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Discount area rugs on sale now. Check out Rugs.com for tons of styles and sizes! Customer service and fast delivery are a priority! Rugs delivered right to your door Discover an extraordinary selection of furniture from Double Knot Rug Gallery on 1stDibs. Featuring one-of-a-kind pieces professionally curated and vetted by in-house experts From the city and province known as Kerman in south central Iran rose one of the most stunning classifications of Persian rugs in the world. Named after the region, Kerman carpets have earned their mark as likely the finest rug in Persian history, owing much to the quality of wool derived from generations-long herders in the area Persian rugs have been traded between Persia (now Iran) and the rest of the world for centuries. The most valuable examples are hand-woven by skilled craftspeople and can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here's a short guide to determining whether you've come across the real thing

Full silk rugs with a silk pile and silk foundation are the most valuable and most expensive of all types of Persian rugs. Silk pile on a cotton or wool foundation is the second-most expensive. This is because silk is difficult to obtain. Buying the raw material itself is expensive, which contributes to the higher price These rugs are among the most valuable Persian rugs worldwide. This incorporates not just their crafting, which has been developed over decades, yet additionally the amazingly high standard and the highest quality materials. Many of these Persian rugs have been made by well-known knotters As of this afternoon, there is a new antique rug that can boast the lofty distinction of being the most expensive rug ever sold at auction as a beautiful Persian carpet sold for nearly $34 million today at a Sotheby's auction in New York City Authenticity Persian rugs have traditionally been considered the most expensive and easily able to resale of all oriental rugs, usually older and more collectible rugs from different parts of the worlds,. If you think that a fine valuable Persian carpet is too expensive,but why.. consider that it can take a family a year or more to create a single artistic carpet Silk Persian rugs are also valuable, but distinguishing real silk from manufactured is difficult. The holy village of Qum (Qom), in southern Iran, is noted for their silk rugs, with many used for..

Typically the older the rug is the more valuable it will be. A 100 year old Persian rug value will likely be higher than a 10 year old piece One of the most expensive rugs in the world is a Ziegler Mahal, from central Persia, thanks to its excellent storage conditions. The high price tag was also determined by the wonderful range of colors, including blue and terracotta, which are characteristic of these types of rugs. #5 Rothschild Tabriz Medallion Carpet - $ 2.4 millio Turkish and Persian rugs represent some of the most striking and elegant examples of weaving available in the market today. Pair their luxurious aesthetic with the impressive history of the rug-making tradition, and these sumptuous textiles become even more tantalizing as they reflect an aspect of Middle Eastern culture that dates back millennia

Most oriental rugs range from 7/7 knot count to 16/16 — with 9/9 being a popular average. However, Persian rugs are unarguably beautiful and respected all over the world for this art. Persian rugs come in anywhere from 60 knots per inch to 1000 knots per inch for very expensive, almost extinct rugs The world's most expensive rug is this silk Isfahan rug measuring 7 ft. 7 in. x 5 ft. 7 in. (231 cm. x 170 cm.), which was sold by Christie's in 2008 for a staggering price tag of US $4,450,000. There were several factors that contributed to this record price What makes an oriental rug valuable? Several factors determine the value of an oriental rug. It is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to locate the most valuable Oriental rug. There are different types of oriental rugs in the market. You can decide to go to an antique Oriental rug, which will cost more

For instance, Sotheby's of New York holds the record for the most expensive carpet ever sold at auction, which went for a heart-stopping $33 million in 2013. It was a 1600s era Persian rug in the rarest of rare vase-technique patterns depicting sickle-leaf motifs on a field of dark red Therefore each Persian rug is unique and filled with the rich culture of each region. This is what makes Persian rugs unique and valuable. Quality of material used. Unlike most oriental rugs that use cotton for both warp and weft, tribal Persian rugs use wool or silk as the rug's foundation. Some tribes use camel and goat wool in the rug. Persian rugs are environmentally friendly because everything they are made from is sustainable. The all-natural materials blend and wear down in a uniform manner, giving your Persian rug a one-of-a-kind aura that is unlike anything else. Age. Some of the most beautiful Persian rugs in the world are antiques that have been in families for. She oversaw the 2013 sale of the most expensive carpet ever, a kaleidoscopic tapestry of leafy vines that was woven in Southeast Iran in the early 17th century and measures 9 feet by 6½ feet. It.. Persian rugs are exceptional and frequently it is elusive a comparative coordinated most loved decision. Be that as it may, we offer probably the biggest arrangement of high quality oriental rugs, which gives you an extraordinary opportunity to discover your fantasy carpet on this page. Regardless of being red, beige, dark, blue, green, purple.

