 custom profiles

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Faze - XBOX 360 - Modded Controller - Controller Chaos"BLACK/BLUE" XBOX 360 MODDED CONTROLLER - ModdedZone"ILLUMINATING BLUE SKULLS" XBOX 360 MODDED CONTROLLERGlossy Red/Black Xbox 360 Modded Controller - ModdedZone"BLUE FIRE" XBOX ONE S MODDED CONTROLLER - ModdedZone
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