Similar to our posts on Sultanabad rugs or Tabriz carpets, the Persian rug is a rare find of a gem to the home accent world. Yet, differs in its earlier historical relevance, making Persian rugs one of the most sought after textile in the rug industry. When one sees one of these rugs, there is a a journey into the majestic world of ancient. Wool, cotton and silk are the three main materials used for producing high quality floor pieces. The choice of material is important not only for the look and feel of a carpet, but for it's durability and ability to last. The highest value rugs are usually silk on silk, or silk with a fine wool blend World's Oldest Persian Rugs. Most of us know that Persian rug weaving is an ancient art and we have a pretty good inkling of how valuable antique oriental rugs can be but have you ever wondered about whether or not it would actually be possible to identify the world's oldest rug and what that rug would look like? Interestingly, there actually are two very famous rugs that have been. The most expensive rug ever sold was a Persian rug known as the 17th Century Antique Persian Carpet. The rug sold for 33 million US dollars in a Sotheby's auction in New York, 2013. It is part of the Antique Persian Vase Carpets, a series of carpets featuring floral designs and garden motifs

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When discussing rugs, the word Persian almost instantly comes to mind. The story of Aladdin is no coincidence because the carpet tradition, as we know and understand it today, originated in the Middle East. Some of the most valuable rug pieces ever sold or auctioned come from ancient Persia. In order to better understand the [ Isfahan antique rugs are still considered to be some of the most valuable high-end antique carpets and rugs in the world. After a decline due to war and Afghani occupation, production ramped up again in the late nineteenth century to meet the demands of Europeans. There are two types of antique Persian rugs: city and village

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Persian & Oriental silk rugs are the most intricate, and often most valuable, of all hand-knotted rugs. The fine yet strong silk fibres used in these rugs allow more knots per square inch to be tied giving a clearer pattern with more detail and increased likeness to real-life, a good analogy being that of an HDTV over a regular TV Pak Persian rugs are woven with Senneh, a highly valued Persian knot. If you are looking for a quintessential rug, rich with intricate designs and symbolism, buy the Pak Persian rug right here at RugKnots. It is just a click away. Type of knot: Senn Rugs from Iran are the most valuable. If you have two rugs the same, the one from Iran will be more, says Bahman Rais Dana. The art of rug making began in Persia more than 3,500 years ago, and..

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  1. 9' 0 X 12' 0'' Hand Knotted High End Persian 100% Silk Rug - Q4787 Silk Rugs are the most splendid, and often most valuable of all handmade rugs. The silk rug comes in variety of colors and sizes. Today silk rugs are made to be use in every day. All our rugs are very high quality and durable
  2. For most of us, a household rug is a simple item that allows us to lounge in front of the fire with our significant other. And people who want to add a touch of premium personalisation to their doorstep can source a perfectly good customised shoe-scraper from The Mat Factory.. But things can get a little crazy when you've got money to burn — here are the 10 most expensive rugs in the world
  3. About Oriental & Antique Persian Esfahan Rugs Overview. Surprisingly or not, of the top-ten most valuable rugs ever offered and sold at international auction - at least three of those ten have been carpets made in the city of Esfahan (Isfahan)
  4. Persian rugs are among the most expensive for purchase, primarily as a result of the amount of time required to weave their intricate designs. If you want to own this beauty, you'll have to come up with at least $182,500, as that was the last selling price on record for this rug. 1 Ziegler Mahal Carpe

The 16th- and 17th-century rugs from Persia, India and Egypt all sold for more than double their high estimates. Another valuable piece, the Lafões Carpet, an Isphahan carpet from Central Persia,.. Hand-knotted rugs are the most valuable of them all, and particularly when they are well-preserved. And that brings us to the main point of whether or not the Oriental rugs go up in value over time. The truth of the matter is that any well-made, artisan item is going to have inherent value The incredible Kerman Persian rug is a handmade treasure, which is cherished and respected worldwide. Created by genius artists with the remarkable talent of rug making, Kermans are among the most beautiful Persian carpets ever. They have a very rich and celebrated history

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Silk can be the most expensive, but hand-spun wool with a high thread count is also valuable. Is the color determined by natural or chemical dyes? Better quality carpets utilize natural dyes Several Persian towns are synonymous with the term Persian carpets. If yours is typical of the 19th-century Kerman, Tabriz or Kashan styles, with fully executed designs, fringe woven into the carpet and slight signs of wear, you possess one of the most valuable of Persian carpets Traditionally, skilled carpet weavers used high-quality silk and dyes to hand make what were considered the most valuable of Persian rugs. Today, rugs can be mass produced by machines with cheaper materials like cotton or wool The most expensive rug ever sold at auction? A sickle-leaf vine scroll and palmette vase carpet from the early 17th century. Like the Vanderbilt's Indian rug, it also sold in 2013 — but for an astounding $33.7 million 6' 0 X 9' 0'' Hand Knotted 100% Silk High End Persian Rug - Q4806 Silk Rugs are the most splendid, and often most valuable of all handmade rugs. The silk rug comes in variety of colors and sizes. Today silk rugs are made to be use in every day. All our rugs are very high quality and durable

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Oriental carpets are part of a magical story that began thousands of years ago. In Persia, they were the first floors, chairs, and beds. For many families soft, hand-woven wool Oriental rugs were the most valuable possession they had. Carpet weaving completely encompasses the art and culture of Persia The tradition of rug weaving in Iran started more than 2,500 years ago. Since that time traditional Persian rugs are among Persia's most valuable works of art. The Persian carpet reached its zenith during the reign of Shah Abbas (1588-1629) who fostered commerce and crafts

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Original Persian rugs are very valuable products. It is produced from silk and provides prestige to the houses where it is used. Silk material is frequently used in Persian rugs as it can be knitted easily. Persian rugs with very beautiful motifs are among the most valuable rugs in for years Persian rugs with very beautiful motifs are among the most valuable rugs in for years. Also, original Persian rugs show their quality with every motif. They have been very popular not only today but for years around the world. It is possible to find the best Persian rugs in the styles that you want in our rug store operating in Dallas For many families soft, hand-woven wool Persian rugs were the most valuable possession they had

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Own Rare 1871 Large Persian Rug Only 76 Are Known to Exist Worldwide! Now you can own #R133 - the rare high-value 1871 U.S. Documentary Revenue Stamp considered to be the most ornate, breathtaking stamp ever issued This is what makes persian rugs unique and valuable. Quality of material used Unlike most oriental rugs that use cotton for both warp and weft, tribal persian rugs use wool or silk as the foundation of the rug. Some tribes use camel and goat wool in the rug foundation. This ensures that the rug is both soft and durable Six hundred people were working on this rug. The largest handmade carpet in history was produced in Iran, and its dimensions are 60,545.9 square feet. The most expensive Persian 'vase' style carpet dates from the 17th century and was sold at auction for $33.8m in London in June 2013 Afshar rugs are woven by nomads and villagers residing between the cities of Shiraz, Kerman, and Yazd in southeastern Iran. Afshar style, like most Persian styles, is copied by other areas of Iran as well as other countries such as India, China and Pakistan. These rugs, as most nomad rugs, are generally small Rugs depicting events or places have been around for centuries and are among the most valuable Persian carpets often seen at fine exhibitions and museums. Most popular types of Pictorial Persian Rugs: The two most common types of pictorial Persian rugs come from the Persian rug weaving centers in Tabriz and Qum, which have for centuries turned.

persian antique tabriz rugs, with their vibrant colors, handwork, and motifs used in weaving, are one of the most important items used by people in their homes in recent years. The magnificent poetry tradition found in the Persian culture, the most beautiful songs, and the passionate red color of the wine are embroidered on the Persian carpets. Even though these two terms no longer necessarily represent a contradiction, the question of design is a very fundamental one. Hand-knotted carpets are now available in all conceivable designs and can range from traditional Persian carpets, probably the most valuable, to Designer rugs In a bright Scandinavian interior, for example, the right carpet offers the perfect opportunity to bring a. A Persian Rug is a Valuable Investment Persian rugs are one of the few investments that grow in value as they age. Purchasing one of our authentic Persian rugs means that you not only will have a beautiful piece of artwork for your floor or to hang on a wall, but also that your investment will appreciate in value over the years to come Persian rugs (or carpets) woven in Isfahan are perhaps the best and most valuable in the world. Isfahan carpets are hand-knotted. Many quality Isfahan carpets are based on silk foundations, because of this Isfahan carpets are of an excellent quality

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Persian rugs remain a timeless interior design choice with a Rolling with the pile facing inward is most common since the pile is the most valuable part of the rug. If the rug's foundation is in poor condition or the pile is in much better condition than the rug, consider rolling it with the pile in The rug had originally been categorized as a Silk Kashan rug, but further investigation revealed it to be an Isfahan from the early 1600's. Measuring 7 ft. 7 in. by 5ft. 7 in., the carpet is unique in its use of fourteen shades of color, as opposed to the 8-10 shades that are found in most Oriental rugs

For example, if a Persian rug is much older, but in great condition, this is treated more like a rare piece of preserved art, and can be very pricey. The country the rug comes from is another important factor in determining its worth. Turkish rugs have more value than a Persian rug made in India, for example Hand-knotted Wool Oriental Rugs: A Guide Oriental rugs span across the imagination. Whether it's sprawling floral or geometric motifs laced across their wool surface, there's always some sort of unique value that presents itself. However, above all is a hand knotted Oriental rug--one that has been hand-knotted again,

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Oriental Rug Cleaning. From the most valuable Antique Rugs and Persian Rugs to less expensive Contemporary Designer Rugs you have decorated your home around, we give the rugs you love the care they deserve. We clean Oriental and Specialty Rugs,Chinese Rugs, Silk Rugs,Wool Rugs, Navajo Rugs, Tapestries and Needlepoint Rugs.. The global market is trying to present the perfect and valuable afghan and Persian rugs to the customers who are really interesting in these traditional ones. Through all of the patterns, the ones with the human face or animal prints are the highest price and the most valuable types of afghan rug from ancient times until today

Large rugs, extra large, oversize rugs, mansion rugs and palace rugs including new, vintage rugs, semi-antique rugs and antique rugs from all weaving countries. Whether in search of a uniquely large, rare or unusual size carpet, we have all shapes and measurements, including hard to find 10′, 11′ & 12′ square rugs and larger Persian rugs are known for the quality and fineness of the weave, workmanship and sophisticated artistic designs, yet one can find some of the most affordable choices among the Persian rugs. Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Turkey and China are among the countries where some of the finest rugs are made

For many years we have repair and restore the most valuable oriental rugs from the finest homes in Manhattan and Long Island. It is our unsurpassable level of Oriental rug repair that has our customers referring us to their family and friends. Now we offer same superior repair and restoration service to Southern Vermont customers Malayer is located in Hamadan province and shares many of its rug properties with other cities of this region, including Nahavand, Touserkan, Roodbar, Tafresh, Kolyai, and Lilihan, just to name a few. Patterns are geometric and some old Malayer pieces are among the most valuable Persian rugs

Carpet Museum of Iran | Persian Carpet Museum | Tehran RugIsfahan Half of the world- IRAN | Vipemo - HandiCraftBeige Floral 3X8 Oushak Indian RunnerJute Carpets Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE - Jute Stair CarpetsPersian carpets, symbol of Iranian art and valuable asset

Our experts will examine and explain some history behind your valued rug. Persian Silk Rugs. Persian silk rugs are the most intricate, and often most valuable, of all hand-knotted rugs. Persian silk rugs come in most breathtaking patterns and designs, and the fibers are naturally dyed and don't color run while hand-washing. Whereas. An antique silk Tabriz Persian rug. Tabriz has a rich history of rug making. It is one of the oldest rug making centers in the country and has one of the greatest variety of rugs. The rug designs range from medallion, Herati, figural, and pictorial. A variety of carpets come from this area, ranging from pile carpets to flatweaves Age is important in determining the value of a carpet; antique rugs more than 100 years old are usually prized the most. The most valuable rugs have been treated as treasures throughout the years. Silk rugs are an excellent choice.Silk rug has been considered as a luxurious rug.Persian silk rugs are the most intricate, and often most valuable, of all hand-knotted rugs. 2> Hand Knotted Silk Rug---Taken 4-5 months to weave this exceptional rug by our talented artisans. The silk threads are spun to a fineness that allows the weaver to pay. Advance Oriental Rug Service is located in Jacksonville, Florida, and specializes in the sales, repair, cleaning, stain removal and restoration of antique Oriental and Persian Rugs. In addition to providing expert repair and reconditioning services, we offer tapestry backing, custom stairway and hallway runners, rug pads, and a consignment service Over 20 Years of Experience To Give You Great Deals on Quality Home Products and More. Black Friday is back with huge savings on spring home goods

